Here the 10 Best Window Air Conditioners in 2022

Window air conditioners can help you escape from the scorching heat and provide you with a pleasant atmosphere. Nowadays, Air conditioners are very common in every home or office. There are many types of ACs available on the market and the real struggle is to find the best and efficient one in the genre.

Many people want easy to install and use ACs which is why Window Air Conditioners are the most preferred ACs among people. These ACs are  highly energy-efficient and take up little space in setting up. Most of them are eco-friendly, with no harm to the environment. Also, they are available at affordable rates and stay for long years. But finding the right one in this category still can be a daunting task. So, here, we have added the reviews of the best window air conditioners trending in the market, throughout this year. Go through our list.

List of the 10 Best Window Air Conditioners in 2022

10. MIDEA MAW05M1BWT Window air conditioner

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If you are looking for an air conditioner to provide you with maximum comfort, this can be a good choice for you. This 5000 BTU product is perfect for cooling a room of 150 sq.ft at a faster rate. The controls are easy to handle and adjustable according to your needs. There are 7 temperature settings, 2 cooling speeds, and 2 airway directions. These also add equally to its perfect cooling ability.

Installing the product is like a cakewalk. The air conditioner is suitable for windows with a maximum of 13-inch height and 36-inch width, as a result of its compact design. You don’t have to worry about the large share of electricity consumption, since the product can save energy largely, owing to its high energy efficiency.

Besides, it is equipped with reusable and washable mesh that prevents bacteria, foul room odors, etc and offers a hygienic atmosphere.

Why do we recommend this product?

  • Quick and instantaneous cooling
  • Adjustable and easy controls
  • Can save your energy
  • Easy installation
  • Provide a healthy atmosphere
  • Dual functionality

9. Midea U Inverter Window Air Conditioner

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This window air conditioner can be a good solution to your energy consumption problems. Owing to the modern DC Inverter technology, they can reduce your electricity bills to an affordable rate.

This 8,000 BTU air conditioner helps cool your whole room in less time. Evidently, you can feel the air up to a considerably large distance. Despite all these, the installation process is quite easy. You can fit onto a window with a maximal width of 36 inches. In case, you have any doubt refer to the installation manual.

Since the product is less noisy, it won’t disturb your sound sleep or daily routines. This is due to the U-shape which prevents the large noise from the cooling system. Furthermore, you can easily control it with your smartphone with the MediaAir app, as it is Wi-Fi enabled.

Why do we recommend this product?

  • Low energy consumption
  • Energy star most efficient 2022 certification
  • Less noisy
  • Adjustable modes according to convenience
  • Smart control options
  • User-friendly

Video: Installing Midea U Window AC at Home by HVAC Adventures

8. AmazonBasics Window-Mounted Air Conditioner

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This air conditioner is ideal for every type of room, be it small, medium, or large, irrespective of size. It is very easy to install on your window, and you will get a window-mounting kit, with bracket, side panel leaf covers, etc. which can make the product fit to any type of standard window. To be precise, it can fit windows with maximum height and width of 36 inches, respectively.

You can enjoy fresh and clean air with this in your room, owing to the inbuilt filter. The same can be washed and reused. Hence, you can use the product for a long time. Also, the design offers 2 fan-speeds and 2 airway directions, thereby providing good cooling.

Moreover, it is easily controllable with a remote and has great sensitivity towards the controls. So, you can handle it comfortably. Again, this 5000 BTU air conditioner comes with a 4-year protection warranty.

Why do we recommend this product?

  • Easy to set up
  • Suitable for large rooms
  • Work for long durations
  • Different modes to choose your convenience
  • Extremely quiet
  • Worth value for your money

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7. AmazonBasics Window-Mounted Air Conditioner

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The AmazonBasics air conditioner can cool up to rooms of size 250 sq.ft, thus suitable for both standard and medium-size rooms. You will get a uniform and even cooling in your room with this air conditioner.

The easy-to-use functions add more to your convenience and include a 24 hour on/off timer, auto restart, etc. Again, the sleep mode allows the user to save energy and increases the temperature at night without any effort.

Furthermore, the air clean filter can be cleaned easily and the clean filter alert reminds you of cleaning it occasionally. As usual, the installation is really easy and in case of any doubts refer to the installation guide. It also comes with a user manual to help you with the usage. So, this is a product which you can completely rely on.

Why do we recommend this product?

  • Fits to standard window size
  • Suitable for standard rooms
  • Comes with a window-mounting kit
  • Fast remote control
  • Maintains hygiene condition
  • Energy star rated

6. Frigidaire Window-Mounted Mini-Compact Air Conditioner

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This can be the best solution for your problems with frequent variations of atmospheric temperature. This 5000 BTU air conditioner can maintain a uniform temperature all throughout the day. Also, you can use it for long hours.

To emphasize, the product is highly durable, which you can use for years, without any trouble. You can set the airflow in concordance with your need, owing to the dual-fan speed setting available.

Besides, the product is a little noisy and would not disturb your sleep or work. Not only that, but this product also ensures a comfortable and cool environment, allowing you to work freely.

However, if there is a power cut, the air conditioner can resume back automatically, with the earlier settings, with its auto-restart feature. Speaking about its size, it is quite compact and can fit any normal window size.

Why do we recommend this product?

  • Compact in size
  • Occupies less space
  • Steady cooling effect
  • Energy saving
  • Highly efficient

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5. Haier QHQ06LZ Window Air Conditioner

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With a modern and elegant display, the product stands good, equally in looks and performance. This can be suitable for your home as well as your office rooms.

It is to be noted that the air conditioner is lightweight and is easily portable. The installation process is quite easy, which can be done by yourselves with the help of the guide.

Moreover, the a.c has several modes, for instance- the cool mode, which is highly beneficial in case of hot and humid external temperature.

You can control the settings manually or automatically, according to your convenience. Each setting is displayed with the help of lights and symbols, for easy recognition. To speak further, the filter alert notifies you when to clean the filter.

In case you are worried about the refrigerant, then please don’t be. It is completely non-ozone depleting and eco friendly. To summarize, this product can meet your requirements for a perfect air conditioner.

Why do we recommend this product?

  • Lightweight
  • Suitable for home and office use
  • Easy-to-use features
  • Maintain hygiene
  • Eco-friendly

4. TCL 5WR1-A window-air-conditioner

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With multiple features and diverse, adjustable cooling and fan speed modes, this air conditioner can add to your convenience. The three cooling and 3 fan speed modes help choose with your comfort. Adding to the convenience is its 8-way air direction feature, with which you can direct the air to wherever you need.

However, features like auto-restart and sleep mode can save energy and cost, to a large extent. Also, the user guide contains all the descriptions about the features and modes provided by the machine. As a consequence, you can set the controls easily, without any doubts.

With the simple design and installation guide, setting it up on your window would be like a breeze.  So, this air conditioner can provide a comfortable atmosphere to your home.

Why do we recommend this product?

  • Diverse modes and controls
  • Increased efficiency
  • Save your electricity charges
  • Comes with an installation kit
  • Made in the U.S.A

3. TaoTronics Window Air Conditioner

In case you want to have an air conditioner for a larger room, then go for this product. This 10,000 BTU product can cool a room up to 460 sq.ft in a few minutes.

Thanks to its high versatility and multi-functional property, not only can they reduce heat, but also clear off excess moisture in the room. The 3-speed fan modes, help you adjust it to your particular use.

Hence, the machine is devoid of noise, it won’t disturb your work and sleep.

Despite all these, their efficiency is not reduced. They present you with high-efficiency performance, owing to the two in-built motors.

Furthermore, based on its working and need, you can set an on/off timer between 24 and 30 hrs, to save energy. Its washable filter provides protection from bacteria, stain, and other foul odors.

Why do we recommend this product?

  • Sensitive remote control
  • Suitable for large and spacious rooms
  • Highly versatile
  • Pleasant and comfortable experience
  • Easy digital display
  • Washable filter

2. FRIGIDAIRE White FFRA051ZA1 Window Air Conditioner

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This product helps you to cool down or warm up your room instantaneously with its quick cool/ quick warm mode. This can speed up the fan and give you the optimum condition. The air conditioner maintains the pre-set room temperature and thereby provides everlasting comfort for you.

Thanks to the efficient filter, it traps dust from the atmosphere and keeps the machine running without any halt. Consequently, you can use it for long durations to keep the room cool.

Speaking about the installation, the adjustable side panel along with the installation kit, helps you set it up with ease, without the assistance of a mechanic.

In addition, you can control the temperature with the help of knobs. With all these, the product comes at an affordable price and comes ll the way from the U.S.A

Why do we recommend this product?

  • Extra-long power cords
  • Auto-restart feature
  • Long run-time
  • Modest price
  • Suitable for even small windows
  • Made in the U.S.A

1. Home labs Window Air Conditioner

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The air conditioner comes in as a whole package along with remote control, batteries, screws, locks, and other accessories required for installation. So you don’t have to buy extra accessories for setting it up. It can fit a window of maximum 36 inches width. In case of any doubt, refer to the guide that comes along with the package.

It can provide a range of temperatures from 61 degrees to 88 degrees Fahrenheit, helping you to choose your preference. Besides, there are six cooling options and three fan speeds. Thus you can choose the modes according to the climatic and external conditions. To emphasize, it can cool up to a room of 450 sq.ft, thereby being suitable for all types of room.

Also, you can direct the air to anywhere, with the 4-way airflow. The horizontal wheels adjust the direction horizontally and the air deflectors do it vertically.  All in all, this product can meet your requirements for air conditioning for a large room.

Why do we recommend this product?

  • Easy installation process
  • Compact size
  • Effective cooling capacity
  • Energy-star certified
  • Washable filter
  • Efficient and smooth remote control


Nowadays, window air conditioners have been in prominent use, adding more to your satisfaction. So we have added reviews of the best window air conditioners, which stand apart with its striking features. We believe that this list will help you choose the product suitable for your needs.


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