Top 10 Best 4-Slice Toasters In 2021 – Reviews

When you need to prepare breakfast for your family or several people in a household at a go, it is important to have a 4-slice toaster. They are very efficient and reliable units as they make a bigger meal in a few minutes using less effort. Their slots are relatively wider, meaning that they can accept larger pieces of bread, English muffins, and bagels.

Choosing the best 4-Slice Toasters can be complicated as there are many brands and models to choose from. Help you get the very best; we have compiled a list of the top 10 best 4-Slice Toasters in 2021 for you.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best 4-Slice Toasters

  • Size of Slots: One of the key things you need to consider when searching for the best 4 slice toaster is slices’ size. Look for the one that has a large slice slot to fit both small and large slices of bread. You also need to look at the toaster’s size and choose a unit that will fit your kitchen countertop perfectly.
  • Controls Of The Toaster: Look for a 4-slice toaster that is easy to control so that you can use in your day-to-day life without experiencing any issue. What’s more, get a unit with an auto shut-off feature to shut down after it is complete toasting.
  • Material: The durability of the 4-slice toasters will depend on the construction materials. The unit is made of high-quality materials such as chrome stainless steel to ensure that it serves you for a long time. Moreover, the materials should be BPA free and safe from harmful chemicals.

Best 4-Slice Toasters In 2021

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10. All-Clad TJ824D51 4-Slice Stainless Steel Silver Digital Toaster

By: All-Clad

All-Clad TJ824D51 4-Slice Stainless Steel Silver Digital Toaster

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This is a leading brand 4-Slice toaster that is easy to control and use. It features two independent control panels with different browning levels, and you can use it to prepare toasts for the whole family with no waiting time. Ideally, this stainless steel digital toaster has wide and self-centering slots that hold the bread irrespective of their thickness. It features six levels of browning; hence you can toast bread to the desired shading with just an easy dial.

This toaster features an All-Clad stainless steel finish that makes it beautiful and elegant to match your modern kitchen design. Other than that, it has a high-lift lever that allows you to remove small pieces of bread. Finally, this unit has an LED screen with a countdown timer that will enable you to track the process of toasting.


  • 2 independent control panels
  • Ideal for a variety of bread
  • Led display with countdown timer
  • 6 levels of browning
  • Has beautiful all-clad stainless steel finish

9. Keenstone Stainless Steel 4 Slice Toaster with 1.5 inches Wide Slot

By: Keenstone

Keenstone Stainless Steel 4 Slice Toaster with 1.5 inches Wide Slot

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The Keenstone Stainless Steel 4 Slice Toaster has a compact design making it ideal for kitchens with small countertops. It features 1.5 inches slots that are wide to take any bread size. This 4-slice toaster has been crafted from sturdy stainless steel for durability and will serve you for a long time. What’s more, this slice toaster has 2 crumb trays at the back to collect the bread crumbs, and you can easily remove them for easy cleaning.

Using this toaster is very simple and has six shade setting that works independently to make numerous tastes. The lever can be easily lifted up for you to reach the bread slice when toasting is over.


  • Has 6 shade settings that work independently
  • 1.5 inches slots to take any bread
  • Removable two crumb trays for easy cleaning
  • Has an input voltage of 120 volts
  • Safe and durable slice toaster

8. AmazonBasics White 4-Slot Toaster

By: AmazonBasics

AmazonBasics White 4-Slot Toaster

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This is a robust 4-Slot Toaster that is manufactured for both efficiency and convenience. It comes with 5 individual browning settings that enable you to precisely adjust the toast color to your preferred level, from light to dark. You can use this toaster for toasting English muffins, bagels, bread, and more. It is going to toast evenly and quickly for perfect results each time.

The crumb tray is removable for quick and easy cleaning. What more, the toaster features four controls for quick-cancel, defrost mode, and bagels. It is great for a quick breakfast as it delivers evenly browned and deliciously crisp results.


  • Toasts quickly and evenly
  • 6 browning settings to choose from
  • Removable crumb tray for easy cleaning
  • Cord wrap usually keeps the plug secure
  • Has a compact and modern look

7. IKICH Store 4 Slice Stainless Steel Toaster with 6 Bread Shade Settings

By: IKICH Store

IKICH Store 4 Slice Stainless Steel Toaster with 6 Bread Shade Settings

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The IKICH Stainless Steel Toaster boasts 4 slots that can accommodate bagels, muffins, and other large-sized bread. It comes with dual independent control panels with LCD countdown timer, allowing to know each setting’s working time and the remaining time about the selected setting at a glance. This stainless steel toaster is featured with 1.38in wide and12 in long slot, making it ideal even for thick slices.

This Toaster has a removable crumb tray that collects the bread crumbs at the toaster bottom; therefore, you just need to pull it out for easy cleaning. You will also find that this unit has 3 Basic functions: cancel, defrost, and bagel. Get it today before the stock lasts.


  • Dual independent control panels
  • Toast your bread evenly
  • 6 toasting settings to meet different needs
  • 2 removable tray for easy cleaning
  • 2 upgraded LCD countdown timer

6. Homeart Artisan 4 Slice Toaster

By: Homeart

Homeart Artisan 4 Slice Toaster

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Are you looking for an ultimate toaster that will suit your bread toasting needs? If yes, this is an exceptional pick designed to work different tasks as it has 4 different functions that include bagel, reheat, defrosting, and cancel. It is made with stylish retro details and a brushed stainless steel housing that makes it look elegant in your kitchen countertop.

The multiple heating options and panels allow you to control toasting and put each slice independently. Something else, this toaster has a Stainless Steel body with durable color painting for durability. This product is designed with a self-centering function, ensuring that the bagels and bread are always perfectly toasted.


  • Brushed stainless steel housing
  • Made for toasting 4 slices of bread
  • Removable crumb tray for simple cleanup
  • Has multiple panels and heating options
  • 1.7-liter capacity

5. BLACK+DECKER Extra-Wide Stainless Steel 4-Slice Slot Toaster


BLACK+DECKER Extra-Wide Stainless Steel 4-Slice Slot Toaster

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If you find yourself making breakfast for your family, this bread toaster by BLACK+DECKER will make the process of toasting bread easy and quick. It features extra-wide toasting slots where you can add your thick breads, bagels, and more. Ideally, this slot toaster has dual independent controls where a separate button’s function controls each side.

Subsequently, the 2 shade selector knobs usually control the toaster sides to find the ideal one to suit your taste. The unit has a stainless steel exterior that complements with your kitchens décor and for durability.


  • Dual independent controls
  • Extra-wide toasting slots
  • Stainless steel construction for durability
  • Two shade selector knobs control
  • Ombré styling and look great in your kitchen

4. Cuisinart CPT-340 Brushed Stainless Compact 4-Slice Toaster

By: Cuisinart

Cuisinart CPT-340 Brushed Stainless Compact 4-Slice Toaster

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Cuisinart is an energy-saving 4-Slice Toaster that offers you an easy time when preparing for breakfast. It features stainless steel construction and a compact design hence durable and will fit perfectly in your kitchen counter. This unit has six-settings shade dial and comes with 1.5 inches toaster slots that enable you to toast a wide variety of items including bagels, french toast, sliced bread, toaster pastries, and frozen pancakes

The crumb trays are removable for easy cleaning. The cord wrap underneath the toaster helps to manage the power cord while it is not in use. Another thing, it has bagel, defrosts and reheat controls, and six setting shade dial.


  • 1.5 inches wide toasting slots
  • 6-setting shade dial
  • Stainless steel construction and has a compact design
  • Slide-out crumb tray
  • Has reheat bagel and defrost controls

3. CUSIBOX Stainless Steel Toaster 4 Slice


CUSIBOX Stainless Steel Toaster 4 Slice

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With its compact and sleek design, this Stainless Steel Toaster is certainly one that is renowned both for its efficient functionality and for aesthetic construction. It features 1.5 inches extra-wide slots that are ideal for both thin and thick slices. Moreover, this unit has 6 browning settings to satisfy all your tastes. The trays are easily removable for easy cleaning while this unit’s base has storage for the 36.5 inches cord.

One great thing about this 4 Slice Toaster is that it is offered with a one-year purchase warranty so you can buy it with confidence. What’s more, it has three basic functions that include defrosting, bagel, and cancel. Lastly, it has a stainless steel construction that makes it durable; it will serve you for a long time.


  • 1.5 inches extra-wide slots
  • Colorful, stainless steel housing
  • Delivers evenly toasted bread and bagels
  • 6 browning settings
  • 1-year purchase warranty

2. Cuisinart CPT-142P1 Compact 4 Slice Plastic Toaster

By: Cuisinart

Cuisinart CPT-142P1 Compact 4 Slice Plastic Toaster

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Cuisinart CPT-142P1 toaster is a great model that is multifunctional and ideal for busy mornings. It has four toasting functions that include bagel, defrost, reheat, and cancel to suit your toasting needs. This toaster has a compact design; thus, it will perfectly fit your small kitchen countertop. The device is made of stainless steel materials for durability while it will blend your kitchen décor.

This unit delivers performance with great features, including defrost, bagel, and reheat functions. The power cords usually wrap underneath the unit while it is not in use. The crump tray usually slides out for easy cleaning.


  • 1.5-inch wide toasting slots
  • 7-setting shade dial
  • Has stainless steel accents and compact design
  • Slide-out crumb tray
  • Reheat bagel and defrost controls

1. Cuisinart CPT-180P1 Brushed Stainless Classic 4-Slice toaster

By: Cuisinart

Cuisinart CPT-180P1 Brushed Stainless Classic 4-Slice toaster

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Convenient and quick toaster allows you to enjoy toasted bread, bagels, and more the way you like. Cuisinart CPT-180P1 toaster has four toasting functions that include reheat, cancel, defrost, and shade selector, letting you toast your breakfast favorites with only a touch of a button. This unit has a smooth Brushed Stainless housing for durability, and it is BPA free.

The actual unit measures 11.15 inches x10.65 inches x7.5 inches, and it comes with an instruction guide that teaches you how to use it. The removable crumb tray makes it easy to clean, and it is offered with three years limited warranty.


  • Smooth brushed stainless housing
  • Instruction book included
  • 1.5 inches wide toasting slots
  • The toaster measures approximately 11.15 x 10.65 x 7.5 inches
  • Offered with a limited 3-year warranty


The above-listed 4-slice toasters are functional and designed to offer you a comfortable time preparing your breakfast. Moreover, they are very energy efficient units build using high-quality stainless steel and features elegant colors finishes complementing your kitchen décor. They are top-picks you can’t afford to miss.

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