The 10 Best Dog Car Seats in 2022

No matter how much you love your pets, it is never a good idea to allow them to sit on your lap while you are driving. Thus, we would suggest you get your pets a dog car seat. These recommended car seat for dogs are very innovative and high quality to give a very convenient life for you and your pets when traveling. They are nice, stable, and safe for your pets, and you will have no worries about the scratch on your car seat when your pets sit, stand, or walk around.

List of the Top 10 Best Dog Car Seats in 2022

10. K&H Pet Products Bucket Dog Car Seat

Bucket Dog Car Seat

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This dog seat for car comes in 3 colors including gray, tan, and Realtree edge camo. You have the option to choose between the 2 sizes to fit perfectly with your pets. If your pet is a small breed, we would recommend you to get the pet seat with a measurement of 14.5 inches and 20 inches. If your pets are a huge breed or wanting to give your small pets a spacious space, you can choose the booster with a measurement of 14.5 inches and 24 inches. Not only that this seat booster can give your pets a better view, it can also restrain your pets safely without giving them any chance to distract you while you are driving. This pet seat can fit either your front or back seat. To secure a stable, easy, and quick installation for this seat, it also comes with an adjustable security leash.

This booster is made from a plush quilted fleece and high-quality 600-denier fabric to guarantee your pet’s comfort. Your pet can easily snug in and out of this seat since the front has a dip down design. Another great thing about this seat is that you can easily remove the cover of this seat to wash when it gets dirty.

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9. HIPPIH Dog Car Seat for Small Dogs

Dog Car Seat for Small Dogs

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This car pet seat will make your dogs become more excited every time they get to ride the car. It is suitable for medium pets that are under 11 lbs. This seat booster has 3 different designs, all black, black mixed with many white paw prints, and black mixed with white paw and bone prints. This seat will ensure the safety and restrain placement for your pets to enjoy a beautiful view from the window without allowing them to jump out from this seat. In addition, it comes with 2 clips to ensure the safety and secure this booster because the hook is hard and will not be loosened easily. This pet booster seat is waterproof and collapsible.

Another great feature is the breathable mesh sided that is designed for your pet’s comfort and visibility. You now have a convenient place to store your pet’s foods and toys with the front compartment of this seat. This seat booster is very easy to clean. You can just use a wet cloth to wipe the dirt.

8. PetSafe Happy Ride Dog Car Seat

Amazon Best Seller Dog Car Seat

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There are 3 colors for this pet booster seat including brown, tan, and navy. The price of this seat booster is amazing for this excellent quality. The largest size of this booster has the capacity to hold up to 2 pets with a total weight of up to 25 pounds. With this booster, your pets will have their own comfortable space to sit, relax, and sleep that can ensure their safety and convenience.

It is also very effective in calming your pet’s carsick. In addition, your pets will not be bored since they get to see the outside view from the window. To ensure that your pets will not fall out of this booster, it comes with a security leash that can safely strap your pet. This booster also provides you a front pocket that allows you to store your pet’s gears. We can ensure you that this booster is very quick and easy to install and uninstall when needed. When unused, you can just fold it flat to save your storage space.

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7. Pet Bobi Pet Reinforce Dog Car Seat

best dog car seat

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This car booster seat comes with 4 different colors, pink, grey, cationic fabric grey, and black mixed with white paws. Not only that this booster has a great price but it also has a great quality to fully guarantee your pet’s safety. Unlike other car booster seats that are a solid box, this booster is very soft and comfortable. It is very secure, and it will not collapse easily. This seat booster has been upgraded and its design, so the seat belt is shortened to ensure a secure and comfortable seat for your pets.

With this booster, your pets will have a cozy rest and be safe in case of any unforeseen accident like emergency sharp turn or braking. Since it is waterproof, you will have no worries about stain or wet, and you can easily clean it when it gets dirty. We would recommend you to wash this booster before use due to the smell from the seal in the package for a long time.

6. Vailge Dog Seat Cover for Back Seat

Dog Seat Cover for Back Seat

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The cover of this back seat comes in 2 sizes, the standard size, and extra-large size. The design of this dog car seat makes it very convenient to convert into a hammock or bench. With this cover, it will help to protect your back seat from scratch, dirt, hair, and other untidy things. This seat cover is very useful that can ensure that your car motion will not cause any danger to your pets. It can also make your pets feel warm and cool.

Another great thing about this seat cover is that it has a mesh visual window that will produce a great air circulation and reduce your pet’s anxiety since they can see you clearly through this mesh. This seat is very easy to install and store, plus it does not take a lot of space because you can fold it when you do not use it. You will see that your pets become very content in their new seat.

5. Pet Gear Lookout Booster Car Seat

Best Dog Car Seats 2022

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This dog car seat booster comes in 3 colors including charcoal, black, and tan. This pet car seat makes it very convenient for you to transport your pets in a very stylish way. The material of this car seat is very high quality and waterproof, so it can keep your pets dry and relaxed. This material is also a lot helpful because it is not difficult to clean when it becomes dirty since it is made from a sturdy foam with a very soft microsuede cover.

The cover is removable, so you can take it out and wash it clean. It is also very safe and secure and the space of this seat can accommodate up to 2 pets if they are a small breed. You will be very pleased with the quality of this seat boost as well as the stability and safety that this seat can provide.

4. Pet Gear Dog Car Seat for Cats and Dogs

best dog car seat cover

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This booster seat and carrier are very beautiful and functional. It allows your pets to enjoy the beautiful view from a 360 degree. It is very sturdy and built to last for many years. The height of this seat is adjustable, and you can easily adjust it within a few seconds. With the height adjustment, your pets can sit, sleep, or lay down and still be able to get a perfect view from the window. This car seat requires no tools for the assembly, and the installation is very easy and quick.

You can simply attach this seat with your car seat belt to secure its position. The zipperless design will allow you to easily have quick access to your pet. Your cat or dog will be very happy and comfortable, and you can just give full attention to your driving now.

3. JESPET Dog Car Seat for Cars

best seat covers for dog hair

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This booster has a dimension of 16 inches for the length, 13 inches for the width, and 9 inches for the height. It is very strong because it is capable to hold up to 24 lbs. This booster seat will be perfect for your pet because it is very comfortable and soft. You can adjust this booster to the height that allows your pets to easily look out the window. Your pets can now enjoy the beautiful view and become more excited when they get to ride the car. You can fully devote to your driving now because you will not have any distractions from your pets anymore.

This booster comes with a seat belt that makes it very convenient to attach with your dog’s harness. This set also comes with a seat belt and every piece is very easy to install. You will be very satisfied with this purchase.

2. Henkelion Breathable Dog Car Seat

Best Pet Seat Cover

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This booster seat comes in many great colors such as black, blue, grey, pink, and purple. It is made from a high-quality Oxford fabric and PVC mesh. The fleece liner of this seat booster is very soft that will make it very convenient for your pets. We can guarantee you that this seat will never collapse even if your pet keeps crawling over. Another great thing about this booster is that the material is breathable and has ventilation on both sides, so your pet will always be comfy. You can feel relieved and rest assured now because this seat will not slide over since there are 2 safety belts to secure it to your car seat.

There is also a ring to hook your pet’s harness, so it will not be able to jump out. Another plus of this seat is that it comes with a small storage compartment in the front, so you can have a place to store your pet’s necessities such as foods, medicine, leashes, toys, and more. Your pets definitely enjoy every car ride from now on.

1. Capti Dog Adjustable Dog Car Seat

best dog car seat covers reviews

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Do you find it difficult when you drive either because your pets like to sit on your lap or want you to hold them? If you do, we would highly recommend you to get this car seat booster. It has a measurement of 16 inches for the width, 14 inches for the depth, and 9 inches for the length. It is capable to hold a pet that is up to 15 lbs. The design of this seat booster allows your pet to rest their head on the front edge because this front side is lowered to ensure a comfortable and convenient resting. For an additional comfy, the corner is made in a curved and rounded design, so it becomes flexible in accordance to your pet’s body shape.

This car seat is very safe and secure for your pet since there is heavy-duty stainless steel at the base of this seat. It will only take you 1 minute to install this seat. Simply hang this seat from the headrest with the vehicle seat. The tether length of this seat can be adjusted between 8 to 14 inches. You can adjust it to a short length if you want to allow your pet to move freely.

Buying Guides

Security leash: Your pets may not stay still in this bucket booster, thus, it would be very helpful and safe if it comes with security leashes, so you can easily attach these leashes with your leash to add more balance and security to the booster.

Waterproof: Make sure to choose the right dog car seat of the booster, so you do not need to worry about mud, water, dirt, claw marks, and many more. Another benefit is that if it is waterproof, you do not need to worry that your pet’s pee will soak through this seat. Also, if the material is good, you can easily clean with a wipe cloth or just throw it into a washing machine.

Adjustable seat height: It would be very practical for you if you can raise or lower the height of your seat booster to give your pets a better view outside the window without having them stand up as well as reducing the motion sickness for some pets.

Front pocket: It is not a must, however, it will be very useful and practical if your booster has a front compartment because it will allow you to conveniently store your pet’s belongings such as treats, leashes, medicines, and many more.


We hope this article would be able to help you decide which types of seat booster is the best for your pets. We can guarantee you that they are all going to worth your purchase because of their durability, practicality, functionality, comfort, and spacious design. Your pets will now have a happy trip and comfortably loot out the window to enjoy the beautiful view.

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