The 10 Best Baby Bath Seats in 2021

If you’re having trouble washing your baby comfortably, you should get a baby bath seat for them. Parents tend to wash their kid using one hand while the other is holding them, but it’s not safe this way and it makes your kid feel uncomfortable. If you place them on the bath seat which is designed for the baby, you’ll have both hands free to play with them while bathing them at the same time. So, we’re going to introduce ten best products of baby bath seats that you should purchase for your baby.

List of the 10 Best Baby Bath Seats in 2021

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10. Summer Infant Lightweight Baby Bath Seat

Summer My Bath Seat

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If you want your kid to enjoy the bath time, you can take a look at this product of Summer Infant. This product will ensure the safety of your child in the slippery bathtub by letting the kid sit inside it like the high chair for toddlers. The bath seat has 3 suction heads which attach to tubes which stay in place so you don’t have to hold your baby, and you can have both of your hands-free for washing your kids. It’s safe and easy to use; the space for sitting is not too narrow and it is suitable for kids between 5 to 10 months. 

There is also a tall backrest to support your baby in case they lend backward and hit their head with the tub. The size of this baby bath seat can reach the bathtub from 21’’ to 24’’ wide. This summer infant product is lightweight so it’s easy to use. It is made from sturdy plastic and is really durable. 

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9. Angelcare Baby Bath Seat

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This baby support seat for bathing is the product from Angelcare. You can purchase this bath seat for your kid that age from 0-6 months. This seat allows them to lay down their whole body on it. On the back of this product, you can see the mesh part which allows the water to run through and dry much faster while you bathe them. For the bath, you can simply put the seat inside the bathtub and lay your baby on it. It’s not slippery at all even when you soaped your baby, so you don’t have to worry about your baby slipping down from the seat.

It is made from high-quality material with a soft touch that won’t hurt your baby or scratch their skin. As there’s a hook on this baby bath beat, you can hang them inside the bathroom so it’s easy to use next time. It’s really comfortable for your baby.

8. Summer Infant Adjustable Baby Bath Seat

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Another product from Summer Infant is also for supporting your baby while bathing, but this product is made from fabric with mesh so it’s much softer for the baby to lay on. Also, this fabric is washable. Since this is also a reclining chair, you can also change the seat position into 3 levels to adjust with the bathtub in your house so your kid can enjoy their time while taking a bath from you. On the upper, there’s also a cradle to support and protect the head of the baby to secure their safety.

After using it, you can fold it together for storage and won’t require much space. You could also bring it along to use when you’re on the trip. The leg support is also in good shape and can withstand the weight of the baby up to 25 pounds, that’s why you can place your baby on it without any issue. 

7. Mommy’s Helper Inflatable Baby Bath Seat

Best Baby Bathtubs and Bath Seats 2021

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This Mommy’s Helper baby bath seat will protect your child from any unexpected accident while you bathe your child. Compared to other products, this bath seat allows your kid to have their own personal tub since they can sit inside it and play at the same time. It’s not made from plastic but it’s an inflatable product so it’s much softer. With this product, you can wash your beloved kid with both hands and feel more comfortable compared to using one hand to support the baby while another hand soaping them. You can also find a saddle horn in the middle of this product to prevent your baby from slipping and let them sit in one place.

This Mommy’s Helper is a tough product with high quality so it won’t leak the air from the inside that easily. Space for kids to sit is not too narrow which causes the uncomfortable feeling or too wide that can lead to slippery inside the tub. The kid among 6 to 24 months would be able to use this product. 

6. Munchkin Portable Baby Bath Seat

Baby Bath Chair

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Munchkin also introduced a new style of bath seat for young children who are not old enough to shower themselves and need support from the parents.  Unlike the adult that has a plat bottom, this Munchkin for kid has a built-in seat for them to sit on. This portable seat allows your baby to sit comfortably while taking their time inside this mini tub. The back supporter allows your kid to lay down and rest on it. Besides the seat, there’s also a bump to prevent the slippery inside the tub.

With this product from Munchkin, you don’t have to palace inside the adult bathtub or bathe your baby inside the bathroom at all. This unit not made from the mesh and has a completely sealed off surrounding, so your baby can take the bath anywhere or anytime. Inside this tub also has a drain which makes it much easier for the parent to empty the tub. Since there’s also a hook, you can either place them or hang them for storage. 

5. Angelcare Toddler Bath Seat

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If you want your baby to sit comfortably instead of on the hard flat surface at the bottom of your bathtub, you have to take into consideration this baby bath seat. This is a product from Angelcare which was made on the purpose of supporting the baby while using the bathroom for a shower. Since it is made from a soft material mesh which is good for your baby’s skin, there’s no need for you to worry about the chemical coming from the plastic product that might cause a rash at all.

Furthermore, using this booster seat while bathing can dry easily since the mesh seat helps drain the water fast. At the back of this seat has a handle for easily in carrying and a hook in case you want to hang it. The size is enough to fit in a general bathtub and it’s easy to use since there’s no need to assemble for this product. It is suitable for toddlers age between 7-12 months and can support the weight at a maximum of 12 kg.

4. The First Years Comfortable Bath Seat


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With this product from The First Years, you no longer have to worry about your baby safety while taking a bath now. This baby bath seat lets your babysit or lay down while taking the bath from you. The product will hold and let your baby stay in balance inside it without any incident. The kid will surely enjoy this comfortable feeling while using it since the inside isn’t narrow and hard to move at all; they will have enough to play while taking the bath so it’ll make the job easier for parents to wash them. From now, your baby can bathe anywhere since it’s like a mini tub for the baby.

There’s also a mesh sling for the newborn baby to lay on while taking their first bath. It’s better this way because it’s much more secure for the safety of the baby. The bump inside is to protect the baby from slipping inside the tub while laying down, and for the baby who sits, they will have some support. With this product, you can use it with your baby from when they’re newly born until they become a toddler. 

3. Skip Hop Bath Seat with Mesh

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Skip Hop also has a baby bath seat for the baby to use which will provide the comfort feeling to them while using it. This product has a soft surface since it is made from padded and soft cotton; this will let your baby relax while taking the bath if it’s their first time doing it. If you’re worried about it getting soak because of cotton, then you don’t have to. Even though it’s made from cotton but surface fabric or cloth, they use polyester which is almost 100% waterproof. And with a mesh bottom, this will allow water to drain up fast. As for the cleaning, you can wash it by the machine and it will dry fast.

The shape of this Skip Hop looked like a whale, so the whale tail is designed on the purpose to support the head of the baby so they can rest their head on it. From the infant to 6 months baby, the size of the bath seat should be suitable and fit them perfectly. For using it, you can just let it float on the water inside the tub and start washing your baby.

2. Disney Non-slip Bath Seat

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This inflatable baby bath seat for the baby is the product of Disney. The pink color along with the Disney princess pattern, your kid will surely love it. This product has a non-slip surface with a soft feeling that will give the kid an enjoyable experience while taking the bath with their parents. The size is spacious enough for your baby to sit and move around comfortably. On the front of this air cushion, you can find two places for putting the shampoo, soap, or any product you use for bathing the kid. You can use this inside the tub at home or bring it along with the trip for different purposes.

At the back, you can see a small bump which is to support the baby back and let them sit straight instead of lean backward. It’s also easy to store and doesn’t take a lot of space since it uses air to fill, you can either inflate after using it and fold or leave it as it is.

1. Summer Infant Comfort Height baby bath seat

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This baby bath of Summer Infant comes in 3 pieces which allow the parent to assemble them easily. Compared to other products, this one has the perfect height for the parent since it’s not too low or too high which might make both the parent and the baby feel uncomfortable. The size of this tub can support the baby up to 2 years old. There are several methods that can be used for this product. You can choose to only use the tub for bathing your baby or putting the seat inside so that they can enjoy a new experience laying down; furthermore, it’s secure for the safety of your baby very well.

As for the platform, you can give your kid to stand on as a step stool while washing their face if they lack the height to see themselves in the mirror. But if you combine all the 3 parts together, it will give you more access to taking care of your baby at the perfect height for the adult. 

Buying Guides

Types: there are many types of baby baths you can find in the market such as the inflatable, plastic tub, the rest on or made from polyester. You can choose which one is the most suitable for your kid. But you have to make sure that it’s soft and comfortable for the baby to sit one. 

Age: this part is also quite essential since the baby has to use it for a while. The idea of getting the bigger size for the baby so you can use it for a long time is not a good one because if it’s not fit for the kid it will cause some accident. You must choose this carefully.

Cleaning process: you should take a look at this part since it helps in many ways. If the product takes too much effort to clean or takes too long to dry up, you should reconsider the decision.

Quality: it’s not something you can overlook since it is for the baby. An infant or newly born baby has sensitive skin and if the bath seat has any chemical or smell, it will affect your baby and it’s not good for their health. 


All in all, the baby bath seat is something you should get for your baby’s safety while taking the bath because they’re young and the product will make your kid start to enjoy washing. So, you can use the buying guide above as the reference for choosing the next baby bath seat, or you can pick from one of the listed products since they’re all the best products for your baby.

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