Everybody would love to go for a ride through the countryside or go biking through straight and smooth rides, enjoying every moment of the journey. So, to make the trip complete, you must have all the accessories to potentiate your comfort. For instance, it may get difficult for you to keep the phone in reach. You would have to place it in the bag or pockets, fairing damage. In such cases, you may miss important calls or find it difficult to talk. Also, you may want to use the navigation system on your phone while going to unknown places. This is where bike phone mounts come into play

You can place your phone on the mount and continue your ride. They are adjustable and can be positioned according to your preference. So, you will always be aware of the calls and notifications that come on your phone. You can also use GPS navigation to ride, though, without halting every time to look at your phone. Play some music on your phone and enjoy the ride throughout. They are compatible with most smartphones. Further, they can ensure your phone’s safety while traveling through bumpy roads, preventing the phone from falling.

Numerous bike phone mounts are available in the market with distinct features. Here we have added reviews of the best bike phone mounts currently trending in the market this year. Please browse through our list…

List of the 10 Best Bike Phone Mounts in 2021

9. Bovon Bike Phone Mount

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If you are looking for a stylish bike phone mount compatible with almost all devices, you can choose this product. The phone mount is suitable for any smartphone with a size of 4 to a 6.5-inch screen. Consequently, the product is compatible with most of the smartphones of leading brands like Moto, Apple, Samsung, Huawei, LG, HTC, etc.

The installation process is relatively easy. Place your phone onto the silicone pad and fix it on the handlebar of your bike. The phone mount stands firmly on the handlebar without any shaking. The bumps during the travel also do not affect the stability of the fixture. So you don’t have to worry about the phone falling during the ride.

Owing to its versatility and multi-use feature, you can mount it on your motorcycle, bike, shopping cart, mountain bike, etc. The phone mount can also protect your smartphone for a long time.

Why do we recommend this product?

  • Compatible with a wide range of phones
  • Made of high-quality silicone
  • Firm and stable fixture
  • Shock-absorbing silicone clip
  • 360 degree rotatable
  • Highly versatile

8. Roam Universal Premium Bike Phone Mount

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This phone mount can ensure your phone’s safety during the ride with its unique design. The product offers 6 points of grip to hold the phone tightly. Also, the clamp keeps the phone stable to the handlebar, without any shaking. Also, the clamp can fit on handlebars with diameters ranging from ⅞ to 1 ¼ inch. They are suitable for both small and large handlebars. The phone won’t come off the mount during bumps in the ride.

Moreover, the phone mount can fit in any smartphone up to a width of 3.5 inches. The material can stretch four times its original size and thereby ensures broad compatibility. Again, the silicone and plastic material with the product makes it long-lasting and durable.

You can rotate the mount according to your need, capture videos, use the navigation system, or listen to music during your ride.

Why do we recommend this product?

  • Flexible and sturdy material
  • 6-point powerful grip
  • Shock absorbing feature
  • Large and adjustable clamp
  • Easy to set up
  • Worth value for your money

7. Mongoora Bike Phone Mount

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The Mongoora Bike Phone Mount has an exceptionally attractive and adorable appeal with its unique look. This bike mount can be useful for you in any adventure trips, long travel, or off-road rides.

The mount in its original shape has a length of 5.6 cm and can extend up to a 9.5 cm length as a whole. Hence, it can fit phones up to 3.7 inches in width. The clamp is adjustable according to the handlebar and can be tightly locked with the metal bolts.

The extra silicon bands give it additional protection during the ride. You can choose your favorite silicon band as they come in different colors.

To install the system, fix the mount on the rubber grip of the clamp. Fit the clamp onto the handlebar and lock it with the metal bolt. Place your phone on the mount and enjoy your ride.

Why do we recommend the product?

  • Three silicon bands for extra protection
  • 360-degree rotatable mount
  •  Made of high-quality plastic and metal
  • Adjustable clamp
  • Metal blots for tight locking

6. GUB Bicycle & Motorcycle Phone Mount

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This product has a unique design and construction, making it stand apart as the best bike phone mount in the genre. To explain further, the mount can extend from 50 to 100 mm. So, you can fit your phone in a suitable position. Also, the metal blot helps the phone to lock at a specific point. The gaskets at the corners protect the phone from scratches. The clamp is adjustable to fit tightly at the handlebar. Moreover, the clamp’s attachment to the mount is rotatable so that you can set it according to your preference.

Furthermore, it is made of aluminum alloy, making it strong and durable. They can withstand considerable amounts of weight and strain. A phone of width up to 7 inches is compatible with the mount. All the best and common smartphones fall under this category. Therefore, the product can be beneficial for every phone user.

Why do we recommend this product?

  • Made of 6061 Aluminum alloy
  • Attached gaskets
  • Thin plastic strap attached to the clamp
  • Versatile use
  • In-built sponge
  • Perfectly designed

5. Bike Phone Front Frame Bag

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Here, you don’t get a simple phone mount in comparison to other conventional products. This product is a front frame bag where you can keep your phone and also your daily accessories.

Therefore, you can accommodate your charger, bike tools, gloves, wallet, etc. inside this when on a ride. The dual zippers can close the bag tightly.

The best part is that this bag can protect your phone from the external atmosphere. The sensitive TPU screen helps you work on the phone while placed on the mount. Besides, the sun visor gives a clear view of the screen, even under sunlight, without adjusting the brightness.

Again, the product is completely waterproof, protecting it from rain and humidity. Another added feature is the reflective tape, which ensures a safe ride during the night. All in all, the product is a totality of features which you should not miss.

Why do we recommend this product?

  • Quite a spacious bag
  • Inbuilt Sun Visor
  • High-quality carbon + TPU material
  • Waterproof
  • Inbuilt Headphone Plug

4. Visnfa New Bike Phone Mount with stainless steel clamp

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The visnfa Bike Phone Mount is made of the latest modern design adding to the user’s convenience in all ways. In contrast to the usual adjustment technique, this bike mount opts to extend itself diagonally, like the letter ‘X.’ The advantage is that they hold the phone at the four corners and protect every side of your phone. Also, the sponge gasket at the center can act as a shock absorber during off-road rides.

Despite such a design, it is easy to set up. The switch controls the release and locking of the claws. Open the button, extend the legs, fit your phone on the mount and close the switch. The locked claws help it stay stable. As a whole, the package contains one phone mount, three sponge cushion, and three rubber elastic retaining rings.

Why do we recommend this product?

  • Innovative four claw design
  • Switch controlled functioning
  • Shock absorbing feature
  • Hassle-free installation
  • Broad compatibility
  • Adds to your convenience

3. Visnfa New Bike Phone Mount with nylon clamps

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With the stylish eagle crawl design and adorable look, this product can go hand-in-hand with the eyes of your nimble bike. The construction consists of 4 nylon claws connected to the clamp with a connecting nut. The advantage is that they can withstand your phone’s weight for a long time without any breakage.

Moreover, the lock gear helps you lock the phone at a fixed position and the key that helps close the phone on the mount. Therefore, with all these features, the phone mount can prevent your phone from coming off, ensuring maximum stability. Thus chances of damage are 0%. The four claw design holds the phone tightly at the four corners.

Finally, the phone is suitable for any smartphone up to a width of 6.5 inches. The adjusting system can help you fit your phone perfectly on the mount.

Why do we recommend this product?

  • Quick-release key
  • One key lock gear
  • Four nylon claws
  • Suitable for any handlebar
  • Easier installation

2. Bovon Bike Phone Mount

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Despite its simple looks, this phone mount protects your phone entirely, with its design inculcated with great features. The rubber straps support the top, back, and bottom positions, distributing equal weight all over. The clamp has an adjustable saw tooth. This helps you in adjusting the mount on any type of handlebar. The nut design adds to the stability. Just tight the strap and twist the nut. The mount is ready to function. Also, all these provide a perfect grip on the smartphone.

Furthermore, the silicone material and rubber cushion help absorb shock in bumpy roads, so that they don’t affect your screen. Also, the silicone pad prevents the system from slipping. The whole system can be rotated at a 360-degree angle, making it suitable for your riding endeavor. Plugin your favorite music or navigate yourself during the journey with this product.

Why do we recommend the product?

  • Durable Silicone Material
  • Spiral Design
  • Adjustable sawtooth
  • Rubber cushion
  • Versatile in use
  • Non-slip design

1. Visnfa Bike Phone Mount With Stainless Steel and Clamp Arms

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The Visnfa Bike Phone Mount has broad compatibility with all types of phones. It can accommodate phones up to a width of 3.5 and 6.5 inches, thereby being suitable for average-sized phones and large phones.

Made of soft nylon, it won’t scratch off your bike paint during installation. So, you can fix it on the handlebar accordingly. The one-way key controls the release and locking of the mobile phone on the mount. Open the key and extend the claws to fit your phone. Once you have fixed your position, close the switch, and lock it. You don’t have to worry that the phone will slip off, thanks to the phone mount’s safety upgraded design.

The product is highly versatile in function. You can use it on your bike, motorcycle, or electric scooter, by adjusting the clamp according to the handlebar. Besides, the product can withstand any climatic condition and much strain. The chances of damage are less.

To summarize, this product can meet all your requirements that you expect, making it the best bike phone mount.

Why do we recommend this product?

  • Support at all four corners
  • One-way lock gear
  • Tight and adjustable nuts
  • Four claw design
  • 360 degree rotatable
  • Affordable and modest rate.


Bike phone mounts can help you drive free, with your phone visible on the side. So, to enjoy your ride, you must choose the best product that goes in hand with your needs. This list will end your search for the best bike phone mount. We hope that this list will benefit you in picking up the right one.

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