The 10 Best Carbon Steel Woks in 2021

If you are beginning to build your kitchen collection, we recommend you to start off with some basic household utensils like a carbon steel wok. It is a must-have item that is necessary for your daily cooking as it can be used to accommodate many kinds of recipes especially stir fry dishes. There are plenty of options available on the market both the traditional and the upgraded versions which rise a challenge to your decision making. To help you with that, we have organized a list of top 10 carbon steel wok that you can choose from.

List of the 10 Best Carbon Steel Woks in 2021

#10. Souped Up Recipes Carbon Steel Wok

Carbon Steel Wok For Gas Stoves and Electric Stove

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Let’s take a look at this black steel wok from Souped Up Recipes. This wok has a flat bottom with a size of 12.5 diameters, the construction is made from the premium quality carbon steel which is the most popular material used for making work in this modern era. This material makes the wok much lighter than the traditional ones and it has a wooden handle which is very easy for handling when you cook and prevent your hand from getting burned. On top of that, it is also a time-efficient option as it gets heated very fast compared to other materials.

For the application, this wok was tested for its suitability to work on various settings such as gas ranges, electric and induction stove including many other heating sources that you already have at home. If you are familiar with the casted iron or stainless-steel wok, this one is even better. For comparison, this product can offer all the benefits and exclude the pitfalls of the mentioned work types. Moreover, the package comes with many attached wok accessories such as a beautiful wooden lid and one metal spatula. Adding to that, you can also check out the video instructions for usage, care, and recipes that this wok can accommodate on youtube.

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#9. Craft Wok Carbon Steel

Frying wok carbon steel

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If you are into the Chinese traditional wok inspired design, check out this handcrafted 100% authentic steel wok from Craft Wok. Keep in mind that this traditional wok comes with a round bottom so it cannot be used with an induction stove or electric stove that has a flat surface but works perfectly with the traditional brick stove or open fire. Before each use, always remember to season it well to enhance the flavor of your food. It has a measurement of 15 gauge which is great to accommodate many recipes ranging from deep fry, soup preparation, steam dumplings, and you can also use it as a smoker.

What makes this work very special is it was passionately hand hammered by the group of professionals located in Guangzhou. The design of the wok comes with the helper handle that offers convenience in handling and storage. In addition to that, the handle has a wooden coat that allows you to have a tight and non-slippery grip for your safety when you are trying to flip or toss the stir fry and these reasons make it the choice of most local Chinese restaurants.

#8. Yosukata Black Carbon Steel Wok

Japanese quality carbon steel wok

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Now, let us have your attention on this Japanese quality wok from Yosukata. This pow wok was specially crafted from industrial grade carbon steel in black color with a flat base design of 13.5 inches that makes the application suitable with many kinds of stove. On top of that, the construction was designed to lock the authentic flavor and the juice from the seasoning, ingredient, and meat so you will be able to discover the original and rich flavor of Asian dishes without having to go to the restaurant.

There is no need to season it before use, this wok is ready to use after unpacked because it was already pre-seasoned by the professionals using their exclusive method with the highest temperatures. It is quite easy to cook various dishes no matter if it’s deep-frying, braising, or pan-frying using this wok, as it comes with a wooden handle that helps to secure the grip and protect your hand from burning. For care instructions, you should let it cool before washing using a soft sponge in hot water and let it dry properly before storing it.

#7. Mammafong Carbon Steel Wok with Wood Handle

Wood handle cooking wok

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Let’s check out a neatly-polished and aesthetic wok from Mamma Song. If you do not want to bother seasoning the wok before use, this pre-seasoned carbon steel wok is a great option. You do not have to worry about safety as there is no chemical spray used in the coating process, the coat was sealed by natural oil heated at a high temperature which results in a smooth and non-stick surface that gradually builds up the flavor layers the more you cook using this wok.

During the crafting process, the steel was baked twice in the oven for the purpose of making the natural oil penetrate very deep into the steel and also to make the construction durable for long-term use. The smooth and non-stick result from the baking process normally takes a few months of regular use to achieve the same result. Talking about the application, this work has a flat bottom that you can let it sit on any kind of stove whether it is a gas, electric, or open fire.

#6. Mammafong Carbon Steel Wok

wok made of steel carbon and wood handle

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Mammafong introduces you to another traditional Chinese pow wok with a round bottom. This round bottom design is very popular among the Chinese chef as it allows them to toss and flip easily to make the ingredient blend well together. This hand-hammered wok was specially made by a group of craftsmen located in Guangdong, the steel material is very durable which makes it ideal for the busy kitchens.

It is a very wise idea to equip your kitchen with this wok as it can give you incredible health benefits. You will not be required to put a lot of oil when cooking as it has a non-stick surface and non-toxic coating that allows you to cook healthy dishes for your loved ones. Adding to that, the steel material allows the food to get heated pretty fast with even distribution of the heat to the wok surface which is the secret to making a crunchy, smokey, and flavorful stir fry. This set can also be a great gift to the chef or cooking enthusiast friend or family of yours.

#5. Mammafong High Quality Steel Carbon Wok

Steal carbon wok

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If you are looking for an easy application, you have come to the right place. This wok from Mamma Fong has a flat base so you do not have to stress over getting a new stove that is suitable for use with this traditional wok as it works perfectly with any type of stovetop. The bottom has a size of 14 inches which is not too big or too small for home use.

At the same time, it is also known as a built-to-last work as it was crafted using high-quality steel along with the authentic designed artwork of the craftsmen of Guangdong province in China.

This work allows fast but even heat distribution which helps to retain the moisture and freshness of the food. If we look into the detail of the material, the grey carbon steel of 16-gauge is neatly polished. Attached to that is the wooden handle that was secured by fastening two screws to give it strength to hold the wok construction. Unlike other frying pans, this wok gets better each time you use it and it is ready to serve you for a lifetime.

#4. Ken Hom Excellence Range Steel Wok

Excellence Range Carbon Wok

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Here we have another reliable carbon steel wok from Ken Hom which is a brand that has been supplying the cookware since 1986. This one is an excellent choice for those who love Asian cuisine as it is specifically designed for making the traditional Asian dishes. If we look into its construction, this work was made from a combination of carbon steel that was tempered using a very high temperature in order to enhance its long-lasting durability and also add value to the flavor. It was made with passion and care by the manufacturer that can be shown in its thoughtful design of flat bottom and rubberwood handle for your safety.

You definitely do not have to worry about the quality that it can offer as the product was tested for its safety of use and the ability to withstand high heat. To check the authenticity of the product, you can find the verified seal of approval by the brand attached to each wok.

#3. Joyce Chen Classic Series Carbon Steel Wok Set

4-Piece wok

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Let us walk you through another promising wok from Joyce Chen for your kitchen use. This is a wok that every Asian family cannot live without as it features the components that are necessary to lock the flavor of the ingredient when cooking. Moreover, it comes as a set of one 14 inches steel wok with a round base, a dome lid, 12 inches spatula made from bamboo, and also a recipe handbook to give you ideas of what can be made using this wok.

For its material, this work was made from 2mm gauge steel so suitable for enabling the heat to disperse very quickly to the surface but thick enough to maintain the hot temperature after you turn the gas off. Keep in mind that this work requires you to season it well before use to ensure its best performance. Additionally, it comes with a stay-cool handle made from birchwood including the birchwood lid knob which is the perfect combination for making a healthy and tasty meal.

#2. Yosukata Pre-Seasoned Carbon Steel Wok Pan

14 “ Woks and Stir Frying Pan

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Do not forget to check out this traditional wok which was manufactured by a Japanese company called Yosukata. After purchasing this wok, you are one step closer to savoring endless delicious traditional Asian dishes at home with your family. You can make plenty of recipes using this wok, it was made from carbon steel with natural oil coating tempered by the high temperature which results in a smooth and non-stick finish. Since it was pre-seasoned, you do not have to worry about doing this job by yourself that could cause permanent damage to the surface if you do it incorrectly.

Despite the heavy-duty material used for its construction, this wok is super lightweight and easy to handle. It has a handle made from beechwood that allows you to grip it comfortably and securely which is great in preventing slippage.

#1. Joyce Chen Flat Bottom Wok

Standard Metal wok

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This steel wok from Joyce Chen offers great versatility in application. It comes with a flat base of 14 inches which works great for any stovetop. The industrial-grade 2 mm carbon steel is accompanied by the handle helper and one handle with a phenolic coat to prevent you from an accidental burn. For storage purposes, you can also use the handle helper to hang it in your kitchen which is very convenient and saves you a lot of space.

The surface was not pre-seasoned so you will need to season it well before each use. For usage instruction, this wok comes with a protective coat and it is important to remove the coat before using the wok. The coat can be removed by boiling 2/3 of water inside the wok for 5 to 7 minutes before pouring it out and rinsing off with warm soapy water.

What makes the best wok?

Bottom design

When you are stuck whether to choose a round or flat bottom, think about what kind of stove you have at home. If you have an induction or electric stove, getting a round bottom wok is a disaster because it reflects the heat back which causes damage to the element.

The convenience of use

There are many criteria to consider when it comes to this matter. It is better to choose a non-stick and readily pre-seasoned wok if you are not familiar with the seasoning process. Moreover, to eliminate the stress if it has easy care instructions and accessories attached to the package, this is the option that you should go with.


Choosing the right cookware is very important for every chef and housewife. Therefore, it is necessary to read through the recommended carbon steel woks including the buying guide to prevent making a wrong purchase which is a waste of both money and time.

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