The 10 Best Portable Washing Machines in 2022

Portable washing machines are the ideal choice for a small size house, such as an apartment and dorm, where space is really limited. The machine comes with twin tubes, so that users can do the washing and drying at the same time. Moreover, even if it has a small body, the loading capacity is considerably large to accommodate your demand for washing.

In this article, we are going to explore more about the top 10 best portable washing machines. The reviews will include a detailed description of the pros and cons of the product.

List of the 10 Best Portable Washing Machines in 2022

10. SUPER DEAL Portable Washing Machines with Wash and Spin

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First of all, we have this portable washing machine from SUPER DEAL. It comes with a twin tube design, which saves you a lot of time to do the washing and spinning at the same time easily. It is equipped with a powerful motor with the speed of 1300RPM. The maximum frequency is measured as high as 60Hz.

The loading capacity of the washing tube is 8lbs, while the spinning cycle can load only 5lbs. It also features the timer function, which offers the timer from the washer at the maximum of 15 minutes. On the other hand, the timer for the spinning cycle is limited to 5 minutes each load.

Thanks to the portable design, it is both space and energy saving. It can fit into any rooms with confidence, including bathroom, bedroom and any other limited space in the house. Also, with a low noise operation, you will never feel it when it is working.

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9. KUPPET Portable Washing Machines

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Next, we should take a look at this portable washing machine from KUPPET. It is available in two colors, which are blue and gray. It is made with a large capacity, which is up to 26lbs. The washer can load 18lbs, while each load of the spinning cycle can support about 8lbs. This medium size load is compatible with the amount of the clothes of the whole family.

It is built in with a longer drainage tube to release the dirty water. The tube length is up to 56.3 inches. Moreover, it features a time control function, which offers a 15 minute timer for the washer and 5 minutes for the spinner. The power of the machine is as high as 1300 RPM.

The design of this washing machine also makes an easy operation. The control panel shows all the settings, including wash options and timing for you to customize it easily. What you have to do is simply put in the clothes, fill the load with water and get ready to start. You may also need one of these Plastic Laundry Baskets or Rolling Laundry Hampers along.

8. Giantex Portable Washing Machines

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Another portable washing machine that you can trust on is from Giantex. It comes with a compact and portable size to fit into a small living space. However, it still features a large capacity, which can hold up to 11lbs for the washing tube. For the spin dryer, on the other hand, the capacity is about 6.6lbs. The timer for the washer is measured at 15 minutes, while the spinning cycle only needs 5 minutes for each cycle.

There are many programs for you to choose in this washing machine. With this machine, you can finally say goodbye to all the hand wash jobs easily. Also, if you decide to invest your time and money with this machine, all the hardware is included in the package for you to ensure an easy assembly process.

7. Giantex Automatic Portable Washing Machine

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Here comes another portable washing machine from Giantex. This one comes with more advanced technology design with the use of LED display. Users can choose among 8 water levels, and there are all the programs and settings for you to customize on your own. It is designed with a compact size, yet it is able to load a large capacity of 9.92lbs at once.

In order to have a better control of the machine, you can take advantage of the timer and control for water level. It is all displayed for you, and you can present the setting based on the amount and type of clothes you are working in. Also, during the washing, it enables you to add more water in the midway as well.

The operation is safe enough since it features a transparent lid. You can see the whole process of the washing with ease. In addition, there is a child locking mechanism to ensure parents with the best peace of mind while working with this machine.

6. SUPER DEAL Portable Washing Machines Twin Tub

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Here is another model of portable washing machine from SUPER DEAL. It claims to be the smallest as well as the lightest washing machine design that you can get. This one features a capacity of 5.5lbs for the washer, while the spin capacity is measured at 4.4lbs. This ensures that the washing process is quick enough to give you the clothes being ready to dry.

Thanks to the twin tube design, it saves you a lot of time since it can do the washing and drying at the same time. The timer for the washing tube is at 15 minutes, while a spinning cycle only takes 5 minutes. It is equipped with the true rinse technology to make sure that the spinning cycle provides the best rinsing function.

The washing machine is made from a plastic body along with the use of an aluminum pump. The motor is also upgraded to be more powerful and durable in the long run. It is suitable for all settings, including condos and apartments.

5. Panda Mini Adjustable Washing Machine

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Panda also offers one of the best portable washing machines on the market. In the package, it also includes the adapter kit, drain hose and inlet hose for you. The washing machine offers a capacity of 1.34 cubic feet, and the maximum loading capacity is 10lbs for each load. Working with this washing machine, users do not only adjust the water and time, but they can also adjust the water temperature based on their preferences and demands.

There is an LED display of the setting of the washing machine. There are up to 10 programs for options, and this maximizes the flexibility in doing the washing. Also, the drum of the machine is built from stainless steel, and it is highly resistant to rust and chipping for long term usage.

4. SUPER DEAL Compact Washing Machine

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This portable washing machine from SUPER DEAL is also worth taking into consideration. It is made with a high quality plastic body combining with a long lasting aluminum pump to ensure a durable construction in the long run. Thanks to the lightweight and portable design, it is very easy to move or transport this machine.

The washing machine serves a 2 in 1 function since it can do both of the washing and drying jobs at the same time. It is equipped with twin tubes to maximize the efficiency in the multitasking functions. The washing machine can load up to 11lbs in each cycle, and this is large enough to wash all the clothes for you and your small family.

Also, the drying process is highly efficient thanks to the 2 deep rinses cycle in each of the spinning cycles. In terms of the timer, it is set for 15 minutes for the washer and 5 minutes for the spinner.

3. Panda Portable Washing Machine

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It’s time for us to give our attention to another portable washing machine from Panda. It features a space saving design which works well for a small home, such as an apartment and condo. It is also equipped with 2 rollers, so that users can move it around easily and conveniently. The capacity of this machine is as large as 1.34 cubic feet, and this allows you to put in the maximum clothes of 10lbs.

It is built in with an LED display to show you the setting clearly. Also, users can choose among the 10 washing programs provided to use the most suitable one for washing. There are 8 water levels, and it depends on the amount of clothes that you are going to work with.

The assembly process is easy enough since you only have to connect the faucet and adaptor kit to get it ready to start.

2. Panda High-end Auto Compact Washer

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What about this portable washing machine from Panda? It is available in an elegant white color design, which makes it fit perfectly into the home decoration. It features a space saving design, and this is suitable for small size houses, such as apartments and condos. The body of the machine is built from high quality plastic.

The size is as large as 1.6 cubic feet, and it can load up to 11lbs for one cycle. It also comes with an LED display, which shows you the settings for customization. There are 2 rollers equipped to this machine in order to make the transportation easy and convenient.

Moreover, users can customize among 6 washing programs provided. These programs include spin, normal, quick, delicate, bulky and heavy. The upgraded version also includes the rinse function for a deep rinse in each washing cycle.

1. Panda Mini Washer in Gray

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Last but not least, we have this portable washing machine from Panda. Thanks to its portable and compact design, it saves you a lot of space for storage, and as a result, it is a great choice if you are living in an apartment or dorm. Although the size is small, the capacity is up to 1.54 cubic feet, which means it can support 12lbs of cloth for each cycle.

The portable size is also highly desirable when it comes to the transportation time. You can move the machine easily to find the power socket in order to get it plugged in. In addition, there is an LED display of the settings of this machine.

There are 8 options of the washing programs along with 4 other water levels. It maximizes the flexibility in this washing job since you can make the customization to the most precise setting that suits your clothes the most.

The installation process is also easy enough since you only have to attach the washer in order to get the machine ready for the job.

Buying Guides

No users would want to replace the washing machine frequently. For this reason, you should look at the following criteria before making a purchase.

Construction: the construction of the machine should be durable and heavy duty. A good machine is usually made with a high density plastic body and aluminum pump.

Capacity: even with a small size, it should maximize the loading capacity in order to save time for washing. The loading capacity should not be less than 10lbs for each cycle.

Twin tube design: this is another important component since it allows you to do the washing and drying jobs at the same time. This minimizes the use of time and energy to the least.

Timer: it should include the timer function as well. For such a small washing machine, the timer is set for 15 minutes for each washing cycle, while the spinning tube has the timer set at 5 minutes.

Programs: it should include a wide range of washing programs, such as normal, heavy and spin dry. Also, the water level should also allow customization in order to maximize the precision.

Installation: the installation process of the machine should be easy enough. Users should only need to put the parts together and connect the faucet to get it started.


To conclude this article, above are the top 10 best portable washing machines. If you are living alone or with a few people only, this is your ideal choice to save space and time for washing. If you are interested in any of them, please feel free to do the research for more details in order to see it suits your demand to the best.

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