The 10 Best Pool Basketball Hoops in 2021

For playing basketball near the swimming pool, a special type of hoops are invented i.e. pool basketball hoop. This kind of hoop transforms your basketball pool into makeshift court. When selecting this type of hoop, you need to take into account the water corrosion effects, the safety features, and durability. Let’s look at the finest pool basketball hoops discussed below to enjoy the game in a safe manner:

List of the 10 Best Pool Basketball Hoops in 2021

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12. Cool Jam Pro Pool Basketball Goal Hoop Net by Swimline

12. Cool Jam Pro Pool Basketball Goal Hoop Net by Swimline:

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The brand Swimline manufactured this pool basketball goal hoop featuring the regulation rim and extra-large backboard. With the help of this hoop, you would be capable to shoot from any place in the pool. When the shots are good, there are good opportunities for the ball to bounce back inside the pool. You will stay refreshed when you practice your shooting skills.


  • You can transform your backyard into the newest ticket. The region present around the pool will facilitate excellent courtside seats.
  • In this basketball goal hoop, there is space for two basketballs, so you are supplementing insurance against the shots.
  • There is no need to leave the pool to retrieve the ball.
  • A basketball player can play with this hoop with many friends in a team.

11. Dunnrite PoolSport pool basketball 13.5 inch stainless steel rim

11. Dunnrite PoolSport pool basketball (B950) 13.5 inch stainless steel rim:

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When you want to purchase a sturdy basketball hoop, go for this model from Dunnrite PoolSport. This portable pool basketball hoop features a sturdy stainless steel design and a solid backboard. This hoop is specially designed to use at the poolside and it provides excellent performance.


  • The product comes complete with all the required accessories like 13.5-inch stainless steel rim, a color-matched basketball ball, and 31w x 22h-inch poly backboard.
  • The base of this pool basketball hoop enlarges the rim on the water. In this way, players need not go near the edge of the pool.
  • There are no complaints regarding corrosion because all hardware is stainless steel.
  • When filled with water, the base weighs 115 lbs, so it is a lightweight product.
  • Most of the construction uses plastic including the whole base structure. This structure functions as the reservoir for water and capable to provide sufficient weight to maintain the stability of the structure at the edge of the pool.
  • Its backboard is manufactured from firm plastic that offers sufficient recoil.

10. Harvil Poolside Basketball Hoop with Smart Backboard Storage

 Harvil Poolside Basketball Hoop with Smart Backboard Storage:

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The basketball enthusiast can now shoot hoops with their friends when they set up this Harvil poolside basketball hoop system. Equipped with great strength and easy-to-assemble functionality, this system is a recommended choice for beginner and professional basketball players. It works as an excellent basketball system for pool parties and different outdoor events.


  • This poolside basketball hoop system presents a convenient storage slot to accommodate the removable backboard.
  • There are no severe influences of bad weather on this hoop. Its posts and base are manufactured from blow-molded material which is highly durable. Furthermore, this material is capable to tolerate snow, rain, snow, salt water, and sunlight.
  • You can store the removable basketball backboard inside a smart slot to save the space. Simply store its basketball backboard by placing it inside the designated slot. This will benefit you with suitable storage and safety.
  • In this unit, you will find 14-inch stainless rim, 7.5-inch basketball, and an all-weather net.

9. Lifetime 44″ Acrylic Poolside Basketball System

 Lifetime 44" Acrylic Poolside Basketball System:

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Physical activities will transform into fun when you play a basketball game with your friends or family using this poolside basketball system. A skilled basketball player can easily score baskets when playing in the pool. You need not worry about the storage concerns; when not in use, just roll it and store it.


  • The size of the acrylic backboard is 44″and it is equipped with the casted classic rim.
  • Excellent stability is ensured with the help of welded-steel net hooks.
  • The diameter of the rim is the regulation size, so there would be no installation hassles.
  • Many basketball players usually complaints about the poor quality net. Keeping this thing in mind, the manufacturer provided the nylon basketball net.
  • The pool telescoping height adjustment functionality helps you to adjust the height in a convenient manner.
  • You are able to vary the rim height to six different settings.

8. POOL SHOT Pool Basketball Hoop with Powder Coated Hoop

 POOL SHOT Pool Basketball Hoop with Powder Coated Hoop:

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The innovative design and the sturdy construction are the paramount specialties of this pool basketball hoop. Any basketball player will not face from the hassles of instability while playing. You can play the basketball game in any weather condition without any negative impacts on the material of the hoop.


  • This rugged pool basketball hoop uses rotomolded type UV-resistant polyethylene material in its construction. With the help of this material, the strength of the hoop is enhanced. Furthermore, it assists to protect the hoop against a harmful effect from sunlight, snow, rain, and salt water.
  • There is powder coating on the surface of the hoop to avoid the negative effects of corrosion.
  • Its design presents the original 30-degree inclined side deflection wings along with the inclined hoop and backboard. This type of innovative design makes sure the ball stays within the pool.
  • The basketball hoop system is comprehensive including two basketballs, all-weather nylon net, 15-inch rim kit, and decals.
  • To enhance the stability, you can fill its base with water or sand.

7. Poolmaster Splashback Poolside Basketball Game

 Poolmaster Splashback Poolside Basketball Game:

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Particularly designed for poolside basketball games, the Poolmaster Splashback hoop system is sturdy, lightweight and appealing. Kids and adults of any age can freely play with this poolside toy without worrying about anything. In the instructions, the manufacturers clearly mention not to slam dunk. Therefore, when a basketball player follows the instructions, he/she can use the basketball hoop for many years. Any person aged eight years and above can use it.


  • In this poolside basketball hoop system, the hard-body backboard is recommended for use in all-weather.
  • The design features a secure Polyform game base that can be filled with sand or water.
  • You will be facilitated with all the essential basketball accessories like 14″ PVC hoop, weather-resistant Polyethylene net, and the ball along with inflation needle.
  • For the limited space area, this system works like a miracle. It would not occupy much space due to its lightweight design.
  • It comes with a thin net capable to compress down easily.

6. Poolmaster 72830 USA Competition Poolside Basketball Game

 Poolmaster 72830 USA Competition Poolside Basketball Game:

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For any seasoned basketball player or beginner, the USA Competition Poolside basketball system from Poolmaster is a perfect product. When you open the package, you will stay stress-free about the accessories; there are no possibilities of any essential accessory missing. The materials involved in the construction are durable and suitable to work flawlessly in every weather condition.


  • The important accessories in this poolside basketball game include Polyethylene net, 16″ Aluminum hoop, regulation-size rubber game ball, and inflation needle.
  • To enhance the durability, the system is equipped with the hard-body backboard.
  • The sturdy polyform material is present in the base of the game and in the backboard. Therefore, the game is capable to withstand severe shots.
  • As per your choice, you can fill the polyform game with sand or water.

5. Poolmaster Pro Rebounder Poolside Basketball Game

 Poolmaster Pro Rebounder Poolside Basketball Game:

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Poolmaster designed the poolside basketball game which can sit on the deck for under the ground or above ground pools. When you set up this basketball system, kids will stay busy playing for many hours. Those basketball players looking for sturdy set up and unlimited fun can go for this rebounder poolside basketball game.


  • The hard-body backboard contained in this rebounder game is durable and resistant against the weather abnormalities.
  • With a view to improving the poolside stability, you can pour sand or water inside the polyform game base.
  • In the package, you will find the 14-inch hoop, hand-woven net and the ball with inflation needle.
  • There is no need for extra tools for assembling its accessories; within15 minutes, the assembly process is completed.

4. Sable Inflatable Pool Basketball Hoop with one Basketball

 Sable Inflatable Pool Basketball Hoop with one Basketball:

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At the poolside or at your home, you can set up this Sable inflatable basketball hoop. All the products from Sable guarantee an unparalleled relaxation experience to its customers. When you purchase any product from the brand, you will be assured with the comfortable and high-quality use.


  • Multiple players can play with this hoop simultaneously with a single play ball.
  • It can be effortlessly inflated in a few minutes. There is availability of the quick-fill big valve to streamline the process of inflation and deflation.
  • You can inflate it using any pump.
  • This basketball system is leakage inspection qualified. It passed through the 72-hour leakage inspection prior to shipping.
  • There are two repair patches to save you during the cases of puncture.

3. Swimline Super Hoops Floating Basketball Game

3. Swimline Super Hoops Floating Basketball Game:

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You will stay floated in modern style with the help of luxury pool floats, games and toys. The appealing characteristic of this basketball game is it comes with covers and liners to retain the shape of pools in every season. There are no situations of instability because all the items are held together with tiny screws.


  • The pack of this floating basketball game comes with the maintenance equipment to fulfill all your pool requirements.
  • It comes with the PVC fluted tube to enhance durability and sturdiness.
  • There is the presence of heavy-duty net to let the user play comfortably.
  • In this system, there are six “T” connectors. Out of these connectors, three are circular and three are designed in flat shape.
  • There is the use of good cord in the construction of the net.

2. SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop System

 SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop System.:

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To save the space, you may need a compact sized basketball hoop system. The SKLZ Pro mini basketball hoop system comes with a variable height backboard, pole, rim, and bottom with wheels for enhancing the portability.


  • The adjustable height feature allows you to set it up as per your requirement. You can set it up at elevated height for courtside play or you can set it up at lower heights for poolside play.
  • You will be facilitated with the durability and strength of the backboard. It is manufactured from unbreakable clear polycarbonate that is hard enough for the competitive games.
  • When you practice your shots, you can fill its base with water or dust.
  • This hoop system is equipped with a 7” rubber basketball to let the player feel the real basketball experience on the home court, at the pool, or in the basement.

1. Highest Rated Most Popular Selling Portable Swimming Pool Basketball Court by Rite

 Highest Rated Most Popular Selling Portable Swimming Pool Basketball Court by Rite:

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The aspects like high popularity and the best-selling are suggested from the name of the Rite swimming pool basketball court. Its entire construction is made in white color to make the entire look classic and elegant.


  • The construction of this Dunn Rite pool basketball hoop depicts a matching color ball, 14-inch sturdy steel rim, and a reinforced poly backboard. The backboard can be projected on the water.
  • Its pedestal protrudes the rim outside on the water surface. This type of arrangement avoids players getting near the pool’s edge.
  • The steel rim is sturdy to make the overall product suitable for basketball training, pool party and pool court.

Final call

Pool basketball hoops are generally the ideal companion for friends and family to get the unique thrill during your free time. There would be no hassles to set up these hoops on the poolside because they are designed uniquely with lots of useful functionalities and benefits.

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