Top 10 Best Outdoor Dog Kennels in 2021

Are you looking for a good outdoor dog kennel? If so, you have come to the right place. Our specialized team has spend a lot of time and effort to search and compile the best outdoor dog kennels for you here. These dog kennels are made of high quality material and well-recognized by many users in America. You can go through our review list below and grab the one that fits you well. Let’s have a look!

List of the 10 Best Outdoor Dog Kennels in 2021

#10. PawHut Outdoor Dog Kennel

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This outdoor dog kennel is the product of PawHut. It’s spacious for your dog to move around freely without feeling suffocated while inside it.  The size is 4’ x 6’ x 8’ which is suitable for both breeds of dogs, the small and the huge one. The quality is really good since the frame is made from really durable steel that is tough for keeping your dog from any harm from the outside and will last for a foreseeable future. They’re also resisting the water and weight heavy enough to keep up with those energetic pets.

The roof is well covered for the animal inside and it’s tough enough to withstand any weather such UV from the direct sun, rain, or many more to protect your pet or any other animals like cats or chickens you keep inside. Furthermore, besides installing this dog kennel like a house for them, you can also expand the size to be their playground to suit your pet as they grow up and they need to have more space to run and play. You may wanna check the Houses for Your Dogs as well.

#9. Lucky Dog Outdoor Dog Kennel

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As for this Lucky Dog product, it looks strong and tough. You won’t spend a lot of time setting them up. The dimension is quite wide, around 4’6’ x 4’ x 4’ which has enough space for the dog to move inside. If you’re worried that your pet might get out through the space below the door or the hole on the wall like before, you don’t have to with this brand of Lucky Dog because it will protect any harm from the outside that might affect your dog and also keep your pets inside without letting them escape easily. This dog kennel is well made and thinks about the safety of the animal as the top priority so

If you’re worried about the shape surface that might scratch or hurt your beloved one, it’s perfectly safe. Since the steel is made from high-quality material, it’s sustainable, waterproof and won’t wear out fast. No matter how many times the weather changes, it won’t affect the product at all even if you put them outside the house.

#8. Lucky Dog Outdoor Dog Kennel

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This outdoor dog kennel comes with a roof cover on the top to protect your pet from the rain or any strong wind. The product is well built so it’s tough and water-resistant so you don’t have to worry about it getting rust or anything at all. The steel is pretty heavy so it won’t move and stay in place after you install them. You can build them up to your reference, either 10 x 10 ft. or 5 x 10 ft. With this, they move around to their liking while you’re able to keep your eyes on them to ensure their safety.

The frame allows the air to come through freely so they won’t feel suffocated inside. The door to walk in is not too small or too large but large enough for a large breed dog to go in pretty easily since the height is around 6 ft height. You can place the Memory Foam Dog Beds inside in case you need one for your dog.

#7. Houseables Outdoor Dog Kennel

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This Houseabel kennel is also a high-quality product that you should get for the safety of your beloved pet. Even if it’s a hot day with no rain, a strong wind, or snow this kennel for dogs will withstand any obstacle with no worry at all. It will protect and provide all the safety for any dogs from small to large ones. You don’t have to worry that you might need help from an expert just to build the cage up. Each part will be shipped and easy to form them together so you can even get it done by yourself alone. All you need to do is connect all the pieces together and your furry friend is ready to live at any time.

Furthermore, building a kennel outdoor is good for the health of the animal compared to staying inside all day long if you’re working it will be bad for the pet because they will easily get stress from staying inside an empty house for too long and harm their lifespan. So, cleaning will be much less trouble than before. Your pet will surely enjoy living inside it.

#6. BMS Outdoor Dog Kennel

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If you want to create a more relaxed environment for your beloved pet or provide them some space, then you should get one outdoor kennel for them. The steps that you need to know about setting up are not complicated at all since you can follow the manual guide and you won’t need any tools, just one hand is enough. The overall feature of this product from BMS is waterproof so you don’t have to worry about the frame or the steel itself will wear out fast. The heavy weld steel will offer safe protections to the dogs in all sizes. Moreover, it is also a great tool when the animal starts to kick or push it, no matter what they do, the dog won’t budge at all.

The inside won’t have any sharp surface or on the frame at all so you can relax while you’re dog able to explore new experiences and feelings. Furthermore, the legs are 1.5’ higher from the ground which allows you to clean inside the cage easily. But it’s not big enough for them to escape through the gap.

#5. AmazonBasics Welded Outdoor Wire Crate Kennel

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Compared to other brands or products you have seen so far, this one has a simple design and easy to use. The space inside is wide and has enough space for the animal to play around, enjoy the outdoor exercise, or any other activities that you want them to do. The quality will last for quite a long time as it is made from a fine quality raw material that is suitable for staying out for a long time under any kind of weather and won’t break down easily. The door is wide and tall so any size of dog can go through without any problem.

The dimension is 101.6 x 48 x 72.1 and weighs just about 119.1 pounds which is perfect for a dog kennel. If you purchase this outdoor dog kennel from AmazonBasics, you will also receive an additional piece of waterproof cover as the roof to protect your dogs from some unexpected conditions such as hot weather, raining, snow, or windy day.

As for installing them, you can just work on it alone because it’s not complicated at all. And, one of the reasons you should get this is because they will give you the warranty of 12 months free regarding the service related to their product.

#4. Sandinrayli Large Outdoor Dog Kennel with Waterproof Cover

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This Sandinrayli is the perfect product for the outdoor playground for your beloved pets. With this heavy-duty welded steel for kennels, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your dog all the time because the cage will protect them. it’s not just limited to use only for outdoor alone but you can also use them for indoor purposes also. Comfortable but safe to live in, compared to putting them on a leash and letting them stay put in one palace which is not good for their health.

As for setting up the kennel, it’s super easy to connect each part together with all the parts which have a pre-assembled modular for you to follow. The size is 96 x 48 x 71 which is not too small or too large but suitable for them to play in it or run around. In case you’re worried about them to suffer from the change in the weather unexpectedly, there’s a cover you can place as a roof over the head which is waterproof.

#3. vidaXL Outdoor Dog Kennel with Lockable Mesh

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If you want to create a playground for your beloved dog, then this vidaXL is the most suitable one. It is made from galvanized steel that is well known for its tough and strong quality. The dimension of this dog kennel is 299 x 75.6 x 16.8. Now your pet won’t be able to get out or escape easily anymore. This vidaXL has a simple design but it is also beautiful, so you can put them anywhere such as inside the garage or outdoors like in the garden for your dog to enjoy the great environment there.

The safety of your dog is also increasing with the hinged door by providing more security to prevent any harm that could happen to them. While the assembled part is not complicated at all, so you spend much time on it.

#2. Lucky Dog Galvanized Chain Link Kennel

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This spacious outdoor dog kennel is the product of Lucky Dog. Compared to before, this time it has a different design but still maintains its quality at the best. It’s really easy to set up, in contrast to some other products which take most of your time just to do it alone.

The steel frame is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about the corrosion at all. The legs are not directly placed on the ground so it won’t get damaged and the cleaning process is much easier than before. The steel wire will keep the chain link to the frame and since it is made from high-quality steel, it won’t be removed by the pet with just a single push at all. Your pet would come to enjoy the feeling of having their own space.

#1. Lucky Dog Heavy Duty Welded Wire Kennel with Cover and Frame

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If you’re looking for a mini house for your beloved furry friends, then this Lucky Dog is the one you should take into consideration. This brand is really famous when it comes to outdoor dog kennel. The size is 6’ x 8’ x 4’ which is perfect for one dog. The product is water-resistant so it will last for a very long time with all these premium qualities of the product. The weight is a bit heavy enough that it won’t collapse just from a single push of the dog.

The cover on the roof is to protect any rain to get inside or the strong daylight during the hot weather. The weld is super strong and the installation is also simple for anyone to understand and follow later on. If you want your dog to stay healthy, you should get one for them.

What to consider when buying a dog kennel

Brand: if there’s any, you should choose them because it will ensure the high quality of the product so you will spend your money on nothing.

Size: when it comes to this, you cannot forget about the size because you choose them based on the space you have at your house, if your house doesn’t have a huge space for outdoor activities then you must choose a suitable size. This also applies to your beloved pet, the kennel must be much bigger than them so they can enjoy and move freely inside.

Material: there are 4 for you to choose from including solid wood, metal mesh, sheet metal, or coated plywood.

Roof: by having a roof on top, it could be the best choice because it helps improve the condition of your pet while living under it from those bad weather like raining or strong wind.


Now, after these outdoor dog kennel reviews, you should be able to choose one for your pet so they can have some relaxed times. As for the list above of the 10 best products, you can always choose one from them or decide to put them as a reference for next time. The buying guide will also give you more of the choice to make your decision for any future purchasing.

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