The 10 Best Folding Dining Table in 2021

Many people feel that a dining table is too large for a dorm or apartment. However, this is not the case as there is a folding dining table there waiting to serve you. The table enables you to work with it in many different ways, including dining, working, and studying. This is the reason why we would like to introduce you to the top 10 best folding dining tables today. Also, in the end, there is a buying guide section waiting for you.

List of the 10 Best Folding Dining Table in 2021

#10. Winsome Square Folding Dining Table

Square drop leaf table for dining

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Let’s begin with the foldable dining table from Winsome. This dining table features a leaf down design so that you can either open it completely or fold up parts to get more compact storage. It is built from composite wood, which is both durable and solid. It provides a teak finish on the surface to guarantee the support in the long run.

Although an assembly is required, it is easy enough as you can take advantage of the tools and hardware provided. It can fit it perfectly into any house with little space. It also includes 2 drawers, where you can use to store any items in order to protect them from dust and dirt.

In this set, there are also 2 stools included. The stools are provided for you to have dinner with your other half with the best convenience. The stool measures its height at 20.8 inches, while the table has its height at 32.75 inches after the full extension.

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#9. SEI Furniture Folding Dining Table

Espresso dining dining table foldable

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Another contender for the reviews is the folding dining table from SEI Furniture. This wooden dining table features a transitional design, which is ideal for both traditional and modern home decoration styles. It provides an espresso finish on the surface with the construction of wood grain. The table is ideal for your house if you have a small family of 2 – 4 people.

It is built from the combination of MDF and ash veneer wood. Although it comes with a lightweight construction of only 71.5lbs, it can hold up to 80lbs with confidence. The table enables you to transform the design between the console and counter table. These two types are built with different heights to match your demands.

After each use, you can collapse it to a much smaller size, yet it can be assembled very easily after that.

#8. Youdao Folding Dining Table

Household Flip Table Computer Creative Table

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Next, we should have a look at this folding dining table from Youdao. This dining table is ideal for the kitchen or dining room since it enables the family and friends to eat together. The tabletop is large enough to hold a variety of food, including salads, desserts, and lasagna. The installation is also very easy since the parts are numbered for you. You can simply follow the instructions provided to get it done as soon as possible.

Moreover, the table features a matte back design with wood construction. It is designed with a minimalist-chic style to make your home decoration new and refreshing. This desk design is also multifunctional as it can work as a dining desk, writing desk, computer desk as well as others. Therefore, apart from placing it in the kitchen, it is also ideal for the study room, living room, home office, and many other settings in the house.

#7. Anya Nana Folding Dining Table

drop leaf round table for dining

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This foldable dining table from Anya Nana is also worth taking into consideration. The most desirable feature about this folding table is that it features a round shape design. The diameter is measured up to 42 inches. The round shape table is ideal when it comes to gathering and party times. Family and friends can sit around the table and enjoy the food and drinks.

The legs are foldable after use. This makes it both easy and convenient for storage and transportation. It features an oak finish on the surface, and it adds a sense of elegance to your home decoration. This accent table is highly recommended by many people thanks to its stable and heavy-duty structure. In addition, the table legs are protective on the floor, which automatically prevents all kinds of scratches and damages on the tile surface in the house.

#6. Tribesigns foldable Dining Table

Black foldable dinner table drop leaf

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Tribesigns is also one of the best considerations when it comes to the choices of a folding dining table. This dining table features a foldable design, and it is also equipped with 6 wheels in order for you to move around while in need of transportation. This is ideal when the space in the house is limited since you might want to move it to the corner while not in use.

The table is built from high-quality particle panels, which are designed for reliability and durability. The table is ideal for 6 people to gather together and have some delicious food. Moreover, it comes with a modern design with a pearwood color. This way, it works well for all home decoration styles based on your personalized characteristics.

This table can serve a wide range of applications since it can be used not only as a dining table but also as a computer desk, preparation table, writing desk as well as a study desk. The assembly is easy enough as all the tools are provided for you. You can enjoy an 18-month warranty from Tribesigns to get the best peace of mind.

#5. Nathan James Solid Wood Drop Leaf Folding Kitchen Dining

Rustic Console Table foldable for dining

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This Nathan James table is packed with features. This table comes with 2 leaves that can be folded after use. When it is fully open, the table can accommodate the maximum number of guests at 6 people. It is built of solid wood, and it is made in walnut brown color. This brown design enables you to choose the corresponding chair very easily.

Moreover, the structure is reinforced by the X-shaped frame. The frame adds more strength to the whole construction in order to support heavy-duty usage. The installation is easy enough as you only need about 20 minutes in order to get it ready. There is no need to spend hours and hours just assembling the table.

Also, the full width of the table is 40 inches, but when you fold the leaves up, the width will be condensed to only 22 inches. This means that you can store it anywhere with convenience, including kitchen, living room, and study room. It works well for small spaces, and you can use it for a wide range of applications to maximize the values.

#4. Winsome Taylor Dining Foldable Table

Walnut table for dinning and party

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Here comes another folding dining table which is from Winsome. This dining table appears in an elegant walnut color which fits well into the modern home decoration style. This wooden table is made in a contemporary design, and there are 2 drop leaves for you to expand the table size. When you fully open the leaves, the table size reaches double.

Moreover, it is equipped with a wide drawer, where you can store a lot of personal items inside. These include books, remote control, and other small items. In the leg area, it is equipped with a floor protector on each foot in order to protect the floor from scratches and damages.

It is built with a solid wood construction which guarantees both the durability and stability in the long run. As long as you wish to have the table, it is there waiting to serve you in all areas. Although assembly is required, it should be easy and quick enough with all the parts and tools provided to you.

#3. In The Mix MIX Folding Dining Table

Espresso foldable table

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Moving onto the next folding dining table from In The Mix, this one comes with an affordable price. It is built of laminate wood construction, while the frame features a black metal design, It is ideal for both home and commercial use as it is suitable for various applications, including dining, studying, working, and others. It can be converted into a console table to serve your demand.

This foldable dining table comes with a 1-year limited warranty. Within this period of time, if you are having any problems with the product, you can always go to In The Mix to get the best consumer support.

Yet, when you invest your time and money with this table, there are various things to keep in mind. This table cannot withstand direct exposure to extreme sunlight or heat sources.

#2. ALPS Mountaineering Dining Table

Mountaineering table with foldable design

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What about this folding dining table from ALPS Mountaineering? This folding dining table is made of an aluminum frame using the X-shaped structure. This structure offers the best stability while opening even if the frame is lightweight enough. This table does not include side panels, which might be inconvenient for your knees when you sit around the table.

The frame can be collapsed quickly to a much smaller size, and it can be put into the carry bag provided. The carry bag allows you to carry the table directly on your shoulder when you need to transport the table to any places. This folding dining table is ideal for various functions, including eating meals, playing cards, and gathering for tailgating. The clay color makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor settings.

#1. MECO Traditional Expanding Dining Table

Fruitwood Frame expandable table for indoor and outdoor

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Last but not least, topping the list, we have this stellar folding dining table from MECO. This folding dining table is constructed of wood, and it features a traditional design. The structure of the table is expandable based on your demand for space. There are 2 leaves that you can open in order to make the space big enough for more family members and friends.

It can serve as a dining table, a console table, and a game table. Apart from that, you can also use it for other tasks and projects when you need a tabletop to place many things at the same time. The table features solid wood construction, and the top surface is built of the veneer.

The assembly is super easy and simple as you only need simple tools and hardware. You can simply put the parts together in order to get it ready to serve your demand as soon as possible.

What makes the best foldable dining table?

The folding dining table is always the top choice for a limited space. This is the reason why many people are choosing it. However, if you want to get the best table with the smallest budget, below are some considerations that you might need to take into account.


There are many options for the materials used in the construction of the table. These materials include veneer wood, MDF, and particle boards. There are many other materials, but the most important thing is that it should be as durable and reliable as possible.

Foldable design

This is important if you have a small space area. After you are finished with the meal, you can simply fold the table up in order to get it stored anywhere with confidence. Some of the tables even have a drop leaf design which enables you to expand the tabletop surface.

Multifunctional construction

The foldable dining table should not be used for only dining, but it should also work well for other applications, including preparing projects, writing, working as well as gatherings.


When it comes to the assembly time, the real manufacturer will include all the parts and tools for you to get started.


To conclude this article, we have demonstrated the main features of the top 10 best folding dining tables at the moment. This is an ideal choice for you if you have a small house or apartment. It will never consume much of your space as it can work for you in many ways. We really appreciate your time, and we hope that you can get the best folding dining table for your house.

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