10 Best Folding Shovels to Buy in 2021

Who doesn’t love to spend time in their garden or go on a hiking trip, picnics, and outdoor campings? So, while going on an outdoor activity, you have to ensure that you have the necessary accessories with you. A shovel can help you in digging up the ground or setting up a fire pit. Carrying a normal shovel along with your baggage can be a herculean task. So, you can go for folding shovels.

The folding shovels, as their name suggests, can be folded into much smaller sizes. Moreover, they are hard and strong. Therefore, it can withstand any type of strain. Numerous shovels are available in the market, with distinct features. So, here, we have added the reviews of the best folding shovel reviews currently available in the market.

List of the 10 Best Folding Shovels in 2021

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10. REDCAMP Military Folding Camping Shovel

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If you are looking for a perfect product for your hunting and fishing camps, then you can go for this one. The product made of high carbon steel material ensures high durability and efficiency in function. Besides, the cutting edges are so sharp, so that you can easily dig in, along with blades of thickness1.5mm.

Speaking about its use, the product is highly multifunctional and versatile. You can use it for digging, hammering, etc. when used straight or if held vertically to the ground. Apart from being a shovel, it also serves its purpose as a saw, picks, etc. Also, its handle is designed in a triangular shape to provide more comfort and grip. This shovel’s handle can be tri-folded to make it easier to carry around. To summarize, this can be an ideal product for your gardening and outdoor picnic ventures.

Why do we recommend this product?

  • Made of high standard material
  • Highly multipurpose function
  • Sharp cutting edge
  • Strong and hard fixture
  • Occupies less space.
  • Comes with a 1year warranty.

9. Rhino USA Folding Survival Shovel with Pick

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This is an all-in-one together product with a wide variety of applications under one niche. This multi-purpose tool can be used to scale fish as a fire starter, saw, spade, window breaker, and even to open a bottle, when dismantled. That is, when disassembled, you can use the parts for the above functions. Again, this can be used as a garden tool or a metal packing detector, according to your preference in setting up the same. Interestingly, the blade itself holds three functions: being a spade predominantly, an end can be used as a saw thanks to its engraved teeth, and as a bottle opener.

The product is made of heavy-duty carbon material and is, therefore, significantly hard and made sharp. You can use it smoothly for any type of condition as the power and durability are completely ensured. You can also adjust the handle length and transport it anywhere you go.

Why do we recommend this product?

  • All-in-one product
  • Multifunctional in use
  • Strong and sturdy material
  • Fewer chances of damage
  • Easily portable
  • Designed In the U.S.A and made in China

8. CO-Z Mini Folding Shovel

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An ergonomically designed head and premium quality material make this shovel the perfect match for your use. It is to be noted that high-quality carbon steel makes it a perfect study material. Another specialty owing to its material is that the product is completely rust free and protected from breakages.

You can dig into the gravel with much ease, like cutting a loaf of bread. This is due to the sharp and strong blade. Again, the tooth can be used to cut-off branches. You will feel it comfortable, to use with the triangular handle end. You can use this for garden and construction works.

Also, you get a nylon case along with the package to store the shovel. This reduces your difficulty in carrying it around. The handles are adjustable to shorter lengths.

Why do we recommend this product?

  • Completely protected from the rugged surroundings
  • No chance of deformation
  • Compact in size
  • Ideal for camping, fishing trips, etc.
  • Comfortable and strong grip
  • Lightweight and easy to carry

7. BANORES Camping Shovel

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This product stands top-notch in strength and sturdiness, in comparison to the typical shovel products. Thanks to the quality material, the product stands hard in any condition and can withstand all types of pressure. Moreover, it is resistant to rust and other surface stains. Thus, your product is assured of complete protection.

You can use it for any type of application ranging from small garden works to large digging works. Also, the shovel is 37.6 inches long when extended fully.

Even Though it looks like a simple shovel, you can disassemble it to get a wide range of utilities like a bottle opener, fish scaler, whistle, ice piton, etc. Additionally, you can use it as a hook, hoe, and shovel by adjusting the angles. Thus, you can get everything within the shovel. To summarize, this is a perfect product to meet your hiking, camping, and gardening needs.

Why do we recommend this product?

  • Made of heavy-duty carbon
  • Suitable for any type of work
  • Diverse accessories under one product
  • Multi-angle adjustment, according to preference
  • Worth value for money
  • Perfect for emergencies

6. Coleman Folding Shovel

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If you are looking for a product to be a beneficial aid in your next hiking camp, choose this one. This shovel is compact and can be folded with ease to fit in a backpack. At the time of usage, you can extend it to 23 inches long. You don’t have to worry that they will bend during work. The locks are perfectly screwed and tight. You will experience a good grip and leverage over the shovel, owing to the triangular end and rugged handle design. Above all, the same help in adding some weight onto digging, so that you can work effortlessly.

Furthermore, it is made completely of metal, thus being strong. So, in case of a hiking camp, you can make fire pits and cut branches with this shovel, adding more to the pleasant experience. Also, you can use it to clear off snow and ice on the roads.

Why do we recommend this product?

  • Tightly locked collar
  • Unnecessary materials are avoided in the making
  • Ideal for emergencies
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy material

5. REDCAMP Military Folding Camping Shovel

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This 22.8 inches length shovel can provide you with a sharp cutting edge, suitable for cutting small branches to digging bare grounds. The high-quality material gives it a tough and rigid fixture so that you can work on it with ease. To demonstrate this, the shovelhead can withstand a large amount of stress.

If you look at the saw, you can see the blade as 2 parts, the sharp edge and the saw. While you use the former for digging and to make pits through the soil, use the latter to cut through branches, roots, mud, etc.

Above all, you can easily carry it around by folding it. The folded shovel can fit into a backpack or a box. Also, this product can be the best add-on in your emergency kit.

Why do we recommend this product?

  • Good control over the product
  • Multi-Angle adjustment
  • Withstand pressure
  • Can be an add-on to your emergency kit
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Value for the price


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With its ergonomic design and highly resistant material, the shovel is completely reliable for your works. It is to be noted that they are made of heavy-duty alloy steel, in contrast to the other products. Consequently, it can offer you large ductility and strength along with high resistance to the temperature and stress. The blade shows no chances of blunts and can be used for harder works.

Again, you can use it as a shovel, hoe, or saw according to your need, by adjusting the angles up to 180°. The lock doesn’t bend or loosen itself, so you don’t have to fear about your safety. Moreover, it has a wide variety of applications. That is, you can use it as a bottle opener, nail plucker, pickaxe, etc. in the case of your preferential needs. The product comes with a 3-year warranty and ensures long durability.

Why do we recommend this product?

  • Ensures safety
  • Highly reliable
  • Wide range of applications
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Affordable price
  • Well designed and durable

3. Coleman Folding Shovel with Pick

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This shovel can meet all your requirements of gardening and outdoor works with a shovel. The tool is compact and can help you in case of emergencies. The product ensures durability and long life, owing to its good material. So, you can use it for a long time without any replacement.

Speaking about its size, it can be folded up to 7 inches and extended to 16.25 inches, which is quite suitable to do the work comfortably. Further, you can place it in a carrying case that comes along. Moreover, they can withstand heat and pressure in case of fire pits and when shoveling coals

Why do we recommend this product?

  • Compact size
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Resist wear and tear
  • Made of high-quality material
  • Tight locking collar
  • Comes along with a carrying case

2. Yeacool Portable Folding Shovel

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This multifunction shovel can be an ideal product to add to our gardening equipment and accessories. Owing to its multi-purpose characteristic, it can be used as a potty tool, nail puller, and for cutting purposes. It can be rotated to 180 degrees, and thereby, set the angle according to the job.

As a whole, the package includes one shovel board with a pickaxe, one shovel handle, and a carrying pouch. Hence, the maintenance and replacement are easier like a cakewalk. Also, the material is resistant to dirt and stain. As a result, you can easily clean it with a cloth

Furthermore, intelligent technical design allows you to work more comfortably with it. To be specific, the handle prevents slipping and provides sufficient grip. Again, the high carbon steel makes it durable and sturdy enough to carry out difficult works.

Why do we recommend this product?

  • Suitable for both outdoor and indoor activities
  • Non-slip design
  • Can freely change the angle
  • Comes with a carrying pouch
  • Easy to carry around
  • No loose collars

1. iunio Folding Shovel

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If you are a fan of outdoor sports and love to do the hunting, hiking, etc., this can be a great choice for you. In contrast to the typical shovels, this product can offer you a wide range of utilities, for instance, shovel board, saw, bottle opener, hoe, compass, etc. Therefore, you have an all-in-one multipurpose product of diverse applications.

To emphasize, the product has passed so many durabilities and quality tests. Hence, you can be sure of its safety and durability. Also, it is suitable for everyday use.

Moreover, the carrying bag comes with an inbuilt belt loop which you can hook it on to your belt. Thus, you can easily fold the shovel and place it inside the case. To summarize, this is a perfect product for hikers, sportsmen, survivalists, and adventure lovers.

Why do we recommend this product?

  • Anti-skid handle
  • Made of high carbon steel
  • Provide numerous utilities like saw, compass, etc.
  • Inbuilt belt loop to carry
  • Enhances your outdoor experience
  • The long handle adds to the comfort


A good shovel can be a beneficial aid for you in your outdoor works, picnics, campfires, adventure trips, etc. We have added reviews of the best folding shovels available in the market. Also, we hope that the list can help you choose your product, according to your preference and need.

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