The 10 Best Dog Towel Reviews in 2021

Are you looking to get a special gift for your beloved pet? Then a dog towel will be a great option to get. They can serve both you and your pet; as for them it will be a soft cozy blanket to snuggle up with and you can use it to dry them after a bath. Dog towels come in different sizes and with different designs. So, follow along our list of dog towels to see which will fit you and your pet the best. Afterward, you can look at the buying guide to get further information on choosing the right product.

List of the Top 10 Best Dog Towels in 2021

10. KinHwa Dog Towel

Microfiber Pet Towel

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First on our list is the best towel from KinHwa. This is the ultimate towel to obtain for your favorite pet. The towel comes at 30 by 50 inches, which is versatile as you can use it for both big and small pets alike. Also, the fabric used in this towel is microfiber, which is highly absorbable. You can save so much time by drying your dog with this towel as it absorbs the water very quickly.

Moreover, this towel is very soft and lightweight. Your pets would love to snuggle with it as with a blanket. You can keep your furry friends warm and comfortable. As a plus, the towel is machine washable, you do not have to worry about tearing the fabric, as it is very durable. It will serve you and your beloved pet for a very long time. Furthermore, the cute paw embroidery on the corner of the towel makes it an adorable piece of fabric to own.

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9. Soggy Doggy Doormat Clean Dog Towel

Top Dog Towels for Wet Fur

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The next best towel on the list is the Soggy Doggy Doormat Clean Dog Towel. This could become your most favorite towel of all time. The entire fabric is made off microfiber. That will allow the towel to absorb moisture in a timely manner. Also, the towel is 1.5 inches thick and has noodle-like strands. This will give your pet a comforting massage while you are drying them. Moreover, the plush tower is 31 by 14 inches, which is big enough to dry your pet of any size.

This velvety and soft towel will quickly dry your pet and will not smell after use. It can quickly dry by itself. Furthermore, the best feature of this towel is the hand pockets that are on both ends of the towel. This will allow you to easily dry the underbelly of your cat or dog. You can simply put your hands in the pockets and the towel will not slip away while drying. Moreover, this towel is highly durable and will last you for a very long time.

8. SKL Home by Saturday Knight Ltd. Dog Towel

The Best Dog Drying Towel

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Our next entry on the list is the dog towel from SKL Home by Saturday Knight. This is a fun and beautiful hand towel for your furry friend. It will be an adorable piece of decorative towel to own. Moreover, it is made entirely of cotton and is very soft to the touch. It is of high quality and both you and your dog will adore the fabric.

Furthermore, you are getting two hand towels in this set. Both of them are 16 by 26 inches. The cute design of woven doggy prints will make it an adorable addition to your pet’s bath experience. You can get it along with one of these Waterproof Dog Blankets For Bed, Couch, and Sofa.

7. Bonawen Dog Bathrobe

Dog Bathrobe 

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At number 7 is the Bonawen Dog Bathrobe. This is even better than a dog towel as your dog could actually wear around its body. Sometimes, it is risky to keep your dog without any cover after a bath, especially in cold weather. Therefore, this bathrobe is a great protection piece for your beloved dog. It comes at 23 inches and fits most breeds of larger dogs. Moreover, the microfibers of this bathrobe are long and highly absorbent. This will make drying off your furry friend much faster.

Not only is it cute, but it is very functional as well. The soft fabric material will definitely keep your dog comfortable and cozy. You can use this piece for grooming. It is also very convenient to take it with you when you are traveling with your dog, especially to places with beaches or lakes. Furthermore, it will serve your dog as a comfort blanket in the kennel. It will keep its sleeping space warm and comfortable. Your dog will surely love his new bathrobe with the fluffy material on the inside.

  6. Dog Gone Smart Dirty Dog Shammy Towel

Dog Towel for sale

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Up next on our list is the Dog Gone Smart Dog Shammy dog towel. This is a greatly designed convenient piece of clothes to dry your favorite dog with. It is made entirely out of microfiber, which makes the towel highly absorbable. A microfiber towel will absorb much more water than cotton one would. Also, you can dry your put 8 times faster than with a cotton towel or even with a blow dryer. Most importantly, it could also soak up mud out of your dog’s fur.

Moreover, the size of this towel is big enough to be used for every breed of dog. The two side pockets that come with the towel are a convenient design touch. You can slip your hands into the pockets and dry your dogs without the towel slipping away from your hands. Furthermore, it is easily washable and dries very quickly.

5. My Doggy Place Microfiber Dog Towel

dog bath towel wrap

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Keep your house clean with our next entry on the list, which is the My Doggy Place Microfiber Dog DoorMat. This is a versatile piece of towel that you can get to be used by you and your pets. You can put the doormat at entryways and in the bathrooms to dry off your feet and your pet’s paws. Moreover, the mat is made entirely from the chenille microfiber and is very thick. This great material can absorb a lot of water. Also, it is very durable and will last you for a very long time.

Furthermore, this mat has double stitching that would protect it from tearing very fast. Also, the rubber backings will prevent the mat from slipping while you are drying your feet or your pet. It will stay in place and will not be out of place when your dogs run around the house. Most importantly, you can machine-wash the mat and it will regain its fluffiness by simply shaking it after the wash.

This design of the mat comes in 14 different colors and 5 various sizes for you to choose from.

4. Basen Pet Bathrobe

super absorbent dog towel

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The next best dog towel on our list is the Basin Pet Bathrobe. This bathrobe is made of high-quality materials. The cotton fabric absorbs the water out of your pet’s fur very quickly. Moreover, it is designed to be able to fasten around your dog. So, when your pet is getting wild after a bath and running around the room, you can fasten the bathrobe onto him for it not to slip away.

These bathrobes are available in various sizes ranging from smaller sizes to the largest. This is a convenient piece to have for your dog, as it will protect him. After a bath or even running in the rain it is best to cover your dog for it not to get sick. The bathrobe will protect the dog from cold weather. Moreover, it will keep your beloved furry friend cozy and warm in comfort.

 3. Lemon Pet Dog Bathrobe

cheap dog towels

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Coming at number 3 on our list is the Lemon Pet Dog Bathrobe Towel. These bathrobes come in different sizes so that you can choose a specially tailored fit for your dog. Moreover, the fabric used in the towel is highly absorbent with its premium microfibers. It will dry your pet very quickly.

Furthermore, the best feature of this design of a dog towel is the fasten belts. The belts are included in the towel for you to adjust to the body size of your pet. Also, the neckline is adjustable too. You can make sure that your dog is not wrapped too tight and can move in the bathrobe comfortably. Moreover, the dye that is used in the fabric is very safe. It will not accidentally dye your pet’s fur into a different color. On top of that, this bathrobe is highly durable and you will be able to use it for a very long time.

2. PetSimple Large Super Dog Towel

ruff and tumble dog towels

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Our number 2 entry is the Pet Simple Large Super Dog Towel. This is a 29 by 14 inches towel made from chenille microfiber. The material will allow you to dry your pet very quickly. Also, the microfiber can soak in a lot of water at once, making the process so much easier. Moreover, the towel is 1 inch thick and is very soft to the touch. The noodle-like strands on the fabric will give your pet a nice relaxing massage while you are drying them.

Furthermore, this towel comes in with dual pockets where you can slip in your hands. This feature makes it much easier for you to dry your dog without the towel slipping away from your hands. Also, the pockets have elastic bands that can give you a good grip on the towel.

1. Tuff Puppy Towel for Dog

wet dog drying coats

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Finally, our number 1 best dog towel is the Tuff Puppy Large Dog Shammy Towel. It is highly absorbent due to its high-quality material that is used to make the fabric. The towel is made from a chenille microfiber that can absorb a great amount of water. Also, it is a 35 by 14 inches piece that could be used for different types of pets and different sizes. Moreover, it is 1 inch thick with noodle-like strands. These strands will make the entire experience for your pet relaxing and comforting. You can also massage your pet with this towel to keep it calm.

Furthermore, the towel comes with dual hand pockets that will help you dry your pet much quicker. The elastic bands on the hand pockets will keep your hands from slipping away. Most importantly, you can machine wash the towel and it will dry off very quickly. Also, the fabric will dry fast after use and will not leave a “doggy smell” afterward.

Buying Guide 

Let us move on to the buying guide. We have looked at all the best dog towels that are available. Now, let us discuss the different qualities to look for in a good dog towel.

Size: first of all, it is important to consider the size of the towel before purchasing one. This depends entirely on the size of your pet and whether or not they have thick fur. You would not want to get a bigger size towel for your pet as your dog will just get tangled up in the fabric, making the process of drying your beloved friend to be much longer.

Material: second of all, it is essential to buy a towel of high quality. You would not want to use something on your pet that would irritate it. Therefore, the safest choice to make her is to get a towel made of cotton and microfibers. They can absorb the water very quickly and dry your pet much faster. Most importantly, it is completely safe materials to use on your pet.

Grip: third of all, you might want to get a towel with a good grip. It will be easier to dry your pet with a towel that will not slip away easily from your hands. Thus, having hand pockets at the edges of the towels would be a good option to have. Moreover, some towels come with fasten belts that could help you use the towel as a bathrobe for your pet.


In conclusion, we have elaborately looked at the different kinds of dog towels that are available in the market for your choosing. Now, you have sufficient information and can get your beloved furry friend their favorite towel.

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