The 10 Best Retractable Baby Gates in 2021

With the help of a retractable baby gate, we can rest assured that our children are in safe hands, a safe environment, allowing us to continue and finish other work. This is why with this article, we will escort you through the top 10 best retractable baby gates that will make parenthood more pleasuring and relaxing from tensions. For a deeper understanding, please follow along with us.

List of the 10 Best Retractable Baby Gates in 2021

10. Perma Outdoor Indoor Retractable Baby Gate

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First and foremost, the Perma outdoor retractable baby gate is sleek and very promising. It is wide and has a strong build that covers up to 71” wide and 33” tall. Furthermore, installation is very simple and fun where you can bond with your family. Whether infants or pets, this gate will act as a protective barrier that can handle up to 10-40 lbs in weight for pets and infants age 6 to 24 months.

Also, this retractable gate is intended to offer comfort and easiness. To open the gate, push and twist the circle to unfasten then pull the handle to your desired length as it will automatically lock when you release the handle. Besides, this dual lock innovation assures safety in usage and in-store. As a matter of fact, the gate is accredited to have the safest features measured within ASTM and EN criteria. Plus, if any technical issues arise, the gate is guaranteed with a 1-year coverage after the date of purchase.

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9. Summer Retractable Baby Gate with Lock

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Next on the list, we have the retractable gate by Summer Infant. This gate has a unique design that fits 50” wide and 30” tall especially between hallways, doors, or stairs which is excellent for toddlers’ safety. Moreover, it is made of sturdy and beautiful cloth with silver tints giving it a stylish look that does not ruin your interior designs. 

Not only the gate installation is very simple where you can just install them into the walls, but it is also capable to revert the gate into its original state afterward. Therefore, no worries are needed about having a tight space or a boundary that divides up your house. In addition, the gate has a lever lock built-in to ensure tighter safety. All you need to do is push the lever to lock the gate and pull it back up whenever you want to unlock it. With a gate as safe as a haven for your kids, why skip out.

8. EasyBaby Retractable Baby Gate Indoors

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The EasyBaby retractable gate is suitable for both indoor uses such as hallways, doorways, and outdoor openings. Of course, a supply kit with full components and guide is included for easier installation especially at firm surfaces such as cement wall, timber wood, or board. For instance, you must drill 3mm holes when installing into the timber and drill 6mm holes for cement walls.

By the same token, the gate provides coverage of up to 55” wide and 33” tall with a sturdy and tough mesh that can be reverted back when not needed for use. 

Subsequently, the gate is also built with the highest security to prevents any flaws or accidents from happening. The lock can be released by just pushing and turn the switch in a clockwise direction, then pull the handle until reaching the hooks. Once reached, you can secure it back the same way as unlocking but in a counter-clockwise direction. Furthermore, the EasyBaby gate is certified to meet the EN and ASTM standards. It’s a comfy and trustworthy gate that can protect infants well or keep pets out on an important occasion.

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7. Mesh Retractable Gate

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Moving forward, we have the retractable baby gate by Probebi that is neat and strong in both looks and physical strength. This gate can cover 2 open areas at the widest length of 59 inches as 2 sets of installation components are given. Not to mention, they work in any direction which means you can pull the mesh in any direction of the 360 degrees course and still suffer no damage.

Furthermore, the is no need for concerns regarding space-consumption, tight corridors, or a blockage on the path because the mesh lining of this gate is capable of retracting back to the start at any demand. For that matter, a lock is inserted for stronger security. To work the lock, 

just push and twist the buckle in the direction that is advised to lock or unlock and then continue to pull the handle or release it back. Plus, this gate works both outdoors and indoors and even compliments the interior designs at home.

6. Probebi 71-inch Safety Gate with Lock

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If you want a baby gate that is wider for big rooms or doorways, the 71-inch retractable baby gate by Probebi should be taken into study. Just like its name, the gate enfolds into a barrier 71” wide and 33.7” tall fitting for many spaces around the house. Furthermore, the mesh of this gate has a lock and unlock feature meaning that when not in use you can release the mesh back into its cage to save space and get rid of barriers during barriers-free events.

Additionally, this Probebi gate is very convenient to assemble where you just have to mount the hardware into the wall and install the components in. From one order, you will receive 2 sets of installation components. Those two sets enable you to use the gate at 2 different places that have the hardware mounted. The aforementioned implies it’s a save in clutters and keeps your house tidy.

5. EasyBaby Extra Wide & Tall Gate retractable baby gate

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In like matter, we have the grey EasyBaby baby gate that is even wider to 71” and taller to 39.3”. 

This size assures to fit into many spaces even more large-scaled ones such as double-entry doorways, stairways, or hallways. Likewise, the gate is ideal to be competent security for babies from wandering to dangerous places or keeping pets from leaving premises or disturbing the events. Moreover, the EasyBaby are approved safe and protected by professional standards such as ASTM and EN. 

Installation for this gate is as easy as peeling bananas. Guides and components are fully covered for easiness and comfort during installation. Furthermore, it works even better on hard surfaces although, different surface materials require different analyses. If you’re worried about the lock, no need because all is needed to lock or unlock the mesh is just push and turn the buckle to the informed direction.

4. Babepai Retractable Baby Gate with Dual Lock

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The Babepai retractable baby gate is long-lasting and trendy that allows extension up to 54” wide and 34” tall. It aids in keeping children safe from accessing a dangerous area especially stairs and the exit door. Additionally, the installation of this gate is designed simple and clear which means anyone is capable. With assistance near hand like this one, parenthoods are improved more relaxing and peaceful. 

To be even more secured, the gate is built with a dual lock where you can unlock and lock the mesh tightly and safely after use. Besides, the mesh can be rolled back up when not in use to save both time and space. Of course, the baby gate is also suitable for outdoor uses such as the gate, patios, or stairways. Pets can also be contained with this gate to prevent them from running out.

3. Babepai Black Safety Gate

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Continuing the list, we have another Babepai retractable baby gate that is non-toxic and eco-friendly, perfect for toddlers. This gate is 54” wide with 1.18” wall gap and 34” tall with 0.59” floor gap. Moreover, the gate is tightly sealed with screws when installation which means it won’t be easily taken down with shakes or rattles. Not only it prioritizes the safe-being of your children, but also pets won’t crossover into off-limits areas. Plus, there are 2 installation components that make the gate available to use in 2 different places and angles.

Correspondingly, the mesh is made of woven that is lightweight, anti-scratch, and see-through which means it doesn’t give you a hard time blocking the view or getting damaged. Furthermore, the mesh is retractable to the original state. With that feature, space won’t be permanently contained giving discomfort when walking in and out. Besides, the gate is secured safely with 2 locks that require only a little twist to get it working. 

2. EasyBaby White Safety Gate with Mesh Handle

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The EasyBaby white retractable baby gate can be extended widely up to 71 inches and 33 inches in height. It can also be adjusted smaller varying upon your doorways, hallways, or stairways length. Subsequently, no worries about installation issues as a guide and the full equipment kit is guaranteed to be fully provided. The full use of the guide is recommended because the same measurements do not work with all surfaces.

In addition, if the hand is occupied with something, it’s not a big deal as just one hand is needed to run the gate. Simply push and twist the buckle then drag the mesh handle to the hook to set up and if you want to release it, just let it go and lock the gate in the same way but twist it anti-clockwise. Furthermore, the gate is certified to provide safety and security for both your children or your pets according to EN and ASTM standards.

1. Babepai 3-directed Retractable Baby Gate

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Last but not least, if you want the newest, trendiest baby gate, look no further than the Babepai 3 direction gate. Just like its name, the gate supports 3 directions rotations whether you pull into to the right, to the left, or inside out, no harm will be caused towards the mesh. For that reason, installation can take place anywhere, any side of the house, without causing controversies. Likewise, the mesh is revertable at demand. Then, the house won’t be tight in space and there will be bars on the floor that can trip our loved ones. Of course, the mesh is certainly built with premium quality see-through woven to make sure that you can find your babies easily.

In addition, the gate is extendable to 54” wide and 34” tall. Installation for this gate is also very simple and sturdy that shakes or rattles won’t tear it down. Furthermore, it is scratch-resistant which means pets scratches won’t destroy the mesh and the overall build. Plus, it has a dual lock system that you can easily succeed by just twisting the buckle clockwise to lock and the other way around to unlock.

Buying Guide

For easiness and worthy shopping, we have put together some features that you should take into consideration first before purchase.

Size: Getting the right size is crucial as it must fit in your house, open spaces, or your preferred locations tightly and safely to ensure the highest results of this gate.

Material: Material of the gates such as see-through, or the colors are just as important because sturdiness is top while a clear view of your children is also needed strongly.


In short, we have guided you through the top 10 best retractable baby gate that guarantees a safe and warm family. If any of the detailed descriptions above fits in your criteria, please do not hesitate to book yours and live with a peace of mind onwards.

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