Top 10 Best Angle Grinder of 2021 Review

An angle grinder is one of the most versatile and flexible devices on the market. It is ideal for grinding, polishing, and cutting various materials like metal, tiles, and even pavers. The devices come in different sizes, designs, and altered motor rates. With the available types and brands of angle grinders on the market, it can get a bit overwhelming to choose the right device to work with. This article features the top best angle grinders on the market and the guide to follow when choosing one.

How to choose the best angle grinder

  • The Speed: The motor speed is a crucial factor to consider because it determines the rate and amount of work to complete with this angle. Thus, the more powerful the motor is, the faster it operates.
  • The handle: Choosing a grinder that has an excellent ergonomic handle is ideal to ensure ease working and comfort. So, choose an adjustable handle, or that can be used on both sides. For more convenience, choose a grinder that has two handles.

List of the Best Angle Grinder of 2021:

10. WEN 94475 7.5 Amp 4 1/2 Angle Grinder

WEN 94475 7.5 Amp 4 1/2 Angle Grinder

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If you are involved in professional metal or tile cutting work, this is just the perfect grinding and polishing device to buy. It features a powerful motor with 7.5 amp that works pretty fast. It only weighs around 4 pounds a great feature for working on large projects and for long hours without your hands getting too tired. The other excellent feature on this device is the arbor adaptor that connects this grinder to other larger grinding wheels measuring 5/8 and 7.8. The reversible handle makes it possible for the handle to be fixed on either the left or right side.

9. DEWALT DCG 413B 20V MAX Brushless Cut-off Tool Grinder

DEWALT DCG 413B 20V MAX Brushless Cut-off Tool Grinder

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One of the features that make this grinder stand out from others is the fact that it works much faster than other grinders of the same size. It suits beginners since it is safe to work with. Controlling the speed of the device is easy with the available brakes that immediately stop the wheel ones you engage it. Note that batteries power this grinder, although they come separately. It comes with a three-year warranty against the manufacturer’s defects.

8. Angle Grinder 4 1/2 Inch 8.5 Amp Motor

Angle Grinder 4 1/2 Inch 8.5 Amp Motor

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If you are looking for a versatile grinder that you can travel with for your business, then get this magnificent device. The presence of the 8.5 Amp motor delivers quick and fast rotation to enable you to work on large projects. This grinder can perform various activities such as grinding, polishing, and cutting. The handle has anti-vibration to allow accurate and precise grinding. This grinder has an ergonomic handle design to provide ample grip to the user. The inbuilt guard is adjustable to different levels for ample protection to the user when working. This device comes with a carrying bag for transporting and storing.

7. Metabo WP9-115 Quick 8.5 Amp 10.500 rpm Angle Grinder

Metabo WP9-115 Quick 8.5 Amp 10.500 rpm Angle Grinder

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You can work with this device on any project because it is easy to control with the paddle brakes. It is quick and fast in cutting even the toughest metals with a speed of up to 50 percent. Other reliable feature includes the S- automatic safely slip to ensure full control of the whole machine when the wheels develop technical hitches. This also ensures there are no kickbacks in the case of such scenarios.

6. Avid Power Angle Grinder 7.5 Amp 4 1/2 Inch

Avid Power Angle Grinder 7.5 Amp 4 1/2 Inch

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This is a reliable portable grinder that you to move around with. The powerful 7.5 Amp gives fast and effective cutting results at high speed. It features a slim and lightweight form for comfortable carrying and holding when working. This also ensures you work for a large workload without tiring easily. Replacing the wheels takes less time due to the integrated spindle lock, which is quite easy to release. The two handles ensure you have good control over the device, while the protective cover ensures you are safe from the sparks produced by the metals cut.

5. Bosch 4 1/2 Inch Angle Grinder

Bosch 4 1/2 Inch Angle Grinder

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You can comfortably perform a wide range of activities with this device. It is ideal for grinding, fabricating vehicles, and other materials that require cutting and polishing. It only weighs 3. 7 pounds for efficiency and comfort while holding and working for long. The available motor is quite powerful in delivering fast and efficient cutting and gridding results. It has two handles with the top one featuring an ergonomic design for comfortable hold when working. The switch mechanism of the tool is fully secured from metal and other abrasive debris with the epoxy coating.

4. Black + Decker Angle Grinder Tool

Black + Decker Angle Grinder Tool

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This 4 1/2 inch grinder has a motor with a power of 6.5 Amp for performing various metal works, including cutting. The available handle can be positioned in three different positions for support and comfort to the user. The outer part features a metal casing that shields the grinder from abrasive debris from the cut metals. You can change the wheel pretty easy due to the spindle lock and the wheel guard that safeguards the wheel when rotating. Other accessories packed with the grinder include the wheels and the spanner wrench.

3. DEWALT Angel One-Touch Guard Grinder

DEWALT Angel One-Touch Guard Grinder

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Working with this device is smooth, and the available one-touch guard allows it to adapt to the material being cut to avoid the need to adjust the guard. It operates at 12,000 rpm powered by the 7 Amp motor. It comes with a Hex wrench, which eliminates the need to use a snapper wrench and other necessary cutting tools. The handle is compatible with both sides to increase comfort when working. The slim and lightweight design provides comfort when working for long hours or when cutting hard metal objects. Note that the grinder is compatible with the majority of the spindle thread measuring 4 1/2 inches.

2. Porter-Cable Angle Grinder tool

Porter-Cable Angle Grinder tool

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The flexibility of the handle is ideal for holding the device from different positions for fast and easy working. The guard is easy to control to allow you to change and reposition the wheels. The grinder is good for beginners as it operates smoothly, and the parts are easy to master. The No-volt switch safeguards the user from accidents, which mainly occurs during the startup, especially when you fail to switch off the device.

1. Makita 9557PBX1 4 1/2 Inch Paddle Switch Angle Grinder

Makita 9557PBX1 4 1/2 Inch Paddle Switch Angle Grinder

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This particular grinder is ideal for heavy-duty metalwork since it is backed up by a powerful motor that delivers tremendous and fast cutting results. The on and off lock allows the continuous operation of the device. It is light in weight so you can be able to work for long hours without getting too tired. There is the labyrinth that shields the motor and wheel bearings from the metal debris and abrasives. The paddle comes with a switch, and it is large for easy control of the machine.


For great grinding, cutting and polishing work, these are the top ten best grinders to consider buying. Other than the pocket-friendly prices these devices retail at, they are also comfortable and easy to work with. They feature reliable working parts and features that apply for both professional and DIY metal works.

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