The 10 Best Three Wheel Scooters for Kids in 2021

When the kids are growing up, it is important for them to have some innovative and beneficial toys. Among all the toys, a three wheel scooter is highly recommended as it can help boost the growth and balance of the children. It is just ideal for the children to begin learning to ride on their own.

In this article, we will feast our eyes on the top 10 best three-wheel scooters for kids. In order to choose the right scooter for your children, we recommend you to read until the end to find the most suitable one.

List of  the 10 Best Three Wheel Scooters for Kids in 2021

#10. 6KU Three Wheel Scooters for Kids

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Here’s a look at the first, best three wheel scooter from 6KU. It is equipped with flashing wheels using fancy LED lighting effects. The front wheels are large, and they are constructed of PU. For the handlebar, it is fully adjustable, and so is the T-bar. The height of the T-bar is adjustable within the range of 23 – 30 inches. This can accompany the children to grow up.

With the use of advanced technology and ABEC-7 bearings, it guarantees a smooth and stable riding process. The scooter is constructed of an aluminum frame, and therefore, it reinforces the rear wheel to make the brake much more effective and efficient. This wheel scooter is able to hold the maximum weight of 110lbs.

When it comes to storage, it is also convenient because the handlebar is removable using only 3 seconds. Moreover, this can be done within 3 seconds only.

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#9. Lascoota Three Wheel Scooters for Kids

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This three-wheel scooter from Lascoota will give you the real value for your money. This scooter is equipped with flashing wheels with many colors for options. Many children are deeply in love with this special feature because it shows their unique characteristics and style. This scooter features a 2 in 1 design with the detachable seat.

The children can enjoy the sitting mode in order to ride along. On the other hand, when they remove the seat, they can take the scoot mode and have a more challenging time. The handlebar is fully adjustable based on the options of the height. There are 4 options, which are 25.5”, 27.5”, 30.75” and 34”. This scooter is dedicated to offering the children a smooth ride with the self-balancing design.

It also features a low profile, which makes the feet extremely supportive to the structure. Therefore, users are able to control the scooter by leaning instead of using the steering wheel of the scooter.

#8. WV WONDER VIEW Three Wheel Scooters for Kids

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If you want to teach the kids how to ride a scooter, it is recommended for you to start with this one from WV WONDER VIEW. This scooter is equipped with 3 wheels, and it only requires the children to lean in order to navigate the directions. This is desirable for new riders who are not yet familiar with riding a scooter.

The construction of this scooter involves both aluminum alloy and stainless steel to make it much more stable and long-lasting than your expectation. There are up to 4 height options, and as a result, it can work with the children between 2 and 14 years old. All the wheels are made of PU, and they are built in with LED flashing lights to be visible in both daytime and night time.

The scooter is foldable, and this is the reason why parents can always bring this scooter along whenever they go on a vacation or trip to make the children enjoy fun moments whenever they prefer.

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#7. ICODE Three-Wheel Scooters for Kids

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ICODE’s three-wheel scooter takes good care of the balance and stability for new riders. It comes with a large and wide pedal with an anti-slip design to support the children at all times. It is equipped with a high-quality handlebar as well as a twisting lock in order to have good control over the scooter. It also provides a firm grip to make you enjoy for many hours.

This scooter is built of an aluminum frame, and it even integrates carbon steel in the construction. The lifting lock is fully adjustable based on the height and preferences of the children. Moreover, the height of the T-bar can be adjusted between 25 and 35.3 inches.

The scooter is suitable for children between 3 and 10 years old, and it is equipped with flashing wheels to make it a special piece for the children to enjoy. When you want to navigate the scooter, you only need to lean in order to steer.

#6. Radio Flyer Three-Wheel Scooters for Kids

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Moving onto the next scooter from Radio Flyer, it is an ideal three wheel scooter for beginners to start their scooting journey. It is helpful when you need to train your personal coordination and balance due to the outstanding design of the scooter. There are 2 large front wheels to help the toddler begin their ridings.

In terms of mobility, this wheel scooter is just ideal. It is designed for the best turning radius to ensure both the mobility and safety at the same time. With a wide base design, it can provide more traction and stability to the scooter in order to make it supportive and responsive. The scooter is suitable for the age of 2 – 5 years old, while the loading capacity of the scooter is up to 50 pounds. It is just ideal for children to start learning how to ride on their own.

#5. Greentest Electric Three Wheel Scooter

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Greentest is another leading brand you shouldn’t miss when it comes to choosing a three-wheel scooter for your kids. This scooter design prioritizes safety and balance. It is suitable for young riders at all levels, starting from beginners to professionals. However, the handlebar provides an anti-slip design in order for the kids to have a firm grip as well as an accurate control over the direction.

The scooter is equipped with flashing wheels with a size of 120mm. Although the wheels are flashing, they do not require any charging in order to maintain the lighting effect. When you are no longer in need of the ride, you can fold this scooter into a much smaller size for both storage and transportation.

The height of this scooter is also fully adjustable, ranging from 24.7 to 35.3 inches. As a result, it accompanies the children to grow for several years ahead.

#4. S SKIDEE Electric Ride On Three Wheel Scooter


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In terms of safety, this three wheel scooter from S SKIDEE is worth buying. This scooter takes good care of the safety of the children with a strong and durable design. It is constructed using an aluminum frame, and the aluminum material is both lightweight and powerful at the same time. It is equipped with three wheels, and 2 of them are in the front to help in the control of the direction.

The scooter is easy to control as it requires the children to lean in order to navigate the direction. This is a desirable beginning that encourages the children to first learn about the balance before any other things. For storage, it is very easy and convenient. The seat and handlebar are fully foldable to make it easy for storing and carrying. If you decide to invest your time and money with this scooter, you can also enjoy a 3-year warranty to get the best customer satisfaction.

#3. Banne Scooter Three Wheel Foldable

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This lovely three wheel scooter from Banne is suitable for both boys and girls. It features a safe and stable design using an aluminum alloy pipe to support the structure. The maximum loading capacity is measured at up to 132lbs, but it can be folded flat within seconds only. When you are in need of a ride, you can simply fold it open to get the assembly done within a breeze. Therefore, both storage and transportation are easy with this scooter.

The height of this scooter is fully adjustable with the range between 24.7 and 35.3 inches. It is just ideal for growing kids to play with. For the control, it is also easy because children are able to lean in order to steal. Once pressure is detected, the direction can be tuned based on the demands of the children.

Moreover, it is equipped with flashing wheels, and the wheels are made of PU with a thickness of 120mm.

#2. EEDAN Three Wheel Scooter for Toddlers

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What about this three wheel scooter from EEDAN? This kid scooter combines metal and nylon together to make the structure strong and durable. It is equipped with a T-style handlebar, and this frame is adjustable with 3 height options. It can also be detached into parts so that the storage and transportation are very convenient with this scooter.

It features a 3-wheel design, and this is the reason why it is safe and stable at the same time. The riding is fun enough with this scooter since it is easy for kids to control. The control is based on the rear brake in order to slow down the speed to accommodate the demands of the children. Using the PU wheels, children are able to enjoy the best traction on all kinds of road surfaces.

Moreover, it is guaranteed on a 100% satisfaction warranty to maximize the values of your money at all times.

#1. Mountalk Three Wheel Mobility Scooter

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Topping a list, we have a three wheel scooter from Mountalk. This scooter is constructed of plastic and fiberglass, and as a result, it is 3 times more durable if you compare it to a normal scooter that uses only plastic. The construction is solid and safe at the same time, and it can accommodate the children between 2 and 6 years old.

The safety standard of this scooter is tested and certified by EN and CPC. With an innovative design, it receives a baby product award in Hong Kong. It provides protection from all angles in order to secure the children to the best.

The wheels of this scooter are made of PU, and there are 3 of them together to make the ride smooth enough on all terrains. With an adjustable height design, it offers a much longer companionship for your children than your expectation.

Buying Guide

The right three wheel scooter can maximize the fun and development of the children at the same time. This is the reason why our team has devoted a lot of time to the research until we come up with the buying advice below.

Flashing wheels

flashing wheel is one of the most attractive features of the scooter. It can provide the LED flashing lights for both days and nights. Also, to ensure the stability of the ride, the wheels are usually constructed of durable PU.

Lean-to steer

This is another desirable feature for toddlers and young kids to start their journey. Without having them to turn the handlebar on their own, the lean-to-steer feature can help them start the journey more efficiently.

Adjustable height

A high-quality scooter is never out of service within only 1 year. Instead, it can accompany the children for as many years as possible. This is thanks to the adjustable height that usually ranges between 22 and 50 inches. Therefore, it is usually suitable for children between 2 and 10 years old.


Among all the important characteristics, the warranty is an external feature, but it seems important of all times. The scooter should include at least 30 days of warranty to give the best peace of mind to parents.


To conclude this article, we have just sifted through the top 10 best three-wheel scooters for kids. Let your children have fun and train their balancing skills at the same time to ensure healthy growth and development for the future.

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