Top 10 Best Soft Cooler Bags in 2021

Do you hate whenever you take some cold freezing drinks with you to a friend’s party, but when you are there, the beverages end up being at its normal temperature, and your bags or totes are all wet? Well, say goodbye to that problem with one of these ten top quality soft cooler bags. 

List of the 10 Best Soft Cooler Bags in 2021

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10. Arctic Zone Leak-proof Soft Cooler Bag 

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Here is the first cooling bag, of the many to come in this list, from the Arctic Zone. With inner dimensions of 16.75″(L) x 7.75″(W) x 13.25″(H), it is large enough to store 30 cans of drinks. It features a therma-flect radiant barrier and a 3-layer ColdBlock base, capable of reflecting heat effectively and keeping your foods and drinks in their cool temperature. And to avoid dripping water, it has a leak-proof lining on the inside. Not to mention, it is equipped with Microban as well, making it anti-bacterial and smells. 

As for its exterior, it is made out of strong Rhino-tech material. It is resistant to stain and water, allowing you to clean the bag easily. Not only that, but it also can’t be scratched or pierced, providing you with long-term service. And to make it easy for you to transport, there are carrying handles located on its side. There’s also an outside pocket for additional storage if needed.

9. Arctic Zone Waterproof Soft Cooler Bag

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Arctic Zone comes with another excellent insulation cooler bag. Its inside comes at dimensions of 9.8″(L) x 4.75″(W) x 10.25″(H). It is made with an inner heat-reflecting barrier and a triple layer ColdBlock base. Moreover, it has FDA ensured HardBody lining, with a smart shelf inside. The shelf makes it possible for you to store soft foods and hard drinks separately to avoid having them crushed on each other. You can also remove the shelf, to have one big compartment for storing. 

Moving on to its exterior, it is 12.25inch long, 8inch wide, and 12.25inch high. Just like the previous one, this is also made from Rhino-Tech material, making it water and stain-proof. It resists abrasion and puncture and is also easily cleanable. Its zipper-free lid can be flipped open with ease. Added to this, there is a zippered pocket in the front for you to keep small accessories like napkins, phones, and so on. And for your convenience, it also provides a shoulder strap equipped with a non-slip pad, which can be adjusted freely. 

8. RTIC Soft Cooler Bag

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Don’t go on your picnic without this cooler bag from RTIC. Made with 2inch foam insulation, it is capable of keeping your items freezing for a maximum of 5 days. It can store up to 30 cans worth of drinks and will still have enough space for the ice, allowing you to put in everyone’s favorite beverage for the picnic. Furthermore, it is crafted with antimicrobial lining, making it mildew-resistant.

Its outside is made using laminated fabric and welded seams, and is covered in a heavy load vinyl shell. It is leak, puncture, and tear-proof, so when you buy this product, you won’t have to buy another one for a long period of time. Not only that, but it is also UV protected, making sure that the color will not fade over time. It has a zipper closure and a zippered front pocket for keeping dry and small items. In addition, the strap provided helps you to transport the bag with convenience, and be adjusted to suit the height of the carrier. 

7. Igloo Non-leak Soft Cooler Bag

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Igloo cooler bag is an ideal container for your beverages and foodstuffs. Coming at a length of 18inch, a width of 9.5inch, and a height of 11.5inch, it is large enough for you to put multiple items for cooling. And if you were to store drinks, you’ll be able to bring 36 cans along with you with this bag. Its MaxCold insulation will ensure your stuff will remain in its same chilling temperature. Additionally, it has a microbial-resistant liner.

For its outer part, it is constructed from 600-denier polyester and coated well, making it a long-lasting product. It has a top-latch lid that allows you to open or close it easily within a zip. It is non-leak and can be cleaned with no problems. What’s more, there is an additional front pocket for extra items. And designed to provide you with the utmost comfort, there are rubber grip handles on each side for you to carry, or you can use the padded shoulder strap which can be adjusted and even detached. 

6. CleverMade Folding Soft Cooler Bag

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CleverMade presents to you a collapsible cooler bag. From a height of 12inch, it can go down all the way to 2.75inch. It can be folded down with ease by pushing the hinges located on the side, making it less space-consuming and less problematic to store. And you can even bring it along with you in case you might need a cooler bag. It has a length of 18.25inch and a width of 12.25inch. It can hold up to 8 gallons by volume and has a 50 pounds weight capacity. It can store your drinks up to 50 cans plus ice. As for its interior construction, it is a layered triple with anti-leak insulation, with a welded PEVA finish, combining to create superior cooling.

The bag has a steel wire frame, with a solid board base. It has a front zippered pocket if you need to store extra items along the way. Not only does it help to carry your drinks, but it has a bottle opener equipped on its handles as well. And speaking of handles, it provides carrying straps on both top and side positions. 

5. Arctic Zone Cooler Bag

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With interior dimensions of 9.5″(L) x 5.5″(W) x 14.5″(H), this soft cooler bag from Arctic Zone is capable of storing a maximum of 24 cans of beverages. It comes with a Therma-Flect radiant barrier just like the first product. With this, it will not absorb heat but reflect it instead, keeping your foods and drinks in its cooling state.  It is designed with a ColdBlock base that is layered three times with super foam. Added to this, it has lining with Microban, ensuring no leakage, bacteria, or odors.

Its outside is crafted from Rhino-Tech material. It is water-resistant and anti-stain. It won’t wear and tear as time passes. Not to mention, it can be washed easily as well. Moreover, it is made to be identical to a normal backpack for easy transport. Its back and straps are padded nicely to keep you comfy while having it on. The straps can be adjusted to suit your comfort. It has a zipper closure lid. Furthermore, there are mesh panels on both sides and a zippered pocket on the front for any other minor things you want to bring along.

4. Arctic Zone Cooler Bag with Zippered Lid

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If you want a bag that you can keep both of your drinks and snacks, then Arctic Zone got just the soft cooler bag for you. Its inside is 9.75inch long, 7.38inch wide, and 10.25inch high. It is layered multiple times, in order to keep your freezing items from extreme heat. It has a lining on the inside that will keep liquid from leaking out. Its Microban helps prevent bacteria or smells from building up inside. In addition, it has a triple layer ColdBlock base.

The bag has a Rhino-Tech construction. It can’t be pierced or torn and is easily washable. Designed with two pockets in the front, you can store your many things in them, from snacks to your electric accessories. There are also two more mesh pockets on both sides. What’s more, it has quick access zippered lid on the top. You can either carry it by hand or on your shoulder as there are two straps available. The shoulder one is padded well, preventing it from slipping off of you.

3. Arctic Zone Cooler Bag with Zipper

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Don’t want to carry your cooler? Well, with this soft cooler bag from the Arctic Zone, you can roll your cooler around with ease. It has an all-terrain cart equipped with a handle that allows you to roll it with you like you would with a suitcase. The cart can be attached or removed at your will, so you can carry the bag yourself if you want to. Not to mention, its base can be expanded in order to save space. Moving on to its interior, its dimensions are 13.25″(L) x 12″(W) x 14. 75″(H). It is equipped with a radiant heat barrier, a triple layer ColdBlock base, and a Microban liner.

Its outer part is made out of Rhino-Tech just like the other products from the Arctic Zone. The bag functions in zipper closure. It can be expanded to create another large insulated compartment in the front. Added to this, there is a mesh pocket located on each side. And when not using the rolling system, you can easily carry the bag thanks to its handles. Not to mention, you can also carry it on your shoulder with its padded strap.

2. RTIC Heavy-duty Cooler Bag

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If you like the previous product from RTIC, then you would certainly like this one as well. With a width of 11inch, it is capable of storing a maximum of 20 cans with ice. It is built with antimicrobial liner, preventing bacteria, mold or other microorganisms from growing inside. It has closed-cell foam insulation that sustains your ice for days, with no leakage whatsoever.

As for its exterior, there’s a heavy-duty vinyl shell covering up the bag. It has a zippered pocket at the front, allowing you to put in small needed things so you won’t have to be bothered carrying them with you. Its lid also has a zipper closure, allowing quick access to food and drinks just within a zip. Moreover, there are two ways for the soft cooler bag to be transported. You can either carry it by hand with the position of the straps on both sides for leverage or on your shoulder with the other strap, attached to its every side; allowing you to carry it any way you please. 

1. Coleman Cooler Bag with Mesh Pockets

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Pack your beverage and foodstuffs with Coleman soft cooler bags. Featuring item dimensions of 11.81” x 11.81” x 6.69”, it weighs in at 14.1 ounces when empty. It can store up to 16 cans worth of drinks, allowing you to pack all kinds of beverages you like. It comes with a removable liner that is resistant to microbial as well, making it a safe container for your items. Not only that, but it is also odor-free, so you need not worry about it smelling bad after you store your food. Additionally, it is equipped with heat-welded seams to make sure that there is no leaking.

The bag includes another storing compartment in the front, so you can store dry snacks or even your devices. Added to this, each side contains a mesh pocket for extra things you need to bring along. The lid and front compartment both have zipping closure. And there are also carrying straps and handles for easy transport. You can use the shoulder strap when carrying alone, or with a partner, you can use the handles which are placed side-to-side.

Buying Guides


Whenever you buy some sort of a container, you have to look at its size, whether it’s big enough or small enough for you. If you tend to travel with a lot of people, then it’s a good idea to buy the one that comes at a larger size, as you’ll be able to store enough food and drinks for everyone. 


Another important aspect to look at when purchasing a soft cooler bag is its inside. After all, you wouldn’t want your delicious items to go bad just because of its container, would you? It’s good to get the one with a liner that isn’t just leak-proof, but is also anti-microbial as well, as they are resistant to bacteria, fungus, and other harmful stuff.


Now that we have gone through its interior, it’s time to look at its exterior. It’s wise to make sure that the outer part is made from high-quality material. Not only that, but you want to have extra pockets and carrying handles as well.


No matter how you look at it, a cooler bag is always a beneficial item to have. Whether it’s camping, traveling, picnic, relative’s parties, the bag will come in handy. And even if you don’t use it to keep your freezing items at the same temperature, you can still use it as a container for other things. 

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