The 12 Best Piggy Banks For Kids’s Saving in 2021

Financial literacy is very important for our lives. Thus, it is an ideal to teach and train our children on this matter at early age. One of the best advice that every parent should give to their kids is to save money. In order to let kids save their money in an effective manner, we introduce you to an idea of giving a piggy bank to them.

The piggy banks come with sufficient money storage capacity and they also appear elegant so kids like to use them. There are different kinds of designs brought into the manufacturing of these piggy saving banks to let them appear cute and beautiful. It is quite easy to insert and take out money from these piggy banks for kids. Kids will definitely be pleased when you gift them any of the below-discussed piggy banks.

List of the Best Piggy Banks For Kids’ Saving in 2021

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12. Child to Cherish Ceramic Piggy Bank for Girls, Butterfly

12. Child to Cherish Ceramic Piggy Bank for Girls, Butterfly:   Get it now on

The butterfly design presented in this piggy bank will entice the attention of kids. Its appearance depicts elegantly glazed ceramic material along with the hand-painted design. It is a perfect piggy bank for any kids or nursery room and proves to be the great gift product for expecting or new parents. Purple ears and purple bow are beautifully designed in this piggy bank. Kids will certainly love the colors of birds and flowers.


  • This Child to Cherish piggy bank is prepared from superior quality ceramic dolomite to let it be used as a lifelong classic keepsake.
  • With the assistance of the bottom removable rubber stopper, the coins will be held in a fixed place.
  • The coin slot present at the top comes with size of 1.5 inches.
    Its large size is capable to hold lots of coins.

11. DEMDACO Piggy Bank, Blue Whale

11. DEMDACO Piggy Bank, Blue Whale:   Get it now on

Presented in the elegant blue whale design, this DEMDACO piggy bank proves to be beautiful accent for kids room. Whenever you are confused about what to gift to your little ones, just go for this elegant piggy bank. In addition to being beautiful, the product is made up from superior quality materials to last longer.


  • In this blue whale piggy bank, there are two tones blue with the presence of coin slit over the top.
  • The design features beautiful navy blue design with light blue sides.
  • Overall dimension is made small so that little ones can hold it easily.
  • The product proves to be a superb accent to kids’ nautical themed bedroom.
  • With the help of ceramic material, high durability is ensured.

10. Jhua Cartoon Electronic Password Piggy Bank Cash Coin Can

 Jhua Cartoon Electronic Password Piggy Bank Cash Coin Can:
  Get it now on

If you are looking for an electronic piggy bank, just go for this cartoon-styled piggy bank. Basically, it serves as electronic ATM to let kids explore fun in a unique manner. It is quite straightforward to insert and remove coins from the cash coin can. According to your preference, the password can be changed to let kids access it via password.


  • There is the presence of a switch within the safe door that regulates the beep and voice sound.
  • It can hold coins and dollar bills.
  • You can insert coins from the top part and can insert a bill from the side.
  • The password is preset; however, it can be customized if needed. Whenever you forget the new code, just take out the batteries and simply wait for around 20 minutes. The piggy bank would finally reset the default code to “0000”.

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9. Beriwinkle Ceramic Unicorn Piggy Bank

 Beriwinkle Ceramic Unicorn Piggy Bank:
  Get it now on

Prepared with the modern design and sturdy materials, the Beriwinkle piggy bank would not create any space issues. When you gift this Unicorn piggybank to your kids, they would just love the process of placing money and they will consider it as their new piggy bank friend. This ceramic piggy bank is usually referred to as the ideal nursery decoration for kids’ rooms. It will fit conveniently on any bookshelf or table.


  • The overall size of this glazed ceramic piggy bank is large enough to safely collect a lot of saving.
  • To use it, your kid just needs to include a coin or dollar via the slot and then the rubber stopper would collect the amount.
  • To guarantee longevity, there is the use of high-quality ceramic material.
    It is quite simple to remove the rubber stopper whenever your kids wish to unlock this piggy bank.
  • You can use this piggy bank as an excellent baby shower gift.

8. Geelyda Pink Piggy Bank Small Piggy Banks for Girls Boys

 Geelyda Pink Piggy Bank Small Piggy Banks for Girls Boys:
  Get it now on

Prepared in adorable style, the small piggy bank is suitable for both girls and boys. The Geelyda kids piggy banks prove to be ideal kids accessories for kids’ room. Those looking to present a cute gift to their loved ones can go for this pink piggy bank. Basically, this gift product is a decorative keepsake piggy bank and it proves to be a splendid addition to kids’ rooms. Its generous size and sufficient storage space remove any hassles regarding money storage.


  • The use of high-quality ceramic material in the manufacturing process would not tarnish.
  • Its design is adorable and cute to upgrade the surrounding space.
    There is the availability of a stopper in the bottom to easily access the money inside.
  • Its size is perfect for little ones to hold in their hands.
  • The removable rubber stopper works to hold the savings perfectly.
    It proves to be a perfect gift product for a new or expecting parent.

7. Child to Cherish Ceramic Polka Dot Elephant Piggy Bank Child to Cherish Ceramic Polka Dot Elephant Piggy Bank, Grey:

  Get it now on

The grey colored polka dot elephant piggy bank from Child to Cherish proves to be an ideal gift idea for your kids. Any new or expecting parent can buy this elegant piggy bank without any hassles. The brand Child to Cherish presents coin banks of different sizes and shapes with a variety of color options. Moreover, you also obtain great themes options to suit girls and boys rooms. The superior quality ceramic dolomite material is recommended for a long lasting keepsake.


  • This grey colored glazed ceramic elephant piggy bank presents hand painted polka dots. Its measurement is 7 x 5 inches.
  • Coins will be held safely with the help of detachable rubber stopper.
  • There is the existence of a coin slot on the top with a measurement of 1.5 inches.
  • Each piggy bank of this category is custom-built from the superior quality ceramic i.e. dolomite to guarantee excellent durability.

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6. Child to Cherish Ceramic Piggy Bank, White

 Child to Cherish Ceramic Piggy Bank, White:
  Get it now on

You and your kids will certainly admire the clean and elegant look presented by the white colored ceramic piggy bank from Child to Cherish. In order to let this piggy bank work as a long-lasting keepsake, utilization of top-notch ceramic dolomite is made. All new and expecting parents can use it as an excellent gift product. For a new baby or toddler, this classic white colored piggy bank proves to be perfect.


  • With the assistance of bottom removable rubber stopper, all the coins are held in a fixed place.
  • There is the presence of a coin slot at the top side to let kids insert coins easily.
    With its sturdy and adorable design, your surrounding space will look beautiful and modern.
  • There is an adorable face printed on the front to feature a unique design.
    In this piggy bank, there is the presence of a plug in the base which can be detached to remove coins and money.
  • The four little feet comes with pads to secure furniture.

5. Child to Cherish Ceramic Piggy Bank for Boys, Construction Trucks

 Child to Cherish Ceramic Piggy Bank for Boys, Construction Trucks, Blue:
  Get it now on

To present the sense of professionalism to inspire the feeling of saving money, the piggy bank is presented in blue color. Its design is such that it would coordinate with the majority of the kids’ and nursery room decor. Its spacious design and easy to use design makes this piggy bank worthy.


  • This glazed ceramic piggy bank from Child to Cherish showcases a hand painted design to feature unique appearance.
  • To let kids remember how they save money when they grow up, the blue piggy bank is prepared from superior quality ceramic dolomite.
  • Coins will not come out due to the presence of detachable rubber stopper at the base.
  • This spacious ceramic piggy bank depicts a hand painted, elevated watercolor design in order to protect the finish from wear & tear.
  • Its spacious construction comes with a measurement of 7 inches wide, 8 inches long, and 8 inches tall.

4. Personalized Ceramic Kids Piggy Bank by Miles Kimball

 Personalized Ceramic Kids Piggy Bank by Miles Kimball – Blue:
  Get it now on

Generally, kids prefer to use beautifully designed and a personalized piggy bank to store their money. The availability of personalization entices their attention because it gives them an assurance that they can play with it as toys. Fulfilling all these requirements, the blue colored personalized piggy bank from Miles Kimball. The polka dots based designed entice the curiosity and attention of kids. The skillful customization makes your investment worthy. You will perceive how kids enjoy doing saving and how they save bills, coins, money, etc.


  • This enormous piggy bank proves to be an ideal companion for placing on a table or on the bookshelf.
  • Its felted feet protect almost all surfaces.
  • There is a removable rubber stopper beneath the piggy bank to access savings with ease.
  • Your kid’s name can be included on the surface of this blue piggy bank so it is a customizable product.

3. Schylling Rubber Piggy Bank

3. Schylling Rubber Piggy Bank:
  Get it now on

When you are presented with the conventional piggy bank which you used during your childhood, you will recollect your old memories. You will remember how you saved your money during your childhood. This genuine piggy bank helps you to present a similar feeling. A fun and easy way to save your money is the use of the Schylling rubber piggy bank. It’s amusing and cute appearance will cherish the mood of your kids


  • In this rubber piggy bank, you will observe a slot in the bank. This slot facilitates easy entry and removal of coins.
  • During the manufacturing process, vinyl is used and the bank uses a movable head.
  • Besides, there is the presence of blue gingham scarf.
  • Its size is suitable for kids of playing age, going to kindergarten.

2. Child to Cherish Ceramic Polka Dot Piggy Bank for Girls, Purple

 Child to Cherish Ceramic Polka Dot Piggy Bank for Girls, Purple:
  Get it now on

Representing feminism, the Child to Cherish ceramic piggy bank comes with a large size to accommodate coins and bills. It is possible to store bills along with coins, without any hassles. His purple colored polka dot piggy bank is capable to fit different kinds of bills and coins. Its overall design is extremely pretty and suits girl child in a unique manner.


  • There is sufficient space for storing cash and coins.
  • In this purple piggy bank, there is a hole in the base with a rubber plug which is sufficiently large to remove the money.
  • Different kinds of bills and coins can be accommodated inside.

1. Burton & Burton Girls Pink & Green Circles Pig Piggy Bank

 Burton & Burton Girls Pink & Green Circles Pig Piggy Bank:
  Get it now on

Burton & Burton prepared this hand-painted ceramic based piggy bank to let kids explore fun in an exciting manner. It is quite simple to facilitate DIY personalization according to the preference with the use of this pink & green color combination based piggy bank. Your kids will be able to save money without any issues and overall, the appearance is cute.


  • There is an adorable bow on the head for ease of access.
  • The pink & green circles piggy bank contains dry erase pen for excellent DIY personalization.
  • It comes with the black marker for personalization


Saving money with exceptional fun is now made possible with the use of the top piggy bank for kids available on the market. Kids can able to save their money, can play with it, can personalize it and can enhance the look of decor.

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