The 10 Best Outdoor Cat Houses in 2021

Have you ever wondered why you find your feline friend sometimes laying on your keyboard or refrigerator or just anywhere that generates excessive heat into its surroundings? Well, it’s obvious that they’d like to warm themselves up in order to withstand the cold air around them.

However, that behavior is just temporary. Even if some cats or other pets have thick fur, they still need a warm and cozy place to snooze off during the night sky. That is why you should have an outdoor cat house if you raise cat pet at home. To help you with that, we bring to you our top 10 best outdoor cat houses to consider so that your little friend can snuggle up well throughout the whole year.

List of the 10 Best Outdoor Cat Houses in 2021

#10. New Age Cat House for Outdoor

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First up on the list, we have an outdoor cat house from New Age Pet which is made from ecoFLEX. This particular cat house is a combination of wood by-products and recycled polymers such as PVC, polypropylene, ABS, etc. Being made of this material allows the cat house to not only be environmentally friendly but also helps prevent the aftermaths or could say the destruction of the weather, bugs, or rots, etc. Features of this cat house include two mini doorways and double wall panels.

The doorways or could say pathways are for your pets to exit or enter their house easier and may act as an emergency exit for your pets if they ever get attacked. The reason for this is because there is more chance for the pets to escape if they ever encounter an attack. The wall panels will assist natural insulation from the weather and outside temperature, yet also helps regulate the internal temperature for your pets as well.

With this feature, you should not have to worry about your pets shivering during their nap in the winter snow. Not only is this house easily assembled with no tools required, but it is also easy to clean no matter with a hose or a wet cloth. A purchase of this product also comes with a 10-year warranty. In case you want your cat to stay inside of your house, you might install the cat door at your window instead.

#9. K&H PET PRODUCTS Heated Cat House

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Next is another cat house from K&H PET PRODUCTS. The features of this cat house include a pet bed, two exits with door flaps, and a heating pad. The pet bed is plush heated with a power of 20 watts and is MET safety-listed for your pets therefore it allows your cats or kittens to be warm even during the cold weather.  As for the two exits, as mentioned, they come with removable and clear door flaps to keep the cold air out and to let your kitties have a good nap even during the winter. The heat pad cover included in this product is removable and also washable for further usage.

Sometimes there are cats that don’t like staying with us that frequently, sometimes they’d like to change their nap environment for a while. So this cat house could be placed in their new nap environments such as your garage, outdoor porch, or other parts of the house that are exposed to the cold air.

Furthermore, to ensure both you and your pet’s safety, this cat house has been certified and tested by MET Labs in which they exceeded the USA/CA electrical safety standards as well. In addition to that, the cat house is very easy to assemble with no additional or complicated tools needed. A purchase of this product will also come with a one-year limited warranty for you and your cats.

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#8. Trixie Cat Outdoor House

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Here from Trixie is a two-story wooden cat house. This product is made from pine wood that is not only non-toxic but also weather-treated; this material will ensure that your cat house needs the least amount of maintenance, therefore, making it durable throughout the years of usage. Since this cat house has two stories, it comes with a removable floor to prevent decay. Furthermore, being two-storied is purposed to promote air circulation and protect your pets from the cold or wet bottom of the house. The roof of this product is made with composite shingles to allow you to open to pet, play around, or pick up your cats from above without going through the mini doors.

Moreover, there is also a front door with a slide lock that can unfold down and turns itself into a ramp so that your pet can wander in and out of its small home. This product can be placed both indoors and outdoors. With an overall dimension of 16.5 inches x 15.75 inches x 20 inches, the product is not only lightweight but also acquires an easy assembly assisted with a 15-minute instruction read and additional hardware to come with the purchase as well. You may also check the Cat Nail Clippers as well.

#7. ROCKEVER Rainproof Outdoor Cat House

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ROCKEVER presents to you its outdoor pet house that can be home to a variety of small house pets such as cats, small dogs, hamsters, rabbits, chickens, etc. The pet house comes with two exits, a removable bottom floor, a flower box, functional design holes, and a roof. The two exits are for easier outdoor access for your cats. Furthermore, there is also an emergency opening covered with an acrylic flap door at the back of the house.  As for the front door, it is covered by asphalt rain stoop. The removable bottom floor works with the roof that is made of real asphalt shingles to allow you to open the roof to take care of your pets or clean the house.

The flower box is associated with the decoration scheme for your pet’s house as they will be able to have a mini garden at the side of their house. For the functional design holes that are covered by acrylic windows and are screwable, it is for your pets to peek in and out or to play around. The pet house has an easy assembly as there is only one tool needed: a Phillips screwdriver.

#6. ROCKER Outdoor Cat House

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From ROCK EVER again, is another pet house that can fit several of your pets such as a fat cat or medium-sized rabbits or cats, etc. Not only that the pet house is leak-proof, but it also has a door lock for security reasons. This house is made of natural fir wood and its roof is a slanted weatherproof roof so the rain will not flood the roof of this house. To assist your pets with the rainfall situation and other hazards, the bottom floor of the house is also elevated and removable. This feature also allows you to gain easier and quicker access to the interiors of the house by just opening the roof. As for the doors, there are bottom slab gaps to ease the ventilation process when the doors are closed.

Furthermore, the door also unfolds as a ramp so that your pet can walk in or out of its home. The pet house includes pre-drilled holes that allow for an easy assembly of the product.

#5. Aspen Pet PetBarn Cat House

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Halfway, we have a pet house or could say pet barn from Aspen Pet. This house is made from durable plastic that prevents rotting and mold from the exterior and interior of the house. Being an all-plastic construction, this pet house will be your pets’ long-lasting home. The features of this product include a rear-air ventilation system, crate & kennel, travel carriers, playpens, etc. The rear-air ventilation is aimed to ensure the air circulation in and out of the house and to regulate the temperature inside of the house to the most comfortable state for your pets.

There is also an extended roof guard rim and the floor is raised to prevent the rain and snow from seeping in, therefore keeping your pets dry and warm. The pet house requires an easy assembly with just quick-snap latches and no other additional tools. Besides being able to put a variety of different pets in this house, it can also fit animals that have a weight ranging from 15 pounds to 90 pounds.

#4. PETYELLA Outdoor Feral Cat House


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Next, we have another cat house from PATELLA which suits pets especially dogs and cats that are under 25 pounds. This cat house also includes a heated pet mat, a one-meter chew-proof cord, and a four-meter extension cord. To save time and expense, a plug-in timer is also provided. It is also durable and has an easy assembly. In addition to that, it also has two exits for your pets to go in and out more freely.

#3. Petsfit Triangular House for Cat

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This next product is a light gray triangular cat house from Petsfit. This product can fit a cat that weighs under 15 pounds. It includes two doors for the pet’s exit and entry: a front door with an overhang and a back door with a flap. This cat house’s color scheme can match both your indoor and outdoor decoration themes. There will also be no need to put anything underneath the cat house in order for it to gain height to prevent minimal floods into your pet’s home. The product is made of cedar wood which prevents the walls from rotting and it is said that the wood will last for at least an amount of 3 years. Furthermore, the panel walls are 12 millimeters thick.

Since the walls are water-based painted, it will not come off easily as well as harm your little friends while they play around. It also has an easy assembly as there are pre-drilled holes for this wooden product of theirs.

#2. K&H PET Outdoor House for Cat

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As we are approaching our last product, we have an unheated cat shelter from K&H PET PRODUCTS again. This product is waterproof and the materials that allow this cat house to have this feature is the 600-denier nylon that comes with a vinyl backing. To ensure both you and your pet’s safety, this cat house has been certified and tested by MET Labs in which they exceeded the USA/CA electrical safety standards as well.

Plus, the cat house is very easy to assemble with no additional or complicated tools required. Although it is unheated, it can also keep your pets warm during the cold weather. The product also includes two exits/entries that come with removable clear door flaps to prevent your pets from feeling the super cold breeze during the winter. Furthermore, a purchase of this product will come with a one-year limited warranty.

#1. K&H PET PRODUCTS Olive Cat House

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Last on the list, we have another cat house from K&H PET PRODUCTS which is an outdoor type of unheated cat house with the color of olive. To have the ability to be waterproof, the exterior of this product is made of the 600-denier polyester. Two exits/entries with removable clear door flaps are also included just like K&H PET PRODUCTs other items. Furthermore, it requires an easy assembly as no tools are needed. A purchase of this product will also provide you with a one-year limited warranty.

What to consider when buying an outdoor cat house

Size of the house

If you are taking care of quite a number of pets, no matter feline or dogs or rabbits, etc. and they go along well, it will be useful if you search for the largest pet house available so that they can cuddle and sleep safe and sound altogether under the cold weather. However, if you have two species or breed or type of animals that don’t get along well, a pet house would also be a nice way to separate them and let them live their own lives but at the same time, still under your care and affection.

Being weatherproof or waterproof

If your area tends to rain a lot of snow a lot, it is probably the best if you keep your pets dry as possible because especially felines, they are sure to dislike the water droplets. So finding them a small home that could prevent them from the thing they dislike, would be showing all your care for them.


So that should be it for our top 10 cat houses for your feline friends to enjoy their naps and to also play around as well. If any products above caught your attention, please do not hesitate to check them out.

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