The 10 Best Lego Tables to Play in 2021 – Lego Table With Storage

A lego table for kids is a great toy that helps develop kids and young teens’ critical thinking skills as well as eye/hand coordination. If you happen to be on a hunt of a good lego table set as well, you have landed on the right page. Check out our reviews below to find the 10 top-rated lego tables that works for your little ones’ needs and your preference.

List of the Best Lego Tables in 2021

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#10. UTEX Lego Table with Storage for Kids

kids' lego table with storage

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If you want your kid to have fun with legos, having the right lego table is a must. This lego table with storage is the product from UTEX and it is perfect for accommodating 2 kids. The size of the table is the right option for the young kid too. Next, more than just being the lego table, this one has versatile features as well. As an illustration, you can turn the surface of the table in order to get a smooth surface.

The surface of the table is great for holding the lego and allowing the kid to have fun with their creativity. It is also good to know that the construction panels of the table are compatible with all types of building bricks. Besides having great features, it is convenient to store too. Don’t worry anymore, if you have kids party to attend,  it is the gift you should bring with you. Or you can grab this board game for kids as well.

#9. Humble Crew 2-in-1 Plastic Building Blocks Lego Table for Kids

lego table and chair for kids

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This is the showtime of another 2-in-1 table that you should get for the kid. First of all, this is the product which is produced from wood.  There are 3 different colors, and those include white, blue, and red. The feature that makes this product greater than the rest is the compatibility of it. Though it is made from wood, it can work perfectly well with the plastic building blocks well. The package of this product comes with the chairs and cover. If the quality of the product is what you are worried about, we dare to ensure that it is produced to give the best quality at an affordable price.

Please keep in mind that the recommended years are 3 years old or older. It is an ideal lego table for placing in the bedroom, playroom, living room, and more. Last but not least, this one can be cleaned easily and used for a long time.

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#8. Burgkidz Store Lego Table for Kids

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Coming up next, this one offers you the versatility you are looking for in the table. This one is the lego table from Burgkiz Store and it is designed to be a 5-in-1 product. It is here to make sure that the kid has the building blocks, storage box, chair, table, and cover. With so many building blocks given, the kid can easily build whatever they like. Since we have mentioned the cover of the table, the smooth surface of it will give the space for the kid to engage in other activities too.

Don’t worry, you can clean this table by wiping it with the damp cloth. As a great point, the kids will be safe when they are playing on the table. The size and capacity of the table is the right option for a 2 years old toddler. You can have confidence in this product as it is made from high-quality and non-toxic material.

#7. KidKraft Kids Lego Table

Lego Table for Kids

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KidKraft makes their way to the list today by introducing an awesome lego table for kids. This is the perfect table for the kids since it comes with the chairs in the package. The table is designed to have the storage space for the kid to keep the building brick. More than this, you will also get up to 3 collapsible bins when you make the purchase too. Don’t worry, this table will give the kid safe as it is smartly designed to keep the fingers safe all the time.

More than just allowing the kid to have fun alone, this table can accommodate many kids at the same time. It is good to know that the table can be used with all types of building brick. Some assembly is needed; however, you can follow the step by step guide. With both the feature and appearance of the table, there is nothing you should hesitate about.

#6. Humble Crew Lego Play Table

Lego Table for Kids to play

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Kids need a nice place to sit and enjoy the lego game with ease. This is the reason why we introduce to you this lego table. First of all, it is the product from the Humble Crew brand and it is the package that comes with tables, covers, and chairs. The table is great for use with all types of building blocks. More than this, if your kid has the Duplo block, they can play it on the table too. The durability of the table is what you need to consider so this table is constructed from high-quality plastic.

The total weight of the table is very light, allowing you to carry and store it with ease. Such a nice product is perfect for use in many places such as bedroom, classroom, playroom and more. The recommended ages are 3 years and older. This one is a nice, useful gift that your kids will love.

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#5. UTEX 2-in-1 Kids Multi Activity Table and 2 Chairs Set with Storage

Lego Duplo Table

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If you are looking for a nice lego table for your kid, the product you should consider is the one from UTEX. This brand is well known for various activities that accommodate kids well. With the chairs given, the kids can comfortably sit and play for many hours without feeling discomfort. Though it is the lego table, you can also convert the surface into the smooth surface too. This is awesome since the kid can have more space for different games. On top of having great quality and versatility, the compatibility of it is ensured.

It is good to know that it works well with many building blocks. Next, the building block can be moved and safely stored when needed. This is great as you will never need to worry about rebuilding the building again. If you like to give it to your beloved ones, we guarantee that it will be worth your money.

#4. Melissa & Doug Lego Table

kids craft lego table

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We have spotted the next best table for kids, and it is from Melissa & Doug. This one is known as the lightweight table that allows the kids to build the Lego easily. The table also has a drawer for storing many toys and small supplies easily. The size of the table is great for accommodating the kids from 3 to 8 years old. It is also the greatest gift you can get for ensuring the fun when the kids are staying in.

If you need to clean it up, feel free to do so with the damp cloth. Please note that the panels on the table can be removed for the convenience cleaning time. In terms of quality, this one is built to last since it is made of wood. Don’t wait anymore, the kids can enjoy many types of activities with this table.

#3. PlayBuild Lego Play Table

lego play table

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Another majorly known lego table for kids is from PlayBuild. The first attractive feature of this product is, it is known to be the 4-in-1 table. It is strongly built to maximize the fun when your kid is staying indoors. The height of the table is great for the toddlers. It is good to know that the package of this product comes with 2 chairs too. Compared to other tables, this table has a large space for accommodating bigger building blocks.

With this table, you can fill the table with sand or water for the kid to enjoy too. This is a great way to engage the kid in outdoor activities. Don’t worry, the cleanup process of this product is very simple. You can clean it with water or damp cloth.

#2. GobiDex Lego Table with Storage

lego table with storage

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The next awesome product you are about to hear from us is the one and only product from GobiDex Store. This one is known to be the awesome 7-in-1 product that is ready to provide the fun to the kids as much as possible. The package of the product comes with chairs and the building blocks. As a great point, once this product is delivered to your doorstep, the kids can have fun right away. The size of the table is large enough to accommodate a few kids and allows them to have space to store the toys.

This product is also known to be a user-friendly product since it is compatible with all types of building blocks. What makes this product better than the rest is the fact that the height can be adjusted. This means that the kids still can have fun with it even when they are growing up.

#1. Kidkraft Lego Table, Train Lego Table

train lego table

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In order to make kids’ activities more interesting, getting the right table and tool for them is very important. This one is the last product on the list; however, it is loved and bought by many parents. First of all, this table aims to give the best quality, so the material used for constructing it is wood. To ensure that the kid can have fun in a safe way, the corner of the table doesn’t have any sharp edges at all.

The table also allows many kids to have fun together too since it is designed to be large enough for a big kid. If you choose this one, the quality of the product isn’t what you need to be concerned about at all. The good news is a 30-piece train set is given when you make a purchase.

Buying Guide


The first thing you need to keep in mind when getting the table for a kid is the versatility of the table. Some products are designed to have the cover. This will make sure that the table has a smooth surface for accommodating various types of kid activities. More than this, a large table will give more space for the kid to play too. It is wise to get the table that has storage and enough space for the kid to learn, write, and draw.


The next factor to keep in mind is the storage of the table. If you have noticed, different products have different storage methods. That’s why getting the one that can be stored easily is suitable for saving space. Some products require you to assemble it, while others can be folded. If you are looking for a table that is totally portable, it is nice to get the one that can be stored in the bag.


In order to make sure that you get the best product, looking only at the design is not enough. It is great if you also look at the material of the products before making the purchase. As an illustration, some products are made from plastic, while others are made from wood. A wooden table is more popular since it is recognized for the durability of the product


The last thing that makes the maintenance process much easier is the cleaning time. Do make sure to get the table that allows you to clean and wipe it with ease. This way it will ensure that the kids are safe when they are playing on the table.


If you have gone through the top 10 best lego tables for kids reviews above already, we believe that you will find it hassle-free to buy a lego table now. We bet that you don’t want to waste your time anymore since getting the lego table is an awesome way to engage the kids in creative work. Each table above is large and able to accommodate many kids nicely and efficiently at the same time. Hence, get yours soon while these goodies are still in stock.

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