Here the 10 Most Recommended Floor Lamps in 2021

Reading to favorite novels or preparing for exams needs sufficient lighting. In the night, it happens that your partner or other persons residing with you want to sleep and you want to read or write something. Also, it may be possible that you want to work on some artwork or decorations. For all such cases, a decent quality floor lamp proves to be a useful device. Basically, the structure of the floor lamp resembles a tall electric light commonly found in living rooms.

These floor lamps are capable to provide sufficient illumination to space and limit the darkness. They are generally offered in two types –they can be either flexible in which the heat can be swiveled in a different direction or they could be fixed. Take a look at the elegant and durable floor lamps discussed below:

List of the 10 Best Floor Lamps in 2021

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10. Revel Akira 80″ Modern 3-Light Arc Floor Lamp

 Revel Akira 80" Modern 3-Light Arc Floor Lamp

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Artistic modern style is conveyed with this 80-inch arc floor lamp.  Being multi-directional in nature, this model of the 3-light floor lamp illuminates the existing decor of your home through its warm lighting. Moreover, it conveys pre-assembled interlaced burlap shades. The presence of a mechanical rotary switch on the surface facilitates 3-way lighting to enhance dimming preferences.  For any room, an exclusive bright light is delivered to provide proper illumination. You will be surprised to see how your decor gets brightened.

Based on the available space, this modern floor lamp can be set on a table, behind a sofa, on the couch or anywhere you need illumination. If there is a dedicated workspace in your room then you may set up the lamp there. Its sturdy base makes sure the lamp is secure and would not fall off.


  • On the surface of the floor lamp, you will find a mechanical rotary switch located on the pole. This switch enables 3-way lighting in order to perfectly optimize the dimming preferences
  • It comes with the fully assembled burlap shades; actually, there are 3 beige woven burlap drum shades. Since they arrive in assembled form, they can be readily placed on the lamp.
  • High stability is guaranteed through its heavy base.

9. Normande Lighting JM1-884 Incandescent Torchiere Floor Lamp:

 Normande Lighting JM1-884 100-Watt Incandescent Torchiere Floor Lamp

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Designed traditionally, the Normande floor lamp enhances the aesthetic of the surrounding. In addition to providing sufficient illumination in your living room, this incandescent lamp appears beautiful wherever setup. Its construction showcases a torchiere lamp that is dedicated to offering full-room illumination. Moreover, you will see a smaller side reading lamp to deliver focused light output. The entire structure is made exquisite with the help of its black painted finish. The included switch is easy to operate and you can manipulate the illumination using that switch.


  • In the entire lamp structure, a total of two lamps are included; they are 100W torchiere floor lamp and 40W side reading lamp.
  • It is due to the frosted glass shades equipped with the wire-metal decor and the leaf and vine pattern that assist to adorn the entire structure.
  • Overall measurements are 10.7 (L) inches x15.5 (W) inches x71 (H)inches.
  • This incandescent floor lamp incorporates a rotary 3-way switch. It is this switch that enables the user to activate either the reading lamp or the torchiere, or both simultaneously. In addition to the facility of two lamps, you can control when to utilize them.

8. Hsyile Lighting KU300171 Crystal Floor Lamp:

 Hsyile Lighting KU300171 Cozy Elegant Modern Creative Crystal Floor Lamp

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Any furniture equipment or a decorative piece made up of the crystal will surely upgrade the existing look of your decor. This luxurious crystal floor lamp is considered as an ideal addition to any room that requires extra lighting. Since the output from the lamp is not gaudy, you can use it for professional use like study, office work, reading, etc. Those searching for a stylish ambient floor lamp to revamp the original appearance of their room, they can try this crystal floor lamp.  In this lamp unit, the chrome hardware, as well as crystal lattice shades, are flawlessly filtered in the room.


  • Preparation of this KU300171 floor lamp uses c chrome finish and superior quality raw materials. There is the use of handpicked crystal in its making.
  • Through multiple polishes, the lamp is capable to deliver decent light transmittance.
  • Overall dimensions are 13 inches (L) x 13 inches (W) x 59 inches (H).

7. Boston Harbor 3 Light Tree Lamp, Black:

 Boston Harbor TL-TREE-134-BK-3L 3 Light Tree Lamp

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When it comes to lamps, the classic black color used in their body will adorn the surrounding in a unique way. The same is seen when you go for this 3 light tree lamp. It is extremely simple to assemble this lamp and all the necessary instructions are included. You get the flexibility to choose to illuminate the entire room or some part of it. This relies on the number of lamps you have. In this way, the illumination is under complete control of the user.


  • Boston Harbor featured 3 in 1d by utilizing 3 distinct light sources. All these light sources emerge from the central platform. Moreover, every spotlight possesses its own on and off switch. So, you can choose the light intensity according to your needs.
  • There is flexibility provided to freely swivel it to 350 degrees. All the 3 spotlights can swivel 350 degrees and turn 45 degrees to focus light anywhere.

6. Adesso 4238-26 Trinity Arc Floor Lamp:

 Adesso 4238-26 Trinity Arc Floor Lamp

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A representation of advancement, modernization, and classic interior adornment by the brand Adesso can be seen in this floor lamp. Perfect to illuminate any room, the lamp comes in a multi-stand fixture. This fixture provides ambient or task lighting regardless of the space. It is found that the three light brown burlap fabric drum shades hang from the rounded metal poles. Also, the poles could be varied in position from side to side in order to attain the anticipated light location.

Availability of the four-way rotary switch on the body of pole comes with its unique operating mechanism. Basically, it can be operated as left and center only, right only, all on, and all off. So, you can easily vary the illumination in your room. Overall, this 3-light arc floor lamp proves to be a modern substitute to the commonly used lamp fixtures and also it delivers multi-directional light.


  • The lighting solution is made modern and flexible by the presence of a four-way rotary switch. This switch is present on the surface of the main pole.
  • It is generally found compatible with CFL bulbs and a smart outlet.
  • The lamp unit is a lightweight, user-friendly product that is convenient to fix.

5. Amora Lighting AM071FL14 Tiffany-style Floor Torchiere Lamp:

 Amora Lighting AM071FL14 Tiffany-style Jewel Floor Torchiere Lamp

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Regarded as a unique floor lamp from Tiffany, this lighting product is hand-crafted with the implementation of the traditional Tiffany techniques. The flexibility to place it anywhere makes sure there are no restrictions to avail illumination in a room. It is known that the lamp has been polished by mineral in form of a finish. The reason behind this is the lamp incorporates lead, so doing this would reduce the chances of cancer. Now it is not difficult to supplement warmth to your existing home decor. A classic style is conveyed to perfectly fit in any room.


  • Manufacturing of this Tiffany-style floor lamp is done with the use of 180 pieces of stained glass as well as metal that possess pain finish.
  • The height of the lamp is 72 inches whereas the diameter of the shade is 14 inches. For its operation, a 60W bulb would suffice.
  • It comes with knob type switch to let you transit different modes easily.

4. Brightech Eclipse LED Floor Lamp:

 Brightech Eclipse LED Floor Lamp

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Modern style and functional design are the prominent traits of this LED floor lamp. It is actually a free-standing lamp that can be set in any part of a room. Its futuristic eclipse appears exquisite with different decor styles such as classic, traditional, rustic, art deco, contemporary, and minimalist. Inside the configuration of this LED lamp, the twin rings provide a vivid light output with 2,000 lumens. This brightness level is sufficient for illuminating any room or office. Implementation of the slender design gives assurance that this LED-based floor lamp is an impeccable choice for illuminating small spaces. In such spaces, a dimmable bright light will be delivered.


  • Through the 3,000 kelvin warm white light, a comfortable and illuminated environment will be created.
  • The inclusion of heavy base presents excellent stability to make sure the lamp is safe to use when pets and kids are present.
  • The users gain the flexibility to choose one among 3 unique light levels varying from super bright to ambient mood lighting. In this manner, you can obtain the perfect lighting in any space.
  • It comes with an easy-to-use dimmer touch switch allowing the user to vary the brightness.

3. LEPOWER Metal Floor Lamp:

 LEPOWER Metal Floor Lamp, Architect Swing Arm Standing Lamp with Heavy Metal Based

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LEPOWER presented a floor lamp that is durable, elegant and highly functional. It is none other than this model of a metal floor lamp. The sole intention behind the design of this lamp is to fulfill the rudimentary lighting needs. So, now you can easily read, write or work on the desktop with the light output from this lamp. Use of supreme quality metal material makes sure the room is brightened in an elegant way.

As per the available space, you may set up this metal floor lamp unit in a living room, bedroom, office, kid’s room, study room, etc. Stylish design is conveyed through the flexibly designed swing arm. There would be no hassles to search for the perfect lighting angle. It indirectly suggests that now you can read or write with the required illumination angle.


  • The metal floor lamp is built with high-quality metal lampshade and bottom. This kind of configuration makes this structure aesthetic and durable.
  • With its sturdy design and weighted base, the entire lamp construction is free from wobble. So, now you can stay stress-free even if pets and kids are around.
  • An on/off switch is positioned on the cord to quickly control the illumination.

2. VAVA Dimmable LED Floor Lamps for Living Room:

 Floor Lamp, VAVA Dimmable LED Floor Lamps for Living Room

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Occasionally it is required to dim or brighten the light output in a living room or office. In such cases, you may try this dimmable floor lamp. Using LEDs, it is certain that the output would be bright and free from distortion. You will be stunned to perceive its fully customizable illumination. Actually, this dimmable floor lamp combines and blends 5 color temperatures as well as 5 brightness levels. In this way, you could choose the suitable light based on your surrounding and activity you wish to accomplish.


  • With the inclusion of touch control, it is extremely easy to operate this VAVA lamp. This touch control presents a reliable approach to adjust the brightness and light color.
  • Through its 2-in-1 multifunctional design, this bright floor lamp could be easily dissembled and converted into a compact desk lamp unit.
  • Package includes an adapter facilitating easy conversion of high voltage energy to the low-level output.

1. IMIGY Dimmable 9W Floor Lamp:

 IMIGY Dimmable 9W Floor Lamp-Floor Lamps

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IMIGY prepared a dimmable LED floor lamp that is capable to simplify the hassles faced regarding illumination. This 9W dimmable floor lamp is just perfect for reading, writing, working on the desktop, sewing, or any other hobby project. All these activities generally need perfect lighting and the same is conveyed through this lamp. It is extremely simple to control the temperature and intensity through the remote control. Moreover, its chic design lets you adorn your living space uniquely.


  • It comes with a flexible gooseneck that allows the user to vary the light angle as per your convenient.
  • The light output can be dimmed using 5 levels of brightness so you can choose the convenient lighting.

Final call

When there is a need to spruce up a room or office, it is always a good idea to set up a floor lamp. These lamps are sufficiently tall, durable, sturdy, and provides sufficient illumination to let you accomplish your activities. They will surely appear exquisite in any room due to their stylish design.

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