Top 10 Best Roller Skate Shoes for Men in 2021

Men, if you are running out of sports activities to play with, it’s time for you to try roller skating. Actually, this activity is suitable for both kids and adults as long as you are willing to challenge yourself. It can help you train the balance and stability of the body with the best fun.

To help you narrow down the selection list, we have done a lot of research, and we have eventually found the top 10 best roller skate shoes for you. Please go through the reviews one by one in order to select the most suitable pair for yourself.

List of the Top 10 Best Roller Skate Shoes for Men in 2021

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#10. KYOKIM Roller Skate Shoes for Men

Roller Shoes Skate Shoes for Men

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First of all, we have this pair of roller skate shoes from KYOKIM. This pair of shoes features a 2 in 1 design as it can serve as both a roller skate shoe and a normal walking shoe at the same time. The shoes are built of microfiber, while the bottom features a rubber sole. For the wheels, they are built of PU that ensures both durability and strength.

This pair of shoes has been tested and approved to match your demands at all times. However, it still works with the traditional laces, and therefore, you can adjust until you feel fully comfortable with the shoes. In addition, the roller stakes are fully adjustable to make it work well for your sizes. This is the reason why the shoes are compatible with all ages, including kids. As a result, you can also use this as a gift to encourage your kid to start roller skating.

#9. Heelys Roller Skate Shoes for Men

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Next, we have this pair of roller skate shoes from Heelys. The shoes are made of synthetic combining with fabric. It features a classic style design, but it is stylish enough for all times. It still uses the lace closure design, but this is the most practical one. Users can fully adjust the lace in order to fit well with the feet. No matter what, it still guarantees the best comfort while having the shoes on.

This pair of shoes is equipped with low profile wheels, and therefore, it is not easy for others to see the wheels. However, it features 5 levels of bearings to serve your demands. Moreover, the upper part of the shoes is made of canvas, and it is soft enough to take good care of your feet. This pair of shoes is available in many colors designs, including black, navy, orange, grey, and many other color designs and styles.

#8. Chicago Skates Roller Skate Shoes for Men

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Chicago Skates is also one of the best considerations when it comes to choosing a pair of roller-skating shoes. These skating shoes feature a classic design, but it is popular among hundreds and thousands of people with the iconic bullet design. It comes in a low cut boot design so that you can have the maximum amount of movement at all times.

The shoes are equipped with urethane wheels with their width at 62mm. They are also built with fixed axles, and therefore, users are having full control over the roller skating process, including speed and style. The shoes are made of vinyl and lace closure design. This model is ideal when you need to make adjustments in order to secure the fit.

Apart from the pair of shoes, you can also get other accessories, such as urethane wheels, speed bearings, power strap as well as padded collar.

#7. UFAFantasy Roller Skate Shoes for Men

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In case you are in love with a cool, eye-catching design, you should consider this pair of roller skate shoes from UFAFantasy. The shoes are made with a fashionable design, and it is ideal for kids and teenagers to use thanks to the cool lighting style. It is suitable for both beginners and professionals. There are up to 7 colors for the light in the bottom part of the shoes, and there are up to 29 flash modes that you can enjoy.

The lighting operation is based on a rechargeable battery, and users can recharge it easily using the USB cable. Moreover, the shoes are made of high quality material, including mesh and TPR soles. With these materials, the comfort and breathability are both maximized to the best. Also, with a great elasticity, you can secure the fit to your feet.

There is a hidden light switch for this pair of shoes, and you can use the switch in order to switch among the colors of the light based on your desires.

#6. Chicago Skates Roller Skate Shoes for Men

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Here comes another desirable pair of roller skate shoes from Chicago Skates. This pair of roller skate shoes is designed to be recognizable to everyone else. The size is fully adjustable, so that users can always find the best fit for comfort and security. The best thing about this pair of shoes is that it is made for beginners. It can serve the children who are curious about roller skating and accompany them to grow.

The shoes are constructed of nylon mesh combined with a padded collar. The boot construction makes it stable and sturdy at all times. Moreover, it provides an excellent traction, so that the risk of getting an accident is minimized to the least. The wheels are also equipped with an excellent speed bearing system to maximize the stopping power.

It provides a 1-month warranty, and if there are any problems with the shoes, you can return within this time period to get a new pair of shoes.

#5. Heelys​ Men’s Voyager Tennis Shoe

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This is another irresistible pair of roller skate shoes from Heelys. In fact, this pair of shoes features a versatile design as it is used as both tennis shoes and roller skate shoes. The wheels are there to convert it into a pair of skate shoes within a breeze. It is available in 2 color designs, which are black/white and black/red.

The shoes are built of the synthetic sole, which ensures both of the durability and fit when you have them on the feet. It is made with a low top design, and this can maximize the support on both of your feet, especially when you use them for roller skating. If you do not know what to give to your children in the upcoming special occasion, you can consider this pair of shoes as it is both affordable and practical.

#4. Heelys Propel 2.0 Men’s Sneaker

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No roller skate shoes list will be complete without Heelys. There are many color designs for this pair of shoes so that you can choose your favorite color design to show your personalized characteristics. The shoes are built of 100% synthetic, and they are imported with the best quality to serve both local and international consumers.

The roller skate shoes feature a rubber sole. Although its shape looks like a pair of normal men’s sneakers, you can also convert it into a pair of roller skate shoes within a breeze. With an outstanding wheel design, it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor purposes. When you are no longer in need of roller skating, you can simply remove the wheels and make it ideal for daily usage once again. It can serve as a pair of fashionable and stylish street shoes.

#3. Heelys Men’s Propel 2.0 Fashion Sneaker

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For this particular pair of roller skate shoes from Heelys, it is available in many color designs, including blue, charcoal, bright yellow, and red. You can select any one of the colors as long as you wish. The color is beautiful enough to serve your daily demands at all times. The shoes feature a rubber sole, and the rubber sole design can last as long as you wish.

It can serve as a pair of everyday shoes in order to serve your school or working demand. However, it can be equipped with wheels in order to transform into a pair of skate shoes. This means that you have this pair of shoes at all times, and you do not need to have too many pairs of shoes at home. It saves you a lot of money and effort from changing from one to the other as well.

#2. Heelys Men’s Propel for Little Big Kid

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What about this pair of roller skate shoes from Heelys? This pair of shoes is manmade with the best craftsmanship. The leather is patented, and it is made in the United States. Even the sole of the shoes is manmade to increase the values of the shoes.

The upper area of the shoes is made of synthetic suede. It still works with the classic style lace-up closure, yet this type of closure provides the best fit onto your feet. The cupsole is made of faux, while the outsole is constructed of rubber. The shoes are equipped with ABEC 5 wheels, and this type of wheel can help support the roller skating experience to the best.

Moreover, the shoes are lightweight enough for your feet, and it will never become a burden in any situation. For these reasons, this pair of shoes is highly recommended for you to own one.

#1. SDSPEED Kids Roller Skate Shoes with Single Wheel and LED

Shoes Sport Sneaker LED

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Last but not least, we should not miss this pair of roller skate shoes from SD SPEED. This pair of shoes is designed ideally for kids, especially for those who love a cool design. This is because the bottom area of the shoes is built-in with LED light to light up at night.

Yet, the design of this pair of shoes is also practical. It features a rubber sole, which is totally resistant to wearing. The roller can be hidden when you are not in need of it with simply a press on the button at heel. Therefore, it can serve as a normal pair of shoes whenever you are demanded normal waking.

Moreover, it is comfortable enough with a snug fit onto your feet shape. With the quality guaranteed from Korea, you can enjoy the shoes for a long period of time until you feel that you need a replacement.

What to consider when buying men’s roller skate shoes

Roller skating is a fun and dangerous sport activity at the same time. As a result, when you choose a pair of roller skate shoes, there are various features that you need to consider before you make the final decision on the shoes.

Skate types

There are 2 types of roller skate shoes, which are quad skates and inline skates. The quad skate is more suitable for beginners as it provides more stability in the design. It enables beginners to start faster and more easily. However, the inline skate requires more balance when you skate, and it might be a challenge for some people.

Top design

When it comes to the top of the shoes, there are 2 designs as well, which are high top and low top. The high top design can maximize the stability yet it provides a little support to your feet, while in contrast, the low top design is desirable for many people as it is designed more like a pair of simple sneakers.


The wide wheel design is an additional feature as it can maximize stability while roller skating. This is important for beginners as it can help protect you on all occasions. Also, the wheels are usually made of PU or rubber.


No matter how professional you are, you still want to get a pair of roller skate shoes with better traction. This is because it is responsible for minimizing the accidents that you are going to get.


Provided above is a curated list of the top 10 best roller skate shoes for men of 2021. Regardless of your professional level, the shoes are important to guarantee the quality of the roller skating activity. We really hope that you can enjoy the activity as much as possible with the best comfort and safety at all times.

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