The 18 Best Board Games For Kids in 2021

In the present digital era, the place of traditional games is now substituted with the games played on smartphones, tablets or other computer devices. You will rarely find kids sitting and playing offline games. In conventional ages, friends and family members would sit together and play traditional games.

However, in present time, parents still insist to let their kids play traditional games like board games. The board game for kids allows your children to explore their hidden talents and creativity. There would be no body aches and eyesight problems usually found while playing digital games. Right from the adventure sagas to strategy matches, kids can enjoy different kinds of the board games. There are special types of board games for kids from various ages to enjoy. If you are looking for one as a gift for your kid, check the list below.

List of the Best Board Games For Kids in 2021

18. Qwirkle Board Game for Kids by MindWare

18. Qwirkle Board Game by MindWare:

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The structure of the Qwirkle board game represents the tactical strategy. Basically, the game depicts a large number of in-game choices. These include three tiles each equipped with 36 color-symbol combinations. Generally, this Qwirkle board game is ideal to improve different skills of your kids. They include forward-thinking, tactical maneuvers, and strategical planning. MindWare included easy-to-follow rules in this game. For young players, this board game works well. You just need to build lines by matching the identical tiles as per the shape or color.

17. Hasbro C1293 Clue Junior Game for Kids

17. Hasbro C1293 Clue Junior Game:

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Your 5 years old kid gets ultimate fun and strategic thinking with the help of this classic clue game. For 2 to 6 players, the clue junior game is ideal. The brand Hasbro presented ultimate fun and exploration of talents in this board game. There is a Dr. Orchid, an intelligent biologist with a sweet tooth. The game contains game board, 6 character pawns, and 6 furniture tokens. Additional components of the game are 7 yellow bases, 7 white bases, detective notepad, label sheet, die, and game guide.

16. Mattel Flushin’ Frenzy Game for Kids, Board Game for 5 Year-old Kids and More

16. Mattel Flushin' Frenzy Game for Kids (Ages 5 and Up):

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If your kids are crazy to play with dies then this frenzy game works perfectly. This board game for kids is designed for all the kids aged 5 years and higher. They can comfortably play with this board game. They just need to push the handle on the toilet and then ‘flush’ to roll the die. Whenever any number comes up, kids need to push the toilet that number of times. The board game contains a plunger, fast reflexes – and poop. Kids will get fun when they push the plunger the number of times shown on the die.

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15. Winning Moves Games Classic Twister

15. Winning Moves Games Classic Twister:

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Recognized as the fun party game for kids of all ages, the games classic twister provides unique fun. There is the presence of mats and different colors to let kids learn something new. The board game package contains instructions and fully assembled spinner. There is the presence of vinyl twister mat. In this classic twister game, the spinner is disseminated into four labeled sections. They are left foot, right foot, left hand, and right hand. The included mat comes with the four rows of massive colored circles on it. these circles come with a unique color in each row.

14. Hungry Hungry Hippos Kids Board Game

14. Hungry Hungry Hippos:

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The classic Hungry Hippos game contains four unique hippo heads as well as bodies. Moreover, this board game includes marbles for them to chew. The package includes 20 marbles. There is a golden marble included. It is quite instant to clean up with the use of marble and hippo storage. In total there are four hippo bodies, four hippo heads, four marble launchers, and guides.

13. Sequence Game Board for Kids by Jax

13. Sequence for Kids by Jax:

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Kids will just love the classic game of sequence. In addition to fun, they can learn numbers. Jax prepared this sequence of games for kids aged 3 to 6 years old. It is quite easy to play; just play a card from hand, and put the chip on the relevant character. Exhilarating strategy game assists to develop logical thinking abilities in your kids. Lastly, there is no need of reading to play.

12. Trouble Game by Hasbro

12. Trouble Game by Hasbro:

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The Trouble game from Hasbro is a simple fun game. In this game, kids can play by moving ahead or get in the problem and move backward. It is recommended for kids aged 5 years and above. For kids, it would be quite simple to move their pegs around the board. The working features trouble game is peg-popping enjoyment. Presence of the Pop-O-Matic die roller facilitates rolling of the die. When you land on the same space, kids can send home pegs of other players.

11. Risk Board Game for Kids by Hasbro

11. Risk Game by Hasbro:

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The Risk Game from Hasbro is basically an exciting game of military strategy. The board game comes with a revamped look. There is the presence of advanced mission cards for playing with fun. In the game, you will find updated figures to play at the fullest. Availability of the improved mission cards increases the speed of the game. The Risk Game contains five war crates for easy storage.

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10. Twister Game by Hasbro

 Twister Game by Hasbro:

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The Twister Game represents an excellent test of balance and flexibility. Hasbro created this board game for kids aged 6 and higher. For 2 or more players, the Twister game works well. Basically, the Twister game challenges the kids to put their feet and hands at various places over the mat without falling. Kids can out-twist the opponents in this board game that joins the player up in knots. Two to four players can play with. The game contains instructions, a vinyl mat, and the spinner board.

9. Classic Operation Game by Hasbro

 Classic Operation Game by Hasbro:

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Apart from kids, all the family members will love playing this Classic Operation game. It comes with an advanced look and amusing ailments. When your kids play solo, they could master their doctor skills. After positioning all the diseases over the gameboard, kids can observe how many tries it requires to eliminate diseases. You can utilize the tweezers to alleviate Cavity Sam’s ailments. The Classic Operation game can be played individually or with friends.

8. Hasbro 4700 Candy Land Kingdom of Sweet Adventures Board Game for Kids Ages 3 and Up

 Hasbro 4700 Candy Land Kingdom of Sweet Adventures Board Game for Kids Ages 3 and Up:

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Seeing this board game will let you remember the candy land game playing during your childhood. This is basically the advanced version of that game for your kids. All the kids aged 3 years and higher can play this adventurous game. The players would come across different types of delectable surprises when they move their pretty gingerbread man pawn in the race towards the castle. There is no requirement of reading to play. In this sweet adventure board game, you would find sweet destinations, colored cards, and pleasurable illustrations.

7. Googly Eyes Game — Family Drawing Game with Crazy, Vision-Altering Glasses by Goliath Games

 Googly Eyes Game — Family Drawing Game with Crazy, Vision-Altering Glasses by Goliath Games:

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Googly Eyes game is regarded as an amusing family game. Basically, this family drawing game challenges your vision and explores ultimate fun. Kids can wear the crazy, vision-altering type google eyeglasses and begin drawing. With the help of the vision-altering goggles, elegant sketches can be drawn. All the rules of the game are simple to follow and it is fast to play with. Presence of the goggles makes it tricky for every player to see straight.

6. Rubiks Race by University Games

 Rubiks Race by University Games:

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The Rubiks Race by University Games is basically a head-to-head puzzle game. This puzzle game blends the plan of the Rubik’s Cube with furious face-to-face play. This Rubiks Race game tests the kids’ speed when they match the pattern on the frame. This puzzle game allows kids to shake, slide and solve the puzzle. The winner is the one who first matches the pattern on the scrambler and closes the frame. In this puzzle game, you would find a center frame, game base, scrambler, 48 colored tiles, 9 colored mini-cubes, and guidelines.

5. Sorry Board Game by Hasbro

 Sorry! Game by Hasbro:

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The simple working mechanism of the Sorry! The game involves slide, crash and score to win. Now kids can reduce their time spent on digital devices and can play with their family members or friends.  They can party it up, and astonish guests through this board game from Hasbro. This homesick tabletop gameplay matches the interactive digital content to present a wonderful gaming experience. The Hasbro Gaming envisages and generates games that are ideal for persons of all age groups. In this Sorry! A game package, there is the availability of a game board, 12 sorry! pawns, 44 cards, and guidelines.

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4. Hasbro Guess Who? Classic Game

 Hasbro Guess Who? Classic Game:

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When you kids like to play the guessing game, this board game is ideal. This Hasbro Guess Who? The game lets the kid explore their imaginations and hidden mental talents. They would enjoy asking questions regarding the mystery character of an opponent. The first player who correctly guesses the mystery character of the opponent wins the game. In this classic game, you would find tabletop game boards and game pieces. Players try to guess each other’s mystery character It is recommended for two players. There are 2 game boards, 24 mystery cards, 48 face cards, 10 scoring pegs, and instructions.

3. Connect 4 Strategy Board Game for Ages 6 and Up by Hasbro

3. Connect 4 Strategy Board Game for Ages 6 and Up (Amazon Exclusive) by Hasbro:

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The present edition of the Connect 4 strategy board game presents an alternative approach to play the famous strategy game. It is quite interesting to play this strategy board game. Players can decide to start in the center or at the edge. They can stack discs horizontally, upwards, or diagonally and finally drop inside a blue disc to execute an unanticipated strategy move. This strategy board game comprises of the blue Blocker Dics which open doors to fresh strategies. Kids would get fun when they see the multicolored discs sliding inside a place when players attempt to gain 4 of the identical color in a sequence. In this Hasbro game, there is the presence of four blue Blocker discs used by players to block an opponent space.

2. Chutes and Ladders Board Game for 2 to 4 Players Kids Ages 3 and Up (Amazon Exclusive)

 Chutes and Ladders Board Game for 2 to 4 Players Kids Ages 3 and Up (Amazon Exclusive):

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All the kids approximately 5 years old can comfortably play with the chutes and ladders game for unique fun. You would be surprised to see how they learn numbers quickly. When they travel along the gameboard to reach to the top, they would learn number recognition and counting. There is no requirement of reading skills to play this classic up and down the game. Kids can easily turn the spinner and shift the pawn up the ladders and down the chutes. Generally, the players jumble to the top part of the gameboard without any issues of sliding down. They could land on good deeds to ascend ladders. Kids would learn counting and number recognition easily.

1. Battleship With Planes Strategy Board Game Amazon Exclusive For Ages 7 and Up

 Battleship With Planes Strategy Board Game Amazon Exclusive For Ages 7 and Up:

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This Amazon exclusive strategy board game is basically a battleship game. This battleship game shows airplanes along with the ships for wonderful strategic gameplay and heroic battles twist. Both kids and adults can relish playing this fun-filled game together. With the help of this Amazon exclusive edition game, those kids who like the battleship game can bump into enemy planes. Moreover, they can sink ships to win. In this battleship game, it contains two portable battle cases. Therefore, the players can take it along with them, and immerse into a quick game on the go. Kids will be benefitted with the energy and abilities to win any battle.


For your 5 years old kids up, it is important that they develop necessary skills along with fun. Therefore, the above mentioned board games for kids are proficient at skills enhancement in kids and keep them away from digital devices. Grab one for your kids rather than letting them play on your smartphone.

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