The 10 Best Cat Doors for Windows in 2021

If you own cats at your home, you they live moving in and out of the house a lot. For that, you don’t have time to be their door guards. Therefore, it’s an ideal to have a cat door for window at your home. You just need to install the cat door at your house’s window, your cat will be able to go in and out easily. The door is also designed to be flexible and keep your door close all the time. If you feel like having one or two at your home now, you can check them out below.

List of the 10 Best Cat Doors for Window in 2021

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8. CATOOP Pet Dog Cat Screen Door, Pet Screen Door Protector for Sliding Door with Automatic Lock

 CATOOP Pet Dog Cat Screen Door, Pet Screen Door Protector for Sliding Door, Automatic Lock/Lockable:

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Equipped with automatic lock, this cat door protector work excellently to make sure pets are safe. After you set up this cat door, you can stay stress-free about the pets going out of your home during the night. They would find great convenience in entering and leaving out on their own. The best thing about this screen door is it can flawlessly fit all windows screens and also the sliding patio panel glass doors. There would be no hassles to use this pet screen door protector for long duration and the installation hassles are almost zero. Its effortless working mechanism allows your pets to push or close the door on their own.


  • The anti-scratch and knife-resistant features of this pet window screen decrease the effect of direct sunlight radiation. In this way, your pet gets ultimate protection against harmful UV light, rain, wind, and other environmental conditions.
  • Its flap opening size is 8.25″ w x 10.4″ h, suitable for tiny cats and dogs.
  • This screen door’s design works conveniently for all doors. With the help of built-in glass door windows, sliding door, screen areas, your pets can enter and exit easily.
  • Implementation of the magnetic flap closures facilitates automatic close and lock functionality. With the help of an included magnet, the door would automatically shut down when a pet leaves.
  • It is quite simple to install this cat door; simply fix it with screws and use it as per the provided instructions.
  • During the manufacturing process, there is the use of superior quality ABS material, particularly mesh yarns. Generally, the mesh yarn is prepared from expensive materials and found to be durable.
  • This pet screen door protector is exclusively designed for screen windows/doors and screened areas to facilitate easy entry and exit.

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7. Namsan Pet Screen Door – Pet Window Screen Dog Door Screen Door for Cats & Dogs

 Namsan Pet Screen Door - Pet Window Screen Dog Door Screen Door for Cats Dogs:

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Suitable for cats and dogs, the pet screen door from Namsan is intended to let your pet move in and out freely. Keeping in mind the hassles pet owner usually face from, Namsan works relentlessly to make its pet window screen products the best. This pet screen door is the ideal combination of quality, style, safety, and price. When you follow detailed installation instructions, the pet window screen would easily fit on your door or window. Its simple and safe design streamlines the process of installation and avoids the issues of pet screen door falling off from the window screen. In case you want a separated house for your cat, you can check out one of the Best Outdoor Cat Houses as well.


  • This Namsan pet screen door comes with the dangling wire mesh, constructed from a high-impact plastic material to enhance durability.
  • To control the pet’s access, the screen door is equipped with a sliding lock.
  • Its setup is so easy that the frame would directly mount across any standard screen door. This type of arrangement offers an isolated and elegant entrance for your cat or dog.
  • With the assistance of magnetic flap closures, the screen would attach firmly with the strong seal when not in use.
  • To withstand everyday use, this pet screen door is constructed from strong plastic and ABS materials. These materials would not get affected due to extreme temperatures.
  • It comes with the advanced slide lock which is well-built and simple to use.

6. Window Sash Pet Door with locking cat flap by Ideal Pet Products

 37"-42" Window Sash Pet Door with locking cat flap by Ideal Pet Products:

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Whenever you get fed up being the door man for your cat or dog and wish to facilitate easy entrance/exit, go for this pet door with a flap. Ideal Pet Products prepared this pet accessory in elegant style to upgrade the decor of your home. Pet owners will certainly admire the easy installation process because there is no need for extra tools to install it. One of the best aspects about this pet accessory is there is no need to cut a hole in your wall or door for the setup to complete. You just require single or double hung windows in order to use this pet door. In case, you already have these kinds of windows, it is extremely easy to install it.


  • This window sash pet door with locking flap features superior quality white finish aluminum construction. With the help of this sturdy construction, your pet would stay safe.
  • It can installs effortlessly into the majority of the sash windows of different styles. There is no need to use tools for the installation process.
  • In this pet accessory, included flaps are made up from a hard clear plastic material. Besides, the flaps come with 3-way locks to enable easy entry and exit.
  • Overall, the entire unit is well-built, sturdy, and would not break easily.

5. SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap

 SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap:

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Whenever you want to equip your door or window with the smart pet screen, go for this product without any doubt. Basically, the SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap utilizes the prevailing identification microchip of your cat to work as the electronic door key. This type of door key provides hassle-free access to your pet and keeps away the unwanted visitors from entering inside. Any small to medium size cats can conveniently access this Microchip Cat Flap. With the availability of proper mounting accessories, this pet flap can be easily installed in walls, doors or windows.


  • This microchip cat flap is found compatible with 9, 10 and 15 digit microchips.
  • The operation is battery powered so you can shift this pet accessory to other doors/windows.
  • There is no need of collar or tag for its operation.
  • When closed, the flap door feels secure and provides complete safety to your cat.
  • Following the instructions properly will help you to program it easily.
  • According to their convenience, cats can enter or exit the doors/windows on their own.

4.  Cat Door Pet Doors by PetCitrus – 4 Way Locking Flap

  Cat Door Pet Doors by PetCitrus - 4 Way Locking Flap:

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A cat door works well if there is the use of sturdy and high-quality materials in its manufacturing process. The automatic lock type cat door from PetCircus Cat Flap Door uses the highest quality materials to present excellent strength and stability. Any small cats, kitten or massive cat can easily access this pet door without any trouble. The best characteristic about this 4-way locking flap is it offers instant access to your pet. Furthermore, intruders would not be able to gain access, so your pets are under complete safety. If your cat like scratching so much, you can also get one of these cat nail clippers to solve that.


  • The construction of this locking flap uses a durable ABS plastic screen equipped with a magnetic closure. This screen is large in size and designed to be weatherproof.
  • With the help of 4-way locking, pet owners need not play doorman whenever pet wishes to go out.
  • In order to lock your pet, the mechanism is quite easy. You can choose from the four locking options i.e. in only, out only, in and out and fully closed. In this way, the cat will feel complete freedom of access in your home.
  • It is quite easy to install this lock flap in doors, windows, walls, and cupboards panels.
  • This cat door is suitable for garage door too.
  • Quick access to outdoors allows the cats to stay fit and exercise their body. In this way, this cat door makes sure cats stay fit and reduces the odds of obesity.

3. Patio Pacific Inc. Thermo Sash 2 with Small Plastic Pet Door

3. Patio Pacific Inc. Thermo Sash 2 with Small Plastic Pet Door:

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This small plastic pet door is excellent for cats and small dogs to provide easy access across doors or windows.  Generally, pets prefer to gain freedom in the house and this plastic pet door fulfills this need. Pet owners will definitely admire the instant and hassle-free installation for your cats or dogs. One of the appealing qualities about this pet door is it comes with spring-loaded frame, so there is no need of tools for installation. Patio Pacific Inc. prepared this small pet door to eliminate the installation hassles in your home. To accommodate cats and dogs of different sizes, this plastic pet door is ideal.


  • To fit the majority of the sash windows of different designs, the pet door’s width is adjustable. You can adjust the width up to 3 inches due to its spring-loaded design. This unique design employs a comfortable weather-tight fit.
  • The package includes a plastic pet door, sash window mount, and locking door cover.
  • In this plastic pet door, the aluminum frame is durable and rust-resistant.
  • There is no requirement of cutting or drilling; within a few seconds, the installation can be completed.
  • The package comes with a door cover that snaps into a fixed place. This cover presents excellent control whenever pet wishes to enter or exit.

2. Depets Large Cat Door with 4 Way Locking

 Depets Large Cat Door (Outer Size 9.9" x 9.2") with 4 Way Locking:

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Cats will be delighted when you offer them the ultimate freedom to move in and out of your house. With the help of this Depets Large cat door, cats can freely enter and exit across your doors and windows. When you look at the structure of this large cat door, you will be stunned to watch its thoughtful design. Basically, it comes with the transparent flap to allow pet owner glance inside the door.  The customers who used this cat door expressed that it can install perfectly on doors and thin walls


  • The Depets large cat door’s exterior screen is made waterproof to protect your cats from rain, water or moisture.
  • Brush strip works to decrease noise and energy loss. It facilitates silent action without making any noise.
  • It comes with four independent modes to lock the pet screen door in a proper manner. The names of the four modes are in only, out only, both in and out, and fully locked.
  • Long-term use is guaranteed with the use of ABS plastic; this material is durable and weather-resistant.

1. Ideal Pet Products Aluminum Sash Window Pet Door

 Ideal Pet Products Aluminum Sash Window Pet Door:

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The high-quality aluminum based construction and ease of installation are the paramount specialties of this pet door. Ideal Pet Products made it design unique to install effortlessly into different kinds of sash windows.  Without much training, cats can easily learn how to open it and close it. In total, there are three window sizes available to fit this cat door perfectly. Occasionally, the need arises to allow exit but prevent the entry of cat. In such circumstances, this cat door works perfectly. The exceptional quality about this pet door comes with the side window panes to let the pet owners look inside.


  • This pet door comes with superior quality white finish type aluminum construction to enhance durability.
  • The flap size is 6-1/4-inch x 6-1/4-inch and the magnetic flap closure guarantees a sturdy seal while the door is not in use
  • It comes with three window sizes and the sizes can be easily adjusted. You can effortlessly adjust the width from 23-inch to 27-inch, 27-inch to 32-inch and 33-inch to 38-inch.
  • This cat door is exclusively designed for sash windows and is equipped with a spring-loaded locking slide along with transparent vinyl flap.

Final call

Being a pet owner, you can ensure hassle-free movement of cat and dog in and out of your house with the help of a high-quality pet door for windows.  Most of them come with sturdy construction and elegant design to allure pets to use it.

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