The 10 Best Bird Water Feeder Reviews in 2021

If you are having birds in the house, you might need a bird water feeder to provide them a water base or station. This is where they take a rest and get some water to fulfill the need of nutrition for their body. It also offers a space where the birds can take a rest as well.

In this article, we have compared hundreds and thousands of water feeders on the market, and we have finally compiled a list of the top 10 best bird water feeders. Make sure that you go through the reviews and do not miss the buying guide section at the end.

List of The Top 10 Best Bird Water Feeders in 2021

10. Perky-Pet 32 oz Bird Water Feeder

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First of all, we have this bird water feeder from Perky-Pet. It comes with a mason jar style with the use of elegant blue color. This makes it a beautiful piece of decoration for your house as well. The feeder comes with a large water capacity of 32 ounces. It is built with a metal base, and there are various feeding ports where you can invite the birds to come.

There is also a circular perch, and this place enables the birds to enjoy their seat and dine with the best comfort. The water container is built from glass, and it is designed with all the great details that is guaranteed to be worth your money and investment.

The installation of this feeder is also very easy and simple since you only have to fill the water and tighten the base into its position in order to get ready for the bird to drink.

9. First Nature Bird Water Feeder with Wide Mouth

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Next, we should take a look at this bird water feeder from First Nature. It comes with the brightest red color, which is super attractive to the birds, and it is responsible for inviting the birds to come and drink water. It is very easy to fill the container with water due to the wide mouth design of the jar. The base is built with 2 parts so that it is super easy to clean and maintain the good quality after using.

There are various feeding ports, and as a result, bird owners can have many birds come and drink at the same time. This will never make them inconvenient in finding water to drink. Also, thanks to the nectar concentrate design, users are allowed to combine various proportions to get the right size and position for use.

The capacity of this bird water feeder is about 32oz, and it is manufactured in the United States with the best quality to serve you in the long run. Also check Window Bird Feeders if you want to attract more birds into your house.

8. MUMTOP Glass Stainless Steel Bird Water Feeder

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Another choice for a good bird water feeder is from MOMTOP. This water feeder is made from the combination of glass and stainless steel together. Thanks to outstanding design, it is very easy and simple to have it set up quickly. Also, once a while, you detach the parts and clean them easily with little effort and time required.

The height of this water feeder is about 26 inches, and it is so strong and durable that it can withstand all kinds of weather conditions. Thus, the water feeder is compatible with both indoor and outdoor purposes. It works well for all outdoor settings, including garden and backyard.

This bird feeder can also serve as a bathtub for the birds to enjoy in the summer. It enables them to get the nutrition from the water to survive through even the harshest days. In the package, there is also an instruction manual to guide you through the assembly.

7. Stokes Select Bird Water Feeder

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Stokes Select also offers us one of the best bird water feeders on the market. It is available at an affordable price. This water feeder comes with a large capacity, which can support up to 64 ounces. Therefore, it can hold a lot of freshwater in order to accommodate the demand of birds on a daily basis.

It is very easy to assemble this water feeder. When you need to refill water or do the cleaning, you can also detach the parts very easily in order to clean every single detail of the water feeder. The water bottle of this water feeder comes in a transparent form, and as a result, it is super convenient for you to have a look at the water level and know when to refill the bottle with more water for the birds.

Moreover, it features a non-slip surface. This is very desirable for the birds to stand there and enjoy the water easily. It is compatible with birds of all sizes.

6. Perky-Pet Bird Water Feeder for Home

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This bird water feeder from Perky-Pet is also worth taking into consideration. It comes with traditional style design, but it is practical for home use. It is equipped with a glass bottle, and this bottle is responsible for keeping the water to feed the birds. The capacity of this water bottle is up to 16oz.

The water feeder comes in a beautiful blue color, and it provides a luster finish which is very attractive to the birds. This encourages the birds to come and drink the water to get enough nutrition on a daily basis. The water bottle is made with a wide mouth design, and this makes it easy for cleaning as well as refilling with water.

Thanks to the special circular perch style, the water feeder provides a great place for the birds to sit and enjoy the water drinking.

5. ERYTLLY Steel Water Feeder for Birds

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Moving onto the next bird water feeder from ITALY, it is made with high-quality steel to support a long-lasting usage, and the steel is already coated with powder to prevent rust and corrosion. The bird feeder features a hanging design, and it is very easy to clean and fill with water.

The water feeder is both practical and entertaining at the same time. It is a piece of valuable decoration in the house. It enables the bird owners to have a clear view of the birds drinking water and enjoying their wildlife.

When you need to do the cleaning, what you need is simply a piece of wet or dry cloth to wipe the feeder until it is clean. It is about 20 inches in height. The feeder can be a great gift for those who are in love with wildlife.

4. Twinkle Star Hanging Water Feeder for Birds

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If you want a durable bird water feeder, you should also consider this one from Twinkle Star. It is made from high-quality plastic, and it comes with a long-lasting design to provide a shelter for the birds to enjoy their food. The water feeder features a hanging design, and it is resistant to all weather conditions, including rain and sun.

It also features a large capacity, which can support the maximum capacity of 2.15lbs seed. You can combine a wide range of seed types to make it appealing to the birds to come and enjoy their meal. Moreover, the water feeder comes with a twist-lock function to secure the panels. However, they are still easy enough to detach in order to refill the water and food for the birds.

It guarantees 100% customer satisfaction. Otherwise, you can claim for a refund or replacement from Twinkle Star.

3. Evergreen Garden Water Feeder for Birds

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For this bird water feeder from Evergreen Garden, it offers a friendly place for the birds to enjoy freshwater in the house. It is also compatible with bees if you have some in the house. The design of this water feeder prioritizes design and durability. It is made from ceramic, and it is compatible with the whole year-round.

It is very easy to use since you can simply find a place to put the water feeder on it. It enables the birds to have a bath here as well. After being used for a week, you can rely on the water and mild soap to do the cleaning for this water feeder. You only need to rinse every place before you want to fill it with water again.

With ideal size and design, it is recommended for both indoors and outdoors.

2. ZETIA Water Feeder for Birds – 4 Water Styles

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What about this bird water feeder from ZETIA? It comes with a fountain that is powered by direct sunlight. Users do not need any battery or electricity in order to operate this feeder. There are 4 water styles that vary in heights and shapes so that you can choose the most desired one for the birds to enjoy the drink. The maximum spray length is as high as 60cm.

This water feeder is so strong and durable that you can rely on it for many years. The water flow is stronger when it comes to better sunlight quality. Moreover, it features a wide application, which can serve as a water feeder, a birdbath as well as a piece of pure garden decoration. Still, it maximizes the water circulation to keep the water as fresh as possible.

1. Perky-Pet Water Feeder for Birds with 8 Ports

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Last but not least, we should not forget this bird water feeder from Perky-Pet. It comes with a capacity of 1lb for holding seeds. There are up to 8 ports for feeding, and as a result, the bird can choose any of them that they prefer on a daily basis. It features a mason jar design, which is very easy to clean and fill it with more water when the birds have finished with the water inside.

Moreover, the mason jar is designed with great details to maximize the convenience of the water drinking process. In addition, it comes with elegant blue water to attract the birds to come and drink more water in order to get more nutrition from the drink.

All in all, this water feeder is suggested for both indoor and outdoor displays, and it offers a beautiful design for your home decoration. You can use it for both water and seeds on a daily basis.

Buying Guides

To maintain the healthiness of your bird, you should make careful evaluations of the criteria of a good bird water feeder to get it practical and long-lasting for your birds.

Below are the factors that determine a good bird water feeder in daily usage.

Bright color design: this is an important component because the appearance of the water feeder is attractive to the birds, and therefore, it attracts them to drink water frequently in order to get enough nutrition and freshwater for health.

Wide opening mouth: the opening mouth of the water bottle or jar should be large and wide. This way, it is very easy when it comes to cleaning and water refilling time. You should have no problems with your mouth while working with it.

Transparent water bottle: with this feature, users can easily learn about the water level inside the bottle. This enables them to know when it is time for them to refill the bottle with more water for the bird to drink.

Capacity: the capacity varies between 16 and 64oz. This depends on how many birds you are having in the house. You should get the right capacity corresponding to the number of birds you have.

Circular perch: this is where the birds sit and enjoy the drink. Therefore, it cannot be eliminated from the design.


In conclusion, above are the top 10 best bird water feeders that we have for you. To take the best care of your bird, make sure that you are having a good water feeder for them to have a healthy living environment in the long run. If you have found your desirable water feeder, please add it to your cart now before it runs out of stock again.

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