The 10 Best Dog Backpack Carriers in 2021

A dog backpack carrier allows you to travel to different places with your lovely pet. The carrier is designed to be a backpack, so you can carry your dog with you the next time you are going on an adventure trip with great convenience for you and superb comfort for your dog.

We also want to make things easier for you, so recently our team has scoured the Internet on what the best models of dog backpack carriers are. Thus, here is an ultimate list of top 10 dog backpack carrier reviews, and a buying guide for you to look at.

List Of the Top 10 Best Dog Backpack Carriers in 2021

10. Pawaboo breathable dog backpack carrier

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The first trendy product that everyone gets for their dog is the dog backpack carrier. This one is the product from the Pawaboo brand, and it has the size which is perfect for the small and medium-size pet. It is the lovely back that allows you to carry the beloved pet everywhere you go. If you take a closer look at the size of it, you will see it is designed for a cat and dog which is less than 15 lbs. The design of it aims to offer comfort for the pet. There are holes that the pet can put the legs and tail out.

The straps and buckles attached with the back will make sure that you can wear the back easily. You can have trust in its quality as it uses polyester fiber and breathable mesh. This way you can carry the pet around for many hours without any concern. Please note that there are 2 different ways you can wear it. Carrying the back both front and backside will give you the same convenience.

9. PetAmi firm dog backpack carrier

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We are here to give you the chance to travel with the pet. This is the product from the popular brand, PetAmi, and it is designed to be a backpack for carrying a small dog. With this awesome bag, we guarantee that you will find it convenient to carry the pet along when you are going out. More than this, the pet can stay fit and comfortable in this backpack as well. The company of this product aims to give you the best; therefore, everything in this bag ranging from design and material is carefully done. The window of the bag is added with mesh, so it will keep the bag airy and breathable.

The structure of the whole backpack is firm so that it can keep its shape well. On top of that, carrying it for long hours will not make you feel any discomfort too. Both the strap and back parts of the bag are added with a thick pad. Don’t worry, you can enjoy carrying the pet around with ease.

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8. YUDODO adjustable dog backpack carrier

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The next product you should consider is the sling carrier from the YUDODO brand. This backpack is ready to give you the free hand when you are going out with the pet. The size of the bag is suitable for carrying the small pet that should not exceed 51 lbs. For making sure that you can carry the pet with ease, the strap of the bag is totally adjustable. As a great point, everyone in your family can use it to carry the pet to the park.

In terms of quality, this one here is built to last since it chooses only the best material. You will notice that it uses leather and a soft mesh. We don’t know about other products, but this one is very breathable. If you have this, we guarantee that both you and your pet will have a fun outdoor time. With these perfect features, there is nothing you need to worry about.

7. PetAmi premium dog backpack carrier with bowl

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We know that you only wish to get the premium quality product. Today, you are coming to the right place. This one is a product from the PetAmi brand. With the first glance of it, you will love the design of this bag. The structure of the bag will stay in place; therefore, it will provide enough space for the pet too. The size of the bag is perfect for you to place the pet in with confidence. The product is what you and the pet need if you like to have fun traveling time with your pet.

More than this, the bag can be a nice place for the pet to rest too. Don’t worry, no matter how far you go, the dog will stay hydrated since the collapsible bowl is built in. The backpack is designed with a strap to keep the pet in place and safe throughout the whole journey. If you order this, we dare to ensure that there is nothing to worry about because it is made from 600D polyester.

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6. Ytonet dog backpack carrier with mesh

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The next durable backpack that will not disappoint you is the one and only product from the Ytonet brand. First of all, this one is designed to have a larger size, so it is perfect for carrying

Many different types of dogs. Not only can it carry the dog, but you can also even use it for carrying the cat too. It is the backpack you need when you travel or bring the pet to the vet. The pet will feel comfortable in this bag as the material is soft and friendly to the skin.

More awesome than this, the design of the mesh window allows the pet to see the view and breath easily. It is good to know that the bottom part of the bag is attached to a zipper, too. There are also compartments at the sides of the bag. This will give you space to keep the water while traveling.

5. K9 Sport Sack pet backpack carrier for traveling

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If you want to have the pet by your side when you are traveling, the product you are going to hear from us is K9 Sport Sack. This dog backpack carrier is designed to be a backpack product, and it can hold the weight up to 30 lbs. This size and design of the bag make it the perfect choice for all types of breeds. No matter where you go, this one allows you to keep the pet with you all the time. The company of this product cares about the pet, so this bag will make the pet feel safe and accompanied when you are not at all.

You can have faith in the quality of this product since it uses the best polyester and breathable mesh. There are 5 different colors you can choose to match your style. If you make an order today, you will get a 60-day warranty for free as well.

4. Apollo walker large pet backpack carrier

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The comfort and well being of the pet is as important; that’s why Apollo Walker introduces to you the dog backpack carrier. As the name has suggested, this product is the backpack that allows you to go everywhere with your pet. The design of the bag is an excellent option for keeping both the dog and cat. Unlike other products, this one comes in a large size; therefore, it is suitable for carrying even much larger pets. The quality of this product is also produced to last for a long time too.

As you can see, the top part of the bag is attached to the mesh. This is great since the pet can get fresh air and the view well. The entry of this bag is the 2-way one, so it allows you to access your pet easily. Don’t worry, the pet cannot escape from this bag as well. If you are always traveling, now is a good time to get this one and let your pet join your outdoor trip, too.

3. K9 Sport Sack 30 lbs pet backpack carrier

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The next affordable backpack that you should get is brought to you by K9 Sport Sack. This product is highly recommended for those who have small pets. The size of the dog backpack carrier is perfect for holding the 30 lbs pet. More than this, the bag is a nice accessory you need when you are going on the bike, subway, hiking and more. Since it is designed to be the backpack, you can carry the pet in it without using much effort.

On top of this, this product is recognized as an economic option to have the pet by your side too. We would like to remind you to check the size of the bag and pet before making the purchase. The brand of the product has a backpack with various sizes for you to choose from. Last but not least, you will also get a 60-day warranty when you make a purchase.

2. Coppthinktu canvas adjustable pet backpack

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This one is different and awesome than the rest since it is designed to be the head out dog backpack carrier. This one is the product from Coppthinktu, and it allows the pet to have its head outside. This is great since it can improve the ventilation and visibility of the pet. The string is attached to the upper part of the bag. This is nice since you can make the adjustment on the hole to fit the head of your pet. The maximum weight that this backpack can support is 22 lbs.

With this one, we guarantee that there is nothing to concern about. You can simply put the pet in and go everywhere you want. Next, what makes this product better than the rest is the quality of its fabric. The high-quality canvas fabric is skin-friendly. Right now, you can buy it with warranty and confidence.

1. Kurgo hands-free pet backpack

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The last item in the list today is the dog backpack carrier from the Kurgo brand. This product is the smart option to choose if you have the small dog and cat. This allows you to bring the pet with you everywhere you go. If you take a look at the design of it, this one is the hand-free backpack that makes the outdoor activities with the pet much easier. For protecting the pet from the rainy day, the fabric used is a water-resistant one. The pet that stays inside this bag will get the comfort since it can breathe well.

The bag is divided into a compartment and it is attached to the pad. Better than many products, this one is the Airline Approved Carrier, so you can even use it when you are traveling by plane too. Last but not least, you can clean this bag by simply wiping it with water.

Buying Guides

Air Flow

The first and most important feature to think about when you get a pet backpack carrier is to make sure that it is breathable. The safety of the pet matters, so the backpack should allow the air to flow in and out easily. More than this, you need to make sure that the pet stays in an airy and hydrated place.


Imagine how uncomfortable the pet feels when it is trapped in a narrow place for many hours. That’s why the backpack should be comfortable enough to stay and rest. More than this, the structure of the bag matters too. As an illustration, you should get the product that will not change the shape and take out space in the bag. We recommend the material that is soft and gentle for the pet skin.

Size and Weight

You may only look at the weight capacity allowed by the backpack; however, the size of the bag is important too. You should not overlook both the size of the pet and bag since not all small dogs have the same size. Therefore, it is wise for you to check and see if the backpack carrier is suitable for your dog and cat.


You have just sifted through the top 10 best dog backpack carriers of 2021. Now is a good time for you to make the decision on what product you need to get. It depends on the traveling purpose of it; you can choose the right one that suits yours. All of these products are different, and the size of them is not the same at all. To avoid purchasing the wrong bag, you should measure the size of the pet in advance.

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