Top 10 Best Cross Training Shoes for Men in 2022

As a man, it is very important to have a healthy lifestyle and fitness body. Generally, we are going to the gym, workout to build up our body to get fit. Yet, it could be a hard time for us to discover and buy a training shoe that suits us. In this article, we will introduce you to the top 10 best cross training shoes for men from different brands, and there will be a quick buying guide of how to choose the right pair of training shoes for yourself at the end of the article as well. If you want to know what they are, please pay close attention to our reviews.

List of the 10 Best Cross Training Shoes for Men in 2022

Product Reviews

#10. New Balance Cross Training Shoes for Men

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Let’s start the reviews with this pair of cross-training shoes for men from New Balance. This pair of shoes are built from leather, and it features rubber sole construction. This 608v5 male model is dedicated to providing you with the best comfort. This is because it uses the most outstanding cushion construction in all angles to support your feet.

It is made with advanced ABZORB technology which includes a heel crash pad. This crash pad can support the impact absorption so that it will not become a burden to your feet. There are 3 widths, and you can choose the one that maximizes comfort.

The collar foam is made with dual density, and this can help maintain the comfort level of your feet. It also secures your skin against irritation as well, especially in the ankle area. The outsole is made with the best flexibility to support your days and nights.

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#9. Under Armour Cross Training Shoes for Men

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Under Armour is another reliable brand that we would personally recommend. This pair of shoes is made from the combination of textile and synthetic together. The shoe design is made ideally for those runners who want to achieve the best balance between comfort and flexibility. The upper part is made of mesh, and it is lightweight enough to support you on a daily basis. The mesh upper also maximizes the breathability to prevent any discomfort and irritation.

The shoes are made of strong and durable leather, and it ensures the best stability in the midfoot area. The sock liner is built of EVA that is responsible for the best comfort. The midsole area of the shoes uses the compressed foam to make it much more durable and responsive to your demand. This helps minimize the energy needed for the feet when it performs the training or running for a workout.

#8. Under Armour Cross Training Shoes for Men

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Here comes another lovely pair of cross-training shoes from Under Armour. This pair of shoes is made with the highest quality from the United States, and it includes the rubber sole design. The upper part of the shoes is made of lightweight mesh that ensures the best breathability and stability at the same time. There is also a heel counter hug in the external area so that you can train with more sturdiness.

The midfoot area is built of leather, and it offers comfortable support to both of your feet. In addition, the sock liner area has been molded into the shape of the foot. This helps minimize the chance of slippage, and it guarantees the underfoot comfort as well. This midsole area also includes the cushion that can absorb the impact and later on convert the impacts into a responsive burst to support your feet.

#7. ASICS Cross Training Shoes for Men

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These ASICS shoes will be a lovely addition to your shoes collection. There many color options that you can take into consideration, including black, charcoal, dark steel, and hot orange. It is built of 100% synthetic, and it is designed ideally for outdoor usage. This is because it involves mesh in the construction to ensure the best breathability.

Moreover, the rear foot area is made with gel cushion, and this is ideal to help support your feet in the long run. The sock liner is provided, yet it is removable in case you are in need of medical orthotics. In addition, the outsole is made of reversed traction that makes a stronger grip on the floor.

For those high wear areas, the outsole is built of rubber to maximize comfort and support at the same time.

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#6. Reebok Cross Training Shoes for Men

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Next, let us have a look at the Nana 9 cross-training shoes introduced by Reebok. This pair of shoes is made of a hundred percent fabric which is unique compared to others. Moreover, the shoes are built of rubber soles. Thanks to the rubber sole, it provides you better quality in the stability of the shoes.

This is a perfect shoe for either gym or going out on the street. As it’s designed to have a very strong foundation that gives you both comfort and high performance. No matter how your movement is, the wide toe box along with the shoe breathability is still comfortably fit with your feet.

#5. Reebok TR 2.0 Men’s ROS Workout Cross Trainer Shoes

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The Men’s ROS Workout TR 2.0 is another cross-trainer shoe that is brought to us by Reebok. It has a variety of color styles to choose from. The shoe has got a good mesh textile design that not only looks fashionable but also offers good breathability and lightens the weight of the shoe.

It is a pair of premium sports shoes since it has got a comfortable and durable design. The outsole has got the FINN pattern which covers the full range of the foot. This helps increase the surface of the footing, and suits for any situation in any exercise.

#4. ASICS Gel-Venture 6 Cross Training and Running Shoe

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Do you remember ASICS? There is another pair of shoes from ASICS called Gel-Venture 6 running shoes. It is built of synthetic and it is designed for those who love running. The gel cushion system in the rearfoot area provides a good attenuates shock, especially it helps the transition during the midstance.

In addition, the sock liner of the shoes is also removable which gives us an alternative way to place medical orthotics instead. About the outsole, it ensures the comfortable feel of the shoes, and extremely durable compared to others. If you prioritize comfort and durability at the same time, this must be the first selection for you.

#3. Weweya Barefoot Minimalist Running Cross Training Shoe

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It’s about time to review the top-rated Minimalist Running Cross Training Shoe from the Weweya. There are five different color choices for you to choose which are black, blue, grey, army green, and the cool combination of red and black. This is a shoe that is built of the rubber sole. It provides zero drops and a comfortable feel to your feet. There is a big room in the toes box which makes your activities more flexible.

Due to the uniqueness of the design, this is a pair of good shoes to have. It is likely suitable for most of the occasions you can think of, such as for traveling, climbing, hiking, biking, walking, running, doing yoga as well as other gym functions.

#2. Nike Air Monarch Cross Trainer

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Moving on, we have the Air Monarch IV Cross Trainer from Nike. It would be nice if you own a Nike shoe since it is a very popular and practical shoe brand. Apart from the brand reputation, the pair of shoes itself is made by the combination of leather and synthetic along with the rubber sole design. In terms of material quality, it is loved by hundreds and thousands of consumers around the globe. The solid rubber outsole makes the shoe feel more comfortable and durable.

Furthermore, the leather feel of the shoe is way better and looks classic as well. It is representing another gym shoe lifestyle that fits what you need. If you have this pair of shoes with you, it will show your personalized style that proves your unique characteristics.

#1. PUMA Men’s Tazon 6 Fracture FM Cross-Trainer Shoe

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Last but not least, we should not skip the cross-training shoe from PUMA that is a well-known sports brand. The PUMA Men’s Tazon 6 Fracture is the cross-training shoe that is made of a hundred percent textile combining with synthetic material. The material makes the shoe feel lots more fashion. Indeed, the shoe is very comfortable too with the rubber sole, and the most important thing is it increases the durability of the shoe. As long as you wish to spend your days with this pair of shoes, it is there to serve your demand for many years ahead.

This shoe is perfectly fit for those who love running and would like to achieve the high performance of their training. For these reasons, this pair of shoes is highly recommended for you to own a pair if you would like to start the training.

What to consider when buying men’s Cross Training Shoes

Bodybuilding helps us to get fit and keep us healthy. However, it also brings us some drawbacks if we don’t do it properly, and training shoes would be one of the factors too. Thus, it is very important for us to consider the training shoe selection to make our training much more effective and efficient. Here are some criteria that you need to consider about the shoe you are going to buy.

Type of Shoes

There are a variety of shoe types in the market. Each of them has got a different approach and provides different features for different customer targets. It is not recommended for you to follow others in terms of social class that you could get from the brand, and the shoe itself doesn’t fit or benefit you at all. Yet, it is recommended for you to understand more about yourself on what you need, what you would love to have, and what suits you and the situation. You might need to narrow down the alternative you got as small as possible so that you could have a better decision on your purchase. For instance, you might need a shoe that is specifically for rope skipping. There are different types of shoes you saw others wear, but after trying out those shoes, you might find out Nike got the best shoe for jump rope.

Weight of the Shoes

Yes, the weight of the shoe is also important. The lighter the weight, the better the shoe. Indeed, the light-weight shoe provides you a better experience during working out. You feel much more comfortable and focus more on your training. For instance, for those who love jogging, running, or rope skipping, you better choose the training shoe that is light, so your training would be more efficient and effective since the shoes will never add a burden to your feet.


This is also an important factor to consider during your shoe selection. The traction could give you protection when doing exercise. Especially for those who are weightlifting, the strong traction of the shoe could help you hold your body still, and not that easy to slip. For those who love running, you also need to focus on the shoe traction based on where you run. If it is an indoor running, the traction you need is different from the traction for outdoor running.


In brief, the top 10 best pairs of cross-training shoes for men are listed above. Based on the provided buying guide, you might have some idea on how to choose your own pair of training shoes. Yet, if you still struggle, cannot make your decision, and still not sure about which is the right shoe, we suggest you spend more time involved in evaluating different types and brands of shoes, narrow down the alternative, and make the final decision based on your preference. Thank you for shopping with us, and we hope that you can find the right pair of shoes as soon as possible.

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