Top 10 Best Cross Training Shoes for Women in 2022

If you want to achieve fitness and a healthy lifestyle, it’s time for you to get a pair of cross-training shoes for women. Apart from training and running, you can use it for many other functions in order to maximize its values. In this article, we will take a look at the top 10 best cross-training shoes for women. Also, if you are interested in learning how to select the right pair of shoes for yourself, the buying guide section is located at the end of the article.

List of the 10 Best Cross Training Shoes for Women in 2022

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#10. Ryka Cross Training Shoes for Women

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First of all, we have this pair of cross-training shoes from Ryka. This pair of shoes is built from 100% fabric, and it features a rubber sole. The shaft measure is made with a low top design. Moreover, it is built with traction outsole using the footprint design. This design can help a lot in the movement of the legs, especially when you are training.

In addition, it provides a variety of fuse layers to maximize the support to your feet. It is built with dual-density foam in the midsole area, and it largely reduces the impacts while training. For the closure type of the shoes, it is made with the lace-up design, and this allows you to tie it to the tightest to minimize the inconvenience while training. It is available in many color designs including black, sharp green, steel gray, and many other colors.

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#9. ASICS Cross Training Shoes for Women

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Next, we shall have a look at this pair of cross-training shoes from ASICS. There are many color options for you to choose from, including the bright and dark colors. The shoes are made of 100% synthetic, and they are built with the high quality upon the import. It features the rubber sole which offers a high abrasion quality.

The shoes are also rugged with neutral mesh to provide the overlay design in bright colors. The cushioning system integrates the gel design, which is protective and supportive at the same time. The sock liner area is made with foam, yet it is removable in case you are not in need of it.

With experience in the field for more than 40 years, this pair of shoes is dedicated to providing you with a healthy lifestyle by helping you on a daily training basis. It can give harmony to both your soul and body.

#8. ASICS Cross Training Shoes for Women

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Here comes another pair of cross-training shoes from ASICS. This pair of shoes is ideal for fashion if you want to have a fashionable pair. As a pair of training and running shoes, it is built with high synthetic in order to support both of your legs and feet at the same time. This pair of shoes are made in many colors available in you, including hot pink, Aruba blue, white green, black, and many other colors.

This pair of shoes is designed ideally for mileage runners. The reason is that it offers both durability and support at the same time. It is constructed using the advanced gel cushioning technology which adds extra softness to the feet. It is resistant to both wearing and tearing so that you can work with it in the long run.

It serves as a pair of outstanding shoes with the most advanced technical design to serve you in the long run.

#7. New Balance Cross Training Shoes for Women

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New Balance is another reliable brand that is trusted by consumers worldwide. This 608v5 model is designed ideally for the best comfort in the training. It provides the cushions from all angles in order to support and protect your feet at the same time. It uses the ABZORB technology, and this advanced technology can help absorb all the impacts.

It is equipped with a dual-density foam, and this helps you get the best feeling while training. The collar foam can also secure your skin against irritation as well, especially in the ankle area. The outsole is designed for flexibility with the deep flex groove design. This offers the full coverage on your feet.

The upper area of the shoes is made of leather. The comfort level that it brings is loved by hundreds and thousands of consumers around the globe. In terms of closure, it features a lace-up design, which enables you to personalize your own style. This is ideal for everyday usage for your unique characteristics.

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#6. adidas Cross Training Shoes for Women

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Adidas is always famous for its sports and training products. This is the reason why this pair of training shoes for women is highly recommended. It is available in many color options, including black, white, and grey. These color designs are ideal for all clothing styles and colors. The shoes are made of 100% textile, and it features rubber sole construction.

For the platform, it measures from 0 to 3 inches. The opening area is measured from 6 to 12 inches. This pair of shoes is designed ideally for women. This is because the shape can fit very well into women’s feet. In addition, the shoes are constructed of cloudfoam memory for the sock liner area. This is not only protective but also comfortable at the same time.

The lining area features pure textile to help protect your feet to the best. Even with so many outstanding features, it is still available at an affordable price to you.

#5. PUMA Women’s Tazon Cross-Trainer Shoe

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When it comes to the training shoes, you cannot miss the training shoes from PUMA. This is because of the outstanding quality of the shoes on all occasions. This pair of shoes for women is available in many colors, including black, white, and silver. It mixes various bright colors in the design in order to make it more personalized for you.

Yet, the best feature for this pair of shoes is not only design but also the high-quality parts. The shoes are made of synthetic leather, and it features a rubber sole. The sock liner area is made with EcoOrthoLite technology that provides the maximum fit and support to your feet at the same time. It also offers the best comfort to ensure the quality of the training.

In addition, it also includes the TPU shank in the construction, so that the stability is upgraded to the maximum level.

#4. Brooks Glycerin 18 Cross-Training Shoes for Women

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It’s time for us to review this pair of training shoes for women from Brooks. This pair of shoes is made locally in the United States, and it is designed ideally for trainers and runners who are looking for the best comfort. The upper part of the training shoes is created with a well-balancing design between stretch and furniture.

This pair of shoes can be used for a wide range of applications, including road running and cross-training. You can also bring it to the gym when you are in need of comfort. Moreover, the shoes are constructed of soft cushion to bring the softness level to the top. Although it is soft, the durability and responsiveness of the shoes are still there to provide you with the best support.

In addition, it offers a plush fit, which surrounds your feet and maximizes the fit. The transition zone is built with plush so that you can move with the best support.

#3. Champion Women’s Gusto Cross Trainer

Gusto Cross Trainer for Female

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L8NGMoving onto the next pair of cross-training shoes from Champion, it is available at an affordable price. There are various great features for you to choose this pair of shoes. The shoes are made of fabric, and the insole area is built of memory foam. The memory foam is thick and soft, and it serves as an extra layer of padding to protect your feet from impacts.

It also provides a soft lining which will never cause any discomfort and inconvenience to your feet while wearing. It even minimizes the chance of getting irritation when you wear it for long hours with sweat. The shoes are designed to be extremely lightweight, and this is the reason why it will never add a burden to your feet.

The shoe design is versatile as it can work for training, running, and other applications that you can think of daily sport and workout activities.

#2. Nike Women’s Free TR 8 Athletic Trainer Running Shoes

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What about this pair of women cross-training shoes from Nike? It is a recognizable brand in the international context, and it provides a wide range of benefits to own this pair of shoes. It just suits all activities, especially sports, workouts, and games. This pair of shoes is built of high-quality fabric which is really supportive of your feet.

The style is also incredible as it just shows your personal characteristics to the best. More importantly, it is available in many colorful designs, including black, white, navy, and many other colors. The rubber bottom is supportive to your feet on all occasions.

For these reasons, this pair of cross-training shoes are highly recommended for you to own one in order to support you in daily usage.

#1. Reebok Women’s Nano 9 Cross Trainer Shoes

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Last but not least, we should not miss this pair of cross-training shoes for women from Reebok. The best thing about this pair of shoes is that it is built of 100% textile, and it includes rubber sole in the construction. It features a low top design, and it has the platform measurement at about 0.25 inches.

The shoes are constructed of durable material that can support you for many years ahead. However, despite its durability, it is still lightweight enough to ensure the best flexibility. This is because of the flex weave technology that is used to make the upper part flexible for training usage.

It also maximizes the support by using the rubber midsole. The midsole area is wrapped with a high-quality rubber that ensures the best softness. The additional cushion also brings the performance to the maximum level for your training.

What to consider when buying women’s cross training shoes

We all train to strengthen our bodies. However, if we do not select the right pair of shoes, it will instead add more burden to many of your body parts. So, if you want to make it right at the first selection, there are various criteria that you need to take into consideration.


Every brand has its own significant features. However, we do not recommend you to stick solely to a brand since it might not be compatible with your feet. It is recommended for you to look for at least 3 brands before making the final decision. For instance, when you choose a pair of shoes from Nike, you will notice that it provides a narrow fit, which is not suitable for wide feet. This is the reason why we recommend you to try it on your own feet to feel it.


The training is really essential, and you will never want to slip in the gym or fall off from your own treadmill. Therefore, when you get a pair of training shoes, make sure that it features a strong grip on the floor, or what we know as traction, to provide the best security to your workout.

Upper support

Many people only place their focus on the bottom, which often eliminates the upper part quality. However, the upper support is essential to cover the feet and support it on all occasions. It is suggested for you to get a breathable and flexible upper sole so that you can use the extra support for the training.


To sum up for this article, above are the top 10 best pairs of cross-training shoes for women. If you still do not know which pair is the right choice, we strongly recommend you to do more research until you have found the most desirable pair of training shoes.

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