Top 10 Best Camping Shower Tent in 2021

Are you planning for camping or photo shoots at a camping site? We understand that it might be a difficult and inconvenient experience when you cannot find a private and proper place for taking shower and changing clothes. However, this should no longer be a problem to you since you can bring a camping shower tent along with you.

If you are not sure about the functions of this product, please follow us along until the end of the article. We will include a list of the top 10 best camping shower tents for you. Remember to have a look at their features and explore more about their potentials.

List of the Top 10 Best Camping Shower Tent in 2021

10- Abco Tent Lighweight Camping Shower Tent

Collapsible shower base

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First of all, we have this camping shower tent from Abco Tent. It provides you a private space for the bathroom as well as potty use. It is very easy to install, and it takes only minutes to set up and fold up. There is also a carrying bag included for you to store the tent after being used.

Inside the tent, it also ensures the maximum amount of airflow inside.  It is equipped with a side window for both of the visibility and ventilation functions. After folding, it is both lightweight and compact in size.

In this package, it includes the tent as well as a carrying bag and 4 other mounting stakes. Moreover, you can have a storage pocket set up in this tent as well to hold your phone, keys and other items. There is no risk for the purchase of this shower tent since it guarantees you with a refund if you are not satisfied.

9- GigaTent Compact Camping Shower Tent

Portable shower base with drain

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Next, we should take a look at this camping shower tent from GigaTent. It is a pop-up tent design, and it offers the private space at 6 feet. It is just ideal for the purpose of a bathroom and potty. The tent is built from heavy duty materials, such as polyester and steel frame. The tent is highly resistant to water and all kinds of weather.

In terms of the installation, there are 4 mounting stakes included in the package. This is to ensure the best stability after the full assembly. The installation should take only minutes to get it ready. Moreover, if you are going back home, this tent can be folded to a much smaller size and stored inside the bag.

The full weight of this tent is only about 3lbs, which makes it super convenient when it comes to the transportation time.

8- WolfWise Water-resistant Camping Shower Tent

Water-resistant Camping Shower Tent

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Another choice for a good camping shower tent is from WolfWise. The installation and assembly process of this tent can be achieved within seconds, and so does the disassembly. Users can take the best advantage from the carrying bag to serve as a storage of the tent.

It features a wide range of protection layers, including UV rays and water. The tent is built from high quality polyester fabric, and it is responsible for protecting you from the sun during the middle of the day. The structure is reinforced by the steel construction, and the frame is durable and reliable enough to withstand even the toughest use.

Moreover, it is built in with 4 mounting stakes that are made from metal. This is to ensure the best stability when it comes to the windy time. No matter how strong the wind is, it cannot blow this tent down.

7- Ozark Trail Camping Shower Tent

DIY Shower Tent

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This camping shower tent from Ozark Trail is also worth taking into consideration. It is an instant tent which can be used as a shower or bathroom tent to maximize the privacy of yours. The tent offers a spacious space for you to enjoy the time. It measures its size at 7 x 3.5 feet, and it can be divided into 2 rooms inside. This maximizes the values of the tent since it enables 2 people to use it at the same time.

The tent comes in a dark gray color, and this color is ideal for camping since it does not trap the heat. It also offers the side window to maximize the ventilation quality. No matter how long you stay inside, you will never feel hot or uncomfortable due to the lack of the airflow. The breathability is still guaranteed to be the best in the long run.

The structure of this tent is reinforced by 4 metal stakes on each side of the tent. There should be no worries about the construction as it is durable and stable enough.

6- WolfWise Camping Shower Tent with Zipper

Camping Shower Tent with Zipper

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Here comes another camping shower tent from WolfWise. It comes with a beautiful pink color which serves as a great choice for a female shower or bathroom tent. It features a zipper design, and it will never allow anyone else to open the tent from the outside. This ensures the best of your personal privacy.

It features a large storage bag inside the tent, and users can use this storage space to hold many things, such as clothes, facial cleanser and shower gel. If you need to dry the wet clothes or other things, you can also hang it outside of the tent with convenience.

The tent is built with a high quality floor mat which is made from mesh. This prevents you from getting direct contact with the dirty ground. Moreover, it also includes a wide range of ventilation holes to get the best airflow inside.

The tent is made from 190T polyester fabric, and it is resistant to sun, water, rain and any other harsh weather conditions. It can eliminate up to 98% of all the UV rays, so that you will never get tanned if staying inside this tent.

5- GigaTent Shower Tent

Shower tent with drain

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This is another model of camping shower tent from GigaTent. It features a pop-up design, and it serves as a shower or changing room for you no matter in what condition. It is compatible with both indoor and outdoor environments.

For the installation, there is no need to use the poles to help with the installation. It simply pops up to serve your demand quickly and easily. With this portable and flexible function, it is suitable for users to collaborate with it at the beach or camping sites.

After you are finished with the job inside the tent, you can fold the tent into a smaller size and store it in the carry case provided. This makes it much more convenient for you to move onto the next camping destination.

4- DUPONT UV-resistant Shower Tent

uv resistant Shower Tent

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DUPONT also offers us with one of the best camping shower tents. It offers the protection functions in many areas, such as waterproof, rain proof and sun proof. It can block about 98% of all the UV rays, so that you will never get harmed by the harsh sunlight. The tent is set up in order to give you the private clothes for changing clothes or taking shower.

The tent features a pop up design, which is easy and convenient for both assembly and disassembly processes. The whole setup can take as short as only seconds to get it ready. Moreover, after folding up, it is so small and compact that it will never consume much space for your personal belongings.

The design is also practical since there is an interior pocket to store the essential items, such as keys and smartphones. A screen window is also included for the maximum ventilation.

3- Lightspeed Outdoors Zippered Shower Tent

Shower tent with floor

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This camping shower tent from Lightspeed Outdoor is also reliable. It features a fast setup process with a variety of great features to make it convenient. These features include the use of telescoping poles as well as the large zippered door. The ten is made from PU, and it is coated with water resistant materials to ensure the best safety for you during the rainy day.

The floor design of this tent is also outstanding. The reason is that it can be used in the up or down mode in order to serve as the shelf for many items. These items include towels and clothes. The window for this tent is located on the rooftop, and it features a zippered design, so that you can open to allow more ventilation inside.

2- WolfWise Mesh Top Shower Tent

Best Outdoor Shower Tent

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What about this camping shower tent from WolfWise? It is available in two color designs, which are blue and green. This tent is made from high quality polyester, and it offers a spacious interior for you to take shower, change clothes and get ready for the potty job. It is compatible with even a tall man, and it ensures that you will never touch the head.

It features a mesh top along with few other windows that come with zippered closure. This enables up to 360 degrees of ventilation, which means the air comes from all angles. Moreover, it provides us with the UV and water protection functions. It can deter up to 60% of the UV rays during the day time.

The tent itself is supported by a steel frame, and this is to reinforce the structure for the best durability and stability in the long run. Both of the installation and disassembly processes can take as short as seconds only.

1- Ozark Trail Shower Tent with 2 Rooms

Ozark Trail Shower Tent with 2 Room

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Last but not least, we should not forget this camping shower tent from Ozark Trial. It is designed ideally for outdoor usage, and it offers 2 rooms for 2 people to use it at the same time. The tent is made for a wide range of purposes, including changing clothes and taking showers.

And, this one provides a strong and durable construction. However, it still features a breathable structure which allows you to enjoy the best ventilation inside. It is built with a screen window, which you can open to allow the air flowing inside.

The whole structure is also supported by 4 stakes. Regardless of how strong the wind is, you can still stay inside with the best confidence. Therefore, it is highly recommended for you to own this one camping shower tent at the camping site.

Buying Guides

Safety is always a priority while going outdoors. However, when it comes to choosing a good camping shower tent, we should also look at some other features besides safety. These features include:

Material: the tent should be built from high quality materials to support the construction. A good tent is usually made from 190T or 200T polyester fabric which is durable and breathable. Also, the structure is reinforced by the use of steel or metal to make it more durable and stable in the long run.

Protection: a good shower tent comes with a variety of protections. It should protect the tent from getting opened from the outside while you are staying inside. Also, it should be protective against extreme UV rays, water and rain. This is very important in the outdoor environment.

Pop-up design: this is the most desired part of a shower tent since it allows you to have a super easy installation process. There is no need to assemble as it can pop up itself.

Ventilation window: it should include a side or rooftop window which can be opened to get the airflow inside. This maximizes the breathability and your personal safety as well.

Carry bag: a good tent also includes a carrying bag for you to store the tent inside after folding up. This is for storage and transportation purposes.


In conclusion, we have gone through the top 10 best camping shower tents. It is a wise choice to have one in order to let you take shower and change clothes conveniently in this private space. This is for not only once or twice, but it is designed to accommodate your demand for many years ahead.

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