The 10 Best Drop Leaf Dining Tables in 2021

Drop leaf dining tables feature one of the most outstanding table designs ever that we can think of. It can expand to a large table or keep the leaves closed to minimize the demand for space for storage. This is perfect for a small size house, such as an apartment, condo and dorm, where spaces are limited.

To accommodate your demand, our team has done a lot of research and compared many of this type of dining table, and we have eventually come up with this article. This article will tour you through the top 10 best drop leaf dining tables. Please go through them one by one to explore more about their potentials.

List of the 10 Best Drop Leaf Dining Tables in 2021

10. Anya Nana Drop Leaf Dining Tables

Drop Leaf Dining Tables

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First of all, we have this drop leaf dining table from Anya Nana. It comes with a round shape, and it is made with the size of 42 inches. It also includes the beveled edge as well as tapered legs for the design. It is made of solid wood, and it is coated with oak finish.

In real life usage, you can either fold up one left or both of them in order to get the desired space for usage. There are crossbars equipped to the table in order to make the storage easy and convenient. When you have one left on, the table is compatible with small spaces, such as kitchen and studios. However, in the railway, you might want to fold up both of the leaves in order to make it small and space saving.

9. International Concepts Drop Leaf Dining Tables

Drop Leaf Tables for Small Space

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Next, we should take a look at this drop leaf dining table from International Concepts. It comes with a variety of surface color designs to make it suitable for different home decoration styles. The table is made with a diameter of 42 inches. The top surface measures its thickness at around 20mm, and this is the ideal thickness for durability and stability.

Each of the leaves measures its size at 9 inches, and it works ideally in home usage. If you do not want to use it as a dining table, you can also fit the table into your living room or home office for you to have small talk with family and friends.

After getting the table out of the package, it is very easy to assemble since you only have to put the parts together to get it ready for daily usage.

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8. Winsome Drop Leaf Dining Tables

 Drop Leaf Dining Room Tables for 2021

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If you are in love with a walnut color design, you should consider integrating this drop leaf dining table from Winsome into part of your home decoration. With the drop leaves on, you can have twice more capacity than being folded up. The foldable side panels are highly durable in the design, and it is made to serve you for lifetime usage.

Moreover, the table is equipped with a wide drawer, and this is for you to store a variety of things, especially the kitchen essentials. For the leg area, it is built with floor protectors, so that it will never leave any marks, prints and scratches on the floor. When you do not need the table, you can also fold the legs up in order to get it smaller in size for a convenient storage.

The table is designed for contemporary home decoration style, and it is made from solid wood to last for many years ahead. Also, the table only weighs about 45 pounds.

7. Winsome Drop Leaf Dining Tables

Stylish Expandable Table

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Here comes another drop leaf dining table from Winsome. It also comes with the vintage walnut color to match ideally with your home decoration. The table features a rectangular size, and it is decorated in contemporary style design. This dining table is made with attention to the details.

This dining table is made from durable and solid wood, and the total weight of the table is measured at 43 pounds. Although the assembly is required for this table, you can simply follow the instruction manual to get it done easily within minutes.

This table is designed ideally for any small spaces, such as kitchen and studio, where you need a table for usage but the space does not allow a big one. Nevertheless, the table can accommodate up to 6 people with confidence, and this is enough for having a small meeting or talk within the family or among friends.

6. Nathan James Drop Leaf Dining Tables

rectangular drop leaf dining table

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Nathan James also provides us with one of the best drop leaf dining tables that we can trust on. The table features the drop leaf design, which allows users to fold in up while not being in use. When you fully open both of the side panels, the table can serve up to 6 people easily.

The table is made from brown wood, and it features the walnut color for a good looking appearance for home furniture collection. You can easily find chairs with the corresponding color to work with this table. Moreover, the base is made with an X design to reinforce the structure and offer more stability while using.

The assembly process of this table only takes about 20 minutes to get it done. All the parts are included already in the package for you. After a full assembly, it has a width of 40 inches. However, if you decide to fold up the wings, you will get the width at 22 inches.

There is a 100 day warranty to back up this purchase in order to ensure you with the best peace of mind.

5. Winsome Solid Wood Dining Table

drop leaf dining table set

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This is another model of drop leaf dining table from Winsome. It is designed perfectly for dining use. The table comes with a surface of light oak color, and it has the size at 42 inches for the diameter. It is made with a beveled edge, and the construction is reinforced by the tapered legs.

The table itself is made from solid wood, and the coating finish is guaranteed to be heavy duty in the long run. It is made with 2 leaves, and you can fold any of them up according to your preferences and demands. In addition, the structure is strengthened by the crossbars, and it is very easy and convenient for storage.

The assembly is required for this table. However, it is easy enough for you to do it within an hour. After the full assembly, the table has its height at 42 inches.

4. SEI Furniture Multi-purpose Dining Table

large drop leaf dining table

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Moving onto the next drop leaf dining table from SEI Furniture, it is designed for multiple purposes which allow you to pair with either chairs or sofas. The drop leaf design makes it a perfect piece of furniture for contemporary and industrial home decorations. It can serve as either a dining table or console table, which offers the seat for 4 – 6 people.

It is compatible with all places inside the house, starting from the dining room to many other rooms, such as the living room and home office. The assembly is required for this table. However, it is guaranteed to be easy for you since the hardware and instruction guideline are both included in this case.

The assembly component is rated by consumers worldwide at up to 4.4 out of 5 stars for its easiness in the design.

3. Winsome Dining Table for Small Spaces

double drop leaf dining table

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Now, let us give our attention to this drop leaf dining table from Winsome. This is your choice if you are still in love with the traditional design. It helps you to feel like going back in the time tunnel to the past when you were a child and things were easy. The table is made from solid wood, and it appears in walnut color to give an elegant look in the house.

Assembly is required for this dining table, but the process is ensured to be easy for you. The table fits ideally into any small spaces that you can think of. This makes it the best choice for small size houses, such as apartments and condos.

The drop leaf sides allow you to open one or both according to your demand of space. However, for a convenient storage, you can fold up both of the sides to make it compact and portable. This is also desirable for transportation.

2. MECO Expandable Dining Table

antique drop leaf dining table

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What about this drop leaf dining table from MECO? It features a traditional design with a versatile function to serve you. Thanks to the drop leaf design, the size and capacity of the table is expandable, and therefore, you can maximize the space according to your demands.

There are 2 leaves for the table, and one locates on each of the two sides. It serves as a great dining table, but users can also use it as a console table or a gaming table as long as you wish. The table is built from solid wood, and the surface is coated with veneer. This allows the whole construction to last for many years ahead.

Also, after unboxing the table, you should be able to set up the table easily based on all the parts and tools included inside. The damages are minimized through the delivery also.

1. Signature Design by Ashley Dining Table

drop leaf dining table with storage

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Last but not least, we should not forget this drop leaf dining table from Signature Design by Ashley. It features a round design in a vintage style. This is also ideal for traditional home decoration style. The table is built from veneers and wood. The expandable leaves are there to maximize the space to accommodate more guests.

It is coated with a brown color rustic finish. This offers a clean and beautiful shape for you to welcome the guests with confidence. Moreover, thanks to the portable and compact design, the table works great for all small spaces, such as kitchen and living room. The design is made for about 4 people only.

In terms of the installation, you can simply follow the instructions and take advantage of the tools and hardware included in the package. They are all what you need to get the table ready to begin a dinner.

Buying Guides

You and I never want to waste our time and money on buying a bad quality product. In this case, if you want to maximize the values of your money by getting a good drop leaf dining table, please follow the rules below strictly while doing the shopping.

Construction: a good dining table should feature a heavy duty construction to last for many years in the future. In this case, it is usually made with high quality solid wood to ensure both of the durability and stability while being in use.

Drop leaf design: the drop leaf design makes it convenient and flexible to fit into any space perfectly. However, a good drop leaf dining table allows you to open either only one or both of the panels. After folding up, it should result in a much smaller size to save the space for you.

Capacity: the ideal size for the drop leaf dining table should be around 42 inches in diameter. This is to support about 4 – 6 people.

Storage: the storage should be easy and convenient also with the foldable design. The table should fit well into any small spaces, such as kitchen, living room and office.

Functions: a good drop leaf table does not only serve as a dining table but also plays its role as console and gaming table as well.


To summarize, above are the top 10 best drop leaf dining tables along with their noticeable features that we have found for you. They are convenient and flexible in daily usage since you can use it with many functions. Also, you can also customize the size according to the number of guests, and this makes it a great piece of space saving furniture.

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