Top 10 Best Pop Up Camping Tents in 2021

Whether camping is a wonderful experience or a hazardous one, it highly depends on your level of preparation and the reliability of the gears that you will equip with you during the trip. The most important camping gear that you will need to invest in is a reliable pop up camping tent. There are plenty of styles, designs, and other factors that you need to consider that could raise a challenge to your decision making. If you make a wrong choice, you not only waste money, but you are also putting your safety on the line. If you are not sure where to start, check out these reliable pop up camping tents that were recommended by our fellow campers. 

List of the 10 Best Pop Up Camping Tents in 2021

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10. Core Pop up Camping Tent for 9

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Let’s check out this family size camping tent from Core. This one offers a large living space that can perfectly accommodate 2 queen size mattresses inside which make it an ideal tent for a family or a group of 9. If you do not feel comfortable sleeping as a group in one open space, you can also have some privacy by installing the room divider to split the tent into smaller rooms for your personal preference. At the same time, you do not have to worry about misplacing your small items such as comb, phone, glasses or wallet because there are pockets attached to the inner wall for you to keep the necessities close to your reach.  

This tent has a center height of 78 which offers great ventilation to prevent you from feeling stuffy as you sleep. In addition to that, its material was crafted with the CORE H2O technology which is highly resistant to rain making this tent a reliable option for unpredictable weather. With this package, you will receive a carrying bag, tent stakes, and a rainfly including a simple instruction book that helps you to get the tent set up within just 1 minute.

9. Coleman Pop up Camping Tent with Dark Room Tech

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If you have a family camping trip coming up, check out this super functional tent from Coleman. This tent is a great option for those who hate waking up because of the brightness of the sunrise in the morning as it features darkroom technology that can help to block approximately 90% of the sunlight offering you a more fulfilling sleep to save you energy for the following day. Especially if you are camping in a humid area, this tent will come in handy to combat the heat. Included in this package, there is also a rainfly that gives the tent extra strength and ability to withstand strong wind including the welded corners design that prevents water from leaking in. 

To give you a little bit of privacy, the room dividers are also included in this package. The color of the tent with the reflective lines makes it visible at night or dark location so you can find your way back easier. For more specifications, this tent is big enough for 4 queen-size mattresses which can accommodate up to 10 people. 

8. MOON LENCE Portable Pop up Camping Tent

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This 4-person wind-resistance camping tent is the product of Moon Lence. For the product detail, this tent extended in the size of 240 x 210 x 125 cm, but it can be folded to the size of only 83 x 18 x 18 to keep in the portable traveling bag. The design features 2 big doors that you can zip-close perfectly with the top-grade SBS zipper including adjustable ground vents that offer sufficient airflow inside the tent. What makes this construction windproof is the alloy pegs and the guy ropes that were used as a frame to support and secure the gear from flying away. On top of that, it can provide you maximum protection during harsh weather as its overall construction is super reliable. The walls are made of 190T PU material that can offer protection from UV rays along with the oxford base that has the water-resistance capacity of 2000m.

The setting up process should not take you longer than 1 minute as it is quite simple. Once you lift the top, its mechanism will instantly pop up and you only need to connect the bottom joints to the ground then you are good to go. 

7. Coleman Pop up Camping Tent

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Have a look at this green Sundome tent from Coleman. If we go into detail on its specification, the tent is made of polyester that is known as a breathable material that can offer better air circulation. During the harsh weather like a rainstorm, you will feel safe under this tent as its construction was built to stand the test of strong wind and rain up to 35+ mph of wind power. Moreover, the design features inverted seams and welded edges so the water that accumulated by the heavy rain cannot get inside. Adding to that, you are protected by the 75-denier flysheet made from polyester taffeta that comes inside the package. 

Further, there is a built-in E-port attached to the tent construction that allows you to safely place the power cord inside the tent so you can stay connected. The installment could take you around 10 minutes and note that the size of this tent is small enough to accommodate one person including other camping gear.

6. Ayamaya Pop up Camping Tent with 2 Layers

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If you are looking for a portable popup tent for your camping trip, try out this tent from Ayamaya. This waterproof tent offers a roomy interior living space that can house up to 5 or 6 people. If measured from the center, the tent stands 53.5” from the ground which is great for ventilation and you do not have to bend or adjust your height to match with the height of the tent when you sit. When you go inside the tent, you can feel that it is very spacious because there are 2 layers that connect together by hooks. The gap between the two layers creates ground vents where you chill and watch the sun go down. 

Talking about breathability, this tent comes with 4 windows and 2 large doors that you can zip to close or open completely. Most importantly, the doors come with a rolled-up design which is more convenient compared to the wide-open doors.   

5. LETHMIK LIghtweight Pop up Tent

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This waterproof pop up camping tent is presented to you by LETHMIK. It has a visible turquoise color which is easy for you to spot or find your way back after leaving the tent. If we look into the detail, this tent is made from a waterproof material with an index of PU3000mm and 210T exterior. This material is super lightweight which is very ideal for hiking as that means you can take some weight off your shoulders. Despite its light construction, the tent is very reliable as it is equipped with a 210D oxford base along with taped seams so the water cannot leak inside through the stitches. It has a big construction that can accommodate up to 4 people. 

In addition to this versatile and functional design, this tent has a very simple and quick setup process. As we know, the shortest duration it could take to set up a tent is around 1 minute; however, this one is even better. Automatic hydraulic tech was featured in its function to allow you to install or take it down in just 30 seconds which is very record-breaking.

4. Peaktop Outdoor Pop up Tent with Rain Curtain

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Now let’s take a sneak peek at this latest invention of pop up camping tent from Peaktop Outdoor. You have seen tents with room dividers but this one comes with built-in curtains that you can roll it down to have some privacy when sharing a tent with your family or friends. Additionally, this tent is equipped with a rain curtain that was specifically designed to keep you safe and comfortable on rainy days. The tent comes with a durable construction that you can trust with a 4000mm waterproof index, fiberglass tube, and oxford fabric floor all proven to be environmentally-friendly to offer you a great camping experience. 

On top of that, this waterproof tent offers maximum airflow through its mesh doors that were crafted for convenience in the entrance and to protect you from bugs and insects. 

3. Coleman Polyguard Camping Tent

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you can find this unique screen house at Coleman. Some people prefer this screenhouse to pop up camping tents because it does not make you feel condensed or block you from the surrounding view which makes you feel even much closer to nature. It has a tall construction that is made of poly guard fabric, measuring from the center, the height is almost equal to your standing height to allow flexibility in your postures and movements. Although this tent has almost transparent walls, the sun protection fabric is very durable to withstand the wind, sun, and the test of time.

Compared to popup tents, this screenhouse is also easier to access as it comes with a big 2 T-doors. For your ease in transportation, the package also includes a travel-size bag which is easy for your trip. 

2. OT QOMOTOP Waterproof Camping Tent

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If you are looking for a large camping tent for your family trip, try out this pop up camping tent from OT QOMOTOP. It can house a group of 10 people which is a great way to build stronger bonds between your family or friends. The construction of this product is waterproof, and it comes with PU taped rainfly so you can stay dry despite the heavy rain. The interior is super roomy which can fit 2 queen matrices inside. Talking about ventilation, its roof is made of mesh fabric which offers superb breathability, but it was thoughtfully designed so the rain cannot condense on the roof. 

On top of that, you can always stay connected as there is an electrical power cord attached to the package.

Besides this feature, you will also receive many more camping accessories such as mud mattresses, gears loft, and pockets so you do not have to shop for separate accessories.   

1. Coleman Instant Tent with Weather Tech

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For a solo camping trip, you will need this tent from Coleman. It has a durable and strong frame construction as the product was tested and proved that it can handle up to 35 mph of wind power. If you hate waking up early in the morning, this tent is the right one for you as it features darkroom technology that helps to block approximately 90% of the brightness and heat from sunlight. Compared to the traditional versions from Coleman, this one has an almost vertical frame, so the center stood 20% taller from the ground level so you do not feel condensed as you sleep inside. 

Adding to that, its weather tech system offers an inverted hem including welded edges so the water cannot get inside. Moreover, you can set up this tent in less than 5 minutes as it comes with readily attached poles inside the package. 

Buying Guide

Design: the design of the tent should offer great ventilation, so it is important to check the center height of your tent, the material of the roof, and ground vent including the doors and windows of the construction whether it was designed in a way that moderate air can come through.    

Safety features: check if the pop up camping tent comes with accessories or other features that built for unpredictable weather 

Portability: the thing that campers hate is having to carry bulky and heavy camping gear, so it is important to choose the one that is not too heavy so you can save some energy during your camping trip. 


If you are new to the camping gears, getting a reliable tent can be a daunting task. To help you with that we have prepared the buying guides adding to the recommended products above. We hope you have fun shopping for the best reliable camping tent for your family vacation. 

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