The 10 Best Toddler Bikes in 2021

It is always a good idea to teach your toddler how to ride a toddler bike. This is a great way for them to exercise, experience the thrill, and have fun while at the same time training them to be strong and independent because they have to take control of the bike themselves. Not only that these recommended bikes are fun, but they are also safe for your children. These durable and smartly designed bikes all come with their own special features, and we can guarantee you that your children will love it a lot.

List of the Top 10 Best Toddler Bikes in 2021

10. Strider – 12 Sport Toddler Bike

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This bike comes in 2 colors, strider blue and silver. It requires no tool for the assembly. Most of the bicycles parts are already built in. This is a very durable bike that is definitely going to be worth your purchase. This is a grow with your child bike because the seat and handlebar heights are made adjustable. Thus, this bike will accommodate your children starting from when they are 18 months to 5 years. This model will be the perfect one for you to upgrade it with heavy-duty tires or a foot brake, so your little ones can step by step improve their bicycle skill.

Another great thing about this bike is that it is incredibly light which weighs only 6.7 lbs. With its lightweight, it becomes very convenient for your children to ride and stride effortlessly. Your little children will be able to take full control with the mini-grips. You may also get one of these Toddler Bike Helmets for their safety.

9. Radio Flyer Red Toddler Bike

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This tricycle comes in 2 colors, red and pink. It is the right tricycle for children who are between 2.5 to 5 years old. This tricycle is a great choice for your little one to experience their first pedaling. Another great thing about this tricycle is that its tires will not create a loud sound that can cause a disturbance for anyone. The tires are high quality that will provide a smooth ride to your children. In addition, the seat is made adjustable, so you can push it back or front to ensure a comfortable pedaling.

At the back of the seat, you will find an adult hand grip, which is made for a convenient transport. Last but not least, your children will be very excited to find that they get to have their own mini storage in their tricycle. With this storage compartment, your kids will be able to bring their favorite toys along with them when they go on a ride.

8. Little Tikes Perfect Fit 4-in-1 Toddler Bike

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This is a 4 in 1 trike that comes in 3 colors including pink, blue, and teal. This trike has many special features such as a full shade canopy, bottle holder, storage compartment behind the seat, snack and phone tray, as well as foot tray. This is a grow with your toddler trike that can be used when your child is 9 months to 5 years old. The seat is adjustable to ensure a perfect fit and comfortable ride. When they are still little, you can push and control this trike with the waist bar.

Even though your child is yet to turn or steer the wheel, they are still able to learn how to pedal. When you think that your child is ready, you can remove the waist bar to let them experience the full steering. If you want them to independently control their strike, you can remove the push bar and let them peddle on their own without your push from the back.

7. smarT trike Vanilla Plus Toddler Bike

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This 4 in 1 trike comes in a black mixed with white color. It is suitable for children from 15 to 36 months. We fully understand parent’s concerns about their little children’s safety. Thus, there is a handle for parents to control and move this trike to the direction they want. Another great feature of this trike is that it also comes with a safety bar that can be adjusted to a 3-point harness. This bar is a great tool to keep your child secured while riding. You will have no worries that your children may drag their feet on the ground when they are unable to reach the pedal because there is also a foldable footrest.

To ensure an even better safety and avoid bumping problem on the road, this trike comes equipped with front wheel shock absorbers. For a comfortable and fun ride, this trike is also designed with a sun canopy, spacious storage compartment for your child to store their toys and for you to store the essentials.

6. Retrospec Cub Kids Balance Bike

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This toddler bike gives you 13 color options to choose such as blippi, Kelly Green, matte black, blush pink, eggshell, orange, powder blue, teal and yellow, and many other beautiful colors. This bike is for toddlers who are between 20 months to 5 years old. This is a kid friendly bike, so your children can get on it and conveniently start their adventure immediately. This bike will be with your children for many years because the handlebars and seat tube are adjustable to grow well with your children.

Even if this bike does not have a pedal, it is still a great approach for your little riders to not get scared when they first get a big bike since this bike will help them familiarize themselves with moving and scooting along with their feet.

5. XJD 3 in 1 Toddler Bike

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This 3 in 1 trike comes in 4 colors including pink, blue, green, and white. This tricycle is suitable for kids who are between 1 to 3 years old. There are 4 different ways you and your kid can use this trike such as infant trike and steering trike when they are still unfamiliar with this trike since the pedal is removable, thus, you can install and take it off easily. When they start to get used to this trike, it is time to use this as a way to learn to ride trikes and classic trikes. This trike is very durable because it is built from a premium quality material like carbon steel frame, PU seat, and plastic wheels.

This trike has many great features. You will notice immediately that the wheels are wide and wear resistant to guarantee a stable ride without any slipping issues. They are silent wheels, so they will not cause any noise disturbance, and they are also strong enough for indoor and outdoor rides. The handle grips and seat are soft, adjustable, and non-slip to ensure a comfortable riding.

4. Schwinn Elm Girls Toddler Bike

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This beautiful bike comes in 3 colors, pink, purple, and teal. This bike fits perfectly for kids who are between ages 2 to 4 years. We can guarantee you that this is a fantastic balance bike that will well worth the purchase for your young rider. This bike has a steel balance frame that comes with a rigid fork to ensure an easy and comfort handling for your kid. Another great feature of this bike is the steering limiter and ball bearing headset that are made to stabilize the bike and provide a smooth steering.

In addition, this bike has an adjustable height saddle. Last but not least, the rear wheel of a bike has a narrow spacing with axle guards to protect your children’s ankles when scooting. This bike will help your children master their bicycle skill like a pro.

3. RoyalBaby Fresetyle Bicycle

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This toddler bike has a very classical look that will be your little boy and girl’s favorite. The lightweight of this bike makes it easy for your toddler to balance their bike compared to other brands on the market. This bike comes with a nearly finished assembly, and the parts that are left (seat, handle bar, pedals, kickstand or training wheels) are also very easy to put together, thus your little one will be ready to roll out as soon as the delivery arrives. The packaging will include all necessary kits for you to finish up the assembly.

This bike will be very safe because the chain is fully covered to prevent entrapping your children’s clothes and feet. This bike will allow your children to store their water bottle underneath the seat. To ensure an even greater safety, there are 2 different types of brakes, front caliper and rear coaster brakes. The training wheels are very durable that will not bend, so your children can take their time to learn to ride at their pace without troubling you to find a new pair of wheels when the provided one is damaged.

2. JOYSTAR Adjustable Cruiser Toddler Bike

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Getting your children a bike will be a perfect method in introducing them to the freedom and responsibility when riding. This bike is for children who are between 2-6 years old. It comes with 2 colors, pink and white. The rubber tires are very good to ensure an outstanding grip and stability without causing any slippery while riding. Since your children are still young, they may not have enough strength to grip a brake when they want to stop the bike.

This bike makes braking easier since you kid just needs to pedal backward. The seat height of this bike is adjustable, so you can easily adjust it backward when the pedals are too close to your children’s feet. There are also training wheels to provide supports in balancing the bike. This bike will let your children experience the two-wheeled bicycle that is easy to manage.

1. Radio Flyer 4-in-1 Toddler Bike

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You will be impressed with the quality of this very sturdy and well made trike. It is very user friendly and durable. This trike is designed to make riders and parents very convenient and safe. Parents can have a full control of the trike with the attached control steering. You do not need to worry that your children may fall off because they cannot balance themselves yet when you push the trike because there is a belt that can ensure a secure sitting.

If you like bringing your little one out but afraid of the harmful sun, you can be relieved now. This trike comes with an adjustable canopy that can give a full shade for your child from all the angles. The seat is also adjustable so this trike will be with your child for a few years. Another great feature of this trike is that they have a cup/bottle holder and storage compartment for your little one to bring their treasures when they go on a ride.

Buying Guides

Wheels: The quality of the wheels is very important to balance the toddler bike and keep your child safe with no slippery problems. It would be very practical if the wheel tires are inflatable. This is a great way to guarantee a no pop up during the ride that can cause danger.

Brake: You should check whether or not the front brake of the bike can cause a flip or fall over if your children accidentally squeeze it too hard.

Adjustable seat: You do not want to waste money buying a new bike for your children every year. Thus, it is very economical if the bike can grow with your children for at least a few years. This is also a great solution in case your children grow an emotional attachment to their bike, so you do not need to force them to let go of their favorite bike.


In short, we hope that this review will help you decide which type of toddler bike that is best suited with your children. Your little one will become very confident when they successfully shift from a balance bike to a bike that allows them to pedal and take charge of everything the way they want independently. It is better to be safe than sorry, thus, we would like to recommend you to get a helmet, elbows and knee pads for your children as well to minimize the chance of getting serious injuries.

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