Top 10 Best Inflatable Floating Docks in 2021

When it is summer, it is best to spend some quality time with your friends or family on the beach and on the water. An inflatable floating dock would help you have a great summer day there. Therefore, we came up with a list of the best inflatable floating docks that are available in today’s market.

List of the Inflatable Floating Dock in 2021

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# 10. BOTE Outdoor Inflatable Floating Dock

Inflatable Lake Float

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The review kicks off with this BOTE Floating Dock FX Yoga Mat. This mat is a perfect surface to have for many of the popular fitness activities. It is specially designed to create good stability on the water. Therefore, you can do your favorite exercise routines there. Moreover, it is great for activities such as yoga, circuit training, and even HIIT. The fact that you have to stabilize on the water will make your core workout go on the next level. Likewise, this yoga mat could also be used for leisure activities as well. You can simply inflate the mat and lay in the sun to get a nice tan and have a relaxing time. Also, your kids might want to play on the mat in the water. In addition, it is a great addition to the party as you can play many games with good company while in the water.

Furthermore, the mat is made of PVC skin that is military-grade and highly durable, which will not scratch easily. The dimensions of the mat are 39 inches long and 19 inches wide. A great quality of the following mat is that it could withhold a capacity of 250 LBS. As a bonus, you will receive a special sling bag to keep your folded mat. Also, you can find a hand pump that will help you inflate the mat. A repair kit is also included in the package along with a circuit-training guide that will help you kick-start your exercise routine.

# 9. Tower Paddle Boards Outdoor Inflatable Floating Dock

Inflatable floating Water Lounge

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Number 9 on our list of best outdoor inflatable floating docks is the Tower Paddle Boards Floating Dock. This floating dock is 10 inches long and 5 inches wide. Most importantly, it is 6 inches thick and very firm, which provides good stability on the water. You can jump on it without falling from the mat. Another great feature of this mat is weight capability; it could hold up to 900 LBS. These are perfect qualities to have in a mat.

Moreover, the mat is made of high-quality material that increases its longevity. It is made of double-layered PVC, which is used in naval applications. It will serve you for a long time and will not scratch easily. Even a dog will not be able to scratch it with its claws. Furthermore, you will get more than the mat when purchasing. A pump is included in the package that could be used for inflating the mat. Also, you will find 2 storage straps that you can use to keep your mat when it is not inflated.

# 8. Bestway CoolerZ Outdoor Inflatable Floating Dock

Inflatable Floating Island dock with canopy

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Up next on our list of best inflatable floating docks is actually an inflatable floating island made by Bestway. This CoolerZ Inflatable Floating Island is 128 inches by 114 inches by 26 inches. These dimensions are perfect to place 6 adults on the floating island. This island will help you and your friends to have a nice time in the pool or at the lake. Moreover, this floatable island comes with a sunshade that is detachable; therefore, you can float during a blazing sun and everyone will still be happy. Also, to make matters better this floating island includes a cooler bag to store all your drinks and snacks at a perfect temperature. And do not worry about losing your drinks or having to hold them as you can find 6 cup holders on this island.

Moreover, this inflatable island has a swim-up platform that would come in handy when you want to get on the island from the water. Also, you will find a mesh center that could keep things breezy for you and your friends. In addition, this is not only a fun floating island but it is also a very sturdy and durable island. It is made of high-quality material and would serve you for a very long time. Most importantly, it could be easily inflated with a battery-operated pump or a hand pump.

# 7. Driftsun Asana Outdoor Inflatable Floating Dock

Gymnastic Tumbling or Relaxing Meditation On or Off The Wate

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As outdoor lovers, we are also fond of this Driftsun Asana Inflatable Water Yoga Mat. This model is great for portability when it is in a deflated state; it is lightweight and easy to carry around. It is 7 feet 6 inches long and 33 inches wide, which is a perfect size for a person to practice yoga on or do any other activities. Most importantly, the mat can withstand 235 LBS without a problem.

Furthermore, the mat is made of good quality material such as durable layered PVC. This makes the mat stay firm for a very long time. Also, it will not be scratched easily. Moreover, the top pad of the mat is an EVA traction pad. It is made especially for you not to slip from the mat during your practices. These features make it an incredible mat to use for different activities on the water or beside it.

# 6. Airhead SunComfort Outdoor Inflatable Floating Dock

floating Island dock for 6 People

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This Airhead SunComfort floating dock is another great pick. This dock will add a lot of fun for your summer outings. You can enjoy the sun rays while floating on the suede island with your friends. The following inflatable island is made of velvet-like material. The reason why you would want that on an island is that the island will not be slippery or sticky. Also, it makes the island very soft and you will have great comfort laying or sitting on it. Most importantly, it is made from a cool suede material, which will keep the temperature of the island relatively cooler.

Furthermore, the following inflatable island comes with a boarding dock that you could use to get to the island from the water. And the boarding dock has handles that you could grab on to. Moreover, there are 6 cup holders on the island itself that will enable you to keep your drinks without spilling. Finally, the mesh-seating panel that is designed on the island will keep the company cool in the water while staying on the inflatable island.

# 5. Airhead Gang Plank Floating Dock Inflatable

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The following entry on the list is the Airhead Gang Plank Inflatable Dock. This is a fun design to make your summer days brighter. It is made to give your friends and you to be able to walk on water and even jump on it. Moreover, this is a dock that can support 6 people at once. It is 6 feet by 10 feet, which are wide enough to have enough space to play around. Most importantly, it has a pair of stabilizer fins that will make sure that everyone would stay on the dock.

Moreover, this Airhead Gang Plank has a zippered connection system that can add on more Airhead Gang Planks. You can connect all these docks together with this sipper and get enough space for a bigger party. Also, the material that is used for this dock is heavy gauge PVC, which is highly durable and sturdy. As a bonus, the dock has a reversible color scheme of white and navy blue. Therefore, have fun with this stylish inflatable dock.

# 4. Aquaglide Malibu Island Float and Inflatable

Inflatable Water Float for 10 People

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Offered at a good value, this is the Aquaglide Malibu Island Floating Dock. The inflatable island is made perfectly to support a big company of 10 people. This giant island is easily inflatable and is made of good quality materials. Likewise, it is a pool lounger that would give you and your friends a lot of fun hanging out in the water. The best part of this island is the mesh floor that allows the water to come in and cool you down on a hot summer day.

Furthermore, this inflatable island has the capacity to support 1500 LBS. This is great when you have a big company to hang out with. The great features of this island are the cup holders and the easy access ramp. The cup holders enable you and your friends to keep your drinks by your side at all times. And, the easy access ramp makes it easier to get in and out of this inflatable island. Most importantly, the island is made of 28-gauge PVC, which is highly durable.

# 3. Solstice Inflatable Floating Dock

Inflatable Floating Dock for lake

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The number 3 best inflatable floating dock on our list is the Solstice Inflatable Floating Dock. The following dock is highly durable due to the best material that is used to make it. Moreover, it is made of drop-stitch construction and it is super rigid. This inflatable dock can support 5 people at a time. And, the best feature of it is that you and your party can also stand on it without fearing of falling off. This dock is very stable and you can add an umbrella and some coolers to have a real party on the water.

Furthermore, the following dock has grab handles that you can use to stabilize yourself at all times. Also, the included deck D rings will help you anchor the dock to a specific place that you like. You will not have to worry that you would float away from your known place.

# 2. C CIHI Air Track 4 inches Inflatable Gymnastics Mat

Tumbling Mat for Martial Arts Cheerleading

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The second best inflatable dock on the list is the C CIHI Air Track Inflatable Gymnastics Mat. This is a versatile design that you could use for many different activities. Moreover, the following mat would be great for both practicing sports and using it for good leisure time. The mat is 100 percent waterproof, therefore, you can use it at the beach and on the water. Likewise, it has durable handles to grab on to; it is especially useful when you are in the water.

Moreover, the mat is 4 inches thick, 10 feet long, and 3.28 feet wide. And, it is made of durable material that would increase its longevity. The double-wall fabric is made of military-grade PVC that is highly durable and sturdy. Most importantly, the mat has a nonslip surface.

# 1. SportsStuff Super Mable Floating Dock

1-3 Rider Towable Tube for Boating

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Finally, our number one floating dock on the list is the SportsStuff Super Mable Towable Tube for Boating. The following tube is made for you and your friends to have a fun day in the water. The kwik-connect that is attached to the tube enables you to connect it to a rope of the boat. Moreover, it has dual tow points that you can connect from the front or the back of the tube. Also, the tube has a very comfortable backrest that you can use to sit and relax in the water.

Furthermore, this towable tube has covers that are made from heavy-duty nylon. Most importantly, the heavy gauge PVC protects the tube from being scratched. Also, for your comfort, the seating pads of the tube are made from EVA foam to give you soft support.

What to consider when buying the floating dock

After the elaborate list of the best outdoors inflatable floating docks, let us turn you to the buying guide to look at the specific qualities that you would want to have in a good inflatable mat.


First of all, the inflatable docks come in different sizes and even shapes. You can find a simple dock that is just a mat or you can get something more fun that is an inflatable island. So if you are having a big company for a party, it would be great to get an island.


Second of all, the material that the dock is made of is very important. You would want to get a dock made of heavy gauge PVC, as it is very sturdy.


In conclusion, we have looked at the best outdoor inflatable floating docks on the market today. These goodies are backed by tons of reviews and available for online purchase. And with our buying guide, we hope that you can choose a perfect one for you.

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