The 10 Best Volleyball Bags You Should Have in 2021

The market offers various stylish and easy to use volleyball bags which can conveniently accommodate all these accessories safely. These bags are the finest companion for your tournaments or practice sessions because they are capable to hold a wide range of accessories. A perfect volleyball bag is the one that signifies a combination of style, functionality, ease of use, spacious compartments, and many more. To choose the best one for yourself, you can go through our list below.

List of The Best Volleyball Bags in 2021

Volleyball Bag Reviews

10. FoRapid Size 7 Basketball Bag for Soccer Ball, Football, Volleyball, Softball and More

 FoRapid Size 7 (29.5") Basketball Bag Soccer Ball Football Volleyball Softball Sports Ball Bag Holder:

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If you are looking for a durable and functional volleyball storage bag to accommodate all the accessories required for this sport then go for this bag from FoRapid. In addition to be used as a volleyball bag, you can also use it for carrying a soccer ball, softball, etc.


  • You need not worry about the heavy weight of accessories because its lightweight design would not let you feel weight while traveling.
  • This bag is capable of holds a full-size 7 NBA basketball and several other sports ball including volleyball, soccer ball, football that has a circumference of 29.5″ or lower than that.
  • There are two side mesh pockets equipped with flexible beam port for accommodating drink bottle, water bottle, sports shoes, towel, etc.
  • It comes with the adjustable shoulder strap and secure double zipper closure to ensure safety.
  • The manufacturing process makes use of high-quality oxford fiber that is water-proof, sturdy and anti-tearing.
  • The interior of this volleyball comes with waterproof lining to ensure complete safety of the items kept inside.

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9. ASICS Unisex Volleyball Individual Bag

 ASICS Unisex Volleyball Individual:

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This volleyball bag is characterized by its lightweight design and easy to use features. Basically, this bag employs mesh based construction to easily accommodate volleyball and allow you to easily insert/remove volleyball.


  • This bag comes with the plastic hook that enables you to join the bag to the outside of the ant backpack and allow you to smartly use the space.
  • It comes with the hook that is manufactured out of high-grade plastic and also capable to hold the strap.
  • Since it involves mesh based construction, it presents excellent visibility. So there are reduced chances of missing the ball in the court.
  • Its drawstring is very flexible to use.
  • Most of the customers admired its flat bottom which can sufficiently hold the ball in a fixed place.
  • The bag would easily clip on to the backpack.
  • It would open up easily to get the ball in and out.

8. LOVEHIKE Lightweight Team Sports Athletic Backpack

 LOVEHIKE Lightweight Team Sports Athletic Backpack:

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What makes this volleyball backpack unique is its fashionable designing and lots of features to easily accommodate volleyball.


  • This volleyball bag comes with the compact design to save the space.
  • It includes the front pockets which can sufficiently hold your keys, wallet, towel, cellphone, or many small accessories.
  • There is the arrangement of the main pocket which can effectively hold a football or basketball. Moreover, the facility of the bottom pocket allows you to put a pair of sports shoes.
  • You can use it as a single shoulder bag or double shoulders handbag.
  • During its manufacturing process, there is the use of supreme quality water resistant polyester material.
  • Its design is such that it offers convenient storage solutions uniquely blended with comfort and practicality.
  • The bag is uniquely designed to improve different types of sports balls experience with design and features that suits you whether you are a tournament player and a recreational player.
  • It comes with 20 L capacity, so this bag allows you to accommodate different valuable items conveniently.

7. You Just Got Served Volleyball Lunch Bag Tote Handbag Lunchbox For School Work Outdoor by Katherine

 You Just Got Served Volleyball Lunch Bag Tote Handbag Lunchbox For School Work Outdoor by Katherine:

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Whether you are a kid, teen girl, experienced volleyball player, nurse, etc., this volleyball is suitable for you. Its stylish design is made to suit people belonging from different background and different age groups.


  • This volleyball bag’s flat bottom is competent to fit your set of lunchboxes, ice packs, bento boxes, water bottles, etc.
  • Apart from volleyball, this bag can be used as tiffin bag, office lunch pouch, gourmet lunch carry case, lunch satchel, lady handbag, portable cooler bag, or stylish holder for accommodating different things.
  • It is found that this bag is machine washable and leak proof.
  • Since its design highlights fashionable black and white flower based stain-resistant pattern. So, it is ideal for office, high school, college, or picnic.
  • The water resistant feature is delivered with the help of 100 percent polyester material.
  • There are no hassles to travel outside when the weather is bad because it comes with waterproof insulation materials and heavy-duty zippers.

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6. Tachikara SV5W Gold Competition Premium Leather Volleyball Bag

 Tachikara SV5W Gold Competition Premium Leather Volleyball:

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Recognized as the flagship model volleyball, this bag is upgraded to highlight Dual Bladder Construction (DBC), the brand’s recent innovation precise manufacturing methodologies.


  • Soft and consistent touch is delivered with the help of exceptionally woven cotton reinforcement panels.
  • The inclusion of premium leather cover and the dual internal bladders improves the performance, overall control, and receptiveness of this bag at the supreme levels.
  • Exceptional control response is delivered with the use of a supportive dual bladder.
  • With the use of impact controlling air layer buffers, there is a uniform distribution of initial force of passes, digs, and spikes
  • Its quad-carbon based isomer bladder is suspended from the inside for improving air retention and to present high durability.
  • Its high-quality leather cover is intended to provide exceptional grip than the volleyball bags from its competitors.
  • This bag is lightweight to carry and use. There are no chances of damaging your forearms while passing.

5. Nike Club Team Swoosh Backpack

 Nike Club Team Swoosh Backpack:

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You can pack almost all the necessary items to be carried to the volleyball court -shoes, ball, shirts, water bottles, etc. Its design highlights black and white colors that appear elegant and suitable for any sports.


  • There is the provision of spacious, dual-zip main compartment equipped with rain flap to securely store all the items.
  • Facility of the zippered cleat and ball compartments works to store all the gears separately.
  • This product presents a general backpack design that is suitable for casual use.
  • For keeping small items safely, the bag includes top and internal zippered pockets.
  • In order to present easy-access storage, there are mesh side pockets.
  • To let you carry the bag with comfort, there is the inclusion of adjustable curved shoulder bands.
  • There is a separate waterproof compartment provided at the base for hiding wet or stinking gear.
  • If you want to keep your water bottle, there is the availability of mesh and spacious compartment.
  • Its ball compartment is elastic to easily accommodate balls of different sizes.

4. N. Gil Large Travel Cosmetic Pouch Bag (Volleyball Black)

 N. Gil Large Travel Cosmetic Pouch Bag (Volleyball Black):

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When you have a close look at the features of this volleyball bag, you will understand that there are no reasons not to select this bag. This product is designed with user-friendly features and compact size for travel.


  • You can carry this bag while raining because it is made up from water resistant based nylon material.
  • There is zip top closure to securely keep all the items. There are no chances of intruders accessing the bag.
  • Its interior is fully lined and foam padded. It is found that the foamed padded interior makes its interior walls shock absorbent and user-friendly.
  • In addition to packing volleyball and related accessories, this bag is ideal to pack jewelry and cosmetic items as well for travel.
  • Overall, the design is made to prove to be a compact bag with ease of transportation and storage.

3. MESH SPORTS BAG – Large Backpack for Soccer Ball, Basketball, Swim

3. MESH SPORTS BAG - Large Backpack for Soccer Ball, Basketball, Swim:

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It often happens that your huge bag hurts your shoulder. In order to come out of this issue, this volleyball backpack is uniquely designed to be compact yet functional.


  • This bag comes with two adjustable double-wide straps that can comfortably suit people of different age groups.
  • There is the inclusion of ergonomic big drawstring which would not dig deep into your back or shoulder. Thus, you can relish hassle-free trips to the volleyball court or anywhere when you carry this bag.
  • It works as an impeccable holder for your phone because there is an arrangement of a front pocket equipped with a secure Moreover, this pocket is manufactured from water and dust resistant material to let you conveniently keep phones and small accessories.
  • Due to the use of commercial grade nylon, this bag is highly durable and you wouldnever lose valuable items.
  • It is found that its organizer is capable to hold up to 25 lbs. in l and xxl sizes, whereas it can hold 55 lbs. in its xxxl
  • Its net tote construction facilitates you to look inside and you can clean it effortlessly using water.

2. ChalkTalkSPORTS Volleyball Words Cinch Sack

 ChalkTalkSPORTS Volleyball Words Cinch Sack:

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It is usually observed that this volleyball sack is an ace in the world of sports bag equipped with style. This bag is a favorite product among runners due to its sleek design, durable fabric, and compatible colors.


  • Not only volleyball court, but you can take this bag to school, college, travel, etc.
  • This bag highlights one of the most prevalent volleyball designs; therefore, you can now proudly depict your affection for volleyball.
  • There are two straps provided to improve portability to different stations.
  • Due to its versatile design, it can be carried over the shoulder, worn as a backpack, or fastened by the sturdy drawstrings. This type of arrangement provides innumerable options to easily carry this bag.
  • Its design is made elastic to sufficiently hold multiple items simultaneously, including a net and three balls.
  • With the use of compact advancement, it is lightweight and small enough to easily carry to the volleyball

1.  ASICS Gear Duffel Bag

  ASICS Gear Duffel Bag:

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There are many volleyball enthusiasts who prefer to have a large volleyball bag to safely keep all the gears, for them this duffel bag from ASICS is an ideal solution.


  • In addition to holding your volleyball, this bag is capable to hold your dry and wet clothes in separate compartments.
  • The good thing about this volleyball bag is it comes with lots of compartments and spaces to safely keep different items.
  • You can carry it on both shoulders with the use of cushioned straps.
  • You can keep small items like wallet, keys, cellphone, cards, etc. Also, you can keep large items like volleyball, water bottles, shoes, etc.
  • There are no annoying odors and you can wash it without compromising the color; there are no chances of color fading away.
  • You can bring this bag to hours of volleyball practices.
  • In order to ensure breathability, it comes with the mesh side panels.
  • All the items stay safely because it comes with drawstring finish and front zippered pouch.
  • The base of its main compartment is sufficiently large to accommodate your shoes.

Final Call

Many volleyball players face trouble about how to carry lots of different items to the volleyball court. Now such hassles are almost removed as you can conveniently pick one of these volleyball bags as per your choice and budget.

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