The 10 Best Air Conditioner Brackets in 2021

As the air-con is quite pricey, we would wish to use it for a long duration of time. On the other hand, the air-con will get damaged easily if you do not mount them with a durable supporting bracket. An air conditioner bracket is the best unit to accompany your AC.

With the functions and benefits it provides, you can put your trust in it. So, if you want to purchase a bracket, but you cannot choose one as there are too many available options in the market. For your convenience, we would like to introduce these top and best ten brackets for you to choose as a suitable component for your air conditioning.

List of the 10 Best Air Conditioner Brackets in 2021

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10. Jeacent Adjustbale Air Conditioner Bracket

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The Descent Ac window support bracket is a thick steel bracket, which is solid epoxy embedded. This construction prevents the bracket from getting rot and rust. It can be used with all window air-conditioners, which is 17 inches. Moreover, it can be mounted on inside or outside walls and windows. The wall thickness and windowsill must be from 2” to 16”. Without exterior help, you can install it inside the house effortlessly by drilling and securing the block. The windowsill will not get damaged by the weight and pressure of the AC because of this heavy-duty bracket.

Its rubber mounts have been designed for a side wall with a better fit, making the bracket firm and stable. It also prevents the outside wall from getting destroyed. The bracket is strong enough to cope with the weight that is up to 165lbs. In just a few minutes, you will have a sturdy bracket for your air conditioner.

9. Jeacent Firm Air Conditioner Bracket

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This is another window air conditioner bracket from Jeacent. If you want to store a lightweight AC, then this model will be perfect for you. The construction is the same steel plate and the matte surface of it protects the AC from dropping out. It could hold up to 85lbs and the wall and window sill must not exceed 12inches. The installation is even safer, quicker, and easier with an Accent air-con bracket. Plus, you need no help from others and save your money from the exterior worker as well.

To guarantee that it could be attached reliably, stably and firmly, the bracket is equipped with rubber mounts. Therefore, it will not slide from one side to another. With the Adjacent window rubber mount bracket, there is zero chance that your wall, window part will get broken once you install it on. The reason is that the holder eliminates stress. The necessary hardware is all included.

8. Ivation Air Conditioner Bracket with Epoxy

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The workmanship of steel construct brackets by Ivation allows the user to store up to 200lbs air-conditioning. The steel plating has been embedded with Epoxy, which will provide lifelong service and support for windows and walls. It can be adapted to a wall, which is between 4” to 11”. The setup of this bracket is super easy: you do not need any additional tools, you just drill the hardware into the window frame and then you can put your AC stably and securely.

Also, each part is locked easily without the need for either tool or helps. There’s none better than not having to do a complicated holder installation. Above and beyond, the rubberized, integrated, and adjustable legs with the extension beams feature impressive support and steadiness. These feet feature will put your mind at peace. The bracket cannot be used with a dormer, casement window, and slider.

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7. Jeacent Heavy Duty Air Conditioner Bracket

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Can’t get enough with a Jacent bracket? So, here is another from Jeacent. Coming in two packs of window AC bracket, you can save your budget with this one. Undoubtedly, the heavy-duty steel made bracket is strong up to hold 85lbs. It is perfect for both wall and window that is from 2” to 11”. Whether you mount it inside or outside, it can safely in place without sliding or tilting, at the same time your wall or window will never damage from the attaching because it relieves all the weight and stress on your window.

It must not be used with slide and casement window since it does not function well with it. More importantly, this holder can be installed in just minutes without much hassle or exterior work. Its built-in bubble level ensures proper and correct mounting side and it is suitable for any brand name air-con. This durable bracket can withstand the weather as well.

6. LBG Products Galvanized AC Bracket

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Constructing from solid galvanized with epoxy finished steel, the LBG products of air conditioner brackets can stand against climate conditions. The idea for using this bracket with all service, you would better mount it with wood, cement, and brick sills but not aluminum sills. Its wall thickness must be from 4” to 15” while windowsill is between 2” to 15”. The capacity of weight it could hold is 85lbs. coming with a bubble level, you can customize the position of your own reference. The effortless assembly of this unit allows you to save time.

After setting up, the weight and stress on the wall or window will be transferred for extra security. Additionally, the super-strong and adjustable feet allow you to get the right angle of your house. With the given installation guide in the package, you can clear your obstacles with the LBP products bracket and its spacers.

5. Qualward AC Bracket

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Qualward air conditioner bracket is a two arms bracket. It is produced from a high-quality heavy gauge with epoxy-coated steel. This kind of construction makes the unit weather resistant. Featuring double supports, this holder can eliminate the stress on the windowsill while delivering the most strength to load the air conditioner up to 180lbs. Meanwhile, it also gives extra support to the user as well. The wall thickness between 3” to 15.2” will be best to mount it. By drilling, you can install the bracket breezy. Along with that, the incredible bubble level will guarantee that it will be attached to the right angle. The leg of the bracket can be customized.

If the feet pad does not face to the wall, then you can unlock it and adjust it. Besides, this bracket helps to reduce the damaging of the wall and window. Qualward will be one of the best air-conditioner applications.

4. ALPINE HARDWARE Universal Air Conditioner Bracket

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We ensure that your AC is secure by using a sturdy mounting bracket like this Universal AC design support bracket. This device comes with a standardized design that makes it consistent with nearly every window type. This bracket support could prevent exterior work with the need to drill additional holes with its all-weather steel construction and simple door installation. Plus, it should not come as a surprise, despite its sturdy construction material, that the bracket can effectively handle the weight of up to 160lbs while perfectly adapting to wall thickness from 3″ to 12″.

Moreover, the safe, comfortable, and sturdy construction ensure the AC brackets are designed to reduce tension on the window and provide maximum robustness. Last but not least, the instruction is very easy to install while you will receive a two years warranty on all AC accessories and you will also get a refund in case the application does not work.

3. BLACK + DECKER Heavy Duty Air Con Bracket

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Next, please enjoy a reliable fresh air supply by using the BLACK + DECKER bracket which installs in minutes without the need to use fasteners or additional hardware which is worth buying to have the extra peace of mind that your AC won’t fall out the window. This bracket is fine with both single and double-hung windows with the wall thickness from 4 to 11 inches. In addition to that, this mounting bracket is very impressive with its unique design helps you avoid damaging the sills of the structure and the windows.

More importantly, it has a larger load capacity than other products which were also tested for a full 200lbs load capacity to make it safe, reliable, and comfortable for any type of AC. Last but not least, for ease of installation to the users this bracket fits well with single or double hanging glass.

2. AC Safe Coated Steel Air Con Bracket

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Since AC Safe always provides customers more options and greater quality. Let’s allow your AC to sit safely on the wall using this particular mounting air conditioner bracket which transfers the AC’s weight from the sash and sill of the window to the frame for the perfect protection for your unit. This AC Safe bracket has a unique design of its unit helping to reduce any likelihood of damaging the window parts outside the wall. Besides that, the durable design of this mounting bracket made of heavy-gauge, epoxy-coated steel showing its strength that it can handle and support as much as 160lbs.

More importantly, the all-weather steel construction makes it ideal for endless performance for your AC needs no matter what condition it is in.

1. Qualward AC Bracket with Matte Surface

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Last but not least, we would like to close our product review with a Qualward bracket. This type of air conditioner bracketis inexpensive compared to many products and also the best bracket that we tested. It is made of solid epoxy-coated thick steel plate combined with a matte surface in order to prevent the AC from dropping out of the window. It also has a load capacity of up to 165 pounds Moreover, it is designed to relieve stress and pressure on the window which will not damage your window frame.

Plus, the product is easy enough to install which you can just read the instruction once only without having to go back and re-read the directions. It was easy to slide the AC unit on it and it felt secure as well as installing properly your unit to not wobble.

Buying Guides

The bracket of your air-conditioner is equally as essential as the air-conditioner itself. That is why you should be ultra-careful if you consider purchasing one for your air-conditioner. If you do not get the chance to see it closely with your own eyes, then it is best if you put these important factors in your mind while reading its features.

Material: The construction material of the bracket is the first important factor that you need to investigate. Obviously, the air-conditioner bracket must be sturdy enough to withstand the heaviness of your air-conditioner while adding support to it as well. The steel-made appliances will be the best choice as they are robust enough to hold up your air-con and not easily break down.

Weight capacity: Generally, the weight capacity of an air conditioner bracket should be around 150 to 200lbs. The construction of the bracket can determine the weight it could hold. If you do not check this factor deeper and closer, it might not be safe to store your air-con on it.

Wall thickness: no matter how strong or how solid the bracket made, it would mean nothing if your wall does not work perfectly with your wall. The wall thickness should range between 6 to 12 inches.

Installation: It would be better to buy the bracket that you can set up in just minutes without using hardware, drilling, or other specific tools. This is why before you buy a bracket, you should consider the time and the process it requires for assembling.


The stability, durability, and functionality of brackets cannot be taken for granted. It does not only help your air-conditioner to work well for years but it also supports your air-con and keeps it well-balanced. As such, no matter where you mount it, it will be safe and you will be able to enjoy the cozy feeling in the room with your family.

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