The 10 Best LED Light Up Shoes for Kids in 2021

LED light up shoes excite children as they make such stunning light when they walk. If you are searching for a gift for your little ones, light-up shoes for kids make a great gift for them. Even though the main attraction of light-up shoes is their fancy shining lights, it’s still important to give your children one that’s comfortable enough to put on.

With endless options of light-up shoes available today, we understand that it may not be the easiest task to find the best one for your kids. To help with your selection process, we’ve listed 10 LED light-up shoes for kids with detailed reviews and a buying guide to make sure you have all the information you need before making a purchase.

List of the Best LED Light Up Shoes for Kids in 2021

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#10.  QTMS Breathable LED Light Up Shoes for Kids

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QTMS light-up shoes are designed with breathable materials high-peeling PU and rubber bottom with lightweight folding soles. It’s suitable and comfortable for casual daily wear while adding a little bit of fun for your children.

The flashing lights are available in a total of 13 colors and lighting patterns. It’s easy to change the light patterns by just pressing the button near the USB port. Moreover, the LED is easily rechargeable with the charging cable that comes with the shoes. The charging time is around 1 to 2 hours while the power lasts for about 8 to 9 hours. Moreover, the shoes are available in many colors that are suitable for both boys and girls.

#9. WONZOM LED Light Up Shoes for Kids

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Made with PU leather and rubber sole, WONZOM LED light-up shoes are high-quality and comfortable. Moreover, the inner sole is designed with cotton fabric that absorbs sweat effectively to keep your children’s foot dry all day.

WONZOM shoes offer 7 static colors and 4 dynamic light modes on the LED flexible lamp belt. Changing the colors is also made easy as you can either do so by pressing the hidden red button on the shoes, or use the remote control that comes with the shoes for more convenience. With only 1.5 hours of charging, your children can enjoy the lighting shoes for over 7 hours. Moreover, there’re also multiple color options for your children to choose from as well.

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#8. Nsasy LED Light Up Shoes for Kids

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Want to add another level of fun on top of flashing light on your children’s shoes? Single wheel shoes work as normal sneakers and rolling shoes that are suitable for any entertaining occasion. It’s designed with a hidden button to avoid the rollers to pop up accidentally. You can either hide the wheels and use it as normal walking shoes, or pop up the wheels when you want to use it as rollers.

Nsasy light-up wheel shoes’ lighting cables are turned on automatically when you walk. Moreover, it doesn’t need to be charged as it uses 2 replaceable Lithium batteries. The shoes are available in various color choices to be chosen from which are suitable for both boys and girls. Additionally, the shoes are designed and made with breathable materials that provide comfort. This stylish and comfortable footwear is a perfect gift for your children to wear for any occasion.

#7. Voovix Kids Light Up Shoes for Kids

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Voovix LED shoes’ special features are their high-quality material with fine stitching that makes the shoes durable. They are also designed with lace-up closure and a hook-and-loop strap that’s fully adjustable for an additional secure fit.

With its easy operation, Voovix shoes offer 7 static colors and 4 dynamic colors that are easily changeable by the hidden switch or by the remote controller that comes with the shoes. The LED lighting is rechargeable with the attached charging USB cable. With 3 hours of charging, it provides up to 7 hours of stunning lighting. Additionally, with its wide range of color options and stylish design, the shoes are suitable for casual daily wear as well as any special occasion such as party, performance, or many more.

#6. UNICUS Light Up Shoes for Kids

Kids Light Up Shoes Led Flash Sneakers with Spider Upper USB Charge for Boys and Girls

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YUNICUS LED shoes have a fashionable Spider-Man design that’s suitable for toddlers. Combined with the multicolored flashing light, these shoes are absolutely the perfect gift for your children. There are 7 stunning colors that can be changed easily. The lighting cable is also conveniently chargeable. With just 2 or 3 hours charge, it provides 6 to 8 hours of power to light up the shoes.

These Spider sneakers are designed with toe-up caps for anti-impact ability to protect your children’s toes. It also features MD outsole and bumpy texture for non-slippery and shock absorption. Moreover, it’s also lightweight thanks to the EVA and PU materials. The shoes are breathable and comfortable for any season. On top of that, the LED light is also waterproof, you just have to ensure the battery inside the shoes is always kept dry. It’s a perfect footwear for your children for either casual daily wear or special occasion.

#5. Qneic LED Wheel Shoes

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Qneic LED shoes are multifunctional as they have both the colorful lights and pop-up wheel rollers. They can be used as normal shoes or rollers by popping up the hidden wheels. The colorful light, too, can be switched on and off as desired with just a press on the button.

The shoes are designed with the magic tape that provides extra convenience to wear or take off without having to tie the shoelaces. The sole is also equipped with a non-slip rubber sole to provide safety and comfort for your children. The colorful lighting cable is powered on a Lithium-ion battery that’s included with the shoes. The battery, however, cannot be replaced or recharged, and it lasts for around 3 months.

#4. Voovix Kids Shiny Low-Top Sneakers for Boys and Girls

Shiny Low-Top Sneakers for Boys and Girls

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Voovix LED low-top sneakers are suitable for toddlers for everyday casual wear or special occasions like parties, celebrations, performances, or many more. The shoes are made of durable materials like PU leather for the upper part and rubber for the light-up sole. With these high-quality materials and fine stitching, the shoes are guaranteed comfort and durable. Moreover, it also features the lace-up closure and the hook-and-loop strap that’s easily adjustable for convenience and secure fit. The no-lace-tie design is perfectly convenient for children to put on and take off.

The LED light-up cable is easy to recharge with the attached charging cable. A 3-hour charge provides about 7 hours of stunning flashy lighting as your children walk. Additionally, the shoes are available in 8 different colors for your kids to choose from.

#3. FASHOE Kids Breathable LED Light Up Shoes Flashing Sneakers

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FASHOE kids light-up shoes are a perfect gift for your children’s birthday, Christmas, or other occasions. The colors and patterns can be switched around in a total of 11 lighting patterns. They are also easy to charge with the charging cable that comes with shoes. With just 2 to 3 hours of charging, the lighting power lasts for about 7 to 8 hours.

The shoes are also designed in a fashionable style with breathable materials that make it suitable not only for special occasions but also for everyday casual wear as well. On top of that, the slip-on design also makes it easy to put on and take off without having to tie and untie the shoelaces at all which is perfect for toddlers.

#2. Nsasy kids led light up shoes

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Nsasy light-up shoes are not only stylish but also fun and suitable for all occasions. This one is designed with a wing on the sides which makes it unique and suitable for girls. There is also a wide range of color options available as well.

The shoes are not only designed with the LED lighting that lights up when you walk but also equipped with two pop-up wheels for extra fun, too. The pop-up wheels can be hidden or pop-up as desired with just a touch on the pressing button. When the wheels are hidden, the shoes function as normal walking shoes which makes it multifunctional. As for the LED lighting, it lights up multiple shining colors as you walk which adds more attraction to the footwear. It can be charged with the attached cable easily without having to replace the battery. The battery usually lasts about 6 to 8 hours with just 2 to 4 hours fully charged.

#1. YUNICUS LED Light up Shoes for Kids

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YUNICUS LED shoes are made with breathable material for comfort and safety. The Velcro design allows for an easy adjustment on the tightness. It also features a round-toe bumper for anti-impact ability to protect the toes. The outsole is equipped with non-slip and wear-resistant rubber to prevent accidental slip. Additionally, the LED is waterproof which makes it suitable footwear for any occasion and season.

The multicolored LED lighting cable offers 7 different static colors with 9 flashing patterns. The lighting cable can also be recharged conveniently with the attached cable into the USB port hidden inside the shoes. On a 2-hour charge, the battery usually lasts around 6 to 8 hours. With its long power life, your children can enjoy the fun longer.

Buying Guide

We understand that you may still have some confusion when it comes to choosing the best shoes with LED light given the fact that some of those features are overlapping. These are the features you should be looking for when choosing the best light-up kids’ shoes.


The main attraction of the light-up shoes is, of course, the lights. Usually, the shoes have the LED lights placed on the shoe soles so that they light up as you walk. Some would allow you to switch it on and off with the button or remote control. So, depending on your preference, you may choose accordingly.

Another thing about the lights feature to look for is the colors. Some shoes have multiple colors and patterns that can be switched around for personal preference. However, some other models only have one or multi-mixed colors available.


Rechargeable light-up shoes are pretty common. They’re usually charged with a USB charging cable just as how you’d charge your phone. The battery life and charging time vary depending on different brands and models. On the other hand, there’re also light-up shoes that are not rechargeable. They’re either powered on a replaceable battery or non-replaceable battery. For the ones powered on a non-replaceable battery, you may want to check how long the battery can last. Therefore, it’s important to clearly check the battery options and choose wisely.


The lights may be the main attraction of these light-up shoes; however, you still want them to be comfortable and supportive just as normal sport shoes. You should check what are the materials used and what additional features the shoes have. What you’ll want to look for is a breathable material and rubber sole that prevents slippery. Other useful features would be slip-on design or the hook-and-loop strap which makes it easier for children to put the shoes on or take it off without tying or untying the shoelaces.


Whether you’re looking for a gift for your children’s birthday, holiday presents, celebration, or any other occasion, these LED light-up shoes would never fail to impress them. Not only are they comfortable and stylish but also effortlessly fun as well. Moreover, some of these light-up shoes listed above also feature hidden single-wheel or two-wheels too. Those with wheels are multifunctional and add a bit of extra fun. Whichever style you choose to get one for your children, it will definitely bring a smile on their face.

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