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With the great technology that we have right now, having a good, reliable vacuum for cleaning your house is very important. In this article, we are going to showcase pet hair vacuums that will help you with a variety of cleaning tasks. These types of vacuums are better than traditional products due to the versatility the product offers.

More than just working well with pet hair, it is also wise to choose this multi-functional product for cleaning from floors to ceilings, too. Thus, our team has curated this list of Top 10 Best Pet Hair Vacuums and some buying guides to help you make a decision.

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#10. GeeMo Adjustable Pet Hair Vacuum

#10. GeeMo Adjustable Pet Hair Vacuum

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If you have pets in the house, you certainly love the pet hair vacuum from this brand. This is a product from GeeMo brand, and it is known to be a 4-in-1 product. First of all, the suction power of it is up to 17000pa, allowing it to do its job well. The power cord of the tool is 23 ft so you can clean about the house easily. Since it is a 4-in-1 product, you can enjoy great performance offered by this product. More than just working well with the pet hair, this one is the perfect option for cleaning cat litter, food crumb, debris, and more.

This device is also a user-friendly product as the tube is totally adjustable. As a great point, it is suitable for having in the house because of its usefulness. The weight of the product is light, so you can clean around the house with ease. Please be informed that the dust box can store up to 1.2 litters of dust. The package of this product comes with everything you need, and you will get a lifetime warranty, too.

#9. NEQUARE Pet Hair Vacuum with LED

#9. NEQUARE Pet Hair Vacuum with LED

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This product is highly recommended for the house that has a pet. NEQUARE is the expert that keeps your house clean since it can remove the dust, dirt, pet hair, and more. To make sure that the motor can work without producing noise. The motor that this product uses is the 200w brushless motor. It is also good to know that the maximum suction power of it is 18Kpa. Plus, the total weight of the vacuum is very light; therefore, you can carry it around and clean it everywhere you like.

Please note that the LED light of the vacuum allows you to check the battery status easily. Don’t worry, this one allows you to choose the mode and speed you like with ease. With this product, we guarantee that you will love it as it can be used on both floors and ceilings.

#8. JASHEN Powerful Pet Hair Vacuum

#8. JASHEN Powerful Pet Hair Vacuum

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Coming up next, it is an outstanding product from the JASHEN brand, and it is known to be a cordless vacuum cleaner. What makes this product better than the rest is the powerful suction of it. The motor of the tool is 350 watt, and it can pick the dust and debris with ease. Since it is a cordless product, this one uses the battery for the operation process. The battery of it is 7-cell lithium-ion batteries, so it can last up to 40 minutes with a single full charge. You can adjust the settings, and get the speed and mode you like with ease.

More than this, the smart LED panel will make the cleaning much easier. This is the time you should switch from traditional products to this one. If you choose this product today, a 1-year warranty is offered by the company of this product.

#7. Hoover Pet Hair Vacuum with Brush Roll

#7. Hoover Pet Hair Vacuum with Brush Roll

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If you wish to get a nice product at an affordable price, we believe that the product from this brand is what you should get. This is Hoover, and it is the perfect vacuum cleaner for dealing with the pet hair around the house. The shape of this product makes it the perfect choice for cleaning small and narrow areas around a tight space. The swivel steering of it is perfect for going under the furniture. On top of that, it is also attached to the brush roll too.

This will make sure that no dirt or debris will be missed at all. Don’t worry, this awesome tool is well known to be the multi-purpose product too. As an illustration, it can work on all types of floors and carpet. If you take a look at the dirt cup of the vacuum, it is larger than other competing products.

The unit can store a lot of debris, so you will not need to remove it so often. The good news is, you will get a 1-year warranty when you make a purchase. With all the great features and warranty, you have no reason to say no to this unit.

#6. ZesGood Pet Hair Vacuum with LCD

#6. ZesGood Pet Hair Vacuum with LCD

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This is the showtime of the next awesome product and it is known as ZesGood vacuum cleaner. It is a powerful product that can perform the task without producing much noise. It is good to know that the noise level of it is as low as 75db. More than just working with pet hair in the house, you can also use it in the car, office, and more. This product is highly recommended if you don’t like to have a cord attached to the vacuum. The battery is built-in with the vacuum and it can run up to 25 minutes.

You can keep track of the battery status by looking at the LCD display as well. For your information, the dust cup is large, it can hold up to 550ML. If you need to empty the cup, you can do it easily. It is time to throw away your traditional vacuum and use this one instead.  This product is suitable to use if you have the kid and pet at the house.

#5. Shark Pet Hair Vacuums

#5. Shark

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We know that you are after a great vacuum cleaner, and we are glad to introduce to you the upright vacuum from Shark. This brand is widely known to carry great quality and design. First of all, this vacuum can provide a deep clean around your house. Compared to a traditional product, this one can ease the cleanup process well. This one is an expert at collecting your hair and pet hair. As a great point, you will never need to worry if you have a pet in the house.

We highly recommend this product if you want a vacuum that can clean pollutants in the air. It is built-in with HEPA filters, so no dust or particles can stay in your house. Don’t worry, the cord is up to 30 feet long. You can use it anywhere you like as the cord is long and flexible too.

#4. BISSELL Pet Hair Vacuums


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We know that you want to get the best product for keeping your house clean. And this is the showtime of another nice cordless hand vacuum from Bissell. This one carries many incredible features that will sure to blow your mind. The very first great point of it is, the powerful motor can make sure to suck all the debris around the house easily.

Better than other choices, it uses a lithium-ion battery. As a great point, it will not restrict you from moving around the house at all. For your information, the dirt cup of the vacuum is 0.7 litres and it can be removed easily. Don’t hesitate any longer, you can get this product for your house and clear all the pet hair in your place.

#3. Shark Pet Hair Vacuums

#3. Shark

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This is the showtime of the next product and it is known as Shark brand. This one is the hand vacuum that can perform an excellent task without any restriction. The product is known as the cordless product that has powerful suction power. If you choose this, we guarantee you a deep and effectively clean all the time. It is suitable for the house that has a pet since it can suck the pet hair from the floor, carpet, corner, and more. The total weight of the product is very light, so you can enjoy using it anywhere you like.

It is nice to know that the size and feature of it is great for using in the car, boat, RV, and more. Feel free to detach the dust cup and empty it after each cleaning task. You don’t need to worry about the quality of it at all since it adopts the greatest technology.

#2. Bissell Pet Hair Vacuums

#2. Bissell

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The next awesome vacuum you need for keeping your house clean is brought to you by Bissell. Similar to another product of this brand, this one is a powerful product that has 4 amperes. It is known to be an excellent option for cleaning various types of surfaces. Next, the nozzle is made from rubber, so you can use it at the narrow and corner of the house. Please note that the power cord is 16 feet, while the dirt cup is 0.78 litres.

You can also remove and clean the dirt cup after using it. When you choose this product, you will get a pet hair eraser, bagless hand vac, and more. With everything given in the package, we guarantee that you will never need anything than this one.

#1. MOOSOO Pet Hair Vacuums


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If you are tired of seeing pet hair everywhere on the floor and carpet, this is the right product you need. Moosoo is the smart vacuum to have in the house as it can clean and suck the dust from every corner of the house. The motor of the vacuum is the brushless motor which has a 300-watt power. It gives you more options to choose as the speeds given are various. This way you can choose the right speed to ease the cleaning performance. What makes this product even better than the rest is the silent operation feature of it.

Unlike other products that produce so much noise, this one is widely known to produce no noise at all. The battery built-in this product is 2500mAh, and all the 8-cell lithium batteries allow you to work on the cleaning process up to 35 minutes. Don’t worry, for enhancing the convenience, the floor head is flexible enough to go to the narrow place around the furniture. More than just offering a dustless floor, the HEPA filtering system will freshen the air in the house too.

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Buying Guide – How to Choose the Best Pet Hair Vacuums


When we choose a pet hair vacuum, the first thing you need to pay close attention to is the performance of the product. It is wise to choose a product that is powerful enough to suck all types of dust, dirt, and particles well. On top of that, the vacuum should be strong enough to clean pet hair from the surface too.

Dust Box

To save your time and effort from removing the dust box every time you do the cleaning, you may need a product that has a large dust box.  The larger the dust box, the better it is as you can focus on various cleaning tasks.

Filter System

This feature is important as it can keep the air in your house clean and fresh all the time. If you want such a nice product, you should always look for the product that is built-in with the useful HEPA system. It is wise to get it if you have pets and kids in the house.

Floor Head

If you have noticed, some products are designed to have many faces or heads in the package. It can increase flexibility and comfort in cleaning around the house. The flexible head of the vacuum will make the cleaning task easier, especially when you need to clean around the furniture and narrow places.


With all the best pet hair vacuums given by us above, we believe that you will find it easy to choose the product you like. Each one of these models is an expert in cleaning and keeping the house clean. Most of them are ideal choices for homes with pets and kids as well. These products will solve the problem you have with dirt, dust, pet hair, etc without a fuss.

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