Top 10 Best Roller Skate Shoes for Women in 2021

If you would like to give a try to roller skating, it is important for you to first choose the right pair of roller skate shoes. To accommodate your demand, we have compiled a list of the top 10 best roller skate shoes for women for you to choose from. Also, if you are interested in learning how to choose a high-quality pair, the buying guide is waiting in the last section of the article.

List of the Top 10 Best Roller Skate Shoes for Women in 2021

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#10. Chicago Skates Roller Skate Shoes for Women

Female roller skate shoes

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First ofs, let’s take a peek at these roller skate shoes for women from Chicago Skates. It features a classic design, yet it is popular for consumers worldwide for decades already. This iconic bullet-model comes in a low cut boot form, and it promotes a better movement with more freedom. Yet, it is equipped with high-quality enclosure laces to maximize comfort and security at the same time.

This pair of shoes is built-in with urethane wheels, and they give a precise bearing to make the control more efficient. The shoes are made of vinyl, and the material is both durable and reliable. It can fit well onto your feet without any hassles. In addition, there is also a power strap to help you secure the fit, especially when you are performing an extreme activity.

#9. Otw-cool Roller Skate Shoes for Women

All 8 Wheels of Girl's Skates Shine Shoes

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If you are looking for a gift for your little girl, this pair of roller skate shoes is an ideal option. It is made with adjustable size, allowing you to adjust for your growing children. The shoes are equipped with 8 wheels, and they are all illuminated to give a cool and stylish design. With the light on, the girls can roller skate with confidence in both daytime and night time.

In addition, the roller skate shoes are built of premium quality parts. These include the ABEC 7 bearings that support the urethane wheels. The wheels are dedicated to serving your roller skating demands in both indoor and outdoor contexts. This pair of roller skate shoes feature a high top design, and the collar is padded with soft materials.

Even after the purchase, you can return the product at any time if you feel that the quality of the product does not match your expectation in reality.

#8. Otw-Cool Roller Skate Shoes for Women

Outdoor Blades Roller Skates with Full Light Up LED Wheels

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Here comes another pair of roller skate shoes for girls from Otw-Cool. This is a pair of inline skate shoes, which is more challenging for beginners to start their roller skating journey. The shoes are also made with 8 wheels, and all of the wheels come with illumination. The light-up design makes it a pair of personalized shoes that demonstrate your unique characteristics.

Moreover, batteries are not important in the operation of the wheels. The construction of the shoes is supported by an aluminum alloy frame. The wheels are built of polyurethane, and they include the rebound feature. This makes the wheels resistant to wear at all times. In addition, there are 3 layers of protection for this pair of shoes, including enclosure laces, lever buckles, and powerful straps.

With the best ankle support, it also ensures the breathability while you have the shoes on. This is the reason why this pair of shoes is suitable for long hour usage.

#7. Otw-Cool Roller Skate Shoes for Women

For this lovely pair of roller skate shoes from Otw-Cool, it is also a pair of inline skates. However, the best thing about this pair of shoes is that it is suitable for both genders. It is designed ideally for kids and teenagers who love to personalize their own lifestyles. The inline skate shoe is built of aluminum alloy structure, and it is equipped with polyurethane wheels. The wheels are dedicated to bringing a smooth process on all terrains.

Moreover, the heel is reinforced for you, so that you can have an amazing moment for skating. Besides comfort, it also prioritizes safety. There are various features that take good care of your personal safety, including laces, straps, and buckles. More importantly, the inner boot is designed to be breathable at all times, and therefore, it is really ideal for summer to start this sports activity.

There is an unconditional money back or replacement warranty with this pair of shoes. Users can always get the best customer satisfaction from Otw-Cool no matter in what situation.

#6. LIKU Roller Skate Shoes for Women

Indoor/Outdoor Lace-Up Fun Illuminating Roller Skate for Kid

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LIKU also provides us with one of the best pairs of roller skate shoes you shouldn’t miss. This pair of shoes also comes with illumination using colorful lights. This allows you to skate with friends and other teenagers with more fun, while the battery is not needed in this case. The baseplate and truck of the shoes are both made of aluminum alloy, while the core wheels are constructed of urethane.

This pair of shoes features a high top design. The high top design allows the maximum amount of stability while you are wearing, especially when you are doing a sports activity that requires a great balance. The collar is also padded with softness, while the cut design uses the PVC lining to make sure that the children can receive the best support.

More importantly, the wheels are working well enough against wearing and tearing. It provides the best traction control so that you can use the shoes on all terrains to support your roller skating activity.

#5. Chicago White Youth Quad Skates

White Youth Quad Skates for Girls

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These Chicago Skates shoes will also be a bang for your buck. This is a pair of quad skate shoes in the traditional classic design. It features a boot style design with a padded collar that is responsible for the maximum amount of comfort. Moreover, the shoes are secured using high-quality lace and strap in order to make sure that the fit is suitable for your feet.

In addition, the shoes are equipped with oversize wheels. Since they are oversized, they offer more stability in the activity. The wheel’s core is built of PVC, and it is also equipped with a semi-precision bearing as well. Although the design is strong and powerful, the shoes are still lightweight enough to serve the demands of children. Children can have full control over their shoes since their first journey. It is worth mentioning that this pair of shoes is suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities.

#4. Roller Derby Adjustable Girls Roller Skates

Adjustable Girls Roller Skates

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It’s time for us to introduce to you this pair of roller skate shoes from Roller Derby. There is a twist knob for this skate shoe, and therefore, you can adjust the size based on the size of your children. This is because children are growing up really fast, and it is costly to replace the roller skate shoes frequently.

It features a high boot design, and it gives a great amount of ankle support. This also minimizes the risk and accident. The lining is also padded to take good care of your feet in all conditions. Moreover, with the shock absorption feature, it can resist a high impact and convert it into energy in order to support the skaters.

The wheels also support a fast-moving and rolling operation. The skating process is guaranteed to be fast and smooth enough at all times. The wheels are built of urethane.

#3. Golden days Roller Skates

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Moving onto the next superb pair of roller skate shoes for women from Golden days, it is equipped with wheels that are constructed with ABEC 5 bearing capabilities. The shoe is made with an environmentally friendly design with the use of recyclable leather. The skate shoe is built-in with 4 wheels to support a smooth roller skating process.

The double row design of the wheels is both strong and stable. This maximizes the amount of safety, especially for those who just begin the journey. This is also ideal for girls and women who want to train their balance. This pair of shoes are built with a high top design. The shoelace is there to secure the fit in all conditions. This is because only the best fit can bring stability to the activity at all times.

After you have decided to purchase this pair of shoes, you can always enjoy the after-sales service from Golden days.

#2. Alkass LED Light Up Roller Shoes for Boys & Girls

LED Light Up Roller Shoes Wheeled Skate Sneaker Shoes for Boys Girls

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These Alkuass shoes will impress you in so many ways. This pair of shoes is equipped with LED lights, and there is a USB charging port for you to recharge the battery in order to have the light last as long as possible. There are 3 modes for options, which include long bright, fast flash, and slow flash. You only need to long-press the switch for 2 seconds to get the lights off when you are not in need of them.

Moreover, this pair of shoes features great value. It can serve 3 functions, including normal wear sneakers, double wheel shoes, and single wheel shoes. This means that you only need this pair of shoes for all daily performance with confidence. The shoes are made of high-quality leather surface, and it is resistant to tearing and wearing as well.

This pair of shoes does not require you to tie the shoelace. The shoes are ideal for kids since it can save them a lot of time and effort from working with the complex laces.

#1. YGYGYB Roller Skates for Women

2-in-1 Inline Skate Multi-Purpose Shoes
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Last but not least, these are irresistible roller skate shoes for women from YGYGYB. This pair of shoes features a 2 in 1 design, which allows you to work with it with more purposes. It can serve as a running shoe as well as an inline skate shoe. The shoes are built of microfiber, and they feature the rubber soles. The wheels are constructed of PU to guarantee the best stability.

This pair of shoes still works with the traditional lace closure design. However, this type of closure is really desirable for users for many years already. This is because it can secure the fit by allowing you to adjust the size until you are comfortable with it. Moreover, it works well for all users at all ages

So, if you do not know what to give on the next special occasion, this can be a great gift for your loved ones.

What to consider when buying a roller skate shoes

As the roller skating activity becomes more and more popular, the number of roller skate shoes on sales is increasing. We understand that it is hard for you to select the right pair even after spending hours and hours on the research and evaluation. So, below are some factors that you can take into consideration.

Inline Vs. Quad Skates

The inline skate shoes feature all the wheels in a row in the middle part, while the quad skate shoes have the wheels on both sides. The quad shoes are more ideal for beginners as they help with stability. Yet, if you are good at balancing, the inline design is recommended for you to have a more challenging activity.


The construction of the shoes is very important. It should feature high-quality material design with durable and powerful lining. The breathability is what you need to consider before getting a pair of roller skate shoes.


The wide wheel design is desirable since it can guarantee both stability and security. Moreover, the wheels should be made with good traction on all terrains.

Multifunctional design

It would be great if a pair of roller skate shoes can also transform into normal sneakers. This allows you to maximize the values of the shoes at all times.


Now, it’s time for us to wrap up the 10 best pairs of roller skate shoes for women reviews of 2021. The roller skating activity is not limited to men as long as you are willing to give a try. We hope that our reviews can help you find the best pair of shoes for yourself as well as your family and friends.

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