The 10 Best Floor Chairs with Back Support in 2022

Are you a kind of person who like sitting and laying down on the floor to do your task? Well, if you do, then I’m sure you’re gonna need a proper seat to bring comfort to your butt. How do I know? Because I’m one of that kinds. So, today let me introduce you to the best floor chair with back support.

The floor chair with back support helps us a lot in doing our tasks such as sitting and working on our laptop, watching TV, gathering around with friends and doing meditation. If you are keen to grab one or a few, I have a list for you below. Check them out!

List of the Best Floor Chairs with Back Support in 2022

10. bonVIVO Easy III Padded Floor Chair Equipped With Integrated Handle

 bonVIVO Easy III Padded Floor Chair Equipped With Integrated Handle:

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If you are looking for a multipurpose seating option either for your office or living room, then you must try this floor chair with back support from bonVIVO. Designed to offer an optimum solution, this floor chair is found to be adjustable and extremely portable because of its convenient integrated handle. This cushioned floor chair presents the supreme comfort in your office or living room for reading, watching TV, or doing some creative work.

In addition to reading, watching TV or writing, this floor chair is suitable for meditation and considered perfect for group discussion groups, seminars therapy sessions. Because of its integrated handle, the chair can be effortlessly carried and positioned anywhere.

You can easily assemble and disassemble this chair with minimal effort. It could be stowed easily and presents unique versatility through its sturdy backrest. The chair’s construction is made lightweight and with the use of high-quality materials. Due to its portable design, the chair could be used anywhere, without compromising the stability. It can withstand a maximum load of 100 kg.

9. Back Jack Floor Chair – Standard Size Original BackJack Chairs

 Back Jack Floor Chair -Standard Size Original BackJack Chairs:

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Recognized as a sturdy and portable floor chair for adult, this seating option simplifies your sitting hassles in a unique way. You can rely on its quality because the floor chair is constructed with the use of a detachable heavy cotton duck outer cover which can be lengthened over a reinforced steel inner frame.

Ultimate comfort of this floor chair is delivered because its seat is packed with dense foam. Extra comfort is presented with the help of soft and firm cotton duck fabric cover. The chairs can be conveniently stacked when not in use.

It is an all-purpose floor chair because you can use it for camping, watching TV, reading books, writing, meditation, and more. Made of 90% cotton to present ultimate comfort, the chair holds a proven record of safety test by millions of customers. It is so safe that even kids can use it for its providing excellent back support.

The chair is certified by back health groups. Due to its lightweight design, it is a portable chair. You can easily handle it anywhere. There are a variety of colors and sizes to choose from.

8. BirdRock Home Adjustable 14-Position Memory Foam Floor Chair

 BirdRock Home Adjustable 14-Position Memory Foam Floor Chair:

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The adjustable floor chair from BirdRock Home is an ideal seat to transform your home’s floor into a comfortable place for sitting. The appealing quality of this chair is it comes with the 14-position memory foam for ultimate comfort.

The floor chair is designed with the use of high-quality chopped memory foam as well as cushioned fabric to present a comfortable seat, irrespective of the floor type. Its memory foam matches your body in order to provide you with an ideal seat.

You can effortlessly adjust the floor chair’s back support into total 14 varied positions. This type of arrangement allows you to position it flat for taking a nap, lounging it to view your favorite show or align at 90 degrees to enjoy board games.

Adults can sit with their children on the floor comfortably. With the help of memory foam & backrest blend, you experience ultimate comfort. It offers your children with a secured spot so parents need not worry about the children falling off.

Overall, it is a great floor chair with back support for complementing additional seating when your friends and guests visit your home to watch TV or game.

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7. ECR4Kids SoftZone Kids Gaming Rocker, Best Floor Chair for Adults

 ECR4Kids SoftZone Kids Gaming Rocker:

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This floor chair from ECR4Kids soft zone is essentially regarded as the two-tone video soft rocker for children and adults to lounge comfortably. In addition to comfort, this chair presents a unique and modern style.

It is a kind of casual ergonomic floor chair that is found ideal for children aged 3 and above to read books, play video games, watch TV, or simply relax after school. The ergonomic design, as well as the rocking function of this chair, is intended to feel comfortable for taking a nap or for long hours sitting sessions.

This ergonomic floor chair is constructed using a hardwood frame cushioned with soft foam to deliver supreme comfort. You can set up this floor chair in kids’ rooms, living room, home theaters rooms, and more.

The chair is made available in a wide range of gorgeous two-tone color blends. Its soft polyurethane cover is found to be durable and simple to maintain. You just need to wipe clean using mild soap and water. It comes fully assembled. The overall design is made a lightweight design for effortless transportation by people of different ages.

6. Sundale Adjustable Soft-Brushed Polyester Cord Five-Position Multiangle Floor Chair for Outdoor and Indoor

 Sundale Adjustable Soft-Brushed Polyester Cord Five-Position Multiangle Floor Chair for Outdoor/Indoor:

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What makes this floor chair unique from its competitor models is its five-position alignment. As implied by the name, this back support floor chair can be set up both indoor and outdoor. Moreover, it can be adjusted at the desired sitting position.

The floor chair comes with a sturdy interior metal locking mechanism that allows it to be positioned at five different comfortable angles. You can align this chair from fully reclined to the upright position. Therefore, it can attain the positions as per the need. The chair delivers superior comfort because it is densely and exceptionally padded for long hours of use.

The chair’s seat pad comes with sufficient seating space and sturdy back support as well. There are no maintenance hassles. Its durable and soft-brushed polyester cover incorporates zipper and is found to be removable for effortless cleaning.

5. Original BackJack Floor Chair – Portable XL Size Floor Chair for Adults

 Original BackJack Floor Chair – Portable - XL Size (Purple):

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These BackJack floor chairs are made up from a detachable and heavy cotton duck based external cover. This cover can be stretched as per your need. Designed in an eye-catching purple color, this floor chair proves to be beautiful and comfortable. Its seat is filled with 90% cotton in order to convey ultimate comfort.

The floor chair does not occupy much space and can be stacked when not in use. Qualities like comfortable, portable, and stackable allow you to set it up anywhere. You would get relieved from the uncomfortable seating because the chair is designed ergonomically to present back support as well as lumbar support. Therefore, you need not be slumped over while sitting on the floor.

It comes in total two positions alignment because its exceptional design enables sitting and reclining both. This is accomplished by switching between the vertical and horizontal position.

4. Merax Adjustable 5-Position Floor Chair | Foldable Lazy Sofa Floor Chair

 Merax Adjustable 5-Position Floor Chair Foldable Lazy Sofa Floor Chair:

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You will be amazed to know the way in which this floor chair from Merax presents comfort and durability. The chair is constructed from microfiber and cushioned with dense and abundant stuffing. Moreover, it also exhibits a sturdy metal frame for guaranteeing high strength.

It is a kind of floor sofa that is lightweight and extremely handy in a manner that you can shift it to any location. When not in use, you can store it easily.

This floor sofa offers you an excellent support for reading, discussing, playing games or watching TV. Its back can be adjusted to five positions to let you feel comfortable. One of the positions is lay flat which is utilized as a seat cushion. You would not feel it bulky while transporting.

3. ZENDO Foldable Floor Chair Japanese Style | Japanese Floor Chair with Back Support

3. ZENDO Foldable Floor Chair Japanese Style (Two-Pack):

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Ultimate comfort is experienced when you sit on this Japanese floor chair with back support. It is made possible with soft seating and thickly cushioned backrest. This excellent floor chair is made for gaming, reading, meditation, watching TV and more.

This Japanese style floor chair is intended to provide outstanding lumbar support. Its design is such that you can accent your home or office with traditional sophistication. Therefore, the floor chair is regarded as the ideal addition to the office or living room.

The chair is extremely portable because it folds in half the size for simple storage. It can be folded in a convenient position. If the living space is not spacious, you can set up this chair. High durability is ensured because the chair is handcrafted from solid pine as well as stainless steel joints. It can withstand a maximum load of 100 kg.

2. Best Choice Products 14-Position Memory Foam Cushioned Padded Gaming Floor Sofa Chair

Best Choice Products 14-Position Folding

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Now you can transform your floor of the home to the most comfortable spot by setting up this floor sofa chair. It is found that the chair is exceptionally designed to present top-quality comfort as well as cushioned support. You can use it for enjoying movies at home, for gaming sessions, or for allowing your toddler to sit on it.


  • You would feel ultimate comfort because the chair is designed with soft flannel which is filled with split foam.
  • It is an adjustable chair with 14 different positions alignment. You can lay it flat as a comfortable bed.
  • Based on your needs, you can move it anywhere.
  • It is meticulously crafted with a split memory foam blend, in order to provide supreme quality comfort as well as support.
  • You can set up this floor chair in kid’s room, living room, office, or anywhere else.

1. Jhua Home Folding Lazy Sofa Relax Chair – Six-Position Floor Chair

 Jhua Home Folding Lazy Sofa Relax Chair - Six-Position:

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Capable to present you with six unique angle position for experiencing great comfort and support, this floor chair is ideal for watching TV, reading, playing with kids, and playing games.

This gaming floor chair is manufactured with Flannel fabric and packed with high-density foam. It is found that this type of arrangement presents high durability, comfort, and support. Its backrest can be easily folded to six different positions, ranging from flat to 90 degrees. This allows for efficient storage and comfort. Depending on your requirement, you can pick the most convenient angle.

There is no trouble to fold and move this chair. So, it is an ideal lounger for small spaces and to relish comfortable sitting at home. The use of high-quality foam sponge, as well as pure metal frame, enhances its durability and life too. This sofa floor chair is prepared from fleece as well as high elastic foam sponge that is found soft. Elegant coffee color is found to be relaxing and also enhances the decor.


After getting exhausted from the entire day work, you can comfortably lounge on these floor chairs without any trouble. Keeping in mind comfort, durability, support, and elegant design, this floor chair finds its use in a wide variety of applications. These chairs allow you to sit cross-legged and lay back to read books, watch a movie, chat with a friend, eat snacks, etc.

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