The 10 Best Waterproof Dog Blankets For Bed, Couch, and Sofa in 2022

A waterproof dog blanket is best for protecting your bed, couch and sofa from all kinds of messes that are created by the dog. These messes can be moisture, stains, pees and furs. As a result, the waterproof blanket is the best choice ever to solve all of these problems when it comes to daily life with a dog or cat.

To serve your demand, our team has done a lot of research and compared many products until we come up with this article. This article will introduce the top 10 best waterproof dog blankets that can be used with sofa, bed and couch at your home.

List of the 10 Best Waterproof Dog Blankets in 2022

10. Catalonia Anti-leak Waterproof Dog Blanket

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First of all, we have this waterproof dog blanket from Catalonia. It is made from pure polyester, and it is made with a waterproof function to secure against liquid leakage, which can cause a great disaster on your furniture. This blanket is designed ideally for adults and kids who are having a pet with them.

This blanket is used for getting rid of the hair and stain on the furniture. It is ideal when it comes to the protection of sofa, bed, and couch. It is also compatible with outdoor usage if you need to go outdoors for camping or a concert.

The blanket is made in the United States, and the 2 sides of the blanket come with different textures. They are to serve different demands. The fleece side is soft and thick, while the other one is made with plush to ensure the best warmth.

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9. PETMAKER Waterproof Dog Blanket

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Next, we should take a look at this waterproof dog blanket from PETMAKER. This blanket is used for protecting the furniture from the messes created by the pet. It features internal lining in order to make it more durable and resistant to stains and outer damages.

The blanket is made with 2 reversible sides. One is made from soft plush, and the other is built with fuzzy Sherpa. This provides both the warm and cozy feelings to the dog regardless of the season and weather conditions. The design of this blanket is versatile. It can prevent not only water and stain but also pet furs and hairs as well.

The blanket is suitable for bed, couch, and sofa. More importantly, after you have finished with the blanket, you can throw it into the washing machine to let it do the washing for you. This saves you a lot of time and energy from cleaning. It is available in gray color, and it is not easy to show its dirtiness on the surface.

8. PetAmi Warm Sherpa Waterproof Dog Blanket

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Another choice of a good waterproof dog blanket is from PetAmi. It offers both leak-proof and waterproof functions to give the best protection to spills and splashes. This is ideal for a sofa and bed where the dogs may climb up and spend their time there. The blanket is built from warm Sherpa combining with fleece to work well for both indoors and outdoors.

This blanket is used for guarding the furniture, preventing them from being scratched, chewed, and bitten. It is compatible with all pets, especially dogs. The blanket can be used reversibly for both sides. They are soft and warm enough to give the best comfort to the pet on a daily basis.

The blanket is so strong and durable that it can be washed by a washing machine. You can wash it with cold water and then use the tumble dry function to dry the blanket to get ready for the next time.

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7. PetAmi Indoor Outdoor Waterproof Dog Blanket

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Here comes another waterproof dog blanket from PetAmi. It is designed for medium and small size dogs, and it is compatible with sofa and couch where the dogs can have a nap. Although its usage mainly targets indoors, it is also compatible with outdoor function when you need to have a long-distance trip.

This blanket is ensured to be 100% waterproof, and it can prevent the furniture from getting damaged by all kinds of messes, including spills, splashes, and stains. It features a durable internal lining to stop leakage.

The blanket is made for the best warmth and comfort. The two sides of the blanket can be used reversibly. Therefore, the dog can have a comfortable sleep on the bed or sofa with either side of the blanket. Thanks to the construction of the blanket using 460GSM, it is so durable that you can rely on it in the long run. Also, you can fully depend on the washing machine to clean up the mess for you.

6. Passe Comfortable Waterproof Dog Blanket for Bed

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Paws also provides one of the best waterproof dog blankets for bed and sofa. It is not only waterproof but also pee proof to prevent the mess on the furniture. The design deters liquid from getting through the blanket no matter in what condition.

This blanket comes with a size of 60 x 50 inches, and it is compatible with most furniture, including bed and sofa. It works well for all pets, such as dogs and cats. This means that you no longer have to wash your bed sheet every day again.

The most important feature of this blanket is its softness and durability. It is made with Sherpa lining to make sure the best comfort for the dog. After using it for a while, you can put it into the washing machine to have a gentle washing cycle. This can also keep pet hair away from the furniture as well.

If you do not know what to use as a gift for your dog, this would be the best choice to have a warm and comfortable blanket for them.

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5. Furhaven Washable Waterproof Dog Blanket for Bed

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Now, let’s give our attention to this waterproof dog blanket from Furhaven. It is a pet-friendly design since it is safe, non-toxic, and non-electric to the pet. It is made with an additional layer of thermal, and therefore, it offers the ideal warmth no matter in what season and weather condition.

The blanket is designed with an ideal sleep surface. It is made from Sherpa fleece, and the sides are reversible to serve the dog. You can change the side according to the demand of the dog to match their favorite level of comfort. On the other hand, the blanket also comes with a waterproof interior to prevent water and stain leakage.

For your convenience, this blanket is also washable with a washing machine. It is available in various sizes and colors, and there is a 90-day warranty to support the purchase of this blanket with Furhaven.

4. Paw Legend Waterproof Dog Blanket for Couch

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Moving onto the next waterproof dog blanket from Paw Legend, it is built from high quality and durable materials. It is washable, and it is convenient enough to use on all types of furniture, including bed, sofa, and couch. The blanket is made with 3 protective and supportive layers, which can withstand up to 300 wash cycles.

The blanket is built from soft and waterproof materials. There should not be any worries about water leakage. It is resistant to water, stains, and spills on your furniture. Although its main purpose is to serve the cat and dog, parents can also use this blanket for babies to prevent any messes in both indoor and outdoor conditions.

After the blanket gets dirty, you can use the washing machine to clean it. There will be no damages on the quality of the blanket in the long run.

3. CHEE RAY Soft Waterproof Dog Blanket for Couch

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For this waterproof dog blanket from CHEE RAY, it is made from 100% high-quality polyester. It is built from trustable triple layer technology to prevent all kinds of liquid leakage. It is made from microfleece, and it ensures both of the softness and smoothness to maximize the comfort for the dogs and cats.

This blanket offers a wide range of protection layers, including pee-proof, waterproof as well as leak-proof functions. It is also breathable to maximize ventilation while using. If you are having an expensive bed or sofa at home, this is the first choice for you since it is used for all the protection.

In addition, the blanket requires a low maintenance effort since it can be cleaned with a washing machine easily. it can be folded to a smaller size in order to fit into any space for the storage. Even after the purchase, you can always contact CHEE RAY for customer support if you encounter any problems.

2. PetBed4Less Silky Fleec Waterproof Dog Blanket for Sofa

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What about this waterproof dog blanket from PetBed4Less? It is 100% waterproof, and it is designed to protect your bed and sofa from water leaking, spills, and moisture. It is compatible with a wide range of furniture types, including bed, sofa, couch as well as vehicle if you need to use it outdoors.

This blanket is made from silky fleece, and it comes with various different sizes depending on the size of your dogs or cats. It requires an easy-care for this blanket as it is machine washable. After you have washed it with cool water, you can rely on a low dry process to quickly dry it up.

The fact is that this blanket works well for all 4 seasons, and therefore, it maximizes the values of the blanket since you can always use it for the whole year long for the pet to get the best warmth and comfort.

1. LovingBlanket Breathable Waterproof Dog Blanket for Sofa

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Last but not least, we should never miss this waterproof dog blanket from LovingBlanket. It is made of durable and premium materials, and it offers waterproof and leakage protection. It can withstand even the toughest use thanks to the durable construction.

The blanket is made from polar fleece, and the internal space is filled with breathable materials. This will never allow any water or liquid to go through. No matter what liquid you are going to spill on the blanket, it will never create a mess on the furniture.

There are 2 colors for this waterproof blanket, which are chocolate brown and light mocha. There are also 3 sizes for you to choose, and you should be able to select the most fit onto your furniture. If you are not satisfied with the quality of the product, please feel free to return and get your money back with confidence.

Buying Guides

If you do not want the pet to create a mess that harms your furniture, below are the criteria of a good waterproof dog blanket that helps you solve this problem in the long run.

Materials: a good dog blanket always ensures the best warmth and comfort of the dog no matter in what season and weather condition. It is usually made with soft fleece and polyester, and this is the most desirable combination for the pets.

Protection: the waterproof dog blanket does protect your sofa, couch, and bed from not only water but also pees, spills, stains, splashes, and even pet’s hair on a daily basis. Even if you are having a pet in the house, you can still enjoy the cleanest environment with this blanket.

Reversible sides: to maximize its values, a good dog blanket is made with 2 reversible sides. Users can choose any side that matches the demands of the comfort of the dog.

Warranty: although the blanket is not a valuable item, a really good blanket still wants to ensure the best customer satisfaction by providing a money-back and replacement warranty.


In short, above are the top 10 best waterproof dog blankets. If you are having a dog or cat in the house now, get this waterproof blanket as soon as possible to prevent them from making a disaster in the house and damaging all of your expensive furniture pieces.

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