Top 10 Best Ceramic Pet Water Fountains in 2021

There are many types of water fountains for pets. However, the ceramic pet water fountain is one of the most outstanding ones due to the fact that it guarantees 3 things: durability, safety, and hygiene. No matter in what situation, it still takes good care of your dog and cat by providing safe drinking water.

So, in this article, we are going to explore more about the top 10 best ceramic pet water fountains. If you want to have an easy and convenient shopping experience, do not forget to take a look at our buying guide at the end of the article.

List Of The Top 10 Best Ceramic Pet Water Fountains in 2021

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10. Wonder Creature Ceramic Pet Water Fountain with 360-degree Stream

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First of all, we have this ceramic pet water fountain from Wonder Creature. The design of this water fountain prioritizes three things, which are safety, hygiene, and durability. It is made from high-quality porcelain, and it is resistant to all scratches on the surface. It will never let any bacteria stay on the surface as well.

This water fountain features an extremely silent water flow. The noise level is even below 40dB during the operation, and you will never find it becoming a distraction to you. It is based on low voltage, and it is environmentally friendly.

The water fountain is equipped with a dual filtration system. This makes the water filter process more efficient and effective. It can eliminate all the dirt and hair in the water. Thanks to the 360-degree stream, the pet can enjoy the water from any angles that you prefer with convenience.

9. iPettie Ceramic Pet Water Fountain with Dual Filtration

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Next, we should take a look at this pet water fountain from iPettie. It is made from health material, which is the natural ceramic, and it ensures to be non-toxic and environmentally friendly. This provides more oxygen into the water, and therefore, the water is healthier to the dog.

The fountain is made with a dual filtration system. It automatically stops all the hair and dirt from going into the water and maintaining the cleanliness of the water to serve the dog. Moreover, the chemical filtration process is responsible for eliminating all the unwanted odors in the water.

This fountain is operated in a quiet mode. It comes with the waterproof level of IP68, and you will never hear any sound from the motor. The only sound that you can hear from this fountain is the fact that the water is dripping into the bowl.

The fountain is built with a large capacity at up to 71oz or 2.1 liters. This enables the pet to drink for up to 2 weeks without having to replace it. Also, the setup process is easy enough with a few steps only.

8. Cepheus 70 oz Ceramic Pet Water Fountain

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Another choice of a good pet water fountain is from Cepheus. It is made with high-quality ceramic, and it features a large capacity of 70oz. The material is not toxic, and it is so strong and durable that it can serve the pet for many years. There is no sound to distract you in this water fountain since the noise level is even lower than 40dB.

This water fountain is compatible with small pets, such as small dogs and cats. It is responsible for providing the freshest water no matter in what condition. There will be no dust, dirt, hair, and odor in the water. The surface design makes it compatible with 360 degrees so that the pet can fully enjoy it from any angles they prefer.

The water fountain system is detachable, and therefore, you can remove the parts in order to have an easy cleaning process. A weekly cleaning habit is demanded for this water fountain.

7. Wonder Creature Ceramic Pet Water Fountain

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Here comes another pet water fountain from Wonder Creature. It comes with a classic design, yet it features highly durable construction to support the structure. Users will never have to worry about any scratches on the surface of this water fountain. Also, there should be no concerns about the bacteria as well.

The operation of this water fountain is extremely quiet. The water fountain can be operated on a noise level of lower than 40dB. This means that there will never be any unpleasant sound to distract you while you are working in the house. The fountain also integrates a dual filtration system to eliminate all the hair and dirt in the water.

Moreover, in this package, there is a cleaning brush for you to do the cleanup easily. The assembly and disassembly process should take only a few minutes in order for the water fountain to get ready for serving the dog and cat from days to days.

The stream is in 360-degree directions, and therefore, the pet can enjoy it from any angle that they would love to.

6. PetSafe Free-falling Ceramic Pet Water Fountain

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PetSafe is also one of the best pet water fountain providers. This water fountain comes with a capacity of 70oz to hold the water for medium and small-sized dogs and cats. Thanks to the free-falling system, it enables the water to contain rich nutrition and oxygen. This always ensures the freshness of the water, and therefore, the pet would love it to the best.

This water fountain is also responsible for filtering water, ensuring that there is no bad taste and odor inside the drinking water for the pet. There are 2 bowls, and they are designed at different levels. This provides the pet more flexibility in choosing their drinking position.

More importantly, the design of this water fountain prioritizes hygiene. Also, the top shelf of the water fountain can be washed by a dishwasher. With the experience in the field for so many years, PetSafe guarantees to provide you with the best pet product quality.

5. Pioneer Pet Ceramic Pet Water Fountain with USB

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Moving onto this pet water fountain from Pioneer Pet, it comes with elegant white color design. It offers the healthiest drinking water ever that is super attractive and appealing to the pet. It comes with a capacity of 80 ounces, and it is compatible with both single pet homes and multiple pet homes.

The water fountain is equipped with a charcoal filter, and this filtration system is responsible for purifying the water for the pets. It is equipped with a USB connection to promote an extremely quiet process.

After using it, it is also very easy to clean since the parts are dishwasher safe. If you have been using it for too long, and you have found that it does not work properly, you can take advantage of the replacement charcoal filter provided in the package.

Even after the purchase, you can still contact the customer service for support.

4. Cepheus Free-falling Pet Water Fountain

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Now, it’s time for us to give our attention to this pet water fountain from Cepheus. It is made with porcelain, and it comes with a capacity of 70oz. It features a free-falling design, and the water flow process automatically adds more oxygen into the water to make it fresh and healthy for the pets.

The water fountain is based on a low noise operation with the noise level of only 38dB. This means that you can have a peaceful day and night if you decide to work with this water fountain. It is also equipped with a dual circulation system to circulate the freshwater continuously.

Moreover, if you hope to clean the water fountain, the whole process is easy enough because you can detach the parts and have the dishwasher clean it up for you. With a multidirectional stream, the pets are encouraged to drink the water from any directions.

#3. Pioneer Pet Pet Water Fountain with Charcoal Filter

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Here comes another pet water fountain from Pioneer Pet. It features water circulation to make the water fresh for daily drinking. The fountain features a capacity of 128oz, and it is equipped with a charcoal filtration system. This is to make sure that the water is pure and healthy for daily drinking.

The parts of this water fountain are removable, and they are safe for a dishwasher. This saves you a lot of time and energy from doing the cleaning on your own. However, users are not required to do the washing too frequently. Weekly washing is okay to make this water fountain clean enough for the pets to use on a daily basis.

The water fountain is available in 3 color designs, which are black, white, and stainless steel colors.

2. Vekonn Safe Pet Water Fountain

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For this pet water fountain from Vekonn, it is designed with the best safety and durability. It is made from porcelain, and it will never have any scratches on the surface as it is resistant to scratching. It also introduces a high level of hygiene to maintain the healthiness of the pet.

Moreover, it is equipped with 3 carbon filters, and they are there to make sure that the water is pure and fresh enough. Both the installation and disassembly processes are easy and fast, which takes you only minutes to get it ready for usage.

Also, the water fountain does not include any noise in the whole operation. The noise level is maintained below 40dB so that users will barely hear it during the day and night. Also, the water fountain comes with multidirectional streams to ensure that the pet can drink from all directions.

1. PetSafe Pet Water Fountain with 5 Fallin Streams

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Last but not least, we should not miss this pet water fountain from PetSafe. It is designed with a high water capacity, which is up to 128oz to serve the pet on a daily basis. There are 5 falling streams, and this enables the pets to have more drinking water. The operation is quiet enough, and it will never distract both of the pets and the pet owners.

With a high-quality water filtration system, it can eliminate all the odor and taste, and therefore, the water is so fresh that the pets would definitely fall in love with it. The water fountain features several streams, and they can have the water flow in many directions.

After using it, it is super easy for cleaning because it is safe with a dishwasher. Users can rely on the dishwasher to do all the cleanup without spending much energy, time, and effort. It is also BPA free.

Buying Guides

To take good care of your pet, it is important to choose a good pet water fountain because water is the most important component of the pet’s body. However, the decision-making process is easy enough if you simply follow the tips below.

Durability: a good pet water fountain is highly durable to withstand the daily usage by pets. In this case, it should be made of high-quality ceramic, and the surface should be resistant to all scratches introduced by the pets.

Hygiene: to ensure the best hygiene, a good water fountain is equipped with a water filtration system. This ensures that the water will never contain any contaminants, such as dirt, dust, and hair. Also, it will never include any strange taste and odor inside as well.

Freshness: a good water fountain guarantees the freshness of the water by continuing to add more and more oxygen into the water.

Multidirectional stream: regularly, an outstanding pet water fountain design features a 360-degree multidirectional stream, so that the dog and cat can drink it from any angles that they want. This also maximizes their comfort while drinking water as well.


To sum up, for this article, we have provided you with the top 10 best ceramic pet water fountains. We hope that the dog and cat of yours can have a healthy living environment by having safe drinking water on a daily basis. If you have found your desired water fountain, please do not hesitate to purchase it now.

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