The 10 Best Retractable Gates for Dogs in 2022

If you feel concerned that your dogs might go out the doorways without unaware, climb up the steep dangerous staircases or access certain areas in the house, then it’s the best idea to get a retractable gate for dogs. These dog retractable gates are chosen as the most suitable and perfect solution for protecting your dogs both indoor and outdoor. On top of serving the purpose of security, it is well-designed in terms of appearance, functionality, and durability. In order to offer you further assistance, this article also includes a buying guide as well.

List of the Top 10 Best Retractable Gate for Dogs in 2022

#10. EasyBaby Retractable Gates for Dogs

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A retractable gate for dogs that has been chosen in the list is EasyBaby. EasyBaby is extremely versatile as it can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes and can be installed in various different places, including doorways, hallways, and stairways. In order to guide you with easy installation, each purchase comes along with an installation guide and various essential components, such as screws, catch mounts, and wall spacers.

It should be noted that the retractable gate should be placed between rigid surfaces like those of plasterboard or timber or hardwall. Different drill sizes are required for different drills; 3mm hole for timber surface and a 6mm hole for hardware drill. The opening size of this gate reaches up to 55” wide and 33” tall. You can completely retract away the mesh when you are not using the gate.

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#9. EasyBaby Retractable Gates for Dogs

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Next, we should divert our attention to the next best retractable gate, which is another product from EasyBaby. The operation of this gate is easy, quick, and convenient. This is thanks to the one-hand operation system incorporated in this gate. It can be opened and closed by simply pushing and turning clockwise and then grabbing the handle to pull it into catches. On the other hand, to lock the gate, you need to push and turn counter-clockwise instead.

EasyBaby provides the most ideal solution for protecting your babies and pets from accessing the dangerous doorways and stairs. It is created for the purpose of offering the ultimate safety and security everywhere in your house. In addition, the standard of EasyBaby is approved and guaranteed to have passed the safety standard requirements. In terms of opening size, it is extra wide and tall reaching up to 71” wide and 39.3” tall.

#8. EasyBaby Retractable Gates for Dogs

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The high-quality retractable gate we have personally picked for you is yet another product from EasyBaby. In terms of its size, this dog gate from EasyBaby is extremely wide and tall as its opening size extends up to 71” wide and 33” tall. However, the size can be easily adjusted according to your desired preference. EasyBaby is available in three different colors, which are Black, Grey, and White.

The installation process of EasyBaby is simple and efficient. It will only take a few minutes to install it firmly and sturdily for the protection of your dogs. First, you need to take out the components included in the purchase to assemble the skirting board or baseboard according to the instruction provided in the guideline. Second, you can use a pencil to mark screw holes on the wall. Thirdly, you need to make sure that each mount is firmly secured by using a screwdriver to tighten the screws. Fourthly and finally, the retractable dog gate can be attached to the desired location.

#7. Perma Retractable Gates for Dogs

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Another choice that we should not neglect in the discussion of high-quality retractable gates is from Perma. Regarding the product details, this retractable dog gate is extra wide considering its opening size of 71” wide and 33” tall. It allows a convenient installation process because all the required components are already included within the purchase. In order to use Perma, you just need to understand and follow the one-handed and two steps operation system. This operation can be done while you hold your dogs in your arms.

It should be highlighted that Perma offers retractable design making it versatile as the best home safety product. It was designed for easy adjustments to different types of doors. For extreme security, there is a double lock feature in Perma.

#6. Mesh Retractable Gates for Dogs

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At this part of our list, we have the retractable gate from Mesh. In Mesh, there is a gate for two openings and the packages come along with two sets of installation hardware. The opening size of this dog gate extends to 150cm and 59 inches. As there is a 360 degrees direction function, the gate can be adjusted in full 360 degrees. In addition, it can be pulled not only from left to right but also, from right to left. Furthermore, the lining can be rolled up to take up less space.

Mesh understands the concerns of their customers when they have to open the gate while holding their pets in one hand. Therefore, they incorporated the one hand operation system in their design, which means that you can simply lock and open the gate with only one hand. For these reasons, Mesh is highly recommended for its dog gate.

#5. Gaterol Active Lite White – Retractable Safety Gate

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This retractable gate is definitely worth being mentioned in this list and taken into consideration. The special feature about Gaterol is it can be fit into both narrow and wide places, including stairways, patio, hallways This is because their motto is the taller the safer. Therefore, the gate is 36.6” tall and the opening is up to 18” to 55”.

The durability of Gaterol is well-ensured because the mesh is resistant to scratches. Another key feature is its minimal space requirement thanks to how it can be rolled up when not in use. For further firmness and sturdiness, there are no chances of the gate falling down happening even if you shake or rattle it as it is already secured with screws. Finger jamming and head injuries are prevented because there are no metal screen bars.

#4. Babepai Retractable Baby Gate Wide Safety Mesh Gate

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If we are making a list about the ultimate retractable gate for dog, we can never leave out Babepai. It is convenient that every purchase of Babepai is already inclusive of all the things you need to install a great retractable gate. Once you purchase Babepai, you will receive one retractable baby gate, two packages of hardware accessories, and one installation guide paper. The hardware accessories come in two sets to increase its versatility of placing in two different locations and angles. For further customer support, their sales support operates on a 24 hours basis to welcome any maintenance needed or questions.

With this being said, it is undeniable that Babepai will be the perfect solution for cordoning your dogs from accessing hazardous stairs and ensure that they are safe and sound in their areas.

#3. Probebi Three-Direction Retractable Gate for dog and baby

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Now we should shift our attention to another retractable gate in our list, which is Probebi. Firstly, the mesh of Probebi is extremely soft and there is a double-lock system. Secondly, it has the special feature of a dog gate allowing you to fold it away when it is not needed. Therefore, it offers the ultimate compact storage that takes up very little space. Thirdly, Probebi is durable and high quality because it is made out of an aluminum gate body that is waterproof and rust-proof.

Probebi design is very efficient and attractive because its mesh is soft and see-through. Although it is soft, it is very durable and flexible enough to withstand pressure. The mounting bracket is produced out of very strong plastic. Probebi offers the newest design suitable for both indoor and outdoor uses. In addition, it is suitable for use from left to right and from right to left according to your desire.

#2. Babepai Retractable Baby Gate Door Grey Extra Wide

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Here, we have Babepai on the list. There are four main features of Babepai that make it one of the best retractable gate products. The first feature is the double-locking mechanism that is childproof and can be easily locked and unlocked. The second feature is the retractable design aiming to increase security and save up spaces. The third feature is the one-hand operation that comes in handy when you are carrying your pets in one arm. The fourth feature is the easy-to-use big latches.

Considering all these four features offered, it would be a great choice to purchase Babepai as you will surely not experience a single glimpse of disappointment.

#1. EasyBaby Products Indoor Outdoor Retractable Baby Gate

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Last but not least, the champion is the retractable gate from EasyBaby. EasyBaby is a white gate designed for both indoor and outdoor purposes. It is coated with elegant aluminum to ensure the sleekest design while protecting your dogs. Furthermore, it is suitable to be placed in many different locations, including doorways, stairways, and patios. In terms of the size, the gate is 34” tall and 55” wide.

EasyBaby is known for being incredibly space-efficient because it can be folded and retracted away when you are not using it. The convenient one-handed operation allows you to use this gate easily just by following three steps. Those three steps include pushing and turning, then pulling to hook it onto catches, and then turning it counter-clockwise to securely lock the gate. In case you happen to be relocating EasyBaby, it can be simply done because each purchase provides a set of spare mounting brackets.

Buying Guide

Safety Lock: As safety is the main priority when discussing a retractable gate, you should meticulously observe the safety lock system; whether it is one lock or double lock.

Size and Height: Before going out to purchase a gate, it would be a good idea to decide the place that you want to put it, especially the amount of space available there.

Angle: By looking at the angle functions of the gate, we can know if it can be easily adjusted according to our preference.

Versatility: One of the criteria that people find attractive in terms of buying gates is versatility. A great retractable gate should be able to be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

One-hand operation: It would be best in terms of convenience and comfort to look for a retractable gate with a one-hand operation system because it allows you to be able to open, close, and lock the door without having to put down your pets.

Installation: A good retractable gate should be able to guide their users towards an easy and quick installation process by providing all the essential and required components within the purchase. In addition, their instruction guide should be easy to follow and included to assist users in installment.

Mesh Lining: It should be highlighted that the mesh lining should be able to be rolled up in order to avoid taking up unnecessary space in your house when not in use.

Colors: To some people who value designs and appearances, the availability of colors might also be the criteria that should be kept in mind.


Above is our list of the top 10 most sought-after retractable gates for dogs. As this list was created after constant researching and careful comparison, getting yourself one of these dog gates will definitely fulfill your expectation and chase away your worries of protecting your dogs from hazardous areas. These gates are guaranteed for their security, easy accessibility, and durability, which is why it will be worthwhile to purchase them. We hope that you have enjoyed browsing through our compilation and buying guide and that both of them have guided you well towards a satisfying purchase of a retractable gate.

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