The 10 Best Child Shoulder Carriers in 2021

Are you looking forward to bringing your baby outdoors? It should not be a problem for you to carry the baby with your hands as a child shoulder carrier comes into place. Unlike front or back carriers, this shoulder carrier will not add a burden to your body, and it will not make you feel heavy as well. To accommodate your demand, our team has done research on the topic, and we would like to introduce you to the top 10 best shoulder carriers for children. The last section of the article will include some buying advice.

List of the 10 Best Child Shoulder Carriers in 2021

#10. OE Child Shoulder Carrier for Hiking and Travelling

Hiking Carrier For Child and Toddler with Sunshade and Detachable Backpack

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This child carrier on shoulder from OE is a smart option for all parents. This carrier is designed for children with a height between 15 and 23 inches, which is between 1 and 5 years old. The reason why this shoulder carrier is for children at this age is that they are too heavy for both back and front carriers.

The shoulder carrier serves as a great alternative, and it even allows parents to have a better view and care of their children. It is dedicated to serving you for a wide range of outdoor applications, including walking, traveling as well as hiking. After you have finished with the shoulder carrier, it is foldable to a much smaller size, and parents can take it as either a diaper or a hiking bag. Such a multifunctional design of the shoulder carrier makes it ideal for all outdoor usage.

#9. MUQG Baby and Child Shoulder Carrier

Toddler Hiking Backpack Saddle

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MUGG is another reliable brand when it comes to choosing a child shoulder carrier. This carrier features an adjustable fit using the waist belt. The waist belt has an ergonomic design, and it is built-in with ankle cuffs to ensure the best safety for the children. With this ankle cuff on, the children are guaranteed to have the minimum amount of accidents.

Moreover, it comes with a seat saddle, which ensures the best comfort for the kid and the parent at the same time. If the child’s weight reaches 44lbs or 20kg, it would be too heavy or cause shoulder pain after long hours of carrying. However, this problem is solved due to the integration of a shoulder strap to provide the cushion on the shoulder.

This shoulder carrier is designed for children between the age of 2 – 5 years old. It is compatible with a variety of purposes, including hiking, walking in the theme park, and enjoying a day in the zoo.

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#8. ClevrPlus Child Carrier on Shoulder

Hiking Child Carrier

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There are many color options for this child’s shoulder carrier from ClevrPlus. These colors include blue, red, orange, grey, and green. The design of this shoulder carrier is both lightweight and comfortable since it has a weight of only 5.5lbs. It is comfortable even after you have carried the baby for many hours already.

In addition, it features large storage space. Apart from the baby, it also includes plenty of room for the baby items, including bottles, diapers, changing pads, and other items. It even provides a sun canopy that can keep the baby as well as the carrier protected in case there is rain. When the baby falls asleep, parents can take advantage of the safety belts as well as foot stirrups in order to make the baby stay safe in place.

This baby shoulder carrier is suitable for the baby between 9 and 48 months old with a maximum weight of 33lbs. Last but not least, it has a 1-year warranty to cover the quality of the product.

#7. Piggyback Rider Child Shoulder Carrier

Scout Standing Child and Toddler Carrier Backpack

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If you want to travel outdoors with your young children, remember to get a child shoulder carrier from Piggyback Rider. This child carrier set comes with a rider carrier and a safety harness. It is suitable for children at age between 2 and 4 years old, and the maximum loading capacity for the baby is 50lbs.

This child carrier is just ideal for a wide range of outdoor activities, including shopping, hiking, and other special events outdoors. With this carrying tool, you can have the back to take a rest until it is ready for the backpack carrying again. This carrier is just adjustable among all sizes to maximize the comfort for parents to carry the children.

It is lightweight enough with its overall weight at even less than 3lbs. Moreover, the engineering design of this carrier is outstanding as it can be folded for super convenient storage after you no longer need it.

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#6. ClevrPlus Child Carrier on Shoulder

Baby Carrier for Hiking

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This ClevrPlus child shoulder carrier offers more than adequate convenience to parents. This carrier is available in 2 color designs, which are heather gray and olive green. Its design targets 2 main features, which are lightweight and comfortable. Even after you have been working with it for hours long, you can still enjoy the best comfort. This is thankful for various features, such as padded straps and hip belts.

This shoulder carrier has a large storage capacity. There is a removable diaper bag attached to this carrier, and it offers additional space for storage. There are various compartments that are large enough to accommodate many baby items, including diapers, changing pads, and bottles.

The carrier is suitable for any seasons since there are both of the sun canopy and rain cover provided in this set. It is even washable after you have used it several times outdoors. It remains soft and durable after washing or cleaning.

#5. ClevrPlus on Shoulder Child Carrier with Stand and Sun Shade Visor

Canyonero Camping Baby Backpack for Hiking

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This carrier is an essential for all parents. there are 3 colors for options, which are merlot red, midnight black, and true blue. The best thing about this child’s shoulder carrier is that it has a strong and durable construction using the most outstanding materials of all time. In this set, an additional changing pad is provided to serve the baby of yours better.

Moreover, the construction of this career involves an aluminum frame. The frame is super strong to accommodate your demands for many years ahead. Since it is designed ideally for an outdoor context, it is built of waterproof polyester to support all 4 seasons. There are also safety straps to maximize the amount of safety that your children can enjoy.

The child shoulder carrier is highly suitable for children from 9 to 48 months, and the maximum loading capacity for the carrier is 42lbs.

#4. Kelty Metal Frame Child Carrier on Shoulder

Kelty Journey Child Carrier on Shoulder

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It’s time for us to look at what this child shoulder carrier from Kelty has to offer. The shoulder carrier is available in 2 color options, which are dark color and insignia blue. For this child carrier, it is manufactured in the Philippines using the most outstanding material. There is a mesh pocket coming along with this shoulder carrier, and therefore, you can take advantage of the room in order to store more of the baby’s essentials.

This child’s shoulder carrier is constructed of an aluminum frame, and it is foldable when you are no longer in need of the shoulder carrier. The frame is lightweight enough to not become a burden to you when you need to carry the children for many hours. It can also be paired with a sunshade, but the sunshade is not included in this case. You can find it very easily in the shop. However, in this set, the drool pad is provided to make it much more convenient for the carrying job.

#3. Luvdbaby Child Carrier with Canopy

Premium Baby Backpack Carrier for Hiking with Kids

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Moving onto the next child shoulder carrier from Luvdbaby, it is constructed of polyester lining, and it uses a padded cocoon to provide the child with the best safety. It even includes a safety strap in order to secure the child in place when it comes to an outdoor environment. This shoulder carrier is dedicated to serving you for many hours, and therefore, it is heavily padded to maximize the amount of comfort.

There are a bunch of pockets built into this shoulder carrier, and therefore, you can have the baby items organized in where they belong. A large pocket is located in the bag, and it is just ideal for any items that you wish to store inside. What comes along with this shoulder carrier is a foldable diaper changing pad that allows you to work with the baby no matter in what situation.

The child shoulder carrier is constructed of 300D and 600D polyester materials to last for many years.

#2. TWO Shoulder Carrier Seat for Kids

Child Baby Travel Backpack Suitable for Outdoor Travel

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What about this children’s shoulder carrier from TWO? It is designed ideally for kids who have the age between 2 and 5 years old. With this shoulder carrier, it enables you to have a hand free operation, and as a result, you will not have any pressure on the hands and become a pain at last. The carrier is fully adjustable with the waistband design.

The waistband is ergonomic and comfortable at the same time while it secures a snug fit. Users can have it adjusted until feeling fully comfortable with the carrier. Moreover, there are ankle cuffs in this case, and this safety system helps maximize the safety standards for the children.

This shoulder carrier is compatible with a variety of occasions, including hiking, walking, and theme park trips.

#1. Chicco SmartSupport Backpack Carrier

Backpack Child Carrier with Canopy

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Meanwhile, here is a stellar shoulder carrier from Chicco. This shoulder carrier has an adjustable height using up to 5 points of the harness to make it fully adjusted to match with your size. The carrier is constructed using an aluminum frame, and this material is lightweight and strong at the same time.

The carrier is padded to maximize the amount of support when you have it on your shoulder. It even ensures a great ventilation quality to support you in all 4 seasons. The straps in both shoulder and waist areas are padded in order to make parents comfortable even if the carrying job of the baby continues for hours.

Last but not least, this child shoulder carrier is built-in with a kickstand to support the child in all occasions.

What to consider when buying the child carrier

The safety and comfort of your child always come first before anything else. This is the reason why parents should make a careful consideration before finally deciding on a child’s shoulder carrier since it is used for an outdoor purpose. Below are some considerations that you might want to take into account.

Construction: the most popular material used for the shoulder carrier frame is aluminum. This is because it is lightweight and durable at the same time. For the carrier’s body, many people prefer polyester or oxford fabric since it is soft and comfortable. In some cases, it is even waterproof for all weather conditions.

Safety straps: to secure the baby in place, the shoulder carrier should be built-in with a safety strap. However, the safety strap should be padded as well to maximize the comfort for the baby to enjoy all along the way.

Compatibility: a high-quality child shoulder carrier can usually accompany the children from 2 to 5 years old. This means that the loading capacity should not be less than 35lbs in order to support the children at all times.

Storage capacity: apart from the storage of the baby, the shoulder carrier should include a wide range of pockets in order to store baby items as well. These pockets are from a bunch of items, including bottles, diapers, keys and other items.

Weatherproof: this is another important feature since most child shoulder carriers include a sun canopy and raincoat to protect the baby. This is desirable when the rainy days eventually come.


In conclusion, above are the top 10 best child shoulder carriers. If the baby is no longer suitable for front and back carriers, it is time for you to get this shoulder carrier to accompany your baby growing up with the best comfort and convenience.

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