The 10 Best Basketball Bags for Players in 2021

Basketball bags are created with the purpose of serving regular needs while also being able to carry a full sized ball. These bags are a boon to sports enthusiasts in school or college as they do not have to worry about carrying the ball in the hand on their way to the institution. Multiple designs of bags are available in the market to serve this need, and we have chosen some of the best basketball bags available out there for you. Check them out!

List of the 10 Best Basketball Bags in 2021

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10. GoFar Large College School BagSports Basketball Backpack, GoFar Large College School Bag Lightweight Travel

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GoFar Large College School basketball bag is appropriate for school and college goers to carry their ball while also having provision to store books and a laptop. With a total capacity of more than 44 liters, the bag has a slot to store your shoes and a mesh pocket for your water bottle. The bag has been designed with a reflective design in one of its sides to guarantee the safety of the user while traveling night time. The various features of GoFar Large College School Bag have been listed below.

  • Lightweight and sturdy design
  • An amazing design which does not let down your fashion statement
  • 44.7 liters capacity
  • Can fit a 15.6″ laptop
  • Adjustable shoulder straps and padded support for comfort
  • A multifunctional bag which can be used for any situation

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9. KOLAKO Business, Travel & Sports Backpacks – Basketball Bag

 Business Laptop Backpack, Casual Travel Daypack

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This basketball bag from Kolako is an all-purpose bag which can be utilized in multiple scenarios. For a sports enthusiast, it has the capability to store a ball in the mesh provided in the outer layer of the bag. For a business scenario, one can store a 15.6-inch laptop and also has the provision to keep a power bank. A USB slot has been provided in the external area of the bag, wherein the user can connect a cable and charge your mobile device on the go. A slot has also been provided to use earphones while keeping the device inside your bag. The numerous features of the bag have been listed below.

  • Mesh pocket to store your ball or helmet
  • Separate compartments for laptop, mobile phone, tablet device, pens, keys, wallets, passport, etc.
  • Thick padding for extra protection
  • USB port design to store your power bank and charge your phone on the go
  • High air permeable design to reduce sweating while using the bag
  • 11.8″ * 18.9″ * 5.9″ dimensions

8. Athletico National Soccer Bag

 Athletico National Soccer Bag

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Athletico National Soccer Bag has been designed with the idea of being a go-to bag to players of all ages and sports. With provisions to carry up to 2 balls at the same time, 2 water balls, a pair of shoes, compartment for dirty clothes, it might just be perfect for those who are looking for a single bag to carry to their playing arena. With comfortable padding and adjustable strap, carrying it around would not be difficult at all. In the list below, we have included the various features of the Athletico National Soccer Bag.

  • Big compartment to carry the ball
  • Separate compartments to keep your shoes and dirty clothes
  • While being perfect for sports, it also has a compartment to hold a laptop
  • Rugged design to ensure longevity while also being comfortable to carry
  • Athletico also guarantees a full cash back if you are not satisfied with the product
  • Mesh compartments for water bottles

7. Champion Sports Deluxe Basketball Carrying Bag

Champion Sports Deluxe Basketball Carrying Bag

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Champion Sports Deluxe Basketball Carrying Bag is a heavy duty bag which has been designed with reinforced nylon. Made with the capacity to hold up to 6 fully inflated basketballs, it is perfect for people looking for a solution to carry around numerous balls. With a full openable top zipper design, placing balls inside and taking them out can be done quickly and effortlessly. The various features of Champion Sports Deluxe Basketball Carrying Bag have been listed below.

  • 27.6″ * 19.7″ * 4″ dimensions
  • Top zipper
  • Holds up to 6 balls
  • Removable shoulder strap
  • Reinforced handles

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6. X-Large Heavy Duty Ball Bag

X-Large Heavy Duty Ball Bag

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With 180 liters of capacity, X-Large Heavy Duty Ball Bag has the capability to hold up to 18 footballs or 10 adult basketballs. Made of reinforced 420D nylon and mesh, the bag is durable and sturdy. The bag has a length of 39″ and diameter of 19″. The multiple features of X-Large Heavy Duty Ball Bag have been listed below.

  • Designed using mesh and 420D nylon
  • Shoulder strap which is adjustable, for easy transportation
  • String to keep the balls secure
  • Holds up to 18 adult basketballs

5. Champion Sports Basketball Ball Bag

 Champion Sports Basketball Ball Bag

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Champion Sports Basketball Ball Bag is a simple 4″ mesh setup which allows you to carry up to 10 basketballs. The design allows you to easily carry around a lot of balls and to conveniently store them after use. With a free shape dimension of 24″ * 36″, it is a comfortable bag with cords for fastening and storing the balls inside. The 4″ size of holes will also make sure that the ball cannot be accessed from the outside, without opening the dedicated part. The various features of Champion Sports Basketball Ball Bag have been listed below.

  • Heavy duty design
  • 4″ hole mesh design
  • Fastening drawstring
  • 24″ * 36″ dimension

4. Molten Basketball Bag

Molten Basketball Bag

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Molten Basketball Bag is designed in a rectangular shape, built with nylon for extra durability. The bag has the capacity to hold 6 basketballs at a time, which are fully inflated. The bag is also provided with an adjustable shoulder strap which makes it comfortable and convenient to carry around. The dimensions of the bag are 28″ x 9″ x 19″. The features of Molten Basketball Bag have been listed below.

  • Made of Nylon in a rectangular shape
  • Can hold up to 6 balls
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • 28″ * 9″ * 19″ dimension

3. Athletic Specialties Heavy Duty Mesh Ball Bag

 Athletic Specialties Heavy Duty Mesh Ball Bag

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Athletic Specialties Heavy Duty Mesh Ball Bag has a unique tube design and is constructed of heavy duty mesh material which makes it stand apart from other bags available in the market at present. The 38″ by 10″ bag has handles which makes it easy for carrying around and is also provided with a zipper that goes all the way for easy access. The various features of Athletic Specialties Heavy Duty Mesh Ball Bag have been listed below.

  • Highly durable mesh product
  • Zippers that go all the way
  • Tube design for easy storage
  • 38″ by 10″ dimension
  • Holds up to 5 balls

2. FoRapid Size 7 (29.5″) Basketball Bag

 FoRapid Size 7 (29.5") Basketball Bag Soccer Ball

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FoRapid Size 7 (29.5″) Basketball Bag is to be used by people who want to comfortably carry a ball around. It can hold a full-size basketball and is provided with multiple straps so that it can be used as both shoulder bag and as a handbag. The bag also has mesh sleeves to hold a couple of water bottles. The lining of the bag is waterproof so that you will not have to worry about rains or spillage. The features of FoRapid Size 7 (29.5″) Basketball Bag have been listed below.

  • Ultra lightweight
  • Straps to carry as a shoulder or handbag
  • Holds a full-sized basketball
  • 2 mesh pockets for water bottles
  • Double zip enclosure to conveniently place or take the ball

1. Mikasa 12 Basketball Duffel Bag

Mikasa 12 Basketball Duffel Bag-Basketball Ball Bags

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Mikasa 12 Basketball Duffel Bag can comfortably hold 12 basketballs or up to 16 volleyballs, according to your requirement. The bag has been constructed of nylon which is reinforced and the top of the bag has been constructed with mesh material. The top of the bag is provided with a drawstring which makes securing the balls a lot more easier for the user. The strap of the bag is adjustable, making it comfortable to carry, according to the desire of the user. The various features of Mikasa 12 Basketball Duffel Bag have been listed below.

  • Built with reinforced nylon for great durability
  • Shoulder straps that are adjustable
  • 38″ x 15″ x 15″
  • Drawstring for securing the bag
  • Carries up to 12 basketballs

Final call

The purpose of the article was to list out some of the best bags out there to carry balls and hopefully, we have helped you reach a conclusion. All these bags have their own merits and now the choice is up for you as you need to identify your requirement and the type of bag you would prefer.

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