The 10 Best Dog Grooming Clippers in 2022

A dog grooming clipper is essential if you have a dog that you truly care about. These grooming clippers are very useful as they are versatile and can be used in almost any situation. Instead of having to spend money at a grooming store, you can easily do this by yourself at any time, this saves time and money.

This is why we compiled a list of the top 10 best grooming clippers for your beloved pet, just to make sure you are getting a reliable and safe option.

List of the Dog Grooming Clipper in 2022

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#10. Oneisall Dog Grooming Clipper

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At a very affordable price, this particular clipper comes with many useful features. These features include a quiet motor and a comfortable feel when in contact with the skin of your pet. It is also rechargeable so you do not have to worry about getting batteries to replace it every time. Not only this but the product also comes with variable sizes of grooming combs for the clipper. By having multiple options, you can easily get the right length of fur you desire on your dog.

Moreover, in case you need additional trimmings, they also include a scissor and a comb so you can groom at a more precise level. You need not worry about the metal blade as it is very durable and safe for any type of dog. This makes it very reliable and a great option for anyone looking for a grooming clipper. It’s also a good idea to get one of these Deshedding Tools in your package.

#9. Senwes Dog Grooming Clipper

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This kit comes fully packed with multiple grooming products that will be able to give your pet a full makeover. These products include 4 grooming guard combs for the clipper, a charger for the rechargeable battery, dog’s nail clippers, a file for the nails, comb, scissors, and of course the clipper itself. Moreover, the clipper is a very quiet option since it makes no loud noise nor strong vibrations that will scare your dogs.

Since this is not a corded clipper you can easily carry it around and shave at any angle you like. The durable sharp blade will make sure that fur will not be easily stuck in it and if there are any thick chunks the scissors and comb are here to help. Overall a great product that we can recommend to any type of groomer or just an ordinary pet owner.

#8. OMORC Dog Grooming Clipper

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Unlike other basic clippers that have limited guard comb options, this one has plenty to cover the length of almost any dog breed. In addition to this, they have an upgraded motor and this means that it will no longer have to jam whenever cutting and grooming. With the help of the high-power motor and the sharp stainless-steel blade, this clipper can cut through anything. The 8 guard combs are double of what they usually offer on a regular clipper and this is better since you have more flexibility with the length you desire. This is very useful if you have pets of different shapes and sizes that need grooming as this clipper can easily get the job done in minutes.

Not only this but this clipper can also be used at a professional level if you have the required skill. It also comes with a handy comb and scissor if you need to make more precise and accurate trims after the grooming process.

#7. SMINIKER Professional Dog Grooming Clipper

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This is a very reliable and unique product as it comes with a mini brush as well as a full grooming kit and extensions. Not only this but the clipper is built to handle the toughest of fur and even some very thick layers can be removed with ease. This is thanks to the titanium blade that comes attached at an acute angle for optimal efficiency.

With this technology not only will this clipper cut through dogs’ fur but any animal’s fur without breaking a sweat. In addition to this, it also comes with a limiting guard comb to make shaving a lot more accurate and even throughout the body of your pet. The guard comb comes in 4 different sizes which is actually plenty when it comes to ordinary house pets.

#6. Oster A5 Two Speed Dog Grooming Clipper

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This is a wired clipper that comes on its own with no extra extensions. You may think that this is not worth spending money on as it has no additional guard combs or scissors. However, this is a clipper designed for professional groomers that have to constantly shave multiple pets daily, and not only this they have to have a blade that can handle multiple pets without breaking. This is where the Oster A5 stands out amongst the crowds as it has a powerful motor that can be adjusted up to 4000 SPM. They also have their specific type of blade called the CryogenX which is a special type of blade that is used with this clipper to make sure that it can reach its peak performance. In addition to this, the blades are easy to swap and can easily be replaced whenever needed

#5. Bonve Pet Oster A5 Two Speed Animal Grooming Clipper with Detachable Cryogen

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This particular grooming kit is unlike your ordinary grooming kit as it not only has more features but also more unique products included in the package. These products include not 2 not 4 but 6 extension combs for the clippers that also vary in sizes to make it easier to adjust to the length of the animal’s fur. In addition to this, the clipper also has rechargeable batteries which means that you can easily leave it to charge and not worry about replacing batteries all the time.

The combs and guards that come with the set as a whole is very safe to use with any animal as it is soft to the skin and also has no sharp edges. The additional scissors that come with the kit make sure that you can reach every part easily and cut off any small minor adjustments.

#4. Rabbitgoo Rechargeable Pet Hair Trimmer Set

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A very unique set of grooming kit as it comes with 4 different guards for the clippers and also the clipper is cordless which makes getting into tight angles easier. This particular grooming kit has lube included in the package in case we need to adjust the blades if they get too dry and get stuck on thicker fur. With the addition of the 4 guards, it makes trimming the dog more accurate and also you can get it to your desired length. This particular model also does not make loud vibrations or sounds when turned on, this will be useful as the pet that we are grooming will not feel irritated by the clipper.

This is a recommended product for any groomers that want to do the grooming all by themselves instead of going to a store as this kit provides all that you need to do it by yourself.

#3. Hannspree Dog Shaver Clippers High Power

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Thanks to its high-power motors it can easily get done even if the fur is thick this clipper will easily mow it down. This 12-volt motor comes equipped with a very sharp stainless-steel blade that makes sure that this product will be able to fulfill its full potential. These blades are made to be more durable and sharper than before; this increases the reliability of this product and will make this product last a long time. In addition to this, the kit comes with extra clippers guards as well as they know that different breeds of dogs have different lengths of fur.

With this, you will also be able to make it more accurate and even cut throughout the body of the pet. This is why we recommend you to get this clipper for your pet as it has everything you need to fully groom your pet.

#2. Yabife USB Rechargeable Cordless Dog Grooming Kit

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This reliable clipper is the first choice for many consumers that are looking for a grooming kit for their pets. This is because of the fully equipped kit that it comes in and also the very reliable and effective clipper that can easily cut through any type of fur. In addition to this, the clipper is wireless and it makes grooming a lot easier when the wires are out of the way. Not only this but the set comes with 6 different extensions for the clipper to make sure that you get the desired length of fur you want.

Moreover, with the included carrying case it makes transporting and storing very easy as it will keep everything in one piece. Not only this but if you need to make minor adjustments after the shaving you can do this with the included scissors and comb included in the kit.

#1. Scaredy Cut Silent Pet Grooming Kit for Dog

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Instead of having to carry a heavy clipper that has to use electricity to power it, this is an alternative option to it as it is a simple scissor that has an extension on the other side. This is a clipper that is not made for full-body grooming but for minor adjustments on your cat or any small pet. In addition to this, the set includes finger inserts and 6 different extensions that can be useful if you want to get a desired length of fur on your pet.

This is a gentler option if your pet does not like the vibration or sound of the electric clipper. A more satisfying and precise option that is still very effective so we recommend that you check this product out for yourself.

Buying Guide


We can decide on the type of clipper whether you want a powerful one or just an average clipper depending on your skill and experience in the grooming business. If you are a professional groomer you should get a strong clipper that will be able to cut into different types of fur. However, if you are only looking for a small trim you can get an average powered clipper and you will still be able to execute it fine.


Most clippers come as a kit that often includes a full set that has different extensions and an addition of a scissor and comb as well. This is what we should be looking for as it is a bank for your buck, we always would prefer it if you get the most out of your purchase. However, unless you are a professional and you already have all the extensions beforehand you can focus on getting only a clipper as this will also be cheaper than a full kit.


In conclusion, we noticed that all of these options are electric clippers, except for the last one. This means that electric clippers are more popular and can get things done much quicker. The only reason that you will need a manual clipper is if your pet is extra sensitive to the vibrations and sound of the electric clipper. After looking through all the options you should be able to decide on what type of clipper is perfect for the type of pet you own.

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