The 10 Best Baby Pool Float Reviews in 2021

At the age from 9 – 24 months old is the ideal age for the baby to begin to interact with water. The most popular equipment to help with this journey is the use of a baby pool float. It serves as a great introduction for the baby to get more and more familiar. This is thanks to the safe and comfortable design of the pool float.

If you are interested in learning more about it, please stay with us until the end of the article. We will provide a piece of detailed review about the top 10 best baby pool floats from different brands.

List of the 10 Best Baby Pool Float in 2021

#10. SwimWays Baby Pool Float with Shade

baby pool float with shade

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To begin with, we have this baby pool float from SwimWays. This water float is made to help the babies relax and enjoy. There are a variety of features for the baby to play with, including the innovative octopus design. Babies can turn the octopus for 360 degrees, and they provide a soft touch to comfort the baby.

Moreover, it is safe to work with this baby’s pool float since it is equipped with air chambers and safety valves to ensure stability while using it in the water. There is also a sun-proof canopy that offers UV rays protection at UPF 50+, but it is removable while not needed.

To make it easy for storage and transportation, it is foldable to a much smaller size for the best convenience. This is the reason why you can also bring it outdoors for more fun. It is recommended for young kids between 9 and 24 months old.

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#9. LAYCOL Baby Pool Float With Shade

pool float for baby

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This pool float for baby from LAYCOL is a simple solution to keeping your baby entertained in a safe way. The pool float is built-in with a sun canopy that provides UPF 50+ protection, and it is both detachable and breathable. It is desirable because the baby’s skin is so delicate that it is hard for them to withstand the extreme UV rays.

The Laycol pool float is constructed of PVC materials that are compliant with CPC safety standards for toys. It is leak-proof and durable at the same time. Moreover, it comes with a double-wall air chamber to secure the float against leakage. The sides are widened, and there are additional supports from all sides in order to ensure that the baby will not slide out.

There are 2 swim ways with this pool float, which includes backstroke and breaststroke that are working on 2 different buckle methods. Inflation and deflation are both easy for storage convenience.

#8. SwimWays Baby Pool Float and Shade

baby pool float for 3 month old

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This pool float from SwimWays really measures up. It serves as an introduction for the baby to start their water experience. It is constructed of a mesh seat that maximizes comfort and fit at the same time. The seat is built-in with leg holes, allowing the baby to kick with freedom under the water.

To maximize the amount of safety for baby, this pool float comes with many safety features, including safety valves, innerspring, and air chamber. These features can help strengthen safety and stability at the same time. In addition, there is a sun canopy on the top to give an additional layer of sun protection.

When you are no longer in need of the float, you can fold it to a much smaller size in order to make the storage and transportation convenient for all times. Also, it is ideal for babies between 9 and 24 months old.

#7. LAYCOL Baby Pool Float with Canopy

baby pool float with canopy

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This baby pool float from LAYCOL is dedicated to bringing the baby a fun and enjoyable summer. It is built-in with a sun canopy that provides UPF 50+ protection. This prevents the baby’s skin from getting direct exposure to the extreme sunlight. Moreover, it is built using baby-safe materials, such as leak-proof PVC. It passes the safety standards and gets certified by CPC.

It comes in a 5-fold design that helps protect the baby at all times in order to prevent them from sliding out of the pool float due to any unexpected accidents. In this set, not only the pool float is included, but also the manual pump is there to make sure that inflation can be achieved easily and quickly.

Last but not least, there are 2 swim ways for the baby to work with this baby pool float, which includes the backstroke and breaststroke methods for the buckle design. It is also foldable to make the storage easy and convenient for both indoor and outdoor contexts.

#6. LAYCOL Baby Pool Float With Canopy

baby pool float with canopy

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Our next favorite pick is from LAYCOL. This baby pool float also comes with a sun canopy that comes with UPF 50+ protection. However, the sun canopy is breathable and removable at the same time based on the preferences and demands of the baby.

The pool float is constructed of PVC material, and it is recognized by CPC for the safety standards. It is guaranteed to be 100% non-toxic as well as friendly to the skin of the baby. With multiple layers of protection, such as air chamber and widened side, the chances of getting flipped over or slide-out are minimized to the least with this baby pool float.

With a colorful design, it is a nice gift for the baby to grow up with confidence and strength. It is a great start for the journey of the baby with water.

#5. SwimWays Mom and Baby Pool Float

mom and baby pool float

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Marking the first step of the baby’s water experience, this baby pool float from Swimways is designed for development and fun at the same time. This water float is dedicated to making the baby enjoy and relax with ultimate comfort. This is thanks to the soft fabric seat which is also built-in with a handle to secure the baby at all times.

There are 3 points of harness, which include dual chambers for inflation, innerspring and safety valves to maximize the stability of the pool float in the water. It is also equipped with a sun canopy that ensures the best protection from the extreme sunlight.

When you are finished with the baby pool float, you can fold it down to make it smaller for both the storage and transportation. As a result, it is also recommended for traveling purposes without any transportation inconvenience.

#4. SwimSchool Baby Float for Pool

baby float for pool

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If you are looking forward to giving your baby a comfortable water experience, make sure that you do not miss this baby pool float from SwimSchool. This baby pool float features a beautiful fish design with a variety of protective and safety features. First of all, there is a secure seat that allows the baby to sit upright and enjoy the toy within the mesh area.

Moreover, it features a sun canopy on the top that provides shade for the baby. This can keep the baby from direct exposure to the harmful UV rays. The shade is about 120 degrees, and it is just ideal for the float. Another safety feature is the air chamber and safety valve design. This makes it extremely stable even in the water.

Also, it is easy to both inflate and deflate, which takes only minutes in order to get you ready for the trip.

#3. Doctor Dolphin Baby Pool Float for 6-month old

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It’s time for us to pay attention to this baby pool float from the doctor dolphin. It is suitable for children aged between 6 and 36 months old, while the maximum size to inflate is up to 22 inches. Yet, the size is still customizable based on different styles of the pool float. This baby pool float is equipped with an airbag and safety pockets that serve as a protection layer. It is even equipped with a safety lock to maximize the balance while floating.

This baby pool float is built of premium quality PVC material, which is extremely friendly to the skin of the baby. It is soft and comfortable at the same time to let the baby enjoy it with fun and comfort. Nevertheless, it is recommended for parents to use this baby pool float outside of high-temperature material to prevent any unexpected accidents from happening.

#2. Aye Boovi Pool Float for 4-month Old Baby

pool float for 4 month old baby

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Here, let us introduce to you a floatie from Abe Boovi. It is made of premium grade PVC material that offers both of the airtight and water-resistant performances. It is also non-toxic in order to produce no harm to the children. In this set, there is also a repair patch that serves as a repair tool to help if you are having any problems with the pool float.

It provides a comfortable hand grip for the baby to grip with comfort. Moreover, it features an eye-catching design using the baby shark and teeth. It even produces a pleasant sound in order to attract little babies and kids to play with. This baby pool float is suitable for the baby’s age between 9 and 36 months old.

Last but not least, it even comes with a 100% satisfaction customer warranty, so that parents can purchase this baby pool float with the best peace of mind. You can enjoy customer service at all times.

#1. iefoah Baby Pool Float with Shade

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Ultimately we should not skip this baby pool float from iefoah. This serves as a great introduction to water for the baby to start with confidence. It is compatible with the baby age between 6 and 48 months old. The maximum loading capacity for the baby float pool is up to 60lbs.

It features a variety of safety functions, including dual air chambers as well as safety valves in order to secure against air leakage. This is also thankful for the use of PVC material in construction. Therefore, it provides a soft and comfortable seat.

It also comes with a sun canopy that provides a protective shade against extreme sunlight. It is removable in case you are no longer in need of it. It is even adjustable to let the baby choose among full shade and half shade.

The inflation and deflation processes are very easy so that you can bring it with you to any outdoor destination with confidence.

Buying Guide

Playing with water is somehow dangerous without proper protection. This is the reason why parents should spend more time on the research and select the right baby pool float. Our buying advice below is compiled to help shorten the time needed for evaluation.


Shile choosing a baby pool float, please make sure that it is friendly to the baby’s skin and non-toxic to the health at the same time. Most of the baby pool floats use premium quality PVC materials that secure against leakage.

Sun canopy

This is another layer of protection. The sun canopy is there to protect the kid from getting direct exposure to the extreme sunlight. However, it is detachable when you need to wash or no longer demand it.

Safety features

It should include a variety of safety features as well, such as double wall air chambers, safety valves, and patented inner springs to help reinforce the structure.

Foldable design

When it comes to the storage and transportation time, the foldable design is essential because it makes both of them easy and convenient. This way, it does not consume much space for storage, and it can fit into any rooms perfectly.


To conclude this article, we have shed light on the main features of the top 10 best baby pool floats. We hope that this baby pool float can help your baby have a good start with water and get more and more familiar in the future. Please stay nearby your baby when they are playing with water to ensure the safety of all time.

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