Top 10 Best Cloth Face Masks for Kid in 2021 Review

Wearing a facemask can help in more different ways. It helps in slowing the spread of COVID-19 and other seasonal flu and colds. Moreover, it also helps in decreasing the quantity of polluted air one breathes in. Masks are made using different clothes and some clothes are best for making a kid’s mask. Kids aged above 2 years should be wearing where physical distancing is an issue.

When in need of the best cloth face mask for a kid, check out on layers & breathability, shape/design, comfortable fit. Furthermore, check on durability and cost.

Cloth face masks for kids below are from DECOMEN, Crayola, Purian, ABG, Bloch, Perfect Life Ideas, and KIMBLE HEALTH.

Best Cloth Face Masks for Kid

#1. Halloween Face Mask

Kids Face Mask, Halloween Face Mask 4 PCS Reusable Face Mask Washable Cover for Halloween Party Supplies

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Halloween Face Mask is a 4 piece reusable face-mask with a washable cover. This face mask is suitable for Halloween party supplies. Additionally, this face mask comes with elastic ear-straps which contours to one’s face for the best fit. Moreover, this face mask also offers 99.9-percent UV-Protection and it’s made with Aqua aero-cool material which cools the face in the summertime. This face mask has anti-fluff/lint material after more washing.

Has perfect color printing
Best quality flexible fabric
Offers 99.9-percent UV-Protection

#2. Crayola Kids Face Mask

Crayola Kids Face Mask - 5 Reusable Cloth Face Masks Set, Craymoji, Back to School Supplies

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Crayola Kids Face Mask comes in a set of five pieces of reusable cloth face mask. Moreover, it has a unique color for everyday school. Furthermore, this facemask has a dual-layer material adult/teen face-mask. Additionally, it also has a 3D face-design. This mask offers a secure fit flexible ear straps & a nose-clip. Above all, this face mask is machine washable and comes with a mesh laundry bag.

  • Has dual-layer fabric
  • Comes with a name tag to keep-track
  • Has flexible ear straps

#3. Purian Kids Face Mask

Purian Kids Face Mask, Reusable with Adjustable Ear Straps, Premium Multi Layer Antimicrobial Cotton Fabric, Fits Toddlers to Teens

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Purian Kids Face Mask is reusable and comes with flexible ear straps. Additionally, this face mask comes in a pack of 2 reusable face-masks. It’s made using the best quality material & textiles. This makes it safe & offers comfortable protection. Moreover, this face mask has multi-layers of antimicrobial material. The more layers of best antimicrobial material out-perform the competitor masks. Furthermore, this black-cotton face mask is made using washable & reusable materials.

  • Comes with elastic ear-straps
  • Has multiple layers of antimicrobial material
  • Suitable for a kid, adult, and teen

#4. Kids Reusable Face Covering, Halloween Adjustable Mask

Kids Reusable Face Covering, 5pcs Halloween Pumpkin Adjustable M.ask, Pattern Cloth M.ask for Kids Ages 3-12

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Halloween Kid’s Face Mask comes in 4 pieces of reusable face mask with a washable cover. Additionally, this elastic ear-straps contours to one’s face to offer the best fit. Furthermore, this face mask offers 99.9-percent UV-protection. It also has aqua aero-cool material which makes it have a cool face in summer. Additionally, this face mask has anti fluff/lint material even after more washing. It also has high-quality flexible material that offers comfort.

  • It’s not tight and loses fit
  • Made with anti-fluff/lint material
  • Offers 99.9-percent UV-Protection

#5. ABG Accessories Boys’ Face mask

ABG Accessories Boys' 3-Pack Kid Fashionable Germ Protection, Reusable Fabric Face Mask Age 4-14

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ABG Accessories Boys’ Face mask is made with one hundred percent poly microfiber material. This face mask has a no closure design. Moreover, the material used is reusable and it’s suitable for use with kids aged 4-14yrs. Furthermore, it’s 2-ply material. The outer-layer is a firmly woven 100-percent poly microfiber. Additionally, the inner layer/lining has 100-percent soft-cotton Jersey. It’s made of durable and breathable material.

  • It’s a re-usable & washable masks
  • Comes with stretchable ear-loops
  • Made with pure poly microfiber

#6. ABG Accessories Kid Fashionable Germ Protection

ABG Accessories 3-Pack Kid Fashionable Germ Protection, Reusable Fabric Face Mask Age

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These kids’ face masks are made with pure poly microfiber material. Moreover, it has no closure design. This face mask is simple to clean using hands. It’s made with 2-ply material. The out layer is a firmly woven 100-percent poly microfiber. Moreover, the inner layer/lining is 100-percent soft-cotton Jersey. Above all, this facemask is breathable and durable. Additionally, the stretchable ear-loops offer the best comfort.

  • It’s breathable & durable
  • Has stretchable ear-loops
  • Comes with 2-ply material

#7. Crayola Kids Face Mask

Crayola Kids Face Mask - 5 Reusable Cloth Face Masks Set, Tip Faces, Back to School Supplies

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Crayola Kids Face Mask comes in five pieces. This makes it suitable for every school day cloth for face masks. Furthermore, it also has a unique hue design. Moreover, this facemask features a dual-layer material adult/teen face-mask and it has a 3-D face-design. It offers a secure fit with the help of flexible ear-straps, & a nose clip. Moreover, a mesh laundry bag is also included. With a name tag, you’ll be able to keep track.

  • Has dual-layer fabric
  • It’s machine washable
  • Comes with adjustable ear straps

#8. Bloch Kids’ Face Mask

Bloch Kids' Children's Soft Stretch Reusable Face Mask 3-Pack

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Bloch Kids’ is a soft, stretch, and reusable face mask. Moreover, it comes in three pieces. This face mask is made using 43-percent polyester zinc and 52-percent cotton. Furthermore, this face mask has an adjustable closure design. This face mask is machine washable & air dry. It will contour your face to give it the best fit. Moreover, it has 2-layers of high-density and smells repellant soft stretch material.

  • Has flexible stoppers for ear-loops
  • It’s washable & reusable
  • Comes with adjustable ear loops

#9. Children’s Cloth Face Mask Washable

Childrens Cloth Face Mask Washable - 4 Pcs Set in Random Solid Colors Kids Face Mask Reusable Childrens

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Children’s Cloth Face Mask Washable comes in four pieces of different colors. Kids can easily differentiate the mask. Furthermore, these cloth masks come in random mixed solid hues. It’s available in cute face-masks which makes breathing simpler. Moreover, this reusable face mask is light in weight. This face mask is simple to wear and remove. Above all, it has a stretchable ear-loop thus one size will fit any kid.

  • Comes in 4 pieces of different colors
  • It’s unisex
  • Has stretchable ear-loop

#10. Kimble Health Kids Face Mask

Kimble Health Kids Face Mask - Fashionable, Washable and Reusable Protection for every day use - Kids Masks Ideal for Children Ages 3-12

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Kimble Health Kids Face Mask comes in three pieces with different colors and drawing designs. Moreover, it’s made using cotton material. It has two-ply material. The inner layer is of high-quality 45-percent cotton and the outer layer is of 5-percent spandex and 50-percent polyester. Additionally, this mask is breathable & comfortable and it’s fitted with elastic ear-straps. It’s suitable for kids aged between 3 and 12 years old.

  • It’s washable and reusable
  • Best for daily use
  • It’s breathable and comfortable

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