The 10 Best Manual Meat Grinders in 2021

A meat grinder is very convenient when you need to work with a lot of meat. It is also ideal for you if you want to make your own sausage for your family and friends. This is the reason why we would recommend you with a manual meat grinder. It does not require any electricity or battery power to operate on all occasions. In this article, we have compiled a list of the top 10 best manual meat grinders for you to consider and evaluate. They all come with high quality and durable design.

List of the 10 Best Manual Meat Grinders in 2021

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#10. Gideon Hand Crank Manual Meat Grinder Heavy Duty

Stainless Steel Blades with Powerful Suction Base Effortlessly Grinder for Meat

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There is no better start than the manual meat grinder from Gideon. If you need to work with this grinder, it ensures you with the easiest operation. You only need to put the meat in and turn the hand crank to start converting the meat into a ground paste. It is equipped with two screens, and both of them are made from high-quality stainless steel. Yet, you can have two options for the meat, which are coarse mincing and fine mincing.

The design is also compact and portable. It can be disassembled into parts, and you can store the parts anywhere with convenience. It also guarantees the best safety as the blade is enclosed inside the design. This way, the chance to get a cut is almost zero.

The power suction base is both stable and durable. It can keep the grinder in place during the operation. Also, after using, the parts are safe with a dishwasher.

#9. LEM Manual Meat Grinder Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Clamp-on Hand Grinder

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Next, we should take a look at this manual meat grinder from LEM. It is built of heavy-duty stainless steel, which is very easy to clean after using it on a daily basis. The reason is that it is resistant to both rust and corrosion. It provides a wide opening clamp so that you can easily mount it anywhere you prefer including on the tabletop and countertop.

In this set, it also includes 2 pieces of stainless steel plates for you. The two plates provide coarse grinding and fine grinding design. Moreover, the knife is built of stainless steel, and it is durable enough to withstand even the toughest use.

In addition, it also offers 3 stuffing tube designs, which are 0.5 inches, 0.75 inches, and 0.875 inches. You can choose the one that best suits your demands in the long run.

#8. F&W Manual Meat Grinder and Mincer, 3 Size Sausage Stuffer

Kitchen Basics 3 N 1 Manual Meat and Vegetable Grinder

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Moving onto the next manual meat grinder from F&W, this lovely unit can provide you with a quick meat grinding process. Yet, it is compatible with not only meat but also vegetables as well. It is built-in with 2 screens for the grinder, and both of them are made of stainless steel. They provide both of the fine mincing as well as course mincing function.

There is also a sausage tunnel for you to work with. There are 3 sizes of sausage that you can make. The homemade sausage is the ideal recipe for family and friends. In addition, you can also use this meat grinder in order to make pasta or spaghetti. Users only need to insert the dough and wait for it to create the pasta afterward.

It is easy and convenient to use and clean at the same time. If you do not want to do the cleaning on your own, you can rely on the dishwasher in order to do the job for you.

#7. CucinaPro Manual Meat Grinder Tabletop With Clamp

Cast Iron Meat Mincer and Sausage Maker Includes 3 Cutting Disks

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CucinaPro is also one of the best considerations. This meat grinder is suitable for various demands since it is easy to operate, and it is also safe for daily usage. It includes a clamp for you to mount it directly onto the tabletop to ensure the best safety. There are 3 cutting disks for this meat grinder, and therefore, you can have different mincing levels for the meat paste.

This manual meat grinder is built from cast iron, and it guarantees the best durability and stability for you. The quality of the meat grinder can serve you as many years as possible. Moreover, it features a multifunctional design as it can also work as a sausage maker. This is ideal when it comes to the home cooking time when you can create your own sausage for a variety of recipes.

In addition, it is very easy to assemble since all parts are included in the package for you to start the operation as early as you wish.

#6. KENOME Manual Meat Grinder

Stainless Steel Food Grinder Accessories for KitchenAid Stand Mixers

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Are you a metal lover? If so, you should consider this manual meat grinder from KENOME. It features an all-metal design that is much more durable and superior if you compare it to a plastic meat grinder. This serves as a helpful assistant in the kitchen since it can work with all types of meat with different textures.

It can also work as a sausage maker because it is equipped with a sausage stuffer. The stuffing tube features 2 sizes so that you are able to make sausage at different sizes. In addition, the construction of this meat grinder is tested and certified for its food-grade safe material. This means that it allows you to use on a daily basis with various recipes, including burgers, salsas, and bread crumbs.

It is very easy to use since all parts can be washed easily. You can simply detach the parts from one another and use warm water to clean up all of them.

#5. Weston Manual Tinned Meat Grinder and Sausage Stuffer

2 plate sizes, +3 sausage funnels meat grinder

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Another choice for a high-quality manual meat grinder is from Weston. This manual meat grinder is equipped with a steel knife to give you an efficient grinding process. It can also work as a sausage maker since it is made with a sausage tunnel with 3 different sizes. The three tunnels are 24mm, 19mm, and 14mm respectively.

There are 2 steel plates provided with this meat grinder. They come in 4.5mm and 10mm. Moreover, it features a nylon bearing as well as an ergonomic crank handle. You can turn the handle without pouring much effort in it as it is very easy to turn. In addition, it also includes the clamp on, so that you can just attach it to the countertop to make it convenient. The maximum thickness of the countertop that it can work with is 1.5 inches.

Last but not least, the burrs are adjustable in order for you to choose among fine and coarse grinding.

#4. Twinzee Electric Meat Grinder and Sausage Stuffer for Ground Meat For Home Use

Food Processor and Grinder with 3 Metal Blades

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For this manual meat grinder from Twinzee, it is designed for elegance, power, and efficiency at the same time. It is operated on a 1500 watt motor, and it ensures the best stability in the design to give you the best efficiency. In this set, it provides all the accessories that you are in need of, including 3 meat plates and 3 sausage tunnels. The plates come in 3 sizes, which are 3mm, 5mm, and 7mm.

It features a practical design, allowing you to grind your own meat at home. You can also take advantage of the reverse button whenever you have meat stuck inside the tunnel. It is very easy to maintain. After using, you only need to run the water through the machine and leave them dry quickly.

It provides a 30-day risk-free warranty. Within this period, if you are not satisfied, you can always claim your money back.

#3. CAM2 Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Manual Meat Grinder

Clamp-on Hand Grinder With 420 Stainless Steel Blade 

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What about this manual meat grinder from CAM2? It features a heavy-duty construction with the use of stainless steel. The stainless steel material is practical because it is very easy to clean, and it is also resistant to rust. However, it is recommended for you to get it interacted with alkaline liquid.

It is equipped with a wide opening clamp, and as a result, it can be mounted on the tabletop with convenience. It provides 2 plates in this case for both coarse grinding and fine grinding. There is also a sausage tube, allowing you to make your own personalized sausage.

This unit is built-in with a stainless steel blade. The stainless steel blade can be replaced when it is no longer usable. In addition, the feet are made with rubber pads to prevent any scratches on the delicate surface.

#2. Bellemain Meat Grinding and Processing Tool

Manual Bellemain Meat Grinder

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If you want to eat healthier, you should not miss the manual meat grinder from Bellemain. This manual meat grinder enables you to make a lot of homemade recipes to enjoy with the whole family and friends. You can cut and grind the meat on your own without having to pour in much effort and energy. The hand crank provides easy control over the meat grinder.

It is built with a strong suction base, and this ensures the best stability while in use. The operation is easy enough, and you only need a few minutes in order to become an expert in this field. After you are finished with this grinder, you can remove the parts from one another and put them into the dishwasher for convenience.

This meat grinder is built from heavy-duty plastic, and it includes the blade and disc for you.

#1. Victoria Mi Manual Stuffer, Sausage Maker & Meat Mincer

Table Clamp Mounted Grinder for meat

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Last but not least, we should not miss this manual meat grinder from Victoria. It enables you to grind the meat with convenience. You can also make sausage using this grinder as well. There are 3 sizes for the sausage tunnels, which are 12.7mm, 18mm, and 22mm. The capacity is also adjustable as you can work with different plates at the different thicknesses.

This heavy-duty manual meat grinder is built from cast iron, and it is resistant to corrosion and stain. It provides a lifetime warranty to cover the quality of the grinder no matter it is for home or commercial use. The blade knife is also made of stainless steel, and it can deliver an output of between 0.5lb and 1lb in one minute. It is compatible with a variety of recipes, including burgers, meatballs, ground beef, and sausage.

What makes the best manual meat grinder

If you do not want to waste your money on a poor quality manual meat grinder, below are some factors that help you evaluate whether it is a good one.

Heavy-duty construction

In order to work with meat, the construction should be heavy duty. It should be made of either stainless steel or cast iron to ensure both of the durability and stability at the same time. It also prevents the machine from rust and corrosion as well.

Multifunctional design

A high-quality manual meat grinder also comes with a multifunctional design. It should be able to grind meat with different levels of thickness, including fine and coarse grindings. More importantly, some meat grinders can also be used as sausage makers, so that users can use it to deliver homemade sausage for all conditions.

Clamp-on style

Many people prefer to attach the meat grinder to the tabletop or countertop. This is actually more convenient and stable since you can take advantage of the mounting system. It keeps the machine in place when you are doing the grinding job.

Easy maintenance

This is another desirable feature when the meat grinder requires a low effort in the maintenance. Some meat grinders are compatible with a dishwasher, while others allow you to have an easy cleaning process with mild soap and hot water. This saves you a lot of time and money at the same time.


To conclude this article, we have provided you with the top 10 best manual meat grinders and their features. We really hope that the meat grinder can solve many of your cooking preparation problems. It actually can save you a lot of time from mincing or grinding the meat using a knife. Thank you for shopping with us, and we wish you all the best with your family and friends.

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