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Do you have trouble with your pet doing their business around the house, and you have to clean it up afterwards all the time? Then, you should get them diapers to keep these problems under control. Here is a curated list of the top 10 best dog diapers of 2022.

List Of Best Dog Diapers Reviews On Amazon.Com

#10. Hartz Breathable Dog Diapers

#10. Hartz Breathable Dog Diapers

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If you are looking for a diaper for your beloved dog, you should try this brand called Hartz. It’s a high-quality product that you can rely on for the health of your dog. The absorbency of this brand is greater than most diapers. This product is also able to turn all the liquid into the gel immediately. The protection lasts up to 6h. It also has leaking protection. The product is designed to fit your pet perfectly and the texture is soft since it is breathable for them to enjoy wearing it for a long time, and won’t stick to the fur of the pet at all. It’s the best choice to use for several purposes such as a newly born puppy or you want to teach your dog about toilet training.

Hartz is a unisex product that suits for both male or female dog. On the product, you can find a hole for the dog tail that is adjustable for any kind of tail. It’s easy to wear on your dog and won’t slip at all no matter how strong the dog moves around. For this pack, there are a total of 32 pieces inside,

#9. OUT! Comfortable Dog Diapers

#9. OUT! Comfortable Dog Diapers

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This dog diaper brand is designed for male dogs that have a waist between 13-18 inches. It’s super comfortable and soft for dogs to wear. The absorbent also does a perfect job absorbing the urine from your pet and won’t leak outside at all since it’s a leak-proof dog diaper. This won’t affect the fur and skin of the dog when they wear them for a long time. The convenient part here is that there will be a wet indicator that tells you when it is time to change the diaper for your dog.

It’s best to get one in case you’re having such a hard time controlling them or potty training them since they’re too young. Now, you’re able to save your house from the covering with all those smells. Plus, it’s easy to wear them on your pet, just a few minutes and it’s done.

With the help from this product, now you don’t have to worry about bringing your pet along anywhere at all, either for work or travelling. For the purchase from this brand, you will get 32 of dog diapers inside the bags.

#8. Simple Solutions Medium Size Dog Diapers

#8. Simple Solutions Medium Size Dog Diapers

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With this, you will no longer trouble yourself with cleaning up after your beloved dog do their business randomly anymore. This Simple Solutions diaper pack is a high-quality dog diaper that your dog will absolutely love and enjoy wearing one on without feeling uncomfortable or too tight at all. The dog will be able to move around freely, almost like they didn’t have one on them. This medium size diaper is suitable for dogs that weigh from 25 to 50 pounds and the waist is 15-23 inches. For the hygiene of your dog, you should get one for them.

The purpose is to prevent them from peeing randomly inside your house or on your furniture. It’s also a good idea to get it for potty training for the puppy who still can’t manage themselves. The tab on the diaper will wrap the waist of your dog perfectly and be easy to put on. The leak-proof will contain all the liquid inside until it’s time for you to change them. Since the absorbent is super strong, it will dry immediately when there’s urination to absorb so you don’t have to worry that it will leave some negative effect on the skin of your dog at all. There will be 12 diapers per each package.

#7. Bodhi Dog Leak-proof Dog Diapers

#7. Bodhi Dog Leak-proof Dog Diapers

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As for this Bodhi dog diaper is also one of the fine products you should get for the sake of your dog’s health. The design is for male dogs only. The absorbent for this brand works very well in absorbing all the liquid by transforming them into gel first and dry off instantly. If you’re worried that your dog might find it uncomfortable or try to tear it off, then you don’t have to because it is really soft to move around in. Furthermore, the diaper is breathable which allows air to go through, and also leak prevention.

With the wetness indicator on the diaper, it will let you know when is the right time to change for a new one. This size is suitable for dogs that have a waist measure around 11 to 17 inches and 8-15 lbs in weight. So it’s mostly fit for the small breed dog or newly born puppy. The product is suitable for some event such as on the trip to somewhere far, male marking, incontinence or many more. You can use them for potty training also without worry that they might be peeing all over the place. You will get 20 diapers for purchasing.

#6. Dono Dog Diapers

#6. Dono

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This Dono is a disposable diaper which is great in quality and lets your dog stay hygiene all the time. The diaper tap on the waist is really sticky so it won’t slip through. There’s also a hole for the tail and can be adjusted for any size of the tail. It’s really soft and was designed for female dogs only. With the strong absorbent and dry quickly, it will let your puppy stay comfortable in it. The size is suitable for dogs with a waist 7-10 inch. The diaper is leak-proof and it won’t give out any disturbing smell at all.

It will be the best choice for your female dog that is still newly born and you want to train them. Besides that, you can now bring your dog along without worry that there might be pee leaking unexpectedly at all. It’s also easy for the dog to wear on. If you purchase this Dono female dog diaper, you will get 20 pieces inside the package.

#5. Simple Solutions Dog Diapers

#5. Simple Solutions

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If you’re looking for a dog diaper for your female dog, then you should take a look at this brand Simple Solution. Since it is specially designed for the female so any issue related to them will be covered by the product such as incontinence, marking pee, or if they still have the problem with the toilet issue and you need to potty train them. For this Simple Solution product, the perfect fit size is for large breed female dogs that have waist size around 18-27 inches.

The product has a soft and breathable fabric so your dog won’t feel hot or it affects the fur of the pet at all. This product will contain all the liquid inside without leaking out. Moreover, there’s also a wetness indicator that will display the sign you need to change a new diaper. The waist tap is sticky so you don’t have to worry that it will slip while your dog is moving around. The tail hole can be changed to fit the tail so it won’t be too tight for them. There’s a total of 30 diapers inside this package.

#4. All-Absorb Dog Diapers

#4. All-Absorb

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All-Absorb is the dog diaper for male dogs only. It’s a high-quality product that contains all the necessary features for dog diapers. It’s super soft and relaxable which won’t make them feel unpleasant at all. The fabric is breathable so it lets air inside so even on a hot day, your pet still wears them with no issue. The cotton inside also absorbs all the urination liquid quicker. The diaper will prevent all the liquid inside from leaking out. The adjustable fastener on the waist allows the male with a measured size of 12 to 18 inches to be able to wear it.

Since the diaper only wraps around the waist part so there’s no trouble for the tail of your dog at all; as a result, your dog can go with you to any place without making any problem for you about their peeing issue. The wetness indicator outside allows the owner to change the diaper at the proper time. This small size male dog diaper has a total of 50 diapers inside.

#3. All-Absorb Dog Diapers

#3. All-Absorb

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If you’re worried about the health and safety of your dog, you can purchase this brand of dog diaper for them. The absorbent of this diaper is really great so it will be dry immediately, and it’s also a leak-proof which will prevent any spill of the liquid outside. It’s a well-designed product that will fit them perfectly if you know the right size of your puppy. With the adjustable fastener, make it easier for you to tuck them comfortably inside the diaper and won’t give any trouble to their fur.

Furthermore, it’s breathable so your beloved won’t feel pressure or heat while moving around at all; they won’t even notice that they are wearing one on. Since there’s an indicator that will show the sign when it’s time to change one, which will help you lessen some trouble of frequently checking the diaper. This is an extra small size so it’s suitable for the small breed dog or puppy that is needed one. The perfect fit for this is a 6 to 13-inch waist size. You will find 50 diapers for this package.

#2. Paw Inspired Dog Diapers

#2. Paw Inspired

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This Paw Inspired is also a good brand for dog diapers. The waist size is from 14 to 19 inches. The absorbent is faster than a normal dog diaper and the layer will prevent any leak of the liquid outside. The dog will enjoy the softness while wearing it. With this one, you no longer worry about cleaning all over the place when they’re too young and still not able to manage themselves. It is also suitable for any occasion such as potty training, incontinence, excitable urination, or when you’re going on a long trip.

There’s also a customized tail hole to make it easier for them to put on. Besides dogs, you can also order this diaper for your other pet like your cat. It’s best for a female pet. There are 32 diapers for this Paw Inspired product.

#1. Simple Solutions Dog Diapers

#1. Simple Solutions

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If you’re having trouble finding the best diaper for your dog, then you should check this product. It’s for small dogs or puppies that have a waist around 15-19 inches or weigh about 8-15 pounds. With this product, you can relax about cleaning up all the mess they made by peeing on the floor or your furniture. The cotton inside has a strong absorbent that will dry the diaper in an instant. Since it has a breathable layer, now they can run around the house freely without feeling suffocated when they wear it.

The fastener is sticky so the diaper won’t slip off the body and the leak prevention is also doing a great job containing all the liquid inside. Your dog’s fur will be safe by using this brand of the diaper; it’ll give some space and comfort to the tail as well. The inside has 30 diapers in total.

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Buying guide

Size: you must measure your dog’s waist size properly in order to avoid getting the wrong size.

Purpose: you must think of the reason why you want to get the diaper for your dog because there are plenty of reasons, and some diapers provide different purposes. For example, male and female dogs use different diapers, or if you want to potty train them.

Brand: it’s always the part you cannot overlook. Famous brands will ensure you a great result. Their size measurements are also more accurate which makes the job much easier for you.


Now you can decide what to buy after all the above information. Those listed products above are the best dog diapers out there so you should choose from them or use them as the reference for the next purchase. The buying guide will also give you more understanding of the necessity of getting the right diaper for your dog.

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