The 10 Best Portable Dog Grooming Tables in 2021

For those who look for a way to groom the dog at home, having a portable dog grooming table will ensure the convenience of the owner and the pet. The right tool will ensure that you can perform the pet grooming task without any hassle. Since dogs come in different sizes, you cannot randomly choose a grooming table at all.

That’s the reason why our team has done the legwork for you. We have arranged this list of Top 10 Portable Dog Grooming Tables for you to choose from. Let’s see what these goodies have to offer.

List of The Ten Best Portable Dog Grooming Tables in 2021

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10. Go Pet Club Rustproof Portable Dog Grooming Table

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The first product that you are going to hear from us is known to ease the grooming process. The style of the table is intensely constructed for professional use. Therefore, the table is sturdy enough for supporting the large size dog. As one of the products from Go Pet Club, this one is known for the great quality of it.

First of all, this product is rustproof, so you can groom and bathe the dog on it without any concern. To ensure that this table stays in place, the feet of it are attached to the rubber cap. Feel free to adjust the height too, as the maximum height of it is 40 inches. More than this, you can even fold this table too. This way it can save the storage space in your house. With this table, you will have enough space to take good care of your dog.

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9. Polar Aurora Adjustable Portable Dog Grooming Table

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Polar Aurora is the brand of the grooming table that is designed to have various sizes for you to choose from. Each size of the table is an excellent choice for grooming the dog from the small to large size. It is designed to be the foldable table, to save your storage space. You can fold it and put it in the corner. More than this, the arm of the table is adjustable. This is perfect for keeping the dog still on the table. You can choose it for professional use as well since the maximum weight capacity that it can support is as high as 330 lbs.

This heavy-duty product is great for all types of dogs. Choosing this professional product is a wise choice since all parts of it are carefully produced. If you take a closer look at the tray, it is designed to have you collecting and cleaning the hair easily. Don’t worry, the tray is waterproof too.

8. SHELANDY Professional Portable Dog Grooming Table

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If you are looking for the grooming table, the next option we recommend is the SHELANDY brand. First of all, this one is known to be the professional grooming table for all types of dogs. With the weight capacity up to 200 lbs, you can use it with both small and large dogs without any concern. Next, the arm of the table is attached, and it allows you to put the leashes on it. In terms of quality, we guarantee that there is nothing to worry about as it is very sturdy. Many customers review this product as a durable choice to get. The material that makes it this strong is the stainless steel. It is good to know that this grooming table is foldable, do you will have a great time storing it anywhere you like.

Moreover, you can place the table anywhere you like since the rubber can protect the floor well. Get this product today, and you will be able to trim your dog hair with ease.

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7. SUNCOO Durable Portable Dog Grooming Table

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When talking about durable products, the SUNCOO grooming table is also on the list. This is the table that your pet needs during grooming and trimming time. The material used for constructing this product is stainless steel; therefore, the table is very sturdy. More than this, the board is made from high-quality wood for enhancing the stability of it. On top of having awesome quality, the table can be very easy to clean and maintain.

The setup process of this product is simple, and you will have a large space for keeping the pet supplies. For the comfort of both the owner and pet, this table allows you to make adjustments and choose the position you like. Don’t worry, this table is very light. It is ideal if you need to use it in different places. Lastly, the weight it can support is as high as 330 lbs.

6. Yaheetech Portable Dog Grooming Table with Arm

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Another incredible product that the pet owner should have is the grooming table. This one is a product from the Yaheetech brand, and it is a table which is made from durable material. It uses the combination of PU leather, aluminum, and iron. As a great point, this table is very sturdy for use with all pet sizes. Another small feature that makes a big impact is the non-slip legs of it. Since it will not move around easily, you can perform the grooming task without any interruption. Please be informed that the table is designed with the arm, allowing you to attach the pet leash on it. The arm part is made from the solid iron and it can be adjusted to meet the height you want.

Since we have mentioned above that it is a durable table, the maximum weight that it can support is as high as 220 lbs. This impressive weight capacity makes it the right option for grooming the large dog. After using it, you can fold and store it anywhere you like without taking much space.

5. Bonnlo Dog Stainless Steel Grooming Table

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Bonnlo, the Portable Dog Grooming Tables is undoubtedly a suitable option you should get for your pet. This one is well known to be the heavy-duty product since the material used for constructing it is stainless steel. The frame of the table is strong, so you can fold flat to save space. Better than other options, this platform is made from premium wood. This way the surface is waterproof, so it is perfect for various kinds of applications.

If you don’t like the height of the table, you can make adjustments to meet the size and height you want too. With this product, we guarantee that there is nothing to worry about since you can install it anywhere you like. Feel free to use it when needed as it is perfect for both professional and home use. If you have this, the grooming will be completed with little time and effort.

4. Yaheetech Dog Grooming Table with Adjustable Clamp

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Coming up next, this is a product from the Yaheetech brand and it is designed to be a suitable option for trimming and grooming the dog. This product is designed to assist your task as the surface is large and sturdy. This Portable Dog Grooming Table comes with 2 grooming loops, allowing you to attach the leash on it easily. This arm is important to keep the dog in place after the cleanup process. It is also good to know that the clamp of the table can be adjusted too. You can have faith in this heavy-duty product since both the frame and surface are of premium quality. More awesome than this, the weight that it can support is as high as 220 lbs.

Don’t worry, the surface is made from PU material, and it is known to be waterproof and non-slip. If you have this in your house, we guarantee that you will never need to spend time and money going to the vet again. With the great features and durable structure of it, you have no reason to say no to it.

3. LAZY BUDDY Waterproof Dog Grooming Table

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We know that you are looking for the best product, that’s why we introduce this product to you. This one is known to be a Lazy Buddy brand, and it is the Portable Dog Grooming Table that is sure to make your task much easier. The very first feature that makes it stand out is the adjustability of it. The table is perfect for grooming and cleaning the dog since it is 100% waterproof. For making sure that you can store it anywhere you want, the table allows you to fold it. As a great point, it will not take up so much space in your house at all.

Next, the base part of the table is attached to the rubber for stopping the table from moving around. If you need to clean it, you can also do that with water and soap too. For your information, the whole table is waterproof.

2. Master Equipment Non-slip Dog Grooming Table

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As a pet owner, we bet that there are many products you need to get for your pet. One of those is the Portable Dog Grooming Table. This is the showtime of the product from Master Equipment, and we handpick the best one to show you. First of all, this table is designed to have a non-slip top. This way it can keep the pet safe as it can stand with balance when you are grooming it. Unlike other products, you can put this one on top of another surface with ease. It can fit well with all types of surfaces since it is small and compact.

It is good to know that the surface of this grooming table is suitable for the small pet. As an awesome result, this product is made for grooming your small and adorable puppy. Besides this, the table can be rotated easily as well. This will make it easier to cut the fur without walking around much.

1. Polar Aurora Dog Grooming Table with Rubber Cups

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The last product on the list today is brought to you by the Polar Aurora brand. This is recognized as the perfect Portable Dog Grooming Table. The product aims to give you the best, therefore, the material used is carefully chosen. The surface of it is attached with the waterproofed rubber, so you can groom your pet both wet and dry. Adding to this, the legs are made from stainless steel. As a great point, you will sure to love the sturdiness that this grooming table offers. It can be used everywhere you want.

The legs are attached to rubber cups for protecting the floor in your house. You can even store your pet supplies on this product too as it is designed to have a mesh tray. The tray is large enough to keep a brush, dryer, clip, trimmer, and more. Last but not least, the product is light, yet the weight it can support is up to 250 lbs.

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When we talk about the size, we talk about both the dog and table size. The grooming table is designed to have various sizes; therefore, it is only wise to choose the table that matches with the size of the dog. If you own the small table, it might not be enough space for the pet to sit and lie comfortably.


The next point that you should not overlook is to get the product that can be stored with ease. If your house has limited space, we highly recommend you to get a table that can be folded. This will ensure that you can store it anywhere you like when it is not in use.

Weight Capacity

The last yet essential feature to think of is the capacity of the Portable Dog Grooming Table. Some products can support that weight up to 220 lbs, and we believe that it is the product you should get too. A sturdy table will guarantee that it is stronger. More than this, if you open a pet-grooming shop, you should always get a table that can support heavyweight.


It doesn’t matter if you plan to use this grooming table for business or personal use, getting A sturdy and well-made grooming table is what you should do. All the products mentioned above are great in quality, and they are suitable for different types of dogs. Though the products mentioned above vary in terms of feature and size, they are widely recognized for the long-lasting quality they offer. Get yours, and you won’t regret it.

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