The 10 Best Toddler Bike Helmets in 2021

Due to the risks and dangers, as parents, you should never let your children ride bikes without a helmet because they might crash unexpectedly without any protection equipment while pedaling around the block. To stop your concern about this problem, we have come up with the top nine best toddler bike helmets for your kid accompanied by standard quality and functions to ensure your children’s safety during the day of cycling.

List of the 10 Best Toddler Bike Helmets in 2021

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#9. Joovy Noodle Toddler Bike Helmet

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First and foremost, we would like to kick off our product review with the Joovy Noodle toddler bike helmet which is one of the top products in our list and also receives high demand in the market. It is known to meet CPSC Standards of the U.S. which highly prioritize the safety of the customers. Moreover, as your children grow, the adjustable dial will play an important role to stay fit with your children’s head which you just easily turn right to make it tight and turn to the left to make it lost.

The Noodle is more stable on smaller heads with the chin straps threaded through the back dial-adjust and the separate straps also make it much easier to get on with the helmet. For safety, it is equipped with an extended visor accompanying 14 air vents and integrated bug mesh, creating the best protection for your child’s head.

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#8. Apusale Toddler Bike Helmet

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We never feel that it is too early to set a good example, especially when it comes to safety with an Apusale toddler kid bike helmet. This version is the latest version with the new design which is full of empowerment and motivation. For the durability, the mixture of the surface of color Matte ABS Shell and Shock-absorbing EPS inner fully take responsibility to decrease the impact when your head crashes with something.

Additionally, it is ultra-lightweight which is only 260g accompanied with nylon straps, pinch guard chin strap, and an adjustable fit dial. Therefore, even if your child grows, it still can fit well. To comfort your child’s head, the helmet is equipped with 11 air vents which creates a comfortable environment in the helmet through the elimination of heat during cycling. It is also a removable design that allows you to clean easily and enjoy a clean helmet all day.

#7. OUWER Toddler Bike Helmet

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With OUTER, you will receive a perfect design helmet for your little kid that they can easily wear and go anywhere with it. It is a multifunctional design helmet that is suitable not for cycling but many sports as well. This helmet meets the standard of CPSC and EN 1078 with its high quality of protective materials. It is made of the combination between ABS shell and best quality EPS foam which is the best protective equipment ever with shock-absorbing function.

The comfort system is no different from others which have 11 vents to cool down your helmet even your children wear for a long period. More importantly, it contains 360-degree adjustable dial and chin straps which are soft and easy to fasten.

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#6. KAMUGO Bike Helmet for Toddler

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If your child enjoys doing different activities both outdoor and indoor where a helmet is a necessity, then we would recommend the KAMUGO. It is certified by CPSC which suits children from 3-8 years old boys and girls best. Fascinatingly, your child will love the color options which they can select from nine designs. These range between cool prints with a shiny exterior or a solid matte color. In addition to that, it is made of high-quality hardness ABS shell with a thickened soft sponge to ensure comfort and durability.

Even though the soft sponge is thick it is breathable to create a safe and comfortable zone for your children’s head. Last but not least, this type of helmet comes with a turning knob and adjustable straps which you can easily adjust the length accordingly based on their comfort level.

#5. LANOVAGEAR Bike Helmet for Toddler

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Don’t go skating, biking, or any sports without adequate protection, especially for children’s safety protection! Let’s protect your child’s head with LANOVAGEAR! It is a dual-certified helmet that’s both ASTM and CPSC approved. For the extra-safety, the helmet itself is made with a durable ABS outer shell, which is impact-resistant. Moreover, it is very unique among the four above since it comes with 12 large Bore vents which increases the airflow to create a fresh and cool environment even while wearing a long coat under the sunshine.

Along with this, the chin strap is fully adjustable and at the back sits a dial-secure system, providing a snug fit that is easy to tweak and will surely fit your child suitably, for longer. We also provide you with 2 sets of liner pads 5mm and 10mm that you can interchange to your site’s head as well as when it is dirty.

#4. The TeamObsidian Bike Helmet for Toddler

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Through the years, all of our testers have loved wearing the TeamObsidian because it is so lightweight, comfortable, and less bulky than every other helmet. Moreover, it also comes with a super fun design that could impress your children to love it. The blue shark and dragon go for boys while the adorable pink octopus and unicorn go for girls. This helmet is well-made with an expanded polystyrene shell to ensure durability.

The adjustment system of the adjustable dial could allow you to tighten and loosen easily. It is also built with flexible helmet straps with a solid but comfortable material that won’t itch or chafe. Furthermore, the helmet features an innovative quick-release clip that is easy to add and unfasten without pinching the delicate skin of your infant. Last but not least, we provide you with a 2 years warranty to prove our product is quality and functional.

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#3. XJD Toddler Boy Bike Helmet

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We are sure that you will want to make sure your child stays cool while riding, especially during the warmer months. Look for helmet vents and visors designed to provide airflow and shielding with XJD now! It has two sizes which are small (3-8 years old) and medium (8-3 years old). This type of helmet is quite durable since it is constructed from injection-molded ABS shells with protective Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam. With the combination of these materials, you and your child will be more confident and safer in all circumstances.

While the 11 vents which carefully placed 2 in the front, 7 at the top, and 2 rear exhaust portals create a way for the airflow and make your head comfortable with the helmet without any sweat. Furthermore, it is designed with button closure which makes it easier and quicker to open and close while the soft velcro padding will comfort the chins.

#2. Marvel Avengers Superhero Toddler Boy Bike Helmet

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Is your child a big fan of Marvel? If so, it is a perfect gift for Children’s Day, Birthday, and other festivals which not just satisfy them but make them safe for their cycling routine as well. This helmet is always perfect both indoors on rainy days and outdoors when the sun is shining with a head size of 51-54cm. It also complies with CPSC and ASTM Safety Standard the same as all the helmets we are listing. Moreover, to make it meet the high standard helmet, EPS for the inner shell is mixed to absorb impact shocks and the soft pads inside ensure a comfortable fit.

With the chin straps allows for adjustments to prevent the helmet from slipping off while riding fast and threaded through the back dial-adjust, the Noodle is more stable on smaller heads, and the separated straps also make the helmet much easier to get on.

#1. LENOVO Toddler Dirt Bike Helmet

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Finally, it comes to our last product. When choosing the right bike helmet, we tend to pay attention to how the outer shell and liner are made. With the safety features of LENOVO, it will be found with what you have been searching for. This helmet is perfect for 3-8 years old kids both boys and girls. In terms of durability, the helmet producer has chosen the high-quality ABS shell combined with tough and durable EPS foam to fully control the force and impact when you children’s head crush or hit with something during the cycling.

More importantly, the 13 vents holes were well-designed to reduce resistance and create a breathable environment to the inner foam of the helmet. As a result, this allows the helmet to be dry and cool depending on the airflow. Last but not least, in terms of adjustable systems, the soft and 360-degree adjustable straps are easy to adjust and when they are locked, your children’s head is firmly locked there, even on a fast drive.

Buying Guide

Finding the right bike helmet is not always as simple as you think. There should be a lot of functions to influence you to choose that one for your children. Along with it might be hard for some people just starting to do cycling and have no idea what type of helmet to choose. Therefore, here are some tips for you on how to choose the best helmet for your children.


When choosing a bike helmet, a good fit is important because an ill-fitting lid can actually compromise effectiveness in a crash. And you’ll be wearing it for every mile of every ride, so you want it to fit comfortably. However, a helmet’s size sometimes can be very tricky since everyone’s head has a different shape and size. Therefore, we suggest you wrap the measuring tape around the fullest part of the head – this will be just above the ears and about a half-inch above the eyebrows for most – and take the measurement at the forehead. This will provide you an accurate measurement to fit your children’s head.


We suggest you buy a lightweight one since wearing a heavy helmet would cause tiredness over time. Consequently, their neck muscles will have some problems and your children will be more likely to refuse to wear it any more.


After choosing the size through measurement that we mentioned above, there are some problems regarding adjustability since some helmets can be still tricky to get adjusted correctly, therefore, it stays snuggly on your child’s head. Due to this, we suggest you buy the helmet accompanied by a dial-system at the back of the helmet because you can adjust the inner cage to cradle your child’s head.

Durability and Protection

The protective helmet should consist of an outer shell and inner liner integrated together. The helmet’s plastic shell will provide you with some puncture and allow the helmet to slide on impact which can protect your neck and head. While helmets inner should be made of expanded polystyrene foam since it protects your head by dissipating the impact to you. Plus, if you are going to find a high priced one, you should look for a helmet with Multi-directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) technology or WaveCel or Shearing Pads Inside technology. These will provide you extra safety for your child’s head.


After reading our toddler bike helmet descriptions along with the buying guideline, we hope it helps you to make a wise decision on choosing the right helmet with the safety material to provide essential life-saving protection for kids.

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